Dublinia Viking Museum in Dublin is an interesting museum to visit on any trip to the capital. It contains an amazing array of displays that charts the history of the Vikings in Ireland – Medieval Dublin. This Viking experience is one of the top things to do in the city and great for families. There is a Viking house and Viking ship to see!

Dublinia Viking Museum is located at the crossroads of the medieval city at Christchurch, the point where modern and old Dublin are believed to meet. The main reason behind bringing this museum to life is to reveal the old history of Dublin in an exciting way that would bring all people to share, engage, and learn something before they leave the place.


Dublinia Viking Museum - Dublin Ireland -Things to do in Dublin Ireland - Places to visit In Dublin
Dublinia Viking Museum - Dublin Ireland -Things to do in Dublin Ireland - Places to visit In Dublin

Inside Dublinia Viking Museum, there are four different exhibitions for one to enter and through which the visitor will come out with some information about the citizens of Dublin throughout the history by visiting the vikings and medieval Dublin, see archaeology as a history hunter, and climb the St. Michael's tower.What we enjoyed the most about visiting this place is that we immediately felt that we have traveled back in time once we stepped in to know more about viking in Dublin and its history. Inside this place, you will not only get introduced to the history of the vikings but you will also get the chance to try their clothes, get on board of a viking warship, know more about their skills and see their weapons, visit a cramped viking house, become a slave, and even learn their alphabet and hear their poetry and sagas; you could actually become a real viking through your visit to this place.


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