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Oftentimes, you attempt to quit a job, but the job refuses to let you go. Whether it’s the expertise you garnered over the years that makes people come looking for you or that you can’t get the job out of your way of thinking and living. Park Dae-Sik hoped to evade the government intelligence life by returning home to South Korea. Alas, he got pulled back when a life-or-death matter arose abroad.

The Point Men was a successful Korean film released earlier this year to major success in South Korea and abroad. Despite plot criticism, the film reflects the size of the South Korean film industry in the global market. With a powerful cast and incredible filming locations, we bring you The Point Men filming locations in Jordan and our recommendations for an extended stay in this interesting Arab Asian country.

What Story Does The Point Men Tell?

In 2007, the South Korean nation received the horrifying news that 23 of its citizens were captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Park Dae-Sik, the National Intelligence Service officer, and Jung Jae-ho, a high-ranking diplomat, hold the hostages’ fates in their hands. The two men travel to Afghanistan to devise the best negotiation plan to have the hostages released.

The Point Men has a steady, dramatic and thrilling pace. We get to see everything behind closed doors, where decisions are made, and on the ground as Dae-Sik and Jao-Ho venture to rescue their fellow citizens. The film ends the same way with the true events that inspired it, with the release of 21 hostages only because two were murdered during negotiations.

When Was The Point Men Released?

The release of The Point Men was postponed several times due to various reasons. The film was released on 18 January 2023.

Who Are the Stars in The Point Men?

The Point Men brings us a collection of talented and high-calibre South Korean actors alongside several actors from other countries and nationalities.

Hyun Bin

The Point Men

Kim Tae-Pyung, or Hyun Bin, is one of the highest-paying and successful Hallyu actors in South Korea. His worldwide debut came through the romantic-comedy series My Name is Kim Sam-soon, and his career has been steady over the following years. Bin recently made it to the top list of the most viewed series on Netflix by starring in another thrilling romantic comedy, Crash Landing on You. The series hit the spot with all viewers who were looking for a glimpse of hope during the COVID-19 lockdown precautions. In The Point Men, Hyun Bin plays NIS agent Park Dae-Sik.

Hwang Jung-Min

Alongside Bin is successful actor Hwang Jung-Min, one of the highest-grossing in the country. In The Point Men, he plays a diplomat who must work with Hyun Bin’s character, Park Dae-Sik, to guarantee the freedom of the hostages. Jun-Min’s repertoire includes films such as Kill Boksoon, Deliver Us From Evil, The Wailing and A Violent Prosecutor. The multi-talented actor achieved the third spot in the 100 Million Viewer Club in the country.

Kang Ki-Young

If you watched the hit South Korean romantic drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, you must’ve laughed terribly at Park Yoo-Shik and his quirky personality. Ki-Young appeared in numerous hit TV shows that echoed in South Korea and abroad. He also appeared in the critically acclaimed Extraordinary Attorney Woo and the supernatural scary hit series The Uncanny Counter. In The Point Men, Ki-Young plays the role of Kasim, or Lee Bong-Han, a local interpreter in Afghanistan.

The Point Men also brought us some notable stars from different nationalities. We have Fahim Fazli, who recently also appeared in the South Korean hit film Kill Boksoon, and here he portrays the Taliban leader. Bryan Larkin, from the newest Dungeons and Dragons franchise, Honor Among Thieves, assumed the role of Abdula in The Point Men.

The Filming Locations in Jordan That Brought The Point Men to Life

Filming The Point Men was set to begin at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to consecutive postponement of the process. The filmmakers chose Jordan as the ideal stage to mould into the film’s Afghanistan. The filming cast finished filming the indoor and office scenes in South Korea first before travelling to the Eastern Arabian Hashemite Kingdom. The Point Men headed to Wadi Rum and the Jordanian Desert for filming and used several other locations around the nearby city to portray the streets, markets and houses of Afghanistan.

