Belfast Brunch: Best Places for Brunch in Belfast


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The portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, brunch has become the favourite meal across generations. The Belfast brunch has to offer is innovative and fulfilling, local delicacies being reimagined and served to an adoring audience.

Families and friends are particularly drawn to Sunday brunch Belfast deals that are beginning to permeate through the city. The bottomless brunch Belfast supplies have become a regular weekend routine for those who have had a taxing week and want to unwind in the city.

The contender for the best brunch Belfast offers will always be a fierce fight as the gastronomy scene in the city is thriving, with multiple restaurants receiving a Michelin nod in 2019 alone. The Belfast brunch scene has plenty to choose from. Below are a few tried and tested favourites of Belfast locals that deliver quality food from locally sourced ingredients. The lucky thing is that good brunch in Belfast isn’t hard to find!

A classic brunch Belfast dish. (Source: Flickr – Erika Firment)

Malmaison Belfast Brunch: The Best Brunch Belfast Serves?

If looking for a bottomless brunch in the city centre, Malmaison may be the answer to your needs. The Malmaison Belfast bottomless brunch has been attracting customers from all over the world for its generous portions and expert cocktails. Their brunch provision is only served on a Saturday between 12 and 3. At £24.95 a person, you can enjoy two whole hours of unlimited prosecco or Heineken.

A perfect leisurely activity for those aficionados of cuisine. A wide and well-priced menu,  Malmaison Belfast brunch is one that shouldn’t be missed. Make sure your Saturday includes a liquid brunch in Malmaison. 

Malmaison is a boutique hotel in Belfast which features 62 rooms and suites that incorporate Belfast’s history into its modern and sleek design. Taking inspiration from the influence the Titanic has on Belfast, it’s major suites are also named after Belfast’s iconic visual features of Samson and Goliath.

Further, the Chez Mal brasserie serves dinner and lunch but has become renowned for providing a brunch Belfast can boast about. A central location close to Titanic Quarter and the city centre, Malmaison is a wonderful option for those who want a stay in Belfast that provides extraordinary aesthetics and convenience to the sites that draw people to the city. 

Belfast Brunch: Best Places for Brunch in Belfast
Malmaison Belfast Bar (Source: Flickr – Malmaison Hotels)

Boozy Brunch Belfast: The Rooftop of Babel 

Situated on the rooftops of Belfast, one of the most exclusive venues the city has to offer awaits – Babel. Babel is the Bullitt Hotel’s rooftop garden. Panoramic city views make this location an unforgettable one and now, hosting one of the best bottomless brunch options in the city is another accolade.

Possibly the best Sunday brunch Belfast showcases, Babel’s offering begins at 12pm and is served to 4pm. At £29.50 per person, the offer includes a brunch dish, a bottomless supply of cocktails, and a live vinyl DJ set – entertainment served with sustenance. Each bottomless sitting is for 90 minutes, which is plenty of time to relax and enjoy your surroundings. 

Accessing the bar is done via its own entrance on Ann Street. Incredible design shrouds the space, with their cocktails being inspired by the ‘living’ walls found within. Over 300 plants line the walls of the space, and these are used in the ingredients and garnishes that are served in your cocktails.

A variety of dishes are served, everything from Huevos Rancheros to Maple Bacon French Toast, and there is a wealth of vegetarian and vegan brunch options. With a unique vista and wonderful surroundings, Babel is a fantastic option for the best Sunday brunch in Belfast.

The courtyard of Bullitt Hotel. Babel is located on the roof of the hotel. (Source: Flickr – William Murphy)

Hadskis Belfast Brunch: Fine Dining and Cocktails

Voted best restaurant by The Good Food Guide 2019, Hadskis prides itself on its fantastic local produce and extensive wine list. Favoured by food critics in Belfast, Hadskis provides a cordon-bleu experience in a sentimental and rich food.

Located on the cobbled, romantic street of Commercial Court, home to the infamous pub The Duke of York, Hadskis is found in the heart of Cathedral Quarter – Belfast’s trendiest area. With its central location, yet seemingly private street, it’s a wonderful place to dine. Considered one of Belfast’s best restaurants, it’s hardly surprising that it has entered the competition for the best places for brunch in Belfast.

