21 of the Best Beaches in Greece to Visit This Summer

Updated On: September 15, 2023

Beaches in Greece

It’s officially summer, and we can’t stop thinking about a vacation on the beach with a cocktail in one hand and toes tucked in the sand. So pack your bags; we’re going to the best beaches in Greece! Be prepared for a sun-kissed adventure where the Mediterranean’s unbelievably electric shades of blue cuddle with pristine shores, creating some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches.

How Many Beaches Are in Greece?

Greece is blessed with the longest coastline of any Mediterranean and European nation, about 13,676 km, so it’s not really surprising that it has more than its share of the world’s stunning beaches. 

With over 515 award-winning Blue-Flag beaches, Greece is the perfect place for a beach vacation, ranked annually among the top three countries with the best quality beaches and coasts by the Blue Flag Program. Beaches in Greece are renowned for calm and safe waters, no sharks, no dangerous species, great weather, and perfect seawater temperature, especially between May and October. Thus, Greece’s beaches and islands attract millions of visitors yearly once they sense the first spark of summer. 

What adds to Greece’s uniqueness is its vast diversity of beaches. One day you might be basking on a sandy beach resembling the Sahara Desert. On another day, you might be splashing in the electric turquoise waters of a beach shadowed by pine trees. There are lonely stretches for the introvert inside you that wants to cut out all the humdrum of life, and there are others for the party animal in you. Some are family and kid-friendly, and others are dotted with countless secluded coves to satiate your adventurous side.

Best Beaches in Greece

One thing we can guarantee is that you can NEVER go wrong setting foot on any beach in Greece! Still, some beaches shine a bit brighter than others. So, please put on your straw hat, don your flip-flops and let’s virtually sail with you through the best 21 beaches in Greece and in the Greek islands.

1. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos Island

As we sail into our first destination, Navagio Beach on the island of Zakynthos, also known as Shipwreck Beach, will leave you awe-inspired. Zakynthos is primarily known for its party scene, and Shipwreck Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, accessible only by boat.

What are we expecting? An isolated little cove encircled by towering white limestone cliffs. Close to the shore stands a rusted shipwrecked freighter that ran aground in the 1980s, creating an iconic photo opportunity against the backdrop of the crystal-clear ultra-turquoise waters and the soft white sands. The sense of discovery and the allure of this hidden gem make Navagio Beach a must-visit.

2. Elafonissi Beach, Crete

Beaches in Greece
21 of the Best Beaches in Greece to Visit This Summer 12

Looking for some splash of colour and a sandy beach with a twist? Let’s skip the white and golden sand beaches for pink! Venture to the southwestern coast of Crete, where Elafonissi Beach awaits with its unparalleled beauty. Known as the “Pink Sand Beach,” this exotic haven shows off a dreamlike landscape created by the intermingling of soft white sands with crushed coral and Foraminifera seashells, giving it a delicate pastel-pink hue.

3. Balos Beach, Crete

Beaches in Greece
21 of the Best Beaches in Greece to Visit This Summer 13

Before leaving Crete, head to its northwest coast to visit the heavenly lagoon of Balos Beach—the Caribbean of Greece. This idyllic beach boasts turquoise waters, beautiful offshore reefs, and fine pale pink sand; such a tempting blend! The beach’s beauty has lured Prince Charles and Princess Diana to explore. The nearby secluded and uninhabited island of Gramvousa, crowned with a Venetian castle, offers a vantage point to witness the unparalleled beauty of this natural wonder.

4. Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

Beaches in Greece
21 of the Best Beaches in Greece to Visit This Summer 14

Let’s head to the island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea. Myrtos Beach welcomes us with its dramatic charm. Can you believe it has been voted one of the best beaches in Greece to be visited 12 times in a row?! 

Enclosed by steep mountains and dramatic rugged cliffs, this horseshoe-shaped bay dazzles the eyes with its contrasting colours: the deep blue sea merges harmoniously with the white-pebbled sands against a mesmerising backdrop of lush greenery, creating a breathtaking spectacle. 

So if you are seeking a stunning beach to unwind, get sun-kissed and swim in ultra-blue waters, you’ve found your dream beach holiday. Explore the surrounding caves and stay to watch the spectacular sunset from the clifftops. This beach ought to satiate your wanderlust till next summer!

5. Sarakiniko Beach, Milos Island

Beaches in Greece
21 of the Best Beaches in Greece to Visit This Summer 15

As you reach the volcanic island of Milos, Sarakiniko Beach will awe you with its lunar-like landscape. This beach is so unique; it features smooth, white volcanic rocks resembling a moonscape, caressed by the azure seas, providing an otherworldly experience. So don’t expect the ‘sandy beach experience’ there. The waters are shallow, making it a perfect destination for families. For a sunbathing-on-the-moon type of experience, lie on the volcanic rocks while listening to the splashing of the waves as they crash with the rocks.

6. Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

Beaches in Greece
21 of the Best Beaches in Greece to Visit This Summer 16

Our next stop is Lefkada, where the secluded Porto Katsiki, on the island’s southwestern side, entices us with its striking beauty. This beach, nestled beneath towering white limestone grassy cliffs, boasts a stunning contrast of the aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea against the bright white pebbles. It is considered a quieter, less crowded alternative to Navagio Beach without a shipwreck.

You can easily drive to Lefkada Island on a day trip without worrying about booking any boats or ferries. You can reach the beach by boat or, to add a sprinkle of adventure, take an 80-step steep staircase from the cliffs above down to the beach, adding to the thrill of discovering this gem.

7. Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Beaches in Greece
21 of the Best Beaches in Greece to Visit This Summer 17

Glamorous Mykonos is chock-full of lovely beaches, but this one is for extroverts seeking some action! On the island of Mykonos, the island that never sleeps, we find Super Paradise Beach, a haven for partygoers and beach lovers alike. Renowned for its crystal-clear shallow waters of the Aegean Sea, soft golden sands, volleyball nets, and outgoing atmosphere, this beach offers beach restaurants, water sports, and lively beach parties—you can’t get bored there! Unwind during the day and dance the night away under the starlit sky.

8. Voidokilia Beach, Messinia, Peloponnese – Mainland Greece

Beaches in Greece
21 of the Best Beaches in Greece to Visit This Summer 18

Nestled in Messinia, about 2.5 hours outside of Athens, Voidokilia Beach will blow your mind with its breathtaking Greek ‘omega symbol’ shape and its tranquil surroundings. The beach’s shallow waters and silky soft white sands make it perfect for families and nature enthusiasts seeking tranquillity. 

Nestor’s Cave is perched above the beach, and above this sits the ruins of the thirteenth-century-old Navarino Castle, also known as Palaiokastro. This crescent-shaped bay is believed to be the home of King Nestor’s palace in Homer’s The Odyssey. According to the myth, Nestor’s Cave is where Hermes hid the oxen stolen from Apollo (A beach with mythical vibes! Could it get any more interesting?). That’s where the beach gets its name from; “Voidokoilia”, the belly of an ox. These archaeological sites add a historical charm to this already-stunning destination.

9. Koukounaries Beach, Skiathos

Koukounaries Beach awaits on the southwestern coast of the island of Skiathos and is drop-dead gorgeous. It is also known as one of Greece’s best sandy beaches. Koukounaries boasts an enchanting backdrop of dense, fragrant pine forests that contrast beautifully with the calm and shallow waters azure waters of the Aegean Sea. If you are with your children, you’ve found your summer beach destination. Nature enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the beach is part of the Koukounaries Wetland Reserve, a protected area rich in biodiversity.

10. Lalaria Beach, Skiathos

On the northeastern coast of Skiathos, Lalaria Beach invites you to its dreamy embrace. The name Lalaria is derived from the Skiathos dialect. It stands for large, white, perfectly round pebbles that sit in the sun. Accessible only by boat from the capital’s port, this beach boasts majestic white cliffs rising out of the deep-blue sea, sea caves, and smooth white pebbles, creating a stunning contrast with the azure waters. One of its most iconic rock formations is the giant “Tripia Petra” (rock with a hole), which adds to the allure of this remote paradise. Take care; taking the beach’s pebbles as souvenirs is forbidden, and you could be fined.

11. Agios Prokopios Beach, Naxos

Located on the island of Naxos, Agios Prokopios Beach beckons with its long stretch of soft golden sand and crystalline waters, which drift between gem-like light blues and more brooding dark blues. It is one of three beaches on Naxos Island given the Blue Flag award and offers an array of water sports. This family-friendly beach is so spacious; you will never feel it is crowded, even in the peak times of the year.

12. Kolymbithres Beach, Paros

Paros presents us with Kolymbithres Beach, in the massive bay of Naoussa, an artistic masterpiece carved by the sea. Unique granite rock formations that have been sculpted into smooth, rounded shapes by the sea and wind over time adorn the shoreline, creating natural alcoves perfect for sunbathing and relaxation. The clear waters and panoramic views of Naoussa Bay make Kolymbithres a favourite among travellers.

13. Mylopotas Beach, Ios

This beach is for the party animal in you! On the island of Ios, Mylopotas Beach sits there with its lively atmosphere, clear emerald waters and sparkly golden sands. You will find it all at this Blue Flag beach, water sports, check; beachfront taverns, check; sunbeds and umbrellas, check; beach parties and vivacious nightlife, check. These amenities make it so popular among those seeking anything from relaxation to entertainment. 

