The Ultimate Guide to Food and Beverage Service

Food and Beverage careers are the backbone of the Hospitality and Tourism Industries

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In our experiences of visiting foreign countries, our experiences with food and drink form the bedrock of some of our most valued memories. Food and Beverage Service staff are the backbone of the Tourism & Hospitality industry, with several career paths open to ambitious and hardworking professionals.

From waiters and bartenders to porters and catering assistants, all roles within the Food and Beverage Service sector require strong customer service skills, experience working with food and beverages and in many cases, related qualifications such as food preparation or food hygiene certificates.

Food and Beverage Service roles typically demand a working week in excess of 40 hours, with a requirement to work extra shifts when required.

Skills and Experience

  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work as part of a busy team
  • Experience working in a Food and Beverage Service Environment
  • Related qualifications in food preparation & hygiene
  • Impeccable customer service standards
  • Problem-solving, can-do attitude
  • Willingness to work overtime in unsociable hours
  • Strong levels of numeracy and literacy
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience in cash handling and till operation

Food and Beverage Service roles can be demanding, yet highly rewarding career paths. Whilst these roles can demand unsociable working hours and a requirement to work overtime shifts in peak periods, many excel with the diverse range of responsibilities offered by the Tourism & Hospitality sector. Whilst some roles may demand experience working in a previous Food and Beverage Services environment, others require extensive experience working within a kitchen environment. In essence, your role will be responsible for ensuring that guests’ experiences with food and drink are enjoyable, memorable and recommendable to others. 

Entering a Food & Beverage Service role for the first time can be a daunting, yet rewarding experience. Understanding the variety of roles offered by this sector can help you to understand the many career options available.


As a Waiter or Waitress, you will often be a guest’s first port of call when they make their visit. You will be responsible for ensuring the highest standards of service, working in often pressured environments as part of a wider Front of House team. Impeccable presentation is essential, as are skills and experience in problem-solving and customer service provision. Strong levels of numeracy and literacy are crucial in these roles.

The Ultimate Guide to Food and Beverage Service


As a bartender, you will be a skilled and experienced Food and Beverage professional with a passion for customer service standards and high-quality, memorable drink creations. You will have experience in bar management, making cocktails to order whilst managing essential till operation and cash handling duties. A steady hand is crucial, as well as a strong personal presentation.

Catering Assistant

As a Catering Assistant, you will work as part of a wider Food and Beverage team in the preparation and serving of Food and Beverages. You will have a natural passion for food, bringing into the role previous experience working in a catering environment. Whilst training is provided in some cases, many vacant roles will require educational certificates in food hygiene or food preparation.

Bar Manager

As a Bar Manager, you will have strong experience working as a bartender, cocktail mixer or in a Front of House role. Bar Managers typically work closely with General Managers and Operations Managers, and will be responsible for the daily management of the bar and its assets. Strong customer service experience is essential, along with a commitment to shift work and overtime.

Front of House

As a member of the Front of House team, you will work in an entry role which is typical to the sector. In this role you will be customer facing, working to ensure that each and every visitor or guest has an experience that is safe, enjoyable and recommendable. Front of House Team Member duties can be varied, requiring you to adopt several duties ranging from hosting and greeting to bartending and waiting.

The Ultimate Guide to Food and Beverage Service

Kitchen Porter

As a Kitchen Porter, you will work in a varied and fast-paced role. You will provide an efficient and professional porterage service to guests, whilst delivering the highest levels of customer service at all times. The ability to work independently and in a timely manner is essential, as is the ability to work as part of a busy Kitchen team. Strong communication skills are essential, as skills in basic numeracy and literacy.

Now that you have a full oversight of the roles available within Food and Beverage Services environment, you are ready to find the perfect role to start your career in the sector. To discover more vacancies in Irish tourism and hospitality, visit our jobs board.

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