Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE

Updated On: November 08, 2023

Things to do in Russia

I don’t know your thoughts about Russia, but we need to know it’s an exciting place to visit. It’s a blend of cultural attractions, exhilarating outdoor activities, historical landmarks, and a perfect vacation getaway. The first impression might be that you think you are in Venice or Amsterdam with its contemporary architecture, well-designed landscape, wide canals running all through the city, and colourful buildings wherever you go. Russia truly has it all.

You will have millions of things to do in Russia, tons of places to visit, and a plethora of activities to get along with. But don’t fret; we don’t include these millions of things; we are here to mention the best of the best that you should not miss while visiting Russia.

Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE
Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE 1

All your quotations will be answered here if you are planning to come here so soon. Additionally, we’ve eaten our way across town to bring you a menu of the very best spots for the lively nightlife this vibrant country has to offer.

First of all, we know you are wondering now if Russia is worth visiting.

Definitely, it is, and I am telling you why.

Why Should You Visit Russia? 5 Reasons, Maybe More

You might have an unfavourable impression of Russia, but we are here to explore this breathless country’s genuine personality and features. And here you are going through reasons why Russia is a worthy place to visit.

  • Russia is the Largest Country in the World

When you hear that, you unmistakably realize that there’s so much more to this scenic country than just wacky facts about policy in this country. So, it’s said that this country has something for every type of traveller. Nature lovers, obsessed with history, art collectors, Russia has all of them, and more. This country spans 11 different time zones. Russia also embraces several cultures, a natural diversity, and a particular style of art. This country has its unique identity and with its sprawling space, be ready for the most exciting adventure you can do in your entire life.

  • Russia is the Country of Opulence

Wherever you go, you will come across grand architecture from the impressive building of opera where the most prestigious shows and ballet are performed, attracting thousands of visitors every year. Also, the county is home to outstanding cathedrals and churches with dazzling facades and the most precious engravings in the world. This exceptional style of architecture makes Russia an iconic architectural feat inspiring all civilizations and cultures. You might think it’s not a good theme to be extravagant, but you absolutely have dreamed before to roam around a mighty empire like Russia. All you need to do is get out of preconceived notions and start to explore this country with a fresh eye.

  • The Public Transportation System is More Than Perfect

One of the most significant concerns of everyone who goes around the world is to stay on track with the budget. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. However, transportation is the most common source of money waste. Some countries don’t offer good public transportation, so you have to rely on private rides, hiring a car, or making taxis your new companion. Thankfully, this isn’t the case in Russia. The European country features one of the best metro networks globally; some stations can be 80 meters down onto the ground. Metro is a super cheap way to move through Russia.

  • Russia has Bags of Things to Do on A Large Scale 

With 17.13 million km², it seems hard or close to impossible to explore all things Russia has on offer on just one trip, unless you plan on staying here indefinitely. I bet even Russians never think of how many places they haven’t visited till now because it’s an endless list. It could be daunting for many travellers because they don’t need to leave any site behind when they go back home. But at the same time, it gives you a great chance to experience more than you might have thought possible. But anyway, Russia is unquestionably one of the top travel destinations.

  • Nothing Can Beat Russian Vodka

Vodka? Are you serious? Could anyone visit a place just on the basis of drinking a spirit beverage? Yes, I am dead serious, especially when it comes to Russian vodka. To be honest, Poland is the birthplace of vodka. Still, Russia has added its magic to it to have the most tasteful one in the world, which drove Russia to found a whole museum to unveil its secret way to produce their vodka, Moscow’s Vodka Museum.

Our only suggestion here is to pick a local pub to drink your glass. And don’t forget, if you are eager to figure out a more pleasant wine, go directly to the rural area.

  • The Architecture of Russia is Something Not to Be Missed

With so many tourist attraction options, the best part of Russia is the dramatic design of all its landmarks. There are breathtaking buildings you can explore, admiring every insight about it. Most Russian neighbourhoods have an interesting history of the renaissance era that makes locals very proud of its legacy and culture. So, it would be a brilliant idea to search for a local tour guide to help you learn more about the history of each place because not all stories will be mentioned in books or on the internet, you need to see them through the eyes of a Russian.

  • Reveal the Mysteries Behind Russian Culture

Besides its unparalleled natural beauty, you need to figure out the superb culture of Russia as reflected in the Byzantine Empire to establish the Soviet Union. Bloody wars, alteration within the social structure, and the growth of science led to the launch of the first rocket into space: Russia has a wealth of stories to tell you that will blow your mind literally. As voyagers, we’re fascinated by people’s stories, the stories of humanity, and the stories that have shaped this iconic place. When you visit Russia, be sure that you discover 100 minority ethnic groups who are still prideful of their traditional costumes, gastronomy, and religious rituals.

Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Russia

Whether you’re looking to visit Russia or need some information to plan, the trickiest thing is to be aware of some things to make this vacation the best. And we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you some facts you need to know according to our experience in Russia and reviews from popular vloggers. Many of them decided to cross Russia off their bucket list, not because they don’t want to visit it anymore, but because they have already made it and uncovered this inspiring country.

  • Check the Visa Requirements Before Booking a Flight

“Please accept my apologies, sir; you are not permitted to enter Russia.”


No one wants to hear this at any airport in the world, let alone one in Russia. It’s a complete nightmare. You will recall all of the plans you have already written down to explore the country you want to visit. Consider how much time and effort you’ve put into booking and seeking has gone to waste.

Regardless, I’m here to help you and remind you that you should check all visa requirements before going anywhere. Most nationalities, except the Soviet Union, are blocked from entering Russia without a visa. But there are still ways to access Russia without these restrictions, like coming to Russia through a boat trip. In this case, you will be granted 72 hours of visa-free entry into Russia, but you will not travel throughout the country freely.

