Travelling to Kobe, Japan: How to Experience the Best of it

Updated On: November 10, 2023

Kobe, Japan

Nestled between the Rokko Mountains and the sparkling waters of Osaka Bay, Kobe, Japan, is a city where tradition meets innovation. Home to world-famous beef and sake, Kobe is a delightful blend of old and new, effortlessly harmonising ancient Shinto shrines with futuristic architecture. As you stroll through the streets, the tantalising aroma of grilled Kobe beef wafts through the air, tempting your taste buds. 

But there’s more to this vibrant city than culinary delights. Kobe offers a captivating fusion of culture, history, and natural beauty, with the bustling port serving as a gateway to exciting adventures. Join us on a journey through Kobe, a city where past and present collide in perfect harmony.

Kobe’s Natural Beauty

When one thinks of Kobe, Japan, it’s often the bustling port city, world-famous beef, and historic charm that come to mind. Yet, hidden behind this vibrant urban landscape, Kobe boasts a diverse tapestry of natural beauty that beckons the wanderer’s soul.

Let’s take a stroll through this city’s scenic offerings, from the picturesque waterfront and harbour area to the serene heights of Mount Rokko, and discover the lush gardens, parks, and outdoor activities that pepper the city. And if you’re eager to venture further into the embrace of Mother Nature, we’ll unveil some delightful day trips to nearby natural attractions.

Harbour Hues and Waterfront Wonders

Kobe’s picturesque waterfront is a love letter to the sea. Stretching along the edge of the city, the port area invites you to wander along its charming promenades. You’ll find no shortage of maritime marvels as ships, boats, and sea vessels bob on the waters of the harbour. 

Take a leisurely stroll along Meriken Park, and you’ll be treated to a view of the iconic Kobe Port Tower and the historic Higashi Yuenchi Park. In the evenings, as the sun dips below the horizon, the harbour lights up, creating a dazzling tableau that’s nothing short of magical. Waterfront dining is a treat, with a variety of restaurants serving up fresh seafood, making this a quintessential part of the Kobe experience.

Nature’s Haven within the City Limits

Kobe’s natural beauty isn’t limited to the sea. Head inland, and you’ll soon find yourself in the embrace of Mount Rokko, offering breathtaking vistas of the city below. This mountain, which stands tall and proud at 931 metres, is a gateway to Kobe’s serene side. Nonetheless, the city’s outdoor offerings extend beyond its mountainous backdrop. The city boasts numerous gardens and parks that provide green oases amidst the urban hustle and bustle.

Kobe, Japan
Travelling to Kobe, Japan: How to Experience the Best of it 1

A visit to the Nunobiki Herb Garden is a must, where you can immerse yourself in fragrant gardens teeming with vibrant colours. The journey up is an attraction in itself, with the Nunobiki Waterfall serving as a charming pitstop. The Herb Garden offers not only panoramic views but also a variety of dining options where you can enjoy herbal-infused dishes while soaking in tranquillity.

Sorakuen Garden, a traditional Japanese garden, is a delightful escape with ponds, bridges, and exquisite landscaping. Here, you can indulge in a spot of relaxation, perhaps with a book or a picnic. If you’re a fan of Japanese gardens, not far from the city centre, you’ll also find Shukugawa Park, which offers walking paths along the river, a rose garden, and shaded areas ideal for a tranquil afternoon.

Day Tripping into Nature’s Embrace

For those eager to venture beyond the city limits, Kobe offers some fabulous day trips to nearby natural wonders. A short train ride away is the Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park. It’s home to the enchanting Awaji Flower Park, where you’ll be greeted by seas of colourful blooms, plus a jaw-dropping view of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, one of the world’s longest suspension bridges.

Kobe, Japan
Travelling to Kobe, Japan: How to Experience the Best of it 2

Another gem within reach is the Arima Onsen, one of Japan’s oldest hot spring towns, tucked away in the mountains. Soak in therapeutic mineral-rich waters while taking in the lush surroundings. Or journey to Suma Beach for a day of seaside relaxation. The beach features a long stretch of golden sands, ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and leisurely strolls along the coast.

All Things Food

Kobe is perhaps best known for its Kobe beef — the finest beef around. They raise it in Hyogo Prefecture, and it’s all about being tender, juicy, and marbled to perfection. But it’s not just about the beef. Kobe’s got a top-notch seafood scene too. You’ve got these fish markets that are a real treat, piled high with fresh catches and seafood delights.

