14 World’s Best Airlines for Business Class

Updated On: September 11, 2023

world's best airlines

In the vast expanse of air travel, there are business class experiences, and then there are the world’s best Airlines for business class experiences — the kind that transforms your intercontinental journey into an event in itself. When it comes to luxuriously crossing time zones, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, Japan Airlines, Qantas, Delta Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic rise above the rest.

These seven airlines have mastered the art of in-flight comfort, service, and opulence, consistently raising the bar and defining what premium air travel should feel like. From lavish amenities to gourmet meals and unparalleled privacy to world-class entertainment, these airlines offer the epitome of sky-high luxury. Step onboard and embark on a voyage where your comfort isn’t just a priority — it’s the rule.

Factors Considered in Rating World’s Best Airlines for Business Class

World’s Best Airlines
Factors Considered in Rating World’s Best Airlines for Business Class

To discern the best from the rest in business class air travel, we considered a multitude of factors, putting the spotlight not just on the cabin’s physical comfort but also on the overall travel experience. Seating was a pivotal aspect, where we examined the level of space, privacy, and the ability to convert into a flatbed for restful sleep. The quality of in-flight dining came next, an area where the variety of meals, beverages, and the flexibility of meal timings became deciding factors.

Moreover, we factored in the level of personalised service, the responsiveness of flight attendants, and the airline’s ability to deliver a personalised experience. The calibre of in-flight entertainment, connectivity options, and the breadth of content are also featured in our ratings. Lastly, we considered the quality and accessibility of the airlines’ airport lounges, including the facilities they offer. In totality, our ratings revolve around creating an experience that combines luxury, comfort, and unmatched service.

1- Qatar Airways

Setting an unrivalled standard in business class travel is Qatar Airways with its legendary QSuite. This acclaimed cabin features fully-enclosed private suites and adjustable quad suites for group travellers, combining space, comfort, and privacy. Passengers on long-haul flights can luxuriate in a fully-flat bed and enjoy amenities such as plush sleepwear and high-quality bed linen.

The cuisine is another pinnacle of the Qatar experience. The ‘dine-on-demand’ service offers a varied menu crafted by celebrated chefs, ensuring meals are tailored to passenger preference. The spotless restrooms boast premium toiletries for a refreshing touch.

world's best airlines
Qatar Airlines – Best Business Airline

Qatar’s Oryx One entertainment system offers an expansive selection of movies, shows, and games on a large personal screen, keeping passengers engaged throughout their journey. However, it’s the exceptional service that sets Qatar apart—the attentive crew, excellent facilities at Hamad International Airport, and the superb Al Mourjan Business Lounge make every journey a seamless experience. Qatar Airways has indeed redefined business-class travel.

World’s Best Airlines for Business Class

2- Singapore Airlines

In the elite sphere of business class travel, Singapore Airlines leaves an indelible mark. The airline’s reputation as a top contender is attributed to its forward-thinking cabin design, consistently excellent service, and attention to detail.

Singapore’s Business Class boasts some of the widest seats in the industry, providing ample room for work or relaxation. These seats easily transform into a fully-flat bed, ensuring your comfort throughout your journey. Ample storage space and adjustable lighting enhance the passenger experience, creating a private, cosy enclave in the skies.

The dining experience on Singapore Airlines is nothing short of a culinary journey. ‘Book the Cook’, a unique pre-flight service, lets passengers pre-order their main course from a gourmet menu, ensuring a personalised dining experience.

world's best airlines
World’s Best Airline – Singapore Airlines

The in-flight entertainment, KrisWorld, offers over 1,800 options, including blockbuster movies, leading TV shows, and interactive games, all accessible from a touchscreen monitor.

Furthermore, Singapore Airlines’ cabin crew is celebrated for their commitment to providing exceptional service. Their proactive, thoughtful approach contributes to a seamless, enjoyable travel experience, marking Singapore Airlines as a standout in business class travel.

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3- Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways, the official airline of the UAE, stands as a beacon of luxury in the business class arena. With its relentless pursuit of passenger comfort and meticulous attention to detail, it’s no wonder that Etihad finds itself among the elite.

