Quirky Bars in Birmingham: 17 Amazing Venues

Updated On: September 15, 2023

Quirky Bars in Birmingham 9

Birmingham, England, a city renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, is also home to multiple quirky bars that cater to diverse interests.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
The atmosphere is key at the quirky bars in Birmingham.

Amidst the city’s bustling streets and historical landmarks, the quirky bars in Birmingham offer an extraordinary, offbeat experience. From whimsical-themed venues to immersive retro gaming bars, these quirky bars add a touch of magic and charm to Birmingham’s nightlife.

To help you find the best quirky bars in Birmingham to visit and explore, we’ve examined the city’s legacy, bar scene, and 17 of the best quirky bars in Birmingham.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
Birmingham is known for its culture, music, and sports.

What is Birmingham Known for?

Birmingham, England, is known for its rich industrial heritage and historical significance. Often referred to as the “City of a Thousand Trades,” Birmingham played a pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution and was a hub for manufacturing and innovation during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The city’s skilled craftsmen and inventors were instrumental in various industries, including metalworking, jewellery, pen-making, and steam engines, leaving a lasting impact on the global economy.

Additionally, Birmingham is renowned for its diverse cultural scene. The city boasts a thriving arts and music community, with numerous theatres, galleries, and concert venues that regularly host world-class performances and exhibitions.

Its vibrant music history includes the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, and other influential bands, contributing to the city’s status as a key player in the evolution of rock and heavy metal genres.

Furthermore, Birmingham is celebrated for its culinary delights and multicultural cuisine. With a diverse population from around the world, the city offers an array of international restaurants, street food markets, and eateries, making it a paradise for food lovers.

Sporting enthusiasts recognise Birmingham for its love of football. The city is home to two prominent football clubs, Aston Villa and Birmingham City FC, each with a passionate fan base and storied histories.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
Birmingham has a great bar scene.

What is the Bar Scene like in Birmingham?

The bar scene in Birmingham, England, is vibrant, diverse, and ever-evolving, reflecting the city’s dynamic and cosmopolitan nature. With a bustling nightlife, Birmingham offers a wide array of bars catering to different tastes and preferences. 

From the traditional English pubs to trendy cocktail lounges and the numerous quirky bars in Birmingham, there’s something for everyone in this thriving metropolis.

One of the standout features of Birmingham’s bar scene is its craft beer and ale offerings. The city is home to numerous craft breweries and microbreweries that produce a delightful range of local and regional brews, providing a haven for those seeking something different from mainstream beer selections.

For cocktail lovers, Birmingham boasts an impressive lineup of cocktail bars, each with its own distinct style and speciality drinks. From classic speakeasies to contemporary mixology hotspots, bartenders in Birmingham take their craft seriously, and patrons can expect top-notch concoctions made with flair and creativity.

17 Quirky Bars in Birmingham

Roxy Ball Room

Roxy Ball Room is a popular and energetic venue that combines the excitement of gaming with a lively bar atmosphere. Situated in the heart of the city, Roxy Ball Room offers a unique and engaging experience for visitors of all ages.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
The bars feature innovative cocktails and beers.

As one of the most quirky bars in Birmingham, it offers a variety of classic and modern arcade games. Retro pinball machines, air hockey tables, and an array of arcade cabinets will evoke a sense of nostalgia for gamers of all generations.

The modern design and neon-lit interiors add to its hip and trendy vibe, making it one of the best quirky bars in Birmingham for locals and tourists alike. The friendly and attentive staff ensure that guests have a fantastic time, whether they are seasoned gamers or casual players.

Sky By The Water

Sky By The Water is a renowned restaurant and bar located at Resorts World Birmingham. Perched on the 25th floor, the venue offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city’s skyline, creating a truly mesmerising dining experience.

The restaurant’s elevated position provides an elegant and sophisticated ambience, making it an ideal choice for special occasions, romantic dinners, or simply enjoying a memorable meal with friends and loved ones.

The culinary offerings at Sky By The Water are equally impressive, featuring a diverse and innovative menu crafted by skilled chefs. The restaurant specialises in modern British cuisine with a creative twist, using locally-sourced ingredients to ensure freshness and flavour.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
Birmingham is a great destination for tourists.