And don’t forget the local grub and street munchies. You’ve got okonomiyaki, those savoury pancakes, takoyaki (octopus balls), and Kobe udon (noodles in a tasty broth). Yep, this fascinating city is a foodie’s dream come true, no doubt about it!

Dining Hotspots

The Kobe Harborland area is a haven for foodies. Enjoy seafood and other international cuisines while overlooking the picturesque harbour. Cafés and restaurants at Mosaic Mall offer the perfect blend of drinks, hot dishes, and sea breeze.

Pro tip: Venture into the city’s charming side streets to find cosy eateries and local joints. Nada district, famous for sake brewing, is an excellent place to experience authentic Japanese food and sake pairings.

Coffee aficionados can rejoice as Kobe boasts a thriving caffeine scene. Don’t miss the chance to sip on a cup of Joe at Coffee Up!, a cosy coffee shop serving up some of the finest brews.

When the sun dips below the horizon, Kobe transforms into a vibrant city of nightlife. For a tranquil evening, the many bars and pubs around Sannomiya offer a wide array of drinks, from traditional sake to international cocktails.

Kobe’s Iconic Spots

Name it, and you will find it in Kobe! The city is brimming with fun activities and attractions for an excellent tourist experience. Even if this is not your first time there, you can’t leave the city without visiting at least one of the following hotspots:

Nankinmachi (Chinatown)

Kobe, Japan
Travelling to Kobe, Japan: How to Experience the Best of it 3

Nestled in the heart of Kobe, Nankinmachi, Japan’s second-largest Chinatown, is a haven for foodies and culture enthusiasts. Tourists can embark on a culinary adventure through winding streets lined with aromatic food stalls, offering an array of Chinese delicacies, from piping hot dim sum to sizzling woks of stir-fried noodles.

The vibrant red lanterns that adorn the streets evoke an ambience of festivity, and visitors can relish the sights and sounds of traditional lion dances and cultural events throughout the year. Don’t forget to indulge in mouthwatering pork buns and sample some fresh, crispy spring rolls.

Kobe Ropeway

Kobe Ropeway
Travelling to Kobe, Japan: How to Experience the Best of it 4

Want to capture Kobe’s panoramic beauty in a single breathtaking moment? Look no further than the Kobe Ropeway! This cable car journey takes you high above the city’s lush hillsides to the observation decks atop Mount Rokko.

The picturesque view reveals the city’s scenic coastal beauty and the stunning landscape, which shimmers like a gem in the sunlight or twinkles romantically at dusk. During the ride, tourists can spot Mount Maya and gaze at the city’s vibrant skyline, a sight to behold. 

Whether you visit in the day to marvel at the natural beauty or choose an evening ride for a romantically lit Kobe, the ropeway offers an unforgettable experience that captures the city’s allure. The observation decks also allow for stunning photo opportunities and the chance to absorb the enchanting atmosphere.

Ikuta Shrine

Kobe, Japan
Travelling to Kobe, Japan: How to Experience the Best of it 5

A historic treasure nestled in the heart of Kobe, Ikuta Shrine is one of Japan’s oldest Shinto shrines with over 1,800 years of history. It’s a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by massive camphor trees and a serene pond that beautifully reflects the vibrant autumn leaves.

The main hall of the shrine stands as a testament to its enduring legacy. Tourists can explore its tranquil grounds and marvel at the architecture of the main hall and gate. One unique feature is the Eki-Haiden, or “Station Hall,” where worshippers can pray for safe travels.

Enjoy a walk along the stone pathways, admire the ancient trees, and absorb the tranquil atmosphere. Ikuta Shrine is a peaceful oasis where tourists can immerse themselves in Japanese spirituality and history.

Art, Cultural Attractions, and Museums

Kobe’s vibrant art scene is a well-kept secret, but those in the know relish in its creativity. The city boasts a range of art galleries, like the famed Uroko House and Museum, which Dates back to the early 20th century, showcasing the elegant architecture and furnishings of the time.

The museum’s collection includes an eclectic array of antiques, artefacts, and curiosities that tell stories of the region’s rich history. Meanwhile, the Kobe Fashion Museum offers a glimpse into the world of fashion with its avant-garde displays.

