Lego Day in Lisburn, County Antrim

Updated On: June 12, 2018

lego day
Lego Day Event

 Fun In Lisburn At The Lego Day

Lego isn’t just for kids as even adults love to play with those things, so this Lego day was intended to be for the kids. But even me and Michelle were also so excited about what we would see and play with in Lisburn at the Lego event.

Heading to Lisburn in the southeast of Belfast city centre, we decided to spend a different kind of day which included walking around, playing with the Lego, and having a nice lunch. Our trip ended up in Lisburn to spend Easter Lego Extravaganza which was held in April with Emmet and Batman who were welcoming all those coming to Lisburn City Centre.

What We Got Up To At The Lego Event

There were different activities for kids for different ages which were found there for free such as the superhero building workshops which was hosted by “Bricks 4 Kidz.” Which was suitable for primary school children as well as Duplo brick building for 2 to 4-year-old kids. So our kids and us got the chance to play around with those cool Lego cars with them 🙂

At the beginning of this tour, we were welcomed with some animals that the kids were even allowed to touch and feed them. Then we moved forward to play with the Lego pieces and played with the cars made out of them to see who would win the race. Which I lost in front of the kids! And then we came to the Lego shop where we were welcomed with the Lego man as well as other games and characters as well.

Among the different things which the kids got the chance to do during this day was learning how to make the head of the Lego man while using dough. They got to take this home with them and which they loved the process of doing and learning how to roll the dough to create something fun. We then went to the market where the kids got the chance to receive balloons; one got a Superman balloon while the other received a sword – they were actually really cool.

Perfect Day Out

Our Lego day was perfect for us along with the kids, we enjoyed every single part of it – especially playing with the Lego. Also walking through the market and enjoying the city of  Lisburn.

Have you managed to visit any Lego shop or event before? Have you ever been to Lisburn city in Northern Ireland before? Share your experience with us and tell us more about your stories.

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