360 Degree Video of The Big Fish, Belfast

Updated On: June 15, 2018

Belfast is full of amazing tourist attractions that you should definitely visit one day. However, in this 360 Degree video, we have managed to get you a bit closer to one of the prominent sites. The video displays a massive figure of a fish, known as the Big Fish. It is one of the significant attractions in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In some cases, people refer to it as The Salmon of Knowledge.



This sculpture displays an enormous body of a fish that is made of printed ceramic mosaic. The figure has been around since 1999 when John Kindness first constructed it. Furthermore, the sculpture is 10 meters long, which means around 33 feet. It assisted in promoting tourism in Northern Ireland and in Belfast in particular. The image of the sculpture is featured on different platforms related to tourism in the area which attracts even more visitors. You can find the Big Fish gracefully sitting on Donegall Quay, very close to Custom House and the Lagan Lookout.

Here is what you are going to enjoy upon visiting this prominent landmark. First, the outer appearance is quite eye-catching, but there is so much more than just that. The role of the Big Fish is to show imagery, editorial, and excerpts about the County Belfast through the years. It is actually a tremendous elegy that will offer interesting material. That material that the Big Fish displays include historical pictures, drawings, and newspaper articles from Tudor times. There are also drawings that belong to young school children and headlines of the modern day. No wonder it is called the Salmon of Knowledge; it actually has all you need to know through the ages. Above and beyond, the Big Fish has a time capsule that is responsible for storing information and images about Belfast.


Construction Details of the Big Fish

Again, the figure is actually made of ceramic tiles that cover the entire outer skin of the sculpture. Those tiles display images as well as texts that inform you about the history of the city, Belfast. The objective of constructing this figure was to celebrate the restoration of the River Lagan. And, what could be a better symbol than an invincible fish that signifies the constant coursing of the river. It now has become a significant landmark in the city, thanks to its captivating design.

Many people have contributed in adding to the material found in the sculpture. This actually includes a soldier, children of local schools, and an Ulster Fry. The contribution was mainly from Belfast school; however, other schools along with day centers weighed in. This includes Glenwood Primary School as well as Everton and St. Comgalls Day Centers. On the other hand, the Ulster Museum contributed by offering the primary source of the historic images.


About the Artist, John Kindness

John Kindness was the artist who designed the Big Fish, making it one of the significant tourist landmarks. He is an Irish artist who was born in Belfast in 1951; he attended the Belfast College of Art. Most of his artistic works include sculpture and painting. However, he actually has a wider range of media. John Kindness is popular for adding humor to most, if not all, of his work of arts. Besides, people have come to know Kindness with the use of tiles in his sculptures.

John Kindness has a lot of popular work. The most prominent of them is the Treasures of New York series. He was the producer of the series back when he stayed in New York through the early 90’s. Currently, it is said that he lives in London. Back in 2014, the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation awarded John Kindness Individual Support Award.



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