Things to do on the Slovenian Coast

Updated On: November 08, 2023

Piran Town on the Slovenian Coast

The is the beautiful Mediterranean part of Slovenia where olive trees grow, where fried or grilled squid is the star of snacks, and the beautiful sea enchants you it its fresh breeze.

The Slovenian coast is known for its colourful fishing villages, crystal clear water and olive groves. Everywhere you go on the Slovenian coast there is plenty on offer.

The Primorska region of Slovenia can be explored at any time of the year. During the summertime, events, concerts and beaches are the main attraction. During the colder seasons, there are other events, festivals and some very interesting museums, so no matter what time of year you are visiting you’ll find something to do.

It is possible to visit this part of Slovenia in just one day trip. However, to better enjoy bit by bit of this wonderful region, a three or four-day trip would be the best choice to truly fill yourself up on all that it has to offer you.

The Slovenian Coast

Cities to enjoy along the Slovenian Coast:

Ankaran City, Slovenia

This city is next to the border with Italy with the Lirroral region of Slovenia. Ankaran is a very small but captivating city by the beach. Mostly known by its summer season. In Ankaran, you will experience the tropical Mediterranean like atmosphere, where olives, wine, pršut and cheese are some of the few favourite things to enjoy here.

Interesting points to visit:

  1. Debeli rtič is a series of archaeological sites from Roman times. There, Remains of ancient settlements can also be found in the bay of St. Bartholomew (Sv. Jernej). A beautiful landmark to visit while exploring the Slovenia Coast.
  2. The Monastery of Saint Nicholas (No, it’s not the December Santa Claus). Take a break and stay at a Benedictine monastery of St. Nicholas from the 11th century. This monastery has not been active as an abbey since 1641. However, In the building, there is a four-star hotel nowadays. What a holy experience!

Koper Town, Slovenia’s Main Port

Koper is the oldest and largest town on the Slovenia Coast and home to Slovenia’s main port. This part of Slovenia was once part of Italy, you may notice a sutil Italian like style in architecture, culture, people and food. Such a blend of culture and traditions to soak up in this pretty medieval town.

Things to do in Koper for a day:

First of all, let’s start with getting yourself a Koper Card: with the coupons received at the purchase of this tourist city card, the visit of the main monuments and other activities is free of charge, as well as other numerous discounts and offers for this card’s holders

Just walking through the city centre would be like visiting a museum just free of charge as there is a lot to see:

  1. The Praetorian Palace: A Venetian-Gothic style palace that dates back to the 15th century and is the main cultural monument of Koper. It’s one of the most beautiful architecture designs you’ll see in this area of Slovenia. It is now home of the municipal seat, mayors office and tourist information centre.
  1. Tito Trg (Tito square): An easy place to spot in the centre of Koper, just a short walking distance from the port. Definitely, a must-see for visitors on this part of the Slovenia Coast, where you’ll find attractions like the Loggia, The Cathedral of the Assumptions and Del Bello Palace to name a few located here.
  2. During the summertime, there is Yellow Nighta traditional event, which takes place around different locations in Koper, offering a variety of activities and events for all generations to enjoy. Along with a rich music program, the event features a varied culinary offer and workshops for children.
  3. Another fun attraction for the whole family would be Center eksperimentovwith its interesting activities aimed for all ages.

Izola, Slovenia Coastal Gem

Going south on the road, towards Izola, another mesmerising gem of the Slovenian coast to appreciate.

Many people come to the old town of Izola for the beautiful relaxing atmosphere the place has to offer. This place is small yet cosy and you will find some tourists, however, it does not always get crowded and this makes it even more appealing to those wanting to get away.

The city centre in Izola enjoys a mixture of gothic and baroque style architecture. A nice short walk through the narrow alleys and hidden shops of Izola would be a delightful experience for anyone.

Stop by its lovely beach, take a swim or just sunbathe for a while in the gorgeous sunshine on offer here. The bay of Simon is in the lush Mediterranean vegetation. It is part of the undamaged Slovenian coast and is situated in the place wherein the Roman times was the harbour Haliaetum. From the bay of Simon, you can get a wonderful view of the city Izola.

Piran, One of Slovenia’s Most Beautiful Towns

They say this is one of the most beautiful towns on the Slovenian coast and that it grew with the help of salt. Piran salt pans, where the world-class fleur de sel (flower of salt) is still produced today using age-old methods. A popular resort city filled with a colourful square, medieval walls, a lively harbour and lots of great places to enjoy seafood.