  • Registration to Getting Visa Could Be Hassel

Not just issuing a visa process, the whole procedure of registering to visit Russia could make you frustrated. But please be patient and remember that in the end, you will be rewarded. We have travelled extensively across the world and have rarely seen anything like it. But I am here to hold your hand and give you valuable information on how to get through this registration process. Thank god we are now after 2007 (before this date, it was more cumbersome than now). So, you can put out this paper once you arrive here unless you don’t want to get fined if any officer would stop you from checking your passport (or maybe deported, who knows)—trust me, it’s most likely to happen as long as you plan to hang out at night. 

Also, using a visa provider will make these procedures go more smoothly.

Contact the consulate to get all factual information about what you need and how to get them effortlessly.

Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE
Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE 2
  • Don’t Assume that You Can Discover Saint Petersburg on Foot

One of the most common mistakes made by travellers is to believe that touring large cities on foot is the best way to do so. There are some vast squares or main roads that are so spacious that are so large that you won’t be able to walk around the entire area, like Nevsky Avenue in the city of Saint Petersburg. Indeed, Saint Petersburg has many attractions to offer to its visitors. However, this avenue will not be the right option to walk around since you will run across enthusiastic football fans, and sometimes the whole mood turns frantic, and it could worsen your situation. So, if you want to stop for a shot or admire the prosperous architecture, Nevsky Avenue is not the right place. Or you can pull over to the roadside to not obstruct people’s traffic across the street.

  • Russian Coffee is So Sweet

Before ordering your coffee, make sure to tell the waiter that you don’t want any extra sugar in your cup. Sweet coffee is a standard in Russia, and if you ate Soviet doughnuts—a favourite Russian dessert—as breakfast, it would be better to order a free-sugar cup of coffee because doughnuts are so sweet too. (pro trip for savvy travelling: don’t forget to get a piece of paper when ordering your doughnuts dating back to Soviet times to keep your hands clean.) Or you can go to any Starbucks here to bring your usual coffee. However, don’t assume that you will taste the same coffee in your home country. Every country has its flavour, even in the international chain.

  • English is Not Widely Spoken Here

Do you speak Russian?

No… okay, me neither, but if you are willing to visit, Russia doesn’t expect people to understand your English. And because I have your back and your best interests at heart, you have to know at least how to say “Hi, do you speak English?” because you hardly can find a person who can communicate in English, especially if you decide to move away from big cities.

Alternatively, you can download a translation app to replace a human guide and be ready to tap every word you want to spell out before handing the phone to the Russian guy to take notes. Weird, right? 

Okay, the last option is to look for a private tour guide who can go around with you to hit up more than just touristy destinations. Super, right!

  • People are not cold-hearted

There is a widespread misconception about Russian people are stern, cold-hearted, or even cruel, and it’s not true at all. You could notice that people in the service industry are harsh and not so good at dealing with people in general.

It’s not your fault. Maybe the working regulations are not fair; perhaps it’s a typical mentality, but who cares? You are here to have fun.

Also, you have to be patient when buying something from a store or ordering your lunch from a restaurant. But when you turn away to interact with Russian people, they really take you in. On the whole, Russian people are super friendly, and they are happy to help. Thus, as we mentioned before, please let go of previous assumptions and turn the page to start recording many unforgettable memories in Russia.

Don’t Except You Will Find Snow All Year Round

Indeed, the weather in Russia is unpredictable. The winter will be bitterly cold, but I should say that the humidity in the summer months is miserable. And in this case, the sun-drenched beaches are the way to go.

But anyway, you have to be prepared to rain at any time, grab your umbrella even if the weather forecast says otherwise. In Russia, please don’t put a lot of trust in the news podcast. 

Also, don’t forget to pack an extra layer if you intend to go for a long walking tour, and even if you plan to visit Russia in the summer, you have to put some coats in your luggage. And when it comes to Russia’s winter, forget about high heels or sneakers, and rain boots are the master here.

Top Unusual Things to Do in Russia

Pay a visit to North Ossetia-Alania

Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE
Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE 3

It’s easy to write about the best cities to visit, but it needs much effort to write about the towns with little attention; North Ossetia-Alania is one of them. It will be a lifetime experience.

Located in southwestern Russia, North Ossetia is a hilltop city on the border of Georgia, which means you are going to witness gorgeous scenery wherever you go. North Ossetia-Alania is a less-known spot in Russia, and however, it’s a worthy place to hit without any doubt.

Generally, this location will give you access to plenty of attractions that suit everyone’s preferences. But unfortunately, the road to this place could be somewhat challenging, and you need to be an adventurous person to focus on the whole feeling rather than being concerned about the road’s safety.

Here We Go: Visit Dargavs Village, City of the Dead

Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE
Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE 4

Location: Prigorodny District of the Republic of North Ossetia–Alania, Russia

How to reach: The best way to get to this place is to fly from Moscow to Beslan (2h) and then take a taxi to Dargavs (1h). The whole journey will cost you around $35 – $70.

Price: Free access 

Once you have embarked from Beslan airport to Dargavs, you will recognize why it’s the City of Death. With its winding and narrow road, Dargavs is well-preserved to be a giant cemetery over a long period of time. The people of this city buried their beloved ones with their possessions to keep them alive in remembrance forever. Dargavs’ tragic history, however, is the fascinating aspect of the tribe.

Why Should You Visit Dargavs Village?

