Cost of a Trip To Scotland: Everything You Need to Consider

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If you are planning your trip to Scotland, many thoughts come to your mind, but one is the cost of travel to Scotland. Sure, it depends on several things and varies between budgets. Still, in the following lines, we will share some experiences and tips to make your trip cost less.

After much rummaging around for information, an average daily cost in Scotland could be between £70 and £190 per person. It can be changed depending on your lifestyle choices and personal fancies. In this guide, we will take apart everything you need to know about navigating costs while soaking in the awe-inspiring landscapes and pulsating cities that belong uniquely to Scotland.

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Key Takeaways

  • The average daily cost for a trip to Scotland can range from £70 to £190 (almost $84 – $228) per person; it can vary to be more or less depending on yours. 
  •  When it comes to accommodation, prices in Scotland can vary. Budget options like hostels or guesthouses can be as low as £20 per night, while luxury hotels can range from £200 to £500 per night.
  •  To save money on your trip, consider choosing affordable accommodation options, taking advantage of free activities, and cooking some meals instead of eating out all the time. 
  • Travelling during the off-season and looking for deals and discounts on vacation packages is important to the cost budget.

The Cost of a Trip to Scotland

When planning a trip to Scotland, it’s essential to consider the average prices for meals and local transportation. Stay within your budget by understanding the average hotel price and calculating the overall cost for a 7-day trip for two people.

Average Prices for Meals and Local Transportation

In Scotland, you will spend different amounts on food and travel. You might pay £10 to £20 for a meal in an ordinary restaurant. If you choose to eat at an elegant place, it could cost up to £50. Meanwhile, if you choose to cook for yourself, it will be useful for saving costs. 

Transportation in Scotland is also a vital element in keeping costs down further. For local transport, buses are cheap. A ticket may cost about £4 for a one-way trip. The train is another affordable option, and it changes according to the length of the journey. Taxis start at about £3 and add more as you go further.

Average Hotel Price

Hotels in Scotland can change in price depending on the location and level of luxury you are looking for. On average, you can spend between £50 and £150 per night for a decent hotel room.

Solo travellers and backpackers might prefer budget accommodations such as hostels or guesthouses, which can be found for as low as £20 per night. On the other hand, luxury travellers may choose to stay at higher-end hotels or resorts with prices ranging from £200 to £500 per night.

It’s vital to consider that prices may fluctuate based on the time of year and popular tourist seasons. There are many affordable accommodation options for food and nature lovers, history buffs, and anyone who enjoys exploring Scotland’s rich culture and landscapes.

Many hotels offer competitive rates or special deals during off-peak seasons or midweek stays. It’s always a good idea to book in advance and compare prices before deciding.

The Ultimate Scotland Cost Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Average Cost for a 7-Day Trip for Two People

If you plan to stay for a 7-day trip to Scotland, the average cost for two people is estimated to be between £980 and £2660. This cost includes accommodation, meals, local transportation, and activities.

It’s important to know that prices vary according to the season and location. Budget travellers can opt for cheaper accommodations like hostels and save money by cooking meals instead of eating out.

Luxury travellers may choose high-level hotels and indulge in gourmet dining experiences. There are plenty of free activities in Scotland, such as hiking in the Highlands or exploring historic sites like Edinburgh Castle.

Tips for Saving Money on a Scotland Trip

Are you dreaming of rugged coastlines, majestic castles, and vibrant cities but worried about the price tag? Breathe easy! Scotland can be a surprisingly budget-friendly destination. With some planning and these insider tips, you can do that without breaking the bank.

Choose an Affordable Accommodation Option

Sleep smart, save big! Your Scottish slumber doesn’t have to drain your wallet. Ditch pricey hotels for a budget-friendly bed that suits your style. Hostels buzz with social energy, guesthouses offer local charm, and self-catering lets you cook up savings. So whether you crave a dorm room adventure or a cosy cottage retreat, an affordable haven awaits you.

In addition, ditching the tourist traps for a local stay unlocks hidden gems. Imagine waking up to the scent of freshly baked bread in a charming B&B or sharing stories with fellow adventurers in a friendly hostel kitchen. These aren’t just places to sleep. They’re gateways to authentic experiences and local connections. 