Kobe, Japan
Travelling to Kobe, Japan: How to Experience the Best of it 6

This Japanese coastal city is no stranger to iconic landmarks that leave visitors spellbound. The Port of Kobe Earthquake Memorial Park stands as a poignant testament to the city’s resilience, commemorating the devastating 1995 earthquake. For scenic panoramas of the city’s breathtaking skyline, take a ride on the Kobe Port Tower’s observation deck, which, by the way, is often lit up with a kaleidoscope of colours at night.

The city isn’t just about embracing the contemporary; it’s also a city that cherishes its history and offers a glimpse into a fascinating past. The Kobe City Museum takes you on a journey through time, illustrating the city’s rich heritage and culture. Meanwhile, the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art showcases an extensive collection of Japanese and Western art, promising art aficionados a delightful experience.

For science enthusiasts, Bando Kobe Science Museum is a fascinating expedition into the wonders of the universe. The museum’s interactive displays and planetarium shows are perfect for kids and adults alike, offering an entertaining, educational experience.

Travelling to the City and Exploring Within

Getting to Kobe is a breeze, thanks to its strategic location. The city is seamlessly connected to Japan’s major hubs, with Kansai International Airport welcoming international travellers and Tokyo just a swift shinkansen (bullet train) ride away.

From the airport, you can hop on the efficient Port Liner to whisk you into the heart of Kobe with ease. Once within the city, the comprehensive transportation system, including buses and the Kobe City Subway, ensures you can explore every nook and cranny with no fuss.

The Perfect Time for a Kobe Adventure

When to visit Kobe? Well, it’s all about timing. Spring, particularly April, blesses the city with cherry blossoms in full bloom, lending an enchanting backdrop to your explorations. 

Autumn, in October and November, bathes the city in warm hues and comfortable weather. These seasons strike a balance, avoiding the sweltering summer heat and the biting cold of winter. Whether you’re catching the pink blossoms of spring or the golden foliage of autumn, the Japanese city is a year-round delight.

Finding the Best Place to Stay in Kobe

When your journey leads you to the enchanting city of Kobe, Japan, it’s only fitting that your accommodation experience is as remarkable as the city itself. In the diverse landscape of lodging options, you’ll find an assortment of charming hotels, traditional ryokans, and even friendly hostels. Let’s find out the best places to call your home away from home here.

The Lap of Luxury

For those with a taste for the finer things in life, Kobe offers opulent and lavish accommodations. The city is home to world-class hotels that pamper their guests. Nestled in the heart of Kobe, the Hotel Okura offers stunning bay views, top-notch service, and beautifully appointed rooms. Meanwhile, the Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel entices travellers with its splendid sea views, impressive architecture, and a fantastic range of dining options.

Mid-Range Hotels

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet reasonably priced stay, mid-range hotels are your sweet spot. The Kobe Portopia Hotel is a splendid choice, offering modern amenities, multiple dining options, and tranquil surroundings. Alternatively, Hotel Trusty Kobe Kyukyoryuchi provides cosy rooms in a prime location, allowing you to explore the city effortlessly.

Hostel Convenience

For budget-conscious tourists, Kobe’s hostels provide a budget-friendly yet comfortable respite. Minato Hütte, with its cheerful atmosphere and close proximity to major attractions, is perfect for tourists looking to make friends and memories. Nestled near Chinatown, Kobe Sannomiya R2 Hostel is another affordable option where you can get a good night’s sleep without burning a hole in your pocket.

Ryokans’ Traditional Tranquility

Immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture by staying in a ryokan, a traditional inn. These establishments offer guests a unique experience that includes sleeping on futon beds, savouring Japanese meals, and soaking in an onsen. Arima Gyoen, located in Arima Onsen, a short distance from downtown, is renowned for its relaxing ambience and picturesque surroundings.

Airbnb Options

Airbnb also offers numerous accommodation options in Kobe, allowing you to rent apartments, guesthouses, or even an entire house. These can be cost-effective and provide a more homey atmosphere for travellers who prefer independence.

With its beef sizzling to perfection, maritime charm, and an enchanting blend of tradition and modernity, Kobe is a city that leaves you craving for more. As you bid this dreamy port city adieu, you can pay a quick visit to its neighbouring city, Osaka, to get the most out of your Japanese experience. Until next time, Kobe!

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