Whether you are a history buff or nature lover, you will find both in Dargavs Village. It’s a large necropolis dating back to medieval times, where more than 10,000 people were buried here. This cemetery covers 17 kilometres, the whole space of the city, including around 100 ancient stone crypts. You will find a rustic hut with a unique design that contains human bodies or, to be clear, remnants of human bodies; skulls and bones. You might think it’s a gloomy tour- but it’s anything but. The dismal atmosphere is blown away by breathtaking sights.

Additionally, you are about to hear about many exciting stores. “If you want to go just remember it’s your responsibility because you might not make it back alive!” It’s one of the multiple myths about this abandoned place.

Things to Do:

  • Roam around this faraway place and explore how things get down here, how people earn a living, and how they buy their needs. (You’ll be taken aback by their everyday rituals.)
  • Explore archaeological sites here that had spanned the attention of scientists over the years to discover how people lived and what their pain was when the plague broke out in this city.
  • Hire a local tour guide or join a group who shares your interests to hit this village together and learn more about the history of the city of death.
  • Be ready to throw some coins at the entranceway as people used to do this to move on after these heartbreaking days.
  • Take in the beautiful view of snow-capped mountains, natural landscapes, and grey-stony structures, or have a hiking tour between cliffs.

Things not to do:

  • Don’t go to the City of Death if you will not be comfortable with long trekking or feel it’s not appropriate to distribute people who are supposed to rest in peace or if you are scared of the idea of death.
  • Don’t order any food without being sure what the ingredients are. Russian cuisine has much to offer, but sometimes, it could be unfamiliar to you in a matter of recipes, and you would lose your appetite once you see your plate.
  • Please don’t get out of your accommodation without having enough toilet paper or napkins; you will struggle to find them even in touristy destinations.

Pro Tip: Before taking a public transportation mode, notably the metro train, please make sure you understand where you get in and out. You are likely not to find any signs written in English, and it may cause some confusion to you. Also, remember it’s a big country with tons of cities, and the last thing you want to do is get lost here.

Other Attractions to Visit in North Ossetia-Alania

  • Pay a visit to Fiagdon Monastery and the church right next to it. You will catch a glimpse of the history of this place and enjoy a peaceful setting and breathe in the clean air.
  • Plan to visit Alania National Park offers magnificent mountain peaks, blue rivers, erratic species of wildlife, and fascinating huge green expanses. It’s a biodiversity hotspot where you will find many enthralling outdoor activities to fill your day.
  • Get close and personal to other rustic spaces like Rekom Shrine to learn more about the culture, and traditions and sample different cuisines you couldn’t find anywhere else.
  • Make time to go around the capital of North Ossetia-Alania and don’t miss out on climbing up to the South Caucasus, which is part of it located in Georgia, or you can plan a tour to Mount Kazbek. Just said, if you are a hiker, this spot is heaven for you.

Where to Stay in North Ossetia-Alania?

Best Hotels for families:

Grand Hotel Aleksandrovski (around $92 a night)

Irbis Ecopark (around $73 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Forrest Terrace Hotel (around $155 a night)

Gostevoi dom 1950 (around $135 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Planeta Lux Hotel (around $31 a night)

Khostel Komfortnyy Domik (around $15 a night)

Get Lost in the Right Direction: Petersburg

Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE
Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE 5

Called a city of magic, vibrancy, or dreams, Petersburg is one of the most visited cities in Russia for a good reason. Culture, history, and modern architecture are seamlessly blended together. It is impossible to choose between the numerous appealing activities and ways to spend your time while you are there. If you’re thinking about visiting historical places and indulging in Russian culture, consider getting near to indigenous people to learn about their fascinating traditions and sample the highly distinct type of art they have created. While visiting the most photographed tourist attractions in Europe, it is difficult to become bored.

Located 400 miles away from the Northwest of Moscow, Petersburg should be on everyone’s bucket list while visiting this sprawling country. Named Venice of the North, you can easily fall in love with this city. Named a city of love, you are invited to find your love there. However, if it does not happen, your heart will be firmly attached to this city forever. Every time you think of travelling, you will long for the opportunity to return.

Feel the Value of the Russian Art: the State Hermitage Museum

Location: Prigorodny District of the Republic of North Ossetia–Alania, Russia

How to reach: Take the line 7 bus from Passenger Port of St. Petersburg to the museum for just $1.

Price: Around $12 to check all the museums’ halls.

One of the most prestigious art museums globally, housing more than 3 million exhibits ranging from artworks, paintings, statues, and much more.

Why Should You Visit the State Hermitage Museum?

Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE
Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE 6

I don’t exaggerate when I say that this museum should be ranked number 1 among all art galleries in the world. You will be taken aback by the magnificent architecture of the museum as soon as you enter its grounds through its main entrance.

This complex consists of 6 different buildings embracing different pieces of art dating back to the 12th century as long as a hall comprises some Eqyptian antiques and artefacts.

Don’t get frustrated if you cannot uncover all of the hidden gems within this magnificent construction. The majority of visitors plan to visit it for several days to see everything the museum offers on display.

Most of the museum is part of the Winter Palace which served as the Romanov tsars’ permanent residence. The museum offers to participate in a guided tour if you need to absorb all information about the artists and their inspiring works and make sure you have already seen all the exhibits.

Things to Do:

  • Wander around each auditorium in the museum and marvel at its magnificent beauty filled with well-created details.
  • Take a walk around the museum in the outdoor hall and snap pictures along the way.
  • Pay for the full service of the guided tour rather than just meandering around the place without really recognizing the beauty of what you are witnessing.
  • Make sure to look at the vast throne room, which is decorated in a neoclassical style and stands out for the grandiosity of its architectural conception.
  • Filled with many adorned walls and columns and stories from a distant past, The pavilion hall is another unique location within the museum; be sure to pay attention to it.