A view over Piran with the sea in the back - The Slovenian Coast
A view over Piran with the sea in the back

Things to do in Piran:

  1. Tartini Square (Tartinijev trg):  The Tartini Square is the main square in Piran. It is named after the famous Italian composer; Guiseppe Tartin, who was born and raised here. Locate there are many colourful buildings to photograph.
  2. The Bell Tower.: This tower is a stunning Venetian style building. Climb to the top of the Bell Tower to enjoy the surrounding 360’ views of Piran city after you climb its 146 steps but it will make it all worthwhile.
  3. Magical World of Shells Museum: This is a small exposition over three rooms that are worth visiting where you’ll discover and learn all about unique shells. Besides, it is the only Museum of Shells in Slovenia which makes it’s a special place to visit. You’ll get to know some of the sea’s uniquely shaped creatures.
  4. Visit The Sergej Masera Maritime Museum of Piran: A fascinating collection of Piran’s nautical history, from Roman, Venetian, Austro-Hungarian and more recent times, including some wonderful model ships.
  5. Sečovlje Salina Nature Park: This is the biggest wetland located on the Slovenia coastline. In the northern part of the reserve called Lera, people harvest salt using a special 700-year-old method. The abandoned southern part of the reserve (Fontanigge) features many unique sights – birds, vast fields of halophytes and over 100 abandoned and demolished buildings that were once used by workers in the salt industry. The reserve became a habitat for various animals and plants.
  6. 17th MIFF: Mediterranean International Folklore Festival: Since 2003, this event has been organised by the folklore group Val from Piran. The main aim of the festival is to show the public a look at Mediterranean dances, music, singing and culture, a lot of fun to be enjoyed at this festival especially for those visiting the area. When you are in Slovenia, you must do what Slovenians do, which means “stay active”. Slovenians love to be outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, nature and taking part in a variety of sports. Although, the Slovenian coast is not very long, around 50 kilometres, there are really nice arranged paths to walk along and appreciate the marvellous view of the sea and hills. Either by car, walking or cycling, it is your call, next top is Portorož.

Here is a list of options where you can rent a bike in the Area:

Portoroz Bike Hire: Bike and Motorbike Hire

Kopertours: Bike Rentals and Tours

Istranka: Rent a Bike


From Piran to Portorož. This area along the Sloevain coast is popular for its clean beaches, spas and wellness centres where you can truly relax and get some well deserved ‘you time’. A place filled with pretty views and lots of coffee shops to stop by for a refreshing drink.

Things to do in Portoroz:

  1. Internautica Boat Show: This is the Adriatic’s most significant marine lifestyle event with a long tradition, held every year in May at the Portorož Marina. Each year, more than 250 specialised exhibitors participate, including well over 30,000 visitors from Slovenia and its neighbouring countries. Traditional events accompanying the Boat Show are the Annual Internautica Regatta, as well as the ever amusing traditional Oldtimer parade of old-time vessels and vintage cars.
  2. Church of St Bernardine: The remains of the former monastery comprise a well-preserved and eminent bell tower, the church presbytery and the retaining wall complete with arches. The monastery and the church date back to the 15th century and are dedicated to St Bernardine of Siena.
  3. Forma Viva: An open-air exhibition which was started by Slovenian artists Jakob Savinšek and Janez Lenassi in 1961. It has now been open for 50 years during which masons from more than 30 different countries have contributed more than 130 stone sculptures. The exhibition is surrounded by olive trees of Piran and features a breathtaking view over Portorož Bay and its nearby surroundings.
  4. Sparkling Wine Festival: Held on the 26th December, the glamorous Crystal Hall of the Kempinski Palace Portorož hotel will host more than 30 Slovenian, Croatian, Italian and Austrian producers of sparkling wines. For anyone who enjoys wine tasting, this is a must experience.
  5. Rent a boat: Why not to take a boat ride by the bay and see everything faster? Voila! You can do just that with rent a boat Portoroz.
  6. Dragonja River: This is a 30-kilometre long river in the northern part of the Istrian peninsula.  Along this path, you will see layers of flysch (a type of sedimentary rock), which causes interesting geological processes and creates impressive gorges. Throughout the valley, there are many abandoned mills, settlements and farms which feature the authentic and characteristic Istrian architecture. This valley is also a popular destination for hikers and cyclists.

Check out some other activities with Subaquatic and Portoroz

The Slovenian Coast

Food, drinks and sweets in Primorska

The Primorska region owns a fusion between Slovenian and Italian food. An admirable and mouth-watering blend of traditions, presented in some edible way.

Lots of pasta, seafood, fish, olives, cheese, pršut and wine. There is plenty to try and choose from, a vast variety of food for all tastes.

The Harvest Tour offers up to 10 days of gastronomical experience. What a delicious way to spend your days, right?

However, is strongly recommended to try the Istrian olives and wine. This is possible usually at touristic farms such as Lisjaks, Granmona Farm, Vanjadujc, Olive Oil Times

Here is a list of Primorsko’s best wines and vineyards. Take your time and choose one or two to visit.

An awesome mix of tradition, modernity, pleasant weather, exquisite food, culture, language (Italian-Slovene), and warm people is what you should expect from your next visit to the Primorska region in Slovenia.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this warm guide through the beautiful towns and cities over the Slovenian Coast. If you’re looking to enjoy some thermal springs, we recommend the Posavje Region!

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