Beyond its exquisite cuisine and elegant setting, Sky By The Water is one of the best quirky bars in Birmingham due to its special events, themed nights, and live music performances. Sky By The Water promises an unforgettable dining journey, capturing the essence of Birmingham’s culinary excellence and elevated hospitality.

Bacchus Bar

Bacchus Bar is a hidden gem and one of the most beloved quirky bars in Birmingham among locals and visitors alike. Situated in the heart of the city’s historic district, this quirky and atmospheric bar is named after the Roman god of wine, focusing on providing a diverse and extensive selection of drinks.

As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a unique and eccentric decor that pays homage to Birmingham’s industrial heritage, with exposed brick walls, vintage furnishings, and an assortment of vintage memorabilia adorning the space.

The highlight of Bacchus Bar is its impressive collection of real ales, ciders, and craft beers from local and international breweries. The bar prides itself on constantly rotating its taps to offer patrons a chance to sample a wide variety of flavours and styles, ensuring there’s always something new and exciting to try.

The Lost & Found

The Lost & Found is a captivating and enchanting venue that exudes an air of mystery and allure. Found within a beautiful Victorian building, this bar embraces a theme inspired by a fictional botanical garden and a renowned Victorian explorer who once roamed the world in search of rare and exotic treasures.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
Lost & Found is known for its Victorian theme.

The bar’s cocktail menu is an adventure in itself, featuring an array of unique concoctions infused with botanical ingredients and creatively presented to transport guests on a sensory journey. With a focus on craftsmanship and quality, The Lost & Found’s skilled mixologists ensure that the bar is one of the greatest quirky bars in Birmingham.

Beyond its captivating ambience and exceptional cocktails, The Lost & Found Bar in Birmingham offers a delectable menu that celebrates fresh and seasonal ingredients. Diners can savour a variety of dishes inspired by international flavours and culinary traditions, making it an ideal spot for both casual gatherings and special occasions.

The Lost & Found Bar is not just a place to drink and dine; it’s an immersive experience that beckons guests to step back in time and embrace the spirit of exploration and discovery. Whether you’re seeking a cosy corner or a lively gathering with friends, The Lost & Found Bar provides a unique and enchanting setting for a memorable night out.

Birmingham Bierkeller

The Birmingham Bierkeller is a lively and vibrant Bavarian-style beer hall that brings a taste of Germany to the heart of the city. What makes Birmingham Bierkeller one of the best quirky bars in Birmingham is its authentic German experience, complete with long wooden benches, traditional steins, and a fun-filled atmosphere.

The star of the show at The Birmingham Bierkeller Bar is, of course, the beer selection. With a vast array of German beers on tap, including popular brands like Paulaner, Erdinger, and Bitburger, patrons can indulge in a true German beer-drinking experience.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
German stouts make Birmingham Bierkeller an immersive bar.

In addition to its impressive beer offerings, The Birmingham Bierkeller Bar serves hearty and delicious German-inspired food, such as sausages, pretzels, and schnitzel, further cementing its place as one of the best quirky bars in Birmingham.

The Edgbaston

The Edgbaston is a luxurious and elegant establishment that exudes sophistication and charm. Located in the prestigious Edgbaston district, this award-winning bar is renowned for its world-class cocktails and impeccable service.

The Edgbaston is known as one of the best quirky bars in Birmingham because of its innovative and creative cocktails, crafted by an expert team of mixologists who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of mixology.

The cocktail menu showcases a delightful array of signature drinks and classic favourites with a modern twist. Guests can expect the finest quality ingredients, precise techniques, and beautiful presentations that elevate the art of cocktail-making to new heights.

In addition to its exceptional cocktails, The Edgbaston Bar offers a wide selection of fine spirits, champagne, and a curated wine list that caters to the most discerning tastes. Guests can also indulge in afternoon tea, which is a delightful experience with a range of delicious treats and carefully selected teas served in the bar’s elegant surroundings.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
Birmingham has tons of bars and pubs to explore.

Tonight Josephine

The Tonight Josephine is a glamorous and vibrant cocktail venue that brings a touch of 80s-inspired decadence to the city’s nightlife scene. Named after Josephine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, this venue is easily one of the most stunning quirky bars in Birmingham.

The Tonight Josephine Bar is renowned for its Instagram-worthy interiors, with various picture-perfect backdrops and quirky props that encourage guests to capture and share their experiences on social media.