The business studios on their long-haul fleet are designed with space and privacy in mind, offering direct aisle access, a fully-flat bed, and generous personal space. From Poltrona Frau leather upholstery to personal storage, Etihad ensures an ambience of comfort and exclusivity.

Etihad’s dining experience is akin to a high-end restaurant, offering on-demand meals that cater to various cuisines and dietary requirements. Passengers can even pair their meals with a wide selection of drinks recommended by the onboard Food and Beverage Manager.

world's best airlines
World’s best airlines – Etihad Airlines

In-flight entertainment via the E-BOX system boasts the latest movies, live sports, and news broadcasts, ensuring passengers are well-entertained. Beyond these, the warm, professional service of the Etihad crew elevates the entire journey, affirming Etihad’s position among the top business-class airlines worldwide.

Best Business Class Airline

4- Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines, the flag carrier of Japan, exemplifies a confluence of tradition and modernity in its business class offering, winning frequent praise for its exceptional services and elevated travel experience.

Its Sky Suite III design is often hailed for combining privacy and comfort. Each suite offers direct aisle access, abundant personal space, and a seat that converts into a fully flat bed, complete with airweave bedding for restful sleep. Passengers appreciate the tranquillity and personal freedom these cabins provide, especially on long-haul flights.

The dining experience on Japan Airlines is a gourmet adventure. Collaborating with top chefs, the airline offers a seasonal menu showcasing Japanese culinary traditions alongside global favourites. Accompanied by a selection of premium drinks, it’s a gastronomic delight at cruising altitude.

In-flight entertainment on MAGIC, their entertainment system, includes the latest movies, music, games, and even language courses, keeping passengers engaged throughout their journey. Immaculate restrooms stocked with premium amenities ensure a refreshing experience.

world's best airlines
World’s best airlines – Japan Airlines

However, what sets Japan Airlines apart is its legendary Omotenashi service. This concept of heartfelt hospitality permeates all aspects of their service, ensuring a comfortable, seamless journey for every passenger. These components blended seamlessly, solidifying Japan Airlines as a top choice in business-class air travel.

Best Business Class Airline

5- Qantas Airways

Setting on a journey with Qantas, Australia‘s flag carrier, reveals why it consistently ranks among the top airlines for business-class travel.

Qantas’ Business Suites, particularly on their long-haul flights, earn acclaim for their ergonomic design, privacy, and spaciousness. Each suite has direct aisle access and converts into a fully flat bed with luxurious bedding. The thoughtful design is praised by passengers, who appreciate the perfect blend of functionality and comfort.

The dining experience on Qantas is curated by leading Australian chefs, presenting passengers with a tantalising array of dishes. The ‘menu select’ option allows passengers to pre-order their meals, ensuring a personalised dining experience.

The inflight entertainment system offers an extensive library of movies, TV shows, music, and games, helping to make long flights enjoyable. Restrooms are kept spotless and stocked with high-end Australian skincare products, adding an extra touch of luxury.

world's best airlines
Qantas Airline – World’s Best Business Travel

However, the defining aspect of Qantas’ business class is the exceptional service. The dedicated crew members ensure that every passenger’s needs are met with warmth and professionalism. This commitment to hospitality, combined with an emphasis on comfort and a seamless travel experience, makes Qantas a top choice for business-class passengers around the globe.

What is the best business-class airline?

6- Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines, a major American airline, has crafted an exemplary business-class experience known as Delta One. This premium service continually impresses travellers, especially on long-haul flights.

Delta One Suites, praised for their discreetly designed spaces, ensure privacy and comfort. Each suite is fitted with a fully-flat bed, dedicated storage spaces, and an adjustable ambient lighting system, enhancing the travel experience. Passengers appreciate the personalised space, especially for rest during long journeys.

Dining aboard Delta One is a culinary delight. Meals, prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients, are crafted by expert chefs and paired with a selection of tasty drink options. Delta’s “Pre-Select Meal” service lets passengers pre-order their preferred choice.

