What is an Archangel: Understanding Their Role in Christian Beliefs

Updated On: November 18, 2023

What is an Archangel Understanding Their Role in Christian Beliefs

Have you ever found your mind drifting towards the celestial beings often spoken about in Christianity? It seems we’re not alone in this curiosity, particularly regarding those divine figures called Archangels. Embarking on a journey into the ethereal realm of angels, we unravelled their remarkable rank and roles within Christian doctrine. This article seeks to demystify what precisely an Archangel is, delving deep into their hierarchical standing and the integral part they play in religious scripture.

Intriguing, wouldn’t you agree? Together, let’s untangle this otherworldly enigma!

The Concept of Archangels in Christian Beliefs

Archangels play a significant role in Christian beliefs, serving as messengers of God and holding important positions within the heavenly hierarchy. They are high-ranking angels and sit just below the Seraphim and Cherubim in the Christian angel system. An old teacher named Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite first discussed archangels in his works, notably The Celestial Hierarchy.

These special angels have much power and stay above all other angels. You might know names like Raphael, who can heal sickness like blindness, or Michael, the chief of all angels. They work for God’s needs and always get their jobs done right. The Bible has many stories about these sky beings doing hard work for God above us all.

These special angels are primarily seen as messengers who carry God’s directives to humans. They play pivotal roles in vital biblical narratives, conveying messages of great importance. Some traditions also view them as protectors and leaders of God’s army. Michael, whose name means “like God”, is often depicted as a warrior angel leading celestial beings against evil forces.

The Bible contains several stories involving archangels, particularly in books like Daniel, Revelation, and the Apocrypha. These stories often highlight the roles of these angels in divine plans and human history.

Their Role as Messengers of God

Archangels have a crucial role as messengers of God in Christian beliefs. They are responsible for carrying out God’s bidding and ensuring His messages reach humans. As powerful celestial beings, they are committed to fulfilling their tasks and serving as intermediaries between the spiritual realm and us.

In the Bible, there are mentions of various archangels and angels who serve God faithfully. These divine messengers are entrusted with important missions, such as delivering messages to prophets or appearing before individuals to provide guidance and protection. They play a central role in Christian theology, embodying the will of God and acting as conduits for His divine plans.

The Three Mentioned in the Bible: St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael

All three celestial beings are often invoked in prayers and liturgies, each for their specific roles —Michael for protection, Gabriel for guidance, and Raphael for healing. They have significantly influenced Christian theology, devotional practices, and artistic expressions. Their stories and attributes inspire faith, hope, and devotion among believers.

St. Michael

What is an Archangel: Understanding Their Role in Christian Beliefs
What is an Archangel – In the Book of Daniel, Michael is the prince who stands guard over the people of God

St. Michael is primarily seen as a warrior and protector. Christian art often depicts him as bearing a sword or shield, symbolising his role in defending against evil and injustice. In the Book of Daniel, Michael is the prince who stands guard over the people of God. He also appears in the Book of Revelation, leading God’s armies against Satan and his forces in the final battle. St. Michael is revered in both Western and Eastern Christian traditions. He has several feast days, the most prominent being Michaelmas, celebrated on 29 September.

St. Gabriel

St. Gabriel is best known for his role as a divine messenger. His name means “God is My Strength,” reflecting his duty in conveying God’s plans and messages to humans. Gabriel’s most famous biblical appearances include announcing John the Baptist’s birth to Zacharias (Luke 1:11-20) and the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary about the birth of Jesus (Luke 1:26-38). Often depicted with a trumpet or a lily, St. Gabriel is a popular figure in Christian art, literature, and iconography, symbolising the delivery of good news and divine mysteries.

St. Raphael

St. Raphael is known as the healing one, a role primarily drawn from the Book of Tobit in the Apocrypha. He is credited with healing Tobit’s blindness and guiding Tobias on his journey. Raphael’s name means “God heals,” reflecting his association with divine healing and care. Beyond physical healing, Raphael is also seen as a spiritual guide, helping to lead individuals towards healing, enlightenment, and God’s truth.

