As much as the month of Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt, is different because of being a Holy month in which the Muslims try to come closer to God, it is also different because the Egyptians have their own ways of decorating the streets and giving them another taste.

Even if you are not a Muslim, you will directly and immediately fall in love with the streets during Ramadan month in Cairo, Egypt; you will love the idea of using lanterns, as well as those fabrics which they use to decorate tables, walls, and even making street decorations out of them and which usually carry the drawings that reveal culture, traditions, and bring color to the whole place

Ramadan, Cairo, Egypt - Ramadan Decorations - The Atmosphere of the Month of Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt
Ramadan, Cairo, Egypt - Ramadan Decorations - The Atmosphere of the Month of Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt

he Egyptian streets in the Holy month of Ramadan are not only decorated with those different lights and decorations, but they are also decorated with the ones related to this month only, such as the famous "fanous فانوس" which is a lantern that dates back to Caliph Moez Eldin and which is only used during this month. From the other things that only appear during Ramadan are the night callers who are known as "AlMusaharati المسحراتي" and who wanders the streets of Cairo in order to wake people up before El-Fajr prayer time for them to eat and drink - although most of them are usually awake already not like the old days of Cairo.Usually, people like the idea of visiting old Cairo ( - El Moez street and Khan El Khalili - during Ramadan because they believe that the whole atmosphere there is different, which could be true to a great extent, but now even the places in New Cairo tend to turn their Ramadan spirit on with using the same kind of decoration, making it not much different from heading to old Cairo - that's of course apart from the old Islamic buildings that make it different in the area of old Cairo.


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