Weekends are the only time brunch is served at Hadkis, though with ample opening hours between 11am to 2pm, there is enough time to enjoy a leisurely dish with the company of those you love. An award-winning restaurant that pushes traditional boundaries, Hadskis innovative menu allows for it to be one of Belfast’s best brunch spots.

Options for brunch include a twist on an Egg’s Benedict – instead served with Parma Ham. A simple but delicious brunch spot, Hadskis has earned its place as a brilliant choice for brunch in Belfast. Along with sister restaurant James St. South, it optimises traditional Irish cooking with a twist. Worth a try if seeking a decadent, yet inoffensive Belfast brunch

Hadskis is found in Commercial Court, a popular street in Cathedral Quarter. (Source: Flickr – Matt Kiefer)

Bert’s Jazz Bar: A Bluesy Sunday Brunch 

The interior of Bert’s Jazz Bar is a striking scene. The decor is reminiscent of the Art Deco glamour of the 1930s and is modelled to make you think you have entered New York in the Jazz Age. An incredible space to have a boozy brunch. Every Sunday between 11am and 3pm, Bert’s Jazz bar hosts their Bluesy Brunch.

Serving brunch classics as well as a decadent alternatives, the range is a vast as Crab Hash to Spiced Apple Pancakes. At £17.50 per person, the price includes a variety of extras. As well as including a brunch dish, the price includes either a Bloody Mary, Buck’s Fizz, or a non-alcoholic cocktail, and tea or coffee.

The entertainment is given away by the name Bluesy Brunch. From 12pm to 2pm, a live Blues band play to your amusement. Another incredible Sunday brunch Belfast showcases. Bert’s Jazz Bar is part of The Merchant Hotel in Belfast, a five-star hotel that occupies the old Ulster Bank building.

Its cool interior creates a lost nostalgia for times most never knew and creates a sophisticated atmosphere. The bar itself has an extensive drinks selection with a handpicked list of cocktails. Drawing inspiration from a typical French bistro-style menu, Head Chef Michael Weber creates dishes that stand out from other restaurants. Bert’s Jazz Bar has certainly made itself a contender for the best brunch in Belfast. 

The Merchant Hotel, home to Bert’s Jazz Bar, Belfast. (Source: Flickr – William Murphy)

Benedict’s Belfast Bottomless Brunch: Cheap and Cheerful

For a reasonably priced and well-portioned meals, Benedict’s Belfast bottomless brunch has been making a name for itself over the city. Including a carvery lunch, their offer includes unlimited drinks for two hours. A variety of cocktails and drinks are on offer with Prosecco, Bellinis, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, and Rossinis – classic brunch drinks.

Served every Friday and Saturday from 12pm to 2pm, booking is essential to enjoy this incredible offer. Benedict’s pride themselves for serving a true taste of Ulster, serving dishes cooked with locally sourced ingredients and with an astonishing 4000sq foot bar designed in the gothic tradition, the space is adored by tourists and locals alike. 

Benedict’s Belfast bottomless brunch isn’t the only thing that attracts people to the hotel. An independent hotel that is locally managed, Benedict’s pride themselves on not being a chain, and personalising each visit for guests.

Found in the heart of Shaftesbury Square, only a ten-minute walk from the city centre, but it is also home to the city’s beloved Botanic Gardens. the hotel is ideally placed for those who want a quiet night but want the option of being close to the action of the city. For those who want a well-priced meal with plenty of extras, Benedict’s Belfast Hotel bottomless brunch is a fantastic option. 

The exterior of Benedict’s Hotel, Belfast. Famous for their bottomless brunch. (Source: Flickr – Gary English)

Brunch Belfast: A Meal for Everyone

Due to its increasing popularity, Belfast’s restaurants have responded to the demand and now offer incredible deals for wonderful food all throughout the city. Multiple weekend brunch options provide those with the opportunity to unwind with the people they love while experiencing local delicacies and premium service.

With boozy brunches and industrial settings of a vibrant and exciting city, Belfast offers a meal for everyone. Vegan and vegetarian brunch options are now included in most menus. Even boozy brunches are restyling their menus to include virgins cocktails for those who are abstaining from alcohol. Belfast is now on the map as a brunch spot for all.

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