The Guinness Storehouse or Guinness Factory Tour is an excellent way to spend a few hours in Dublin.The tour takes place in the home of Guinness – St James Gate, Ushers, Dublin 8 and it is normally opened 9.30 to 5 PM – 7 days a week. Get to see the Guinness history, factory – buy some merchandise and have a Guinness in the Ireland factory! Perfect way to spend any day 😉

That famous beer which you already know about and might have even got at some point while visiting Ireland, which is Guinness, is the oldest in the country and that is the reason why its storehouse that is located in the heart of St. James’s Gate Brewery is one of the most famous and most visited places in Dublin – one that should be already on your list.

Guinness Storehouse - Guinness - Dublin Ireland - Visit Ireland - Things to Do in Dublin
Guinness Storehouse - Guinness - Dublin Ireland - Visit Ireland - Things to Do in Dublin

There are different things that one could do in Dublin and visiting Guinness Storehouse is just one of them. Guinness Storehouse is considered an old place, yet it opened for the public and became a tourist attraction only in 2000, and it succeeded at attracting lots of people to it and becoming one of the most famous tourist attractions in Dublin, Ireland.The tour in Guinness Storehouse is not a small one that would be done in no time, but it is actually a seven floors building tour that introduces a different thing in every single one of them. Those seven floors surround a glass atrium that is shaped in the form of a pint of Guinness.The tour in Guinness Storehouse will take you through the ground floor that introduces the four ingredients of the beer, which are water, barley, hops, and yeast and it will also introduce you to the founder of Guinness brewery, Arthur Guinness. All the other floors feature the history of Guinness advertising and carry an interactive exhibit on responsible drinking. The most interesting thing about these floors is that the seventh floor, which is also the last, hosts the Gravity Bar which offers views of Dublin and where you could also enjoy a glass of beer which its price would be included in the same ticket you bought for entering the whole place.


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