The Importance of Archangels in Christian Beliefs

Archangels play a vital role in Christian beliefs, serving as protectors and guides for believers, having significance in the end times, and even being referenced in popular culture.

Role in the End Times

In Christian beliefs, these divine beings play a significant role in the end times. According to religious teachings, they will have specific responsibilities during this period. One of their roles is to announce and declare important events at the world’s end. Their presence and actions in these moments are seen as essential for bringing about God’s ultimate plan for humanity’s salvation.

In Christian eschatology, archangels hold pivotal roles during the end times, marked by significant events leading to the world’s culmination. As divine emissaries, they are entrusted with announcing and orchestrating critical events of the final judgment. Foremost among them, Michael is often depicted as a warrior, leading the celestial forces against evil in the apocalyptic battle, symbolising the triumph of good over evil.

Archangels serve as heralds of God’s messages, conveying critical revelations to humanity guiding and comforting believers in times of ultimate trial. Their actions are intertwined with the fulfilment of prophetic scriptures, playing an indispensable role in unfolding God’s salvific plan. Their presence and intervention in the end times are not just symbolic. Still, they are believed to be integral to realising divine justice and the eventual restoration of creation by Christian belief.

Protection and Guidance

What is an Archangel: Understanding Their Role in Christian Beliefs
What is an Archangel – Archangels play a vital role in providing protection and guidance in Christian beliefs

Archangels play a vital role in providing protection and guidance in Christian beliefs. They are seen as powerful spiritual beings who act as protectors for individuals and even nations. Archangels like St. Michael are known as mighty warriors, wielding swords to defend against evil forces. Their divine strength gives comfort and assurance, especially for solo travellers who may feel vulnerable or uncertain.

Many Christians venerate archangels and seek their intercession. Prayers and liturgies often invoke them for protection, guidance, and healing. They are viewed as models of perfect obedience to God. Their unwavering devotion and service are seen as ideals for Christian life. Believers often look to archangels for spiritual support, seeing them as guardians and guides who help navigate life’s challenges while staying aligned with divine will.

The roles and stories of archangels are often used in Christian education and catechesis to illustrate key aspects of faith, such as divine providence, the nature of good and evil, and the concept of heavenly messengers. They are sometimes presented as moral exemplars, teaching believers about virtues like courage, humility, and faithfulness.

Cultural References and Popular Figures

Throughout history, archangels have been referenced in various cultural and religious traditions. These powerful celestial beings have appeared in art, literature, and popular culture. For example, the Archangel Gabriel is a significant figure in Christian beliefs as he announced the birth of John the Baptist to Zacharias. In Islamic tradition, Gabriel is God’s messenger who revealed the Quran to Muhammad.

Another well-known archangel is St. Michael, often depicted as a protector with a sword. He has been represented in countless artworks and stories depicting his role as the judge of souls. Archangels continue to capture people’s imagination with their divine powers and essential roles within Christian theology.

In conclusion, archangels hold a significant role in Christian beliefs. They are powerful celestial beings who serve as messengers of God’s will. With their divine power and protection, they play an important part in guiding and safeguarding individuals and nations. Understanding the role of archangels provides insight into the rich spiritual realm of Christian theology.


What is an Archangel in Christian beliefs?

In Christian beliefs, an archangel is an angelic being within the heavenly host who scales high on the celestial hierarchy.

How do Archangels play a role in Christianity?

Archangels like Michael and Gabriel are vital in Christianity as supernatural entities with special powers, often labelled as swordsmen among the Biblical angels.

Can you name some of the known Archangels from the Bible?

The Bible mentions several archangels, such as Gabriel, who helps people understand their spiritual path and Michael, known for his strength and protection.

Who was Pseudo-Dionysius The Areopagite?

Pseudo-Dionysius The Areopagite was a key personality in religious beliefs who talked about archangels’ roles, helping us understand more about these unique celestial beings.

What are some powers that Archangels possess according to Christianity?

Each archangel has distinct powers linked to human nature and God’s wishes; they act as messengers or warriors based on how they’re portrayed in different parts of biblical literature.

What feast celebrates all archangels?

The archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, are collectively celebrated in many Christian traditions on 29 September, known as the Feast of the Archangels.

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