In-flight entertainment on Delta Studio features an extensive selection of movies, TV shows, games and music on large, high-resolution screens. The TUMI amenity kits and MALIN+GOETZ toiletries in the restrooms add a touch of luxury to the passenger experience.

world's best airlines
World’s Best Business Airline – Delta Airlines

However, Delta’s success is largely attributed to its exceptional service. The attentive, professional crew is frequently commended by passengers for their dedication to providing a smooth, comfortable journey. This outstanding service, coupled with the airline’s focus on customer comfort, earns Delta a spot among the top business-class airlines.

World’s Best Travel Airline

7- Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic, the British airline founded by entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, brings a unique flair to business-class travel with its Upper-Class Suite. This service blends innovation, style, and comfort, earning praise from discerning business travellers.

The Upper-Class Suite is a marvel of modern design, providing each passenger with a private, spacious area that converts into a fully-flat bed. For those long-haul flights, passengers appreciate the exceptional level of comfort these suites afford, along with the added touch of luxury sleepwear.

When it comes to dining, Virgin Atlantic excels. The airline’s ‘Freedom Menu’ allows passengers to dine whenever they wish, offering a variety of gourmet dishes crafted by top chefs. The selection of fresh juices and beverages further enhances the culinary experience.

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In-flight entertainment on Virgin is equally top-notch, featuring the latest movies, TV shows, music, and games on personal touchscreen monitors. Passengers can also enjoy the convenience of clean, well-maintained restrooms fitted with high-end amenities for a refreshing experience.

The attentive, friendly service of the Virgin Atlantic crew is frequently noted by passengers, creating an atmosphere that is as inviting as it is luxurious. This dedication to passenger comfort, combined with innovative amenities and superior service, solidifies Virgin Atlantic as a leader in business class travel.

world's best airlines
World’s Best Airline for Business Travel – Virgin Atlantic

8. Emirates 

Emirates is known as one of the best airlines in the world and for good reason. Business class seats provide travellers with the ultimate luxury and comfort, offering a range of amenities and services that are designed to provide a premium journey.

Emirates business class passengers have access to the Emirates lounges at various airports worldwide. These lounges cater to your every need, offering a range of hot and cold foods, shower facilities, business centres, and relaxation areas – it’s a far cry from the crowded and chaotic atmosphere that lies outside of the lounge.  

Both business class and first class seats are located on the upper deck, where a welcoming flight attendant will show you to your seat. The cabin itself is spacious and roomy, providing everything that you might need on your journey, including; a minibar, power sockets and a large screen for in-flight entertainment.   

World’s Best Airlines
Worl’s best airlines – Emirates

One thing that makes the Emirates business class stand out is that you can also watch 3 live cameras outside of the aircraft, giving you views of the ground, cockpit and tail. The seats also fully extend, allowing you to lie flat and get some restful sleep. You’ll also benefit from the privacy screens which allow you to feel fully comfortable and tucked away in your little nook. 

Passengers in Emirates business class have access to a wide selection of entertainment options. Each seat is equipped with a personal touchscreen entertainment system, offering a vast library of movies, TV shows, music, and games. Passengers can also enjoy live TV and stay connected with onboard Wi-Fi.

If you’re feeling thirsty, there’s also a bar on the aircraft, where you can stand and enjoy your drink. Passengers will also enjoy the excellent gourmet dining menu with a range of dishes on offer – it’s also served on demand, allowing you to eat when you want.  

Additional Services: Emirates business class passengers will also receive priority check-in and boarding, extra baggage allowance, and access to dedicated priority services at the airport. Onboard, passengers are provided with amenity kits containing luxury skincare products and comfortable sleepwear for long-haul flights.

Emirates is definitely setting the standard for what’s expected in business class. 

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9. ANA

ANA (All Nippon Airways) is a Japanese airline that offers amazing business-class service. They are well-known for their courteous and meticulous staff, who pay excellent attention to passengers and ensure that they have a pleasant journey that lives up to their reputation.  