Things not to do:

  • Don’t wear your shoes inside any home if someone invites you to dinner or be part of his celebration. Russians consider it disrespectful, and you could even be asked to take off your shoes at the door. “Woe! Not good, right?”
  • Strangers should not be greeted with a grin. Russians aren’t particularly good at socializing, but they do, by the way, have a generous heart, which is something to be admired. Because they aren’t very good at expressing themselves, they don’t want you to be overly kind in a country about which you do not know. So, be natural and avoid staring at individuals or smiling at them if you don’t know who they are or what they look like.
  • Don’t shake hands with your gloves. It’s actually one of the big deals you should consider when opening lines with locals. It doesn’t matter how freezing the temperature is, don’t do that at any cost. People will think you don’t want to touch their skin or dislike them altogether. Regardless, please take the time to remove your gloves before meeting anyone in this room; it will only take a few seconds to do so!

Pro Tip: Metro transportation is super here. You can go around the whole city of Petersburg by metro, and it’s open at 12:30 am. And keep calm. It’s safe.

Gain All While You Give: St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE
Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE 7

Location: St Isaac’s Square, 4 Nevskiy Prospekt metro station

How to reach: Get out at the 4 Nevskiy Prospekt metro station; the impressive structure is right here. 

Price: Around $5

Throughout your exploration of Petersburg, you will come across stunning architectural structures at every turn. Your itinerary will no longer be restricted to a specific kind of entertainment. Petersburg promises you to feel astonished, relieved, and then energetic with every step you make across the city.

Why Should You Visit St. Isaac’s Cathedral?

St. Isaac’s Cathedral has nothing in common with other cathedrals all over the world. With its golden dome and noble façade, you will get owed by its glory. Every particular matter has played a role in the construction of this exquisite cathedral; no, it’s more likely to be a palace. Don’t waste your time gazing at the exterior – the genuine splendour is the inside of the building. With a history that stretches back thousands of years, it is no surprise that it took 40 years to construct this remarkable worship complex. Many tourist guides are eager to provide you with the knowledge and explanations you require to enjoy this must-see attraction fully. Look for them in the crowds.

Additionally, whether you consider yourself a religious person or not, this location will allow you to get a peek at the Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical periods of architecture.

Wandering about the cathedral is another free thing you can do in Russia, and it allows you to take in the breathtaking sight of the Neva River.

Things to Do:

  • Go inside the cathedral, explore all the lovely exhibitions on display, and admire the posh details presented on each corner.
  • Climbing up to the top of the cathedral’s colonnade is a perfect way to see all the city’s highlights.
  • Joining a tour group for a more in-depth look at the cathedral will allow you to identify the hotspots both within and outside the building.
  • Enjoy the stunning vista of the adjacent river during the sunset after bringing your favourite coffee.
  • From Isac’s Square, where the cathedral is located, you can begin your wanderings around the city by taking a hop-on hop-off bus trip to see all of Petersburg’s landmarks, which depart from the cathedral.

Things not to do:

  • Don’t show up empty-handed if you have been invited for dinner at someone’s home. It’s also a sign of rudeness. Instead, bringing any small gift will be a grand gesture as you are a caring person.
  • Don’t expect to find high-end service at most stores and restaurants. It would help if you were proactive, as people here are not very helpful unless you are serious about it. Don’t get frustrated when Russians just take you with a grain of salt.
  • Don’t come here without learning little Russian words to communicate, asking simple things like how to order or where you can go somewhere and so on.

Pro Tip: In Russia, the lion culture dictates that you must accomplish everything on your initiative. Don’t sit around and hope that someone will come along and provide you with a helping hand. No need to be concerned; it’s simply how Russians conduct themselves in everyday life.

Art is Part of Russian Routine: Academy of Fine Arts Museum

Location: 17 Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya, Sankt-Peterburg

How to reach: Take a taxi from Saint Petersburg tram station to the museum; it would take 20 minutes. 

Price: Around $8-15

Artists and sculptors have learned and developed their skills here, and their work has been displayed throughout the world. Art and culture enthusiasts will find this museum a paradise because of the large number of works on display.

Why Should You Visit the Academy of Fine Arts Museum?

Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE
Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE 8

This epic building embraces a wide range of paintings, hand-carved artefacts, and a number of contemporary art galleries. The Academy is best known for its diverse assortment of works that suit everyone’s preferences. You will not find just sophisticated pieces; students can leave their paintings here, which are worth being in the exhibition.

If you are lucky enough to find an art conference in the exterior hall with English, don’t hesitate to take a seat to know more about the history of Russian art. The whole district is decent and neat. You have to make time to stroll down streets around the museum or for more adventure; why not try a bike tour?

Another popular option to spend your time in this location is taking a boat tour around the museum, ideal for a family fun trip. And the best time to head to the museum is in the afternoon to escape from the crowds. Plus, you can admire the sunset scene from the canal right next to the museum.

Things to Do:

  • If you have more passion for art, you can search for any scheduled events to ensure you will still be available in Petersburg.  
  • Instead, if you are a big fan of Russian culture, engaging in a presentation is a must to learn more about the art methodology in Petersburg and how to begin delving into its various types of expression.
  • Ask for an English audio tour to learn more about the artworks displayed inside the museum and complete the whole map of this gigantic complex.
  • Enjoy the boat excursion in the canal in front of the museum to explore more attractions in the city.
  • The tour of this sector will take you through beautiful areas where elegant restaurants and cafés are lined up along the side of the road.