The venue’s themed cocktails are equally eye-catching, presented in extravagant glasses and adorned with fun and playful garnishes that add to the overall flair and excitement. The atmosphere and drinks showcase why Tonight Josephine is one of the best quirky bars in Birmingham.


The NQ64 Bar is a popular and nostalgia-inducing destination that celebrates all things retro gaming. Located in the city centre, this unique bar is a haven for gamers and enthusiasts alike. Its collection of classic arcade games and vintage consoles makes it easily one of the best quirky bars in Birmingham.

NQ64’s interior is a delightful mix of neon lights, pixel art, and iconic gaming memorabilia. The decor creates a vibrant and immersive atmosphere that instantly transports visitors to the golden age of gaming.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
NQ64 embraces its gaming theme in the menu.

The bar’s retro gaming experience is perfectly complemented by its unique cocktail menu, which pays homage to beloved pop culture references from the gaming world. Creative concoctions with names like “Princess Peach” and “Elixir of Life” make it one of the best-themed quirky bars in Birmingham.

Flight Club

The Flight Club Bar is a one-of-a-kind social darts venue that has taken the traditional game of darts and transformed it into an interactive and exciting experience. Located in the bustling city centre, Flight Club’s modern approach to gaming and its friendly atmosphere make it one of the best quirky bars in Birmingham for darts enthusiasts.

Flight Club offers a unique and engaging concept called “social darts,” where players can participate in fun and competitive games while enjoying delicious food and drinks. The bar menu includes a wide range of handcrafted cocktails, beers, and sharing platters, making it one of the most exciting quirky bars in Birmingham for friends or colleagues looking for a fantastic time out.

One of the standout features of The Flight Club Bar is its lively and vibrant ambience. The bar frequently hosts themed nights, special events, and lively DJ sets, creating an electric atmosphere that encourages guests to have a great time and let loose.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a renowned and stylish cocktail destination that captivates guests with its magical and theatrical approach to mixology. Situated in the vibrant Colmore Row area, this trendy bar boasts a chic and contemporary design, combining industrial aesthetics with luxurious accents.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
The Alchemist serves its drinks in unique containers and forms.

The Alchemist Bar is famous for its eye-catching and imaginative cocktails, which are masterfully crafted to create visually stunning and mesmerising presentations. These drinks put it on the list of the best quirky bars in Birmingham.

In addition to its outstanding cocktails, The Alchemist Bar provides an inviting and sophisticated ambience, making it one of the most popular quirky bars in Birmingham for special date nights, celebratory gatherings, and catch-ups with friends.

The Night Owl

The Night Owl is a legendary and iconic venue that pays homage to the city’s rich musical heritage. Situated in the Digbeth area, this lively bar is a haven for music lovers and dance enthusiasts, boasting a reputation as one of Birmingham’s best live music and clubbing spots.

The bar’s interior blends retro aesthetics and contemporary charm, featuring vibrant neon lights, disco balls, and vintage decor that make it one of the best-designed quirky bars in Birmingham.

Beyond its impressive musical offerings, The Night Owl Bar is known for its welcoming and inclusive vibe. The venue attracts a diverse crowd, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds who want to experience one of the best quirky bars in Birmingham.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
The Night Owl has an inviting and electric atmosphere.

One Trick Pony Club

One Trick Pony Club is a trendy and vibrant venue that offers a delightful blend of entertainment and hospitality. Situated in the city centre, this stylish bar exudes a modern and urban charm, with an industrial-inspired decor featuring exposed brick walls, graffiti art, and contemporary furnishings.

One Trick Pony Club is one of the greatest quirky bars in Birmingham, thanks to its creative and innovative cocktails, which are expertly crafted using high-quality ingredients and imaginative techniques.

One of the main highlights of One Trick Pony Club is its eclectic range of events and entertainment. From live DJ sets and themed parties to live music performances and interactive experiences, it is one of the best quirky bars in Birmingham for music lovers.

Gas Street Social

Gas Street Social is a chic and inviting venue that epitomises modern urban elegance. Nestled in the heart of the city, this trendy bar boasts a stylish and contemporary interior featuring a blend of industrial design elements and sleek furnishings.

