The Famous Temple Bar of Dublin, Ireland

Updated On: November 12, 2023

The Famous Temple Bar of Dublin, Ireland

At the first glance, one would think that The Temple Bar is actually a bar or a pub which one you could visit and spend some time at when in fact it is an area on the south bank of the River Liffey in central Dublin, Ireland.

Unlike other parts that are considered in the center of Dublin, the Temple Bar is promoted as Dublin’s cultural quarter that has a lively nightlife and is always found to be crowded with tourists. So you will be checking out one of the important parts of the city and at the same time will get the chance to enjoy a drink at one of the many great bars found there.

One of the most famous destinations in the area is the Temple Bar Pub – maybe that is why it was given the same name, to bring people to it more often – but there are other popular venues as well which include the Palace Bar, Oliver St. John Gogarty’s and the Auld Dubliner.

If you think that Temple Bar name was given to the street since the old days then you are wrong because the first mention for that name was in 1673 in Bernard de Gomme’s map. The name of the street is believed to be taken from the Temple family whose progenitor, Sir William Temple, built a house and some gardens there in the early 1600s.

As much as this area carries history, it is now a place where lots of tourists head to in order to experience the beautiful corners of the place and at the same time pass by some of the cultural institutions which are located there. From those cultural institutions that one could pass by there, there is the Institute of Photography, the Irish Film Institute, the Button Factory, the Arthouse Multimedia Centre, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, the New Theatre, the Irish Stock Exchange, as well as other cultural institutions which one could get the chance to visit and enjoy as well.

Being the capital – as well as the largest city in Ireland – Dublin is usually one of the first cities tourists think about when it comes to Ireland, but adding to its size and importance as a capital city, one should never deny those different important destinations and sites which would attract people to this beautiful city.

Have you ever been to Dublin before? If yes, have you ever visited the Temple Bar in Dublin? Share with us your experience and tell us how much did you love the place.

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