Things not to do:

  • Don’t prejudge Russia before you have already come here and created your perspective on the country. The country is diverse and has a lot of attractions that will absolutely go beyond your expectations, just don’t listen to bad stuff or overloaded daily news.
  • If you think getting a Russian visa will be easy, you’re mistaken. It’s not. It will take time, and you will need to be prepared once you have received the letter you requested. Remember to bring a copy of your passport, a hotel voucher, and your travel ticket to register in the Russian embassy in your country.
  • Don’t leave any empty bottles on your table. This is a generally held belief. It’s your choice whether to accept it or not, but you must respect other people’s religious beliefs, especially when visiting their country.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget the registration card before leaving your country because if you don’t have that, it could cause some trouble.

Don’t Stop Exploring Petersburg: Nevsky Prospekt

Location: Tsentralny District

How to reach: Take a taxi from your hotel or take the metro and get out at Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya.

Price: Free access

Starting from the Admiralty Building and stretching to Alexander Nevsky Lavra, once you get in the street, you feel as if you come to an open-air gallery brimming with fabulous buildings and other most-visited attractions in Russia.

Why Should You Visit Nevsky Prospekt?

Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE
Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE 9

This avenue offers what every tourist wants to navigate a new city, from trendy restaurants to some golden royal palaces, reflecting Russian sumptuousness and participating in other quintessential activities such as eating beef stroganoff and sipping espresso at a café along a tree-lined street. And at night, it’s the perfect place to go for more fun times in bars and a safe walking tour. The road is also home to the Kazan Cathedral, Church of Our and Savior on Spilled Blood. That means that you will be able to spend the whole day right here without having to worry about spending too much money on transportation and cabs to move around to various sights.

And it’s important to know that beyond the cathedrals and museums, Petersburg is a modern country that offers world-class hotels. This street houses the world’s best gastronomic cuisine and bustling ingredients for incredible vacation itineraries.

Along with history oozing from each corner, you can get an unbelievable shopping experience stuffed to the brim with historical highlights. 

Things to Do:

  • Wander around the street and immerse yourself into its magnificent structure, rich cultural traditions, and vibrant history. You will find many impressive buildings inspired by the Russian legacy offering great chances to take lovely photos.
  • Have dinner at one of the chic restaurants and absorb the positive vibes around you.
  • Spend your time shopping at upscale boutiques and street markets, where you can pick up souvenirs and indulge in delectable ice cream.
  • Don’t forget to pay a visit to the spectacular retail mall, Gostiny Dvor, where you can discover everything you need or perhaps more than you need.
  • It would be a great idea to explore the National Russian Library and Kazan Cathedral, which give you insight into this striking spot’s history. 

Things not to do:

  • Don’t go to Vasilyevsky Island unless you’ve checked to see if any return tours are scheduled. It is not always available regularly, and you may have to wait for some time until the planned vehicle arrives.
  • Don’t be caught in the middle of the escalator. Some people are in such a hurry that they will climb it up immediately, rather than waiting for the escalator to pick them up after about 2 minutes. If you do not stand on the right side of the road, you will cause traffic congestion and be more likely to hear heated speech.

Pro Tip: “Hi!” you said when someone invited you for dinner. You reached out your hand before getting inside the home.

No, please do not do it. The Russian people believed many myths, and this is one of them. Shaking hands over the threshold shackled together brings bad luck to both of you. If you do this, you will find yourself in a very embarrassing situation if the other party does not accept your greeting.

Discover the Answer of the Russian Riddle: Go Around Neva River

Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE
Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE 10

Location: Leningrad oblast

How to reach: Take the metro station and get out at Ploshchad Lenina. Look right there; the river is on the other bank.

Price: Around $25

A boat journey across the Neva River is one of the most intriguing things you can do in Petersburg, and it is highly recommended. You won’t want to miss out on this vacation, whether you enjoy strolling through the streets to discover its majesty or simply taking a seat to admire the splendour while doing some people-watching.

Why Should You Pay for the Neva River trip?

Your journey over the Neva River will be filled with a variety of exciting experiences. First and foremost, if you choose to take a guided tour of the city, you will better understand its history. Second, you will be able to see impressive buildings representing the Russian architectural style. Third, you can spend a wine-filled evening in the vibrant neighbourhood of Leningrad oblast for even more adventure.

Moreover, you can come here in the afternoon to enjoy a long walk along the banks and take in scenic vistas when the sky turns to be stained with purple hues.

There are several different kinds of ferry boats available in this area. If you are travelling with your family, the river bus is the most convenient way to enjoy your time. Alternatively, if you are searching for a romantic night, you might board a yacht at night for some fantastic moments together.

Things to Do:

  • Stroll around the historical province, Leningrad oblast, and explore the legacy of Russia.
  • Chat with locals who like coming here for outdoor activities and learn some words in the Russian language.
  • Pay for a trip boat across the Neva River and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and outstanding landmarks and attractions of Petersburg.
  • Require a guided tour to learn about the history of Petersburg and gain an understanding of how it has shaped the way of life of the people who live there.
  • Pay attention to the lavish design of the Nouveau bridge, which is one of Gustave Eiffel’s works.

Things not to do:

  • It is not reasonable to expect buses to arrive on schedule. A Russian time zone implies that 6:00 a.m. does not necessarily mean 6:00 a.m. It may be 6:10 a.m. or 6:20 p.m. Sometimes things get worse, and 6:30 is the result. Consequently, the Metro is the primary form of transit in this area.
  • Don’t go to Russia if you are trying to quit drinking. Vodka is the best thing to do in Russia, and people here are wild and funny. They don’t even comprehend how someone may survive without consuming alcoholic beverages unless there is a medical reason. No matter what time of day it is or how much you dislike it, you will find yourself being requested to share a glass of something.
  • If you want to give someone a wallet as a gift, don’t give it to them with anything in it. It’s another way of lousy luck people in Russia believe.

