The 5 Cities Of The Inner Carniola Region

Aerial photo of a town in the Carniola region in Slovenia

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The Inner Carniola region in Slovenia (southwest) comprises the cities of Postojna, Ilirska Bistrica, Logatec, Cerknika and Pivka. In the past, this region, along with all Slovenia, was part of the Austrian Kingdom. After WWI, this region was occupied by the Italian military forces. It wasn’t until after the second World War  ended in 1947, that it was given back to Yugoslavia.

Today, the Inner Carniola region is alive with a rich culture and many places to explore. From walking through caves to exploring small towns, abandoned castles, and so much more, the Inner Carniola region is a great cultural experience. 


The dimly lit cave provides a surreal scene at the Postojna Cave in Slovenia
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Let’s start with Postojna, the biggest city from the list, and a must-visit jewel. Postojna features amazing natural landmarks such as the Postojna Cave Park. This cave is one of the biggest caves in the world. It is an amazing underground place that started millions of years ago. There are multiple ways to explore the cave, but perhaps the most intriguing is the cave train. The cave itself is about 5km long. However, 3.7km of the 5 is guided by a train that travels the length of the cave. Allowing you and your family to safely explore the most populated attraction in Slovenia.  

 After touring the cave, you can head over to the other two visits the museum has to offer. Explore the history of butterflies or life within a billion years. Both of these exhibits are family friendly, historic, and scientific. Bring out your inner scientist by taking the time to walk along this self guided museum.  

 If caves don’t tickle your fancy, there are more brighter attractions in Postojna. The Predjama Castle is a beautiful castle nestled on a cliff that looks like it should belong in a fairytale. Beyond the castle walls are a network of secret tunnels. From the magical exterior one would not guess the mastery that lies within. The Predjama Castle is ranked in the top 10 most fascinating castles in the world. Making it a must-see spot on your vacation to Slovenia. 

To get an even better understanding of the Predjama Castle, head over to the Notranjska Museum. This is where all the history of the castle is stored. See artifacts and stories come to life. 

With so much to do and see in Postojna, surely you’ll need to refuel. Try some of the local cuisine at Štorja Pod Stopnicami or known in english as (story under the stairs). This restaurant provides local favorites in a rustic setting with fresh ingredients. Offering coffee and tea to warm up and wine to heat your soul in the evening. This place is one of a kind and is sure to meet your Slovenia food cravings. 

 Lastly, after your exploring and your warm meal, lay your head at one Postojna’s many hotels. These modern and comfortable spaces are the best of Slovenia and provide a nice place to get some rest. We recommend trying out the Hotel Posteus with its modern seating and easy check in system. 

Postojna is a great place to better understand Slovenia and tours some of the world’s attractions. But it is not all  Slovenia has to offer. The surrounding areas of the Carniola region and the rest of Slovenia still leave much to uncovered. 

Ilirska Bistrica

A landscape photo of a castle in Ilirska Bistrica in Slovenia
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Ilirska Bistrica is a small town located in the Carniola region in Slovenia. Much like Postojna, there are many natural wonders to explore here. If you’re a fan of adventure and some exercise Ilirska Bistrica is the perfect place for you. Home to canyons for rafting, swimming, diving and hiking, this small town will keep you busy for days.

Don’t neglect some of the on-land attractions such as Masun Castle. While it is a small castle it is located in the gorgeous woodlands of Slovenia. Or, take the time to see the mystical Susec Waterfall. (ha, get it? mystical cause waterfalls are… misty) 

If you feel like maybe you can’t make a whole day of Ilirska Bistrica, that’s okay! Head over to the information booth in the center of town. The guides there will have plenty of information on all the outdoor activities the town has to offer. 

Before leaving Ilirska Bistrica make sure to visit Gostilna In Pizzeria Triglav for a bite to eat. With delicious food- specializing in pizza and great service-this place is a great bang for your buck. You won’t be disappointed stopping here before you head off to more adventures. Perhaps these adventures will lead you to our next city in the Carniola region, Logatec. 


A woman flies at the Aerodium attraction in Slovenia
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Logatec is a city based around adventure, health and wellness, and fun. Perhaps one of the coolest attractions of Logatec in Slovenia is the Aerodium. This unreal attraction allows for adults to fulfill the childhood dream of being able to fly. This attraction only takes a couple hours and it is a great place to start your time in Logatec. 

Just outside of Logatec is a great exhibition you won’t want to miss. The Ljubljanica River Exhibition is a small museum, but is gorgeously done and has artifacts and history on the Logatec area and river systems. 

If you have a busy morning of attractions in Logatec, take some time to stop for a wonderful lunch at Pizzeria Kristof. This is the highest ranked restaurant in Logatec (according to TripAdvisor), and rightfully so. The pizzas are authentic with a Slovenian twist and don’t even get us started on the appetizers. They are to die for! Definitely give this place a try while in Logatec. 

Lastly, before you leave, take time to really relax and center yourself at Logatec’s FKK Wellness & Spa. The unique piece to this spa is the nightlife. Yes, you heard that correctly. Not only does this wellness center offer massages, comfortable lounging, and wellness packages, they also offer a fun and social atmosphere at night. Getting the best of relaxation and restoration with the bonus of having a good time. 

Whatever you decide to do in Logatec, there is something for everyone. A great city with every bit of action, there is plenty to do here. 

Cerknika and Pivka

A family enjoys the Military museum in Pivka, Slovenia
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The last two towns in the Carniola region of Slovenia are Cerknika and Pivka. Cerknika is home to a beautiful and peaceful lake. Activities in this town are based around canoeing, kayaking, and hiking around the lake. As for Pivka, there is one main attraction and that is the Military History Park. Both of these towns offer great spots to take a break for lunch in the midst of exploring. 

As we said before, the lake in Cerknika is the main attraction. Surrounded by gorgeous hills and amazing views, this serene place is the best place to take a break from it all. Sit on the edge and listen to the sounds of nature. Feel the crisp air hit your face. The Cernicka Lake is where people come to recharge their batteries and feel at peace with themselves. Next to the lake are some mountains for hiking and little natural wonders scattered around the place. 

After spending the day at the lake or hiking, head into town. Here you can find some traditional Slovenia food. Try out Kmetija Odprtih Vrat Levar for homemade pancakes and spirits. Usually only accommodating through reservations this restaurant is not only delicious it is close to the lake, and offers 5 course meals at a decent price.

Cerknika is perfect for a getaway afternoon to get in touch with not only nature but yourself. 

If you rather spend the day doing something a bit more strenuous, check out Pivka. A small town with a military history. The town is home to the Military History Park and surrounding natural beauties. The park is home to an old military base. You can walk the base and see old military weapons and the barracks. This piece of history will propel you back into Slovenia’s struggles and how they came to be today. 

Lastly, before you leave Pivka make sure you eat. This is because Slovenia has some wonderful dishes and we wouldn’t want you to miss out. Combine your trip to the military park with your lunch and consider eating in the Kantina Pivka. This restaurant puts a spin on former military dishes and adds a bit of flair. They have everything from Slovenia classics to pizzas, and american favourites. Pivka and the military park provide a perfect day trip out. 

The Carniola region of Slovenia is quite large. There is so much to do and see it is hard to put it all into one article. If your travels take you to Slovenia, we strongly recommend visiting these cities as not only are the attractions unique but the food is delectable. You won’t be disappointed with a trip out this way that is for sure. Next time you’re thinking of making a trip, why not try the Carniola region?  

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