Gas Street Social’s carefully curated menu of handcrafted cocktails makes it one of the best quirky bars in Birmingham to visit. From classic favourites to unique creations, each cocktail is expertly crafted by skilled mixologists who take pride in delivering an exceptional drinking experience.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
Birmingham bars have many different spirits, wines, and beers available.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish spot to unwind after work, a trendy venue to celebrate with friends, or a chic location to enjoy a date night, Gas Street Social is one of the most memorable quirky bars in Birmingham for tourists and locals alike.

Vagabond Wines

Vagabond Wines is a haven for wine enthusiasts seeking a unique and interactive wine experience. Located in the vibrant city centre, this stylish and contemporary venue is one of the leading quirky bars in Birmingham for delicious wines.

At Vagabond Wines, guests can enjoy a self-serve wine experience using the innovative Enomatic wine dispensing system. This allows patrons to sample different wines by the glass, providing a fantastic opportunity to explore new varieties and discover personal favourites.

The bar’s menu extends beyond wine, with a selection of artisanal cheese and charcuterie boards that perfectly complement the wine-tasting experience. These carefully crafted food cements Vagabond Wines’ place on our list of the best quirky bars in Birmingham.

The Botanist

The Botanist Bar in Birmingham, England, is a botanical-inspired oasis nestled in the bustling city centre. This popular bar and restaurant captivates guests with its enchanting decor reminiscent of a secret garden or a Victorian greenhouse. The ambience makes it one of the best quirky bars in Birmingham for nature lovers.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
The Botanist is great for casual meet-ups.

As its name suggests, The Botanist Bar specialises in botanical-infused cocktails that celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature. The bar menu features an array of unique concoctions that incorporate fresh herbs, fruits, and floral elements.

In addition to its impressive cocktail selection, The Botanist Bar offers a delectable food menu with a focus on fresh and seasonal ingredients. It has a  range of dishes, including flavorful sharing platters, hearty mains, and delightful desserts, making it one of the top quirky bars in Birmingham for a bite to eat.

Post Office Vaults

The Post Office Vaults is a hidden gem for beer enthusiasts. This cosy and unassuming bar offers a remarkable selection of cask ales, craft beers, and ciders from local and international breweries.

The venue’s interior exudes a traditional and homely ambience, with wooden furnishings, beer pump handles, and brewery memorabilia lining the walls, making it one of the most welcoming, quirky bars in Birmingham.

The highlight of The Post Office Vaults Bar is its extensive range of real ales, carefully curated and frequently rotated to showcase diverse flavours and styles. The variety makes it one of the greatest quirky bars in Birmingham for beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
Post Office Vaults is known for its great selection of beer.

In addition to its impressive beer offerings, The Post Office Vaults Bar also serves hearty pub snacks and traditional bar food, providing the perfect accompaniment to the drinks. It’s a place where patrons can indulge in good conversation, enjoy friends’ company, and appreciate craft beer’s richness and depth in a laid-back and convivial setting.

Dead Wax

The Dead Wax Bar is a haven for music enthusiasts and vinyl lovers. Tucked away in the city’s bustling Digbeth area, this intimate and cosy bar celebrates the art of vinyl records and the joy of analogue sound.

The bar’s name, “Dead Wax,” refers to the blank area on a vinyl record that comes after the music grooves, where the artist’s name and other information are typically inscribed, symbolising the bar’s dedication to the art and craftsmanship of vinyl records.

The Dead Wax Bar’s decor exudes a vintage and retro charm, with walls adorned with classic album covers and shelves filled with an impressive selection of vinyl records. The diverse music experience puts Dead Wax on our list of the greatest quirky bars in Birmingham.

Music is at the heart of The Dead Wax Bar, with a talented lineup of DJs and occasional live bands spinning vinyl records to create an immersive and soulful ambience. As one of the best quirky bars in Birmingham, the warm and inviting atmosphere encourages guests to sit back, relax, and appreciate the analogue sounds of yesteryear. 

Quirky Bars in Birmingham
Dead Wax is a haven for music lovers.

There are Many Great Quirky Bars in Birmingham

Birmingham, England, boasts a vibrant and diverse bar scene, offering a plethora of unique and quirky establishments that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Each of the quirky bars in Birmingham has its own distinctive personality and ambience, making it a memorable destination for locals and visitors alike.

These quirky bars in Birmingham showcase the city’s creativity and innovation. They serve as vibrant social hubs, bringing people together to enjoy delightful cocktails, explore nostalgic themes, and experience interactive entertainment.

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