Pro Tip: Prepare yourself for dealing with the bearcat system. Many governmental officials in this country are not accommodating, and you may find yourself overburdened with routine, mainly when dealing with your visa concerns. Before travelling to Russia, it’s good to practice being patient and not lose your mind here.

Other Attractions to Visit in Petersburg

  • Even if you are not interested in Russian culture, you should visit the Church of the Savior; an iconic monument painted in vibrant colours. It’s located across the street from the Hermitage Museum. I bet you will enjoy your time there more than you might expect.
  • Regardless of what you are thinking of the policy and military matters of Petersburg, you should not pass up the opportunity to see the Peter and Paul Fortress. It’s one of the most recognizable places in Petersburg, with more than 5000 positive reviews on TripAdvisor. It’s an exclusive tourist hub with a long history featuring a military prison and a royal residence, among other things.
  • Peterhof State Museum-Reserve, a substantial historical spot, comprises palaces and lush gardens in front of Petersburg’s river. Unbeatable location for visitors interested in the heart of the Russian legacy, you can browse the place for an unforgettable experience.
  • There are plenty of churches and cathedrals in Petersburg, so please don’t get tired of seeing them. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan (Kazansky Sobor), for example, is one of the fascinating attractions in this city, offering a walking tour that includes a sizable religious collection that introduces us to the glorious history of this country.

Where to Stay in Petersburg?

Best Hotels for families:

Premier Inn Peterborough North Hotel (around $74 a night)

Best Western Plus Peterborough Orton Hall Hotel & Spa (around $90 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Bell Inn Stilton (around $130 a night)

The Bull Hotel, Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western (around $141 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Travelodge Peterborough Eye Green (around $37 a night)

Netizen Saint Petersburg Centre (around $9 a night)

Don’t Wait: Visit Moscow 

Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE
Why Should You Visit Russia? 25 Cool Things to do, Where to Stay, Things You Need to Know & MORE 11

There is something for everyone in Moscow, and perhaps too much of everything you could want. Russia is more diverse than you might think; varied cultures, varied communities, and varied attractions. Everyone can easily find his reasons to visit this gorgeous city with an exciting mix of green spaces, opulence palaces, and many exhilarating activities. You can find long stretches of lively streets packed with restaurants and bars, or you can simply meander through historic districts and have a look at what they have to offer.

However, one of the drawbacks you could encounter while exploring Moscow is the weather. It seems impossible to predict the weather from so hot to so fizzy, and you have to be ready for any eventuality that may arise. Even though we absolutely encourage you to plan to visit Moscow right away, where you may ski while also seeing a historical site on the same day.

Get the Finest Sensation in the World: Visit Alexander Garden

Location: Near Kremlin, Moscow 119072

How to reach: Take the subway to the Ploshchad Revolutsii stop and exit the station. It takes only a few minutes to stroll to the garden.

Price: Around $10.

From now on, you’ll meet people who love getting out to enjoy the sun kisses in the summer or local festivals nearly every day in the autumn and spring. Alexander Garden is a perfect spot for an outing in the day for some fresh air.

Why Should You Visit Alexander Garden?

From there, you’ll encounter people who appreciate getting out into the fresh air to enjoy the summer sun kisses or local events nearly every day in the autumn and spring, respectively. Alexander Garden is a great place to go for a stroll in the afternoon to get some fresh air.

This public garden is spacious, which plays a big part in Russians’ life who love socializing in the early morning among the lush and beautiful natural landscapes.

The garden gets even more lovely in the fall when the high-soaring trees turn bright orange as a signal that winter is approaching, and it is the last time for locals to stroll around without worrying about being completely soaked by torrential rains.

Or you can come here in spring when each corner of the garden is proud of its colourful flowers decorating the entire space.

Things to Do:

  • Have a walking tour around the garden and immerse yourself in its natural beauty.
  • While roaming about, you can stop for a Russian snack from one of the gastronomic street-food specialities scattered throughout the garden and surrounding region.
  • If you’re feeling thirsty, check out some of the local drinks concoctions available from stores within the garden.
  • Pay a visit to the most famous fountain in Moscow, which depicts an older man holding a golden fish, representing one of the most famous stories in Russian culture, the Pushkin tale.
  • You might simply relax on one of the benches and read a book that you have brought with you.

Things not to do:

  • Don’t forget to bring enough cash with you while visiting attractions in Moscow, especially when you are ordering dishes in a local restaurant. Credit cards are not widely used here.
  • Don’t even think of eating traditional peasant food without toast. Rituals abound in Russia, and toasts are among the most important.
  • Don’t make a fool of yourself with your sense of comedy. Unlike Americans, Russians do not enjoy “mother” jokes (although everyone should do it). They consider them inappropriate and disrespectful. Consequently, please keep yourself away from problems, and if you wish to establish relationships in Russia, do not assume that Russians would accept your American style of cracking jokes.

Pro Tip: Russia boasts high innovation in gastronomy. That’s why Russians appreciate food so much, and they always intend to eat a three-course lunch meal. They begin by ordering a salad, followed by a soup, and then the main meal, a meat steak or grilled chicken breast.

Explore Essential Wonder in Russia: Head to Kremlin
Location: Moscow, 103132

How to reach: Take the metro train and get out at the Okhotny Ryad station.

Price: The ancient square is open to the public for free, but expect to spend roughly $13 to enter.

The most iconic building in Russia, the Kremlin, is home to Soviet leaders, and now it’s the official presidential residence. This touristy spot has an eye on many fantastic attractions moving to the beat of some of the best museums and cathedrals worldwide.

Why Should You Visit the Kremlin?