For luxury travellers who want a unique experience, boutique hotels and castles provide that. Step into a fairytale at Duntulm Castle, perched precariously on a sea-battered cliff. They can unwind in the opulent Gleneagles Hotel, where roaring fireplaces and Michelin-starred dining await. These havens offer a taste of laird life, with personalised service and exquisite touches that whisper understated luxury.

Take Advantage of Free Activities

Take advantage of the many free activities available during your trip to Scotland. From discovering historical spots and museums to hiking through breathtaking landscapes, there are plenty of options for everyone.

Step back to iconic castles like Edinburgh’s, perched proudly on a volcanic rock, or Stirling, where William Wallace’s legend still echoes. Explore ancient battlefields and imagine the whispers of history in the wind. Scotland’s museums are treasure troves waiting to be unlocked, from the National Museum’s dinosaur skeletons to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery’s masterpieces.

But Scotland’s magic unfolds most magnificently outdoors. Lace-up your boots and conquer Munro peaks, feeling the wind whip through your hair as you reach the summit. Pack a picnic and find a hidden glen, savouring the silence and the symphony of birdsong. Scotland’s free experiences are as diverse as its landscapes. 

Dive into Cooking Your Meals to Trim Your Budget

One of the ways to save money during your trip to Scotland is by cooking some of your meals instead of always eating out. It can be beneficial for travellers’ budgets. 

Not only will it help you save on food expenses, but it can also allow you to explore local markets and try fresh ingredients. For food lovers looking to indulge in authentic Scottish cuisine, why not experiment with traditional recipes in the comfort of your accommodation? 

History buffs can also appreciate the significance of preparing meals using traditional methods or ingredients used for centuries in Scotland.

It’s a chance to immerse yourself in the cultural experience while saving money simultaneously. Don’t forget that nature lovers can also enjoy picnics amidst Scotland’s beautiful landscapes— gathering fresh produce and eating surrounded by breathtaking scenery is an incredible experience.

Explore Off-Season Adventures

Visiting Scotland during the off-season is a great way to save money and avoid crowds. As a solo traveller, you can explore famous attractions without feeling overwhelmed. Backpackers and budget-conscious travellers can find cheaper accommodations and transportation options in that time of the year.

Luxury travellers can enjoy offers from high-end hotels and more personalised experiences with luxurious benefits. Gastronomies can indulge in local cuisine without waiting long lines or making reservations months in advance. History buffs can delve deeper into historical sites without the crowding of peak tourist season.

Nature lovers will appreciate the tranquillity of Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes during this time. Moreover, travelling during the off-season lets you experience Scotland like a local, as you will have more opportunities to contact locals and participate in community events.

The Ultimate Scotland Cost Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Score Big: Unearth Exclusive Travel Deals

When planning your trip to Scotland, looking for deals and discounts on vacation packages is important. It can help you save money on accommodations, transportation, and activities.
Many travel companies offer special promotions and discounts from one time to another. Researching and comparing prices is key to unlocking a treasure trove of affordable options that suit your budget and preferences perfectly. Whether you are a shoestring adventurer or a luxury seeker, there’s something out there waiting to wow you without going over budget.


Embark on your dream journey to Scotland without emptying your wallet! Dive into our Ultimate Scotland Trip Cost Guide for all the savvy budgeting tips you need, covering everything from delicious meals to affordable accommodations and transportation. Let our money-saving insights be your ticket to experiencing the beauty of Scotland without breaking the bank. Start planning now and turn your Scottish dreams into unforgettable memories!


What do I need to know before visiting Scotland?

Discover Scotland’s rich history, savour traditional delicacies, and pack for unpredictable weather. Embrace the adventure, and you are set for an unforgettable Scottish experience!

What is the most expensive time to visit Scotland?

The peas season is in July, and August brings scorching prices and packed pubs, so avoid them if your wallet wants to do a Highland fling.

How can I arrange my budget for a month-long stay in Scotland?

You would need to study the average prices in various regions, identify cheap travel packages, and factor in daily living expenses like food and drinks, sightseeing, etc.

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