Business class seating offers ample legroom and the ability to recline to a fully flat position, ensuring a restful journey. Some ANA aircrafts also feature staggered seating configurations, providing direct aisle access for every passenger – and it’s those little details that make the experience all the better. 

Passengers in ANA Business Class can also enjoy a wide range of entertainment options on personal touchscreen monitors. The extensive library includes current movies, TV shows, music, games, and more. 

World’s Best Airlines
ANA airlines

ANA has also cultivated a delightful dining experience with a menu created by renowned chefs, passengers have many options for Western or Eastern dishes. The meals are carefully prepared and presented with expert attention to detail.

INSIDE ANA The Room *New World’s Best Business Class*

Whilst waiting for your flight to board, you can also benefit from the lounge area, which has been thoughtfully designed as a haven away from the hustle and bustle of airport life. It’s a serene environment with comfortable seating, complimentary refreshments, and all the amenities you might need. 

Additional Services: ANA Business Class passengers enjoy priority check-in and boarding, allowing for a smoother travel experience. Passengers also receive extra baggage allowance and have access to priority services at the airport. Some flights offer complimentary Wi-Fi access and in-seat power outlets for added convenience.

10. Eva Air

Eva Air is based at Taoyuan International Airport and is Taiwan’s second-largest carrier after China Airlines. Their business Class is branded as Royal Laurel Class or Premium Laurel Class, depending on the aircraft, and it offers a truly luxurious and premium travel experience for passengers

Passengers in Royal Laurel Class receive amenity kits upon boarding, which include premium skincare products, a pair of slippers, headphones, a pillow, a blanket and comfortable sleepwear. A lovely addition in making you feel well looked after.

World’s Best Airlines
Eva Air

For those who struggle to fall asleep when flying, the seats in business class are fully reclining, allowing you to stretch out and get comfortable. The seats are also designed with privacy dividers, adding to the peaceful and private atmosphere.

The dining options with Eva Air are varied and delicious, catering to a range of dietary requirements such as vegan or gluten-free. Many of the meals can also be complemented by a selection of fine wines and beverages on board.

The whole experience of flying with Eva Air is simple and uncomplicated, with an easy check-in process and a team of friendly and professional staff, it definitely excess expectations a makes for a pleasant journey. 

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11. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is an airline based in Hong Kong. It is currently the world’s fifth-largest airline and it flies to over 190 destinations across Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa and North America. Business class seats offer a premium and comfortable travelling experience for passengers, and they are definitely worth the price, especially if travelling long-haul. 

Before boarding, business class travellers are welcomed into the lounge area, which serves up a range of hot foods that are of restaurant quality. Here, passengers will also find showers, complimentary refreshments and chill-out areas. 

World’s Best Airlines
Cathy Pacific

The in-flight entertainment options are endless, and you might even spend more time flicking across the channels and movies as opposed to watching something. With fully reclining seats to benefit from, you can sit back and relax, or drift off to a peaceful slumber. 

Cathay Pacific also offers a renowned dining experience in business class with a menu created by top chefs. Passengers can enjoy a variety of gourmet dishes inspired by different cuisines, along with a selection of fine wines and beverages. The meals are prepared with expert attention to detail. 

Cathay Pacific Business Class cabins are designed to create a calming and sophisticated ambience. The seats are arranged to provide privacy and personal space and the cabin’s interior features elegant design elements and comfortable lighting to enhance the overall travel experience.


12. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines flies to over more than 300 worldwide destinations, and they have developed an excellent business-class service for passengers, providing the ultimate comfortable, luxurious and pleasant journey. 

Before boarding, business class passengers are welcomed to the lounge area, where fresh food is served and a range of amenities are available for your needs. It provides the perfect escape away from the chaos of a busy airport and kickstarts your journey off with comfort and ease.

World’s Best Airlines
Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines are renowned throughout the world for providing the best dining options in the sky, with fresh fruits, delicate pastries and gourmet menu options, which will leave you feeling full and satisfied. The airline also boasts the “Flying Chefs” program, where dedicated chefs are onboard to prepare meals and cater to the specific dietary preferences of passengers.