Located in the heart of Moscow, the Kremlin is a must-see landmark, whether you start out your tour around Russia from Moscow or somewhere else. The Kremlin features a plethora of museums, art galleries, and much more; make sure to take the time to discover all of them. With more than 4,000 pieces of art on display, you will come across plenty of things you love highlighting the history of this decent palace.

Many adorable photos can be captured here (if you have been to the Kremlin before and have any of them, don’t hesitate to share with us on our social media platforms and tag @ConnollyCove).

Additionally, the Assumption Cathedral is a component of the Kremlin complex, which makes us fall in love with Russian culture all over again. Along with the Kremlin museum, visiting the Archangel Cathedral is one of the very best things to do in Russia.

Not to mention you have to snap away wherever you go since the whole avenue is a photographic spot in and of itself.

Things to Do:

  • While we already had our growing fondness for stunning Russian architecture, now it’s time to explore what is going on behind the scenes. Visiting the Kremlin museum is one of the top activities to do in Russia.
  • Have a visit to the Armoury Chamber, the Assumption Cathedral, the Archangel Cathedral, the Annunciation Cathedral, and other famous buildings you can find everywhere around the prestigious spot.
  • As we are helping you see Russia like never before, it would be wrong to come here without making time to find out all the highlights of Red Square, which houses many spectacular places creating an endless number of experiences here.
  • Besides the astonishing architectural heritage, you can go shopping in the central mall here, GUM, for souvenirs or search for traditional Russian items.
  • Allow yourself to become lost among the historical sights as you wander around Arpad Street for a thrilling experience.

Things not to do:

  • Don’t expect to find this place empty of crowds; it is majorly because of the top things to do in Russia.
  • Please don’t take photos inside the Kremlin before making sure it’s allowed.
  • It seems that the list of things enticing lousy luck in Russia doesn’t come to an end. And now don’t whistle in the Russian house any longer. It would lead to poverty and other financial issues. Seems ridiculous! Oh yes, but that’s why you need to know all things not to do in Russia before even considering including it on your bucket list.

Pro Tip: Before you get down to plan your itinerary here, plan to visit the Church of Saint Nicholas. A visit to this location is well worth your time.

Fill Your Instagram with Nice Shots: Hit St. Basil’s Cathedral

Location: Red Square, Moskva, 109012

How to reach: Take the metro to the Ploschad Revolyutsii stop and exit there.

Price: Around $10

One of the top experiences in Moscow is to have a look at one of the dazzling hotspots, St. Basil’s Cathedral, which you ought to have at least once in your life!

Why Should You Visit St. Basil’s Cathedral?

It goes without saying that St. Basil’s Cathedral is an essential cathedral globally, which has unique and picturesque domes. Built in 1561, St. Basil’s Cathedral will easily catch your eyes once you get in here. This religious complex with its dramatic nine domes supports the idea of inspiring architecture. Situated in the Red Square, the colourful cathedral is the most recognizable attraction in Russia. These underlying stunning theme details enchant all visitors to stay here for a while to appreciate the hard work behind this masterpiece.

For more information on the process of building such a magnificent structure, you can join a guided tour in English to dig into the cathedral’s mysteries.

Your visit will not be complete unless you have captured a glimpse of the entire history, including key political events that have altered the face of the world community forever.

In order to unwind or catch your breath after a long day of roaming around Red Square, you can visit one of the upscale restaurants that provide exceptional service, ranging from mouth-watering dishes to a pretty-designed hall.

Things to Do:

  • Explore the inside of St. Basil’s Cathedral, which will be a perfect initiative to take insights into Russian culture, especially if you are a history buff.
  • Remember to dress up because you need to take a memorable picture with this iconic structure; as you know, a photograph is a ticket back to your memories.
  • Locate a nearby café where you can enjoy your hot beverage, especially if the weather becomes chilly.
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral will provide you with access to a variety of surrounding sights, many of which would be ideal for spending the entire day navigating while capturing photographs and meandering through Red Square.
  • While coming here during the Christmas season would be challenging because the weather is unpredictable (snowy thunderstorms and the streets covered with icy peaks), you will be rewarded with cheerful decorations and festival vibes.

Things not to do:

  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Russia is a cheap destination to visit. However, I have seen a number of excellent deals that you may wish to take advantage of. Simply ask around for the best places to eat and drink at reasonable prices, and you’ll be in good shape.
  • Don’t be upset when you find there are two different rates of the same thing. Almost all tourist places here introduce two sets of prices; one for locals and one for tourists.
  • If you owe money to a Russian guy, don’t pay it back in the evening, another good reason for Russians to suffer from bad luck.

Pro Tip: Don’t get too worked up if you can’t find a place to exchange your money. Some tourist destinations, such as St. Basil’s Cathedral, accept euros and dollars. However, keep in mind that it is always preferable to have Russian local currency on hand because the exchange rate is somewhat different.

Other Attractions to Visit in Moscow

  • Kazan Cathedral, another beautiful cathedral to visit in Moscow, should be on your tourist map while offering an excellent chance for instagrammable snaps.
  • For making most of your time here, head to Gorky Park which will provide you with an exhilarating adventure since it’s a sizable recreational utility dating back to the Soviet era. While located close to Moscow’s business district, it provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, especially if you come here first thing in the morning.
  • You can explore Lenin’s Mausoleum, which served as a residence for prominent Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin. The tomb itself is a work of art combining two different symbols: the Egyptian pyramid and the mausoleum of Cyrus the Great in Iran.
  • Visit Bunker 42, a secret hub built during the Cold War to assist scientists in conducting nuclear testing and exchanging essential data about their research out of the public eye. Now, it’s a fascinating museum where you can learn more about this period.

Where to Stay in Moscow?