14. Red Beach, Santorini

Those on a hunt for another splash of colour that is not pink and golden, you are in the right place. On the south end of Santorini, volcanic lava mixes with the crystal-clear waters of the blue Aegean Sea, giving the rocks, pebbles and sand their wondrous red, burgundy and black colours. It is like you have visited Mars for a day, but it’s Mars with life. Snorkelling is such a treat because of the deep red hue at the bottom of the seabed. Although it may be crowded in peak seasons, the beach’s Martian landscape makes it a one-of-a-type beach and must make its way to your bucket list in Greece.

15. Golden Beach, Paros

Golden Beach, on the island of Paros, south of Parikia, is as golden as it sounds. Its name is tributed to its ultra-fine sparkly golden sands caressed by the ultra-clear turquoise waters. If you are into windsurfing, that’s your perfect beach, thanks to its breezes. You might even witness the Professional Windsurfing World Cup that takes place on the beach every August.

16. Seychelles Beach, Ikaria Island

Escape to the enchanting Seychelles Beach on the tucked-away island of Ikaria, where privacy and natural beauty await. A stretch of smooth pebbles embraced by breathtaking cliffs and shimmering azure waters make this an idyllic hidden gem in the Aegean. Far from the bustling tourist crowds, this picturesque cove offers a peaceful oasis for those seeking an intimate seaside retreat. 

17. Paleokastritsa Beach, Corfu

Beaches in Greece
21 of the Best Beaches in Greece to Visit This Summer 19

Step into the epitome of picturesque beauty through Paleokastritsa Beach on the captivating island of Corfu. With its crystal-clear teal waters, craggy cliffs adorned with hidden caves waiting to be explored, and local taverns offering refreshing sips, this destination is an Instagrammer’s dream. 

This curved beach, lying in the shade of mountains draped with pine trees, has an astounding ambience. If you are looking for a sprinkle of water adventure, you can kayak through the network of sea caves just off the beach.

18. Potami Beach, Samos

Beaches in Greece
21 of the Best Beaches in Greece to Visit This Summer 20

On Potami Beach, you’ll find yourself tucked between the embrace of greenery and the embrace of the Mediterranean. The beach’s tiny crescent shape is adorned with smooth white pebbles, inviting you to wander barefoot. Coastal shrubbery and natural rock formations create an idyllic scene of tranquillity, capturing the essence of the Grecian unspoiled beauty. For a full day of adventure, rent a car and explore nearby waterfalls and scenic hikes before sinking your toes into the warm sands of Potami Beach. 

19. Possidi Cape, Halkidiki

Beaches in Greece
21 of the Best Beaches in Greece to Visit This Summer 21

History buffs, this one is for you! Possidi Cape is a hidden gem that stands out among Greece’s best beaches. Unlike typical touristy spots, Possidi Cape exudes a movie-like charm with its unique sandbar layout that seems almost surreal from both ground level and above. This stunning sandbar also lies in close proximity to Mende, an ancient city founded in the eighth century B.C. History and coastal relaxation intertwined; a one-of-a-kind experience!

20. Mylopotamos Beach, Pelion

Who doesn’t like a little bit of adventure? Mylopotamos Beach is a white-pebbled shore that daringly emerges from beneath a cliff cloaked in lush vegetation, creating an enchanting sight like no other. Pine trees cast their shadows over a snaky path that leads to the beach. This beach made its way to this list because it is geologically fascinating, entirely surrounded by little caves pleading for exploration. 

21. Voutoumi Beach, Antipaxos

Beaches in Greece
21 of the Best Beaches in Greece to Visit This Summer 22

Our final stop takes us to the tiny island of Antipaxos, or shall we say, a slice of paradise? Known for its unspoiled beauty, Voutoumi Beach, with its electric blue waters and fine white sands backed by long stretches of emerald green vegetation, ought to mesmerise you with its heavenly embrace. The surrounding vineyards and olive groves add this magical ambience to make this beach a secluded haven for those who seek a peaceful and idyllic retreat. A scooter is the best way to navigate the island’s scenic backroads and almost surreal views.

As we conclude our beach-hopping journey through Greece, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Greece is a beach treasure trove. Greece’s beaches have something to offer every traveller, from hidden coves to vibrant party hubs and pink sands to lunar landscapes.

So, my dear friend, if you are yearning for a vacation filled with sun, sand, adventure, tranquillity, and endless beauty, Greece awaits you with open arms! Have a fantastic holiday. We hope you find the beach of your dreams!

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