Business Class passengers can also benefit from several additions, including priority check-in and boarding, extra baggage allowance, and complimentary Wi-Fi on board if available on the aircraft. 

The seating on Turkish Airlines business class has been designed with privacy partitions and direct aisle access, ensuring convenience and privacy, and will seats that can lie fully flat, you can get a good rest on the flight and leave the aircraft feeling replenished. 

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13. Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines is a South Korean-based airline that provides an excellent business-class service that leaves you feeling like a VIP. They also boast a team of professional and attentive staff, who strive to make your trip all the more pleasurable. 

The cabins are designed to create a sophisticated and peaceful ambience and the seating is both spacious and private, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed journey. You can also adapt the seats into a fully flat position, allowing you to rest and sleep comfortably during long-haul flights.

World’s Best Airlines
Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines offers a delightful dining experience in business class and you are well-fed throughout the entirety of your flight. The gourmet menu options are inspired by Korean and international cuisines, allowing you to have home comforts or try something new. 

Passengers in Asiana Business Class have access to personal entertainment systems with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games. The entertainment screens are large and high-definition, offering an immersive entertainment experience.

Asiana Airlines is committed to providing an exceptional business-class experience, and they continuously strive to enhance their airline services. Business class is definitely worth the upgrade, especially for all that you get with the ticket. 

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14. Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia is ranked as the 7th best airline in the world, and their business class seats are no different. Garuda Indonesia’s business class is known as “Garuda Indonesia Executive Class” and it offers a premium and luxurious travel experience for passengers.

There is a certain level of cabin ambience with Garuda Indonesia Business Class. They are designed to create a sophisticated and tranquil atmosphere, featuring elegant design elements and soothing lighting. The spacious and comfortable seating has been designed for the ultimate relaxation and comfort and can recline to a fully flat position, allowing passengers to rest and sleep during long flights. 

World’s Best Airlines
Garuda Indonesia

The gourmet dining experience in business class is unrivalled, offering a variety of culinary delights inspired by Indonesian and international cuisines. The meals are prepared by skilled chefs and presented with attention to detail, passengers can also enjoy a selection of fine wines and beverages to accompany their meal.

Garuda Indonesia is committed to providing a superior business class experience, and they continuously strive to enhance their i-flight services. We definitely recommended flying business class with this airline should you get the chance.


Choosing the right business class experience can transform your journey into an indulgent escape as each airline brings its unique strengths to the table. Your choice should align with your priorities for comfort, service, cuisine, and overall travel experience. Here’s to sky-high luxury and seamless journeys! Safe travels.

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  1. I flew Business class with Qatar Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Emirates and I must admit this author is right on in regard to their service, food and the whole experience., superb! Real class!

  2. Seriously who picked Delta ..the person who wrote this has no clue on international business class? What about ANA? EVA? TURKISH? EMIRATES?

  3. My recent experience flying Qatar from Jakarta to Doha was not as expected. I was not offerred what I wanted on the menu; the washroom was a mess with no toilet seat paper and calling for service was met with no reply. I had to go to the galley to get what I wanted.; there was no linen for the bedding.

  4. I’m rather surprised that Emirates Airlines isn’t listed here.
    I’ve been on three of those listed and there’s absolutely no way that they match Emirates in the aspects of the ratings.

  5. Assuming that most of these airlines have direct flights ✈️ to many destinations or don’t they?

  6. Emiritus Airline is camparable with Qatter Airline. I have personal experience of buisiness class of both Airlines

  7. How is it possible to leave ANA off the list when the their Business Class is considered only second to Qatar by not only travelers, but the press in general?

  8. After two business class flights with Singapore Airlines last year, will never fly with them again. Broken seats, broken entertainment system, disinterested cabin crew

  9. While I agree the Qatar is probably the best, I find it surprising that the new Finnair business is not listed. Having flown most of the listed airlines I would place the new seat design above all others in terms of space and comfort.

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