Best Hotels for families:

Radisson Collection Hotel Moscow (around $135 a night)

BInterContinental Moscow Tverskaya Hotel (around $131 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Mamaison All Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka (around $148 a night)

StandArt Design Hotel (around $201 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Hostel Netizen (around $10 a night)

Hotel Tverskaya 5 (around $49 a night)

Experience Length and Depth of Life: Make Your Way to Siberia

Conveniently located in the northern part of Russia, Siberia could trigger a variety of emotions at the same time, including loneliness, an adrenaline rush, adventurousness, or even how to discover inner peace since you experience the feeling of intrinsic fear

What makes the portrait of Spain genuine is that you can consider it an escape from the bustling life. Siberia isn’t about a frenzied nightlife scene or many touristy destinations. Siberia is about unspoiled natural beauty, the sheer relaxation when you find yourself surrounded by extensive landscapes and evergreen forests boarded with high-soaring mountains, which will entice a week-long joy even after you return home. You will have an experience unlike any other, with feelings of pleasure and relief varying in tandem. This quaint city has proven that travel to lesser-known destinations is another definition of luxury.

Our only advice is to skip coming here in winter, even if you wish to watch non-stop fiestas throughout the Christmas season. The cold days here are unpleasant and insufferable.

The Adventure is About to Begin: Check out Lake Baikal

Location: south-east Siberia

How to reach: You can fly directly from Moscow to Irkutsk (for about $136) or take the Trans-Siberian Railway to Irkutsk (for about $395). Or, if you are searching for more luxurious options, the Golden Eagle train is just perfect.

Price: Around $29 for admission and guided tour

There is something in this world you should try at least once in your life; Lake Baikal is absolutely one of them. Lake Baikal is an off-the-beaten-track destination; however, it’s the largest, oldest, and deepest lake in the world.

Why Should You Visit Lake Baikal?

Lake Baikal, which has been around for 25 million years, is the world’s most significant source of liquid freshwater. This lake freezes over for most of the year, making it a solid surface. But in the summer month, it becomes a fantastic gateway for swimming, relaxing, and other thrilling activities that could take an entire year to get enough of.

Barren in winter. Vibrant in summer. If you make it at the right time (after May), you can enjoy your vacation like never before, with activities ranging from kayaking to exploring various rare marine creatures to taking boat excursions to discover the island’s coastline. And if time is on your side in winter, you can try skiing through the frozen Tazheran Steppes caves.

In addition, hiking enthusiasts, the lake is well worth the trip because it will give you long trekking trails that will allow you to get up close and personal with the local flora and wildlife.

Things to Do:

  • Float at Lake Baikal in the summer and taste its allure which will remain in your blood forever.
  • Do some watersports, with sailing, kayaking, water skiing, and scuba diving all possible- the whole spot is just like a virus that will be reminiscent of unique experiences you’ve revelled in.
  • Embark on boat cruises for family time or even a romantic moment enjoying the peaceful ambience, pure water, and air. This trip will keep you in your memory forever.
  • Browse the old market on the shore of Lake Baikal spotted with shops for souvenirs and other local items. Prepare yourself to buy something as it will persistently remind you of this sun-kissed paradise in summer and snow-covered centre in the winter. In both instances, you are in love.
  • Climb up to the hills, which have a lot to offer; just imagine how beautiful the view will be from up there.

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t argue with old ladies in Russia (babushka). There is no reason to open a serious discussion with them. Even if you believe what they are saying is dull, all you need to do is smile and agree with them. Russian babushkas have all respect and power, and you have to be inherent to this attitude too.
  • Here is a culture gap, don’t let women lift heavy objects. If you offer your assistance to a lady carrying her bag, it may be considered offensive in Western culture. Western women believe it is inappropriate and detrimental to their dignity and independence. In Russia, however, the opposite is true. It is not because women are reliant on males but because it is a socially acceptable way to demonstrate gentleness. If you come across a situation like this in Russia, don’t hesitate to share your assistance.
  • Another Russian superstition states that if you are invited to someone’s home or even to a restaurant, you should avoid sitting in the corner of the table. Russians think that the person who occupies a seat at this location will never marry or find love in their lives. So, if you don’t want to die alone in Russia, don’t sit in any corner. 

Pro Tip: Don’t miss your chance to taste local food from Buryat posy to fish dishes. Just remember if you need to wander around any city like a local, eat regional cuisines.

Other Things to Do in Siberia

  • You couldn’t even come close to listing all the parks in Siberia. But our favourite always is Stolby National Park, an excellent place for hiking and enjoying breathtaking views over Lake Baikal. This public park is a lot more than just a super popular tourist destination. It will provide you with an opportunity to uncover your superpower.
  • Dive in the Bering Sea and swim with sea lions, whales, and other incredible wildlife as part of an extraordinary adventure. It’s going to blast your head off.
  • Try your hand at driving ice go-karts through a frozen wilderness throughout Siberia to see how far you can go. This activity will be available till the beginning of April. It’s one of the most exhilarating outdoor sports you can find in this town. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.
  • Visit the themed, well-perceived park of Novosibirsk Zoo, where you can find a wide array of animals, birds, and much more. It’s idyllic for family vacationers.

Where to Stay in Siberia?

Best Hotels for families:

AMAKS City Hotel (around $28 a night)

Apartment Relax с (around $38 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Villa Malina Olkhon Baikal (around $86 a night)

Мира Усадьба (around $45 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Хостел PARK (around $6 a night)

Apartments Северный Уют для Вас (around $16 a night)

Don’t make a decision yet about where you want to go for your next vacation, get inspired by our tips to travel smart and maximize your vacation time. And share with us the last adventure you embarked on, let’s see your awesomeness.

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