Wadi Rum

The Point Men

The Point Men crew didn’t choose a specific location in Jordan to film. Instead, the crew visited Wadi Rum, the gateway to the Jordanian desert. The wadi’s scorching heat and stretching sand dunes presented the perfect filming location. Additionally, the wadi’s expansive space allowed the crew to finish filming all the required scenes there.

Wadi Rum’s colour pallet ranges between red, orange and sandy yellow cliffs and mountains. The range of thrilling activities you can do there is great. If you’d like to spend the day and return to the capital, Amman, you can try rock climbing, camping, or even going on a Jeep ride through the surreal location. There are various hotels and relaxation camps available in the Wadi. For a unique experience, you can book at Aicha Luxury Camp or the Wadi Rum Relaxation Camp.

The wadi caught the eye of filmmakers in 1962, with the majority of Lawrence of Arabia, starring Omar Sharif, filmed on location. Since then, more than ten films have been filmed or used footage of the Wadi as a backdrop location. Such films include the recent Dune duology, Moon Knight and the latest chapter of the John Wick films.

What Else Can You Do in Jordan?

Jordan is a culturally and historically rich country. The Hashemite Kingdom boasts some of the best-preserved landmarks in the world, such as Jerash, Al-Maghtass, Ajlun Castle, Aqaba Church, Petra and its timeless chambre Al-Khazneh. Here’s what we like to recommend for your visit to Jordan.


The Point Men

The Jordanian capital is a buzzing city with a magnificent cultural, historical and artistic scene. Inhabited since the 8th millennium BC, Amman has a piece of history in every corner. The Ammonite watch towers dotted in several places around the city date back to 1000 BC. Additionally, the world’s first human-scale statues, known as Ain Ghazal are located on the city’s outskirts. These statues date back to 9000 years ago.

In Amman, we recommend you visit Amman Citadel, a magnificent 1800 BCE hill that lies at the centre of the city. The citadel beholds an interesting number of landmarks, such as the Temple of Hercules, the mighty Umayyad Palace and Mosque, the Byzantine Church and the Ayyubid Watchtower. These landmarks still stand today as a solemn narrator of Jordan’s history. The best part is when you get to the citadel, you can look over the city’s downtown, its Hashemite Plaza and the Roman Theatre.

In the heart of Amman, Souk Jara is a bustling cultural hub. Every year, from May to September, the area transforms to bring you some of the best local products from all areas. You will find souvenirs, handcrafts, streetwear, food, antiques and more in the souk, and they’re all handmade by locals from all over Jordan. Nearby is Rainbow Street, which also brings another line of local shops and brands. Make sure to taste traditional halwa and possibly buy a thawb.


The Point Men

Aqaba is mostly famous for the location of Wadi Rum. However, this city brings priceless landmarks to the world. We were astonished to find the world’s first dedicated church, the Aqaba Church, which dates back to the 3rd century. The church’s buildings have eroded due to weather conditions over the years, but you can clearly see a staircase, remains of a chancel screen and a possibly rectangular apse.

During your time in Aqaba, you can visit various attractions such as the Aqaba Museum, which exhibits archaeological finds that date back to 4,000 years ago. The 16th-century Aqaba Fort is adjacent to the museum and the Aqaba Flagpole, which bears the Great Arab Revolt’s flag against the Ottomans. If you’d like to get out of the scorching heat, you can join a local diving team to enjoy a splendid time beneath the Red Sea surface.

Petra, Ma’an

The Point Men

We must recommend you visit Petra; this city carved entirely in stone will carve its uniqueness into your memories forever. Carved in pink stone, Petra consists of four buildings: Al-Khazneh, the Monastery and two temples. When you head to Petra with the local guide, you will feel as if you’re climbing a narrow, steep hill for two kilometres, and you’ll reach Al-Khazneh. The remaining buildings are in the Sacred Quarter and are equally magnificent. Make sure to have water on you when you set upon this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Even though the cast of The Point Men faced numerous difficulties during filming in Jordan, namely due to restrictions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the filming cast didn’t enjoy the same freedom we see now to roam around and visit the country’s beautiful landmarks due to strict lockdowns. We hope your time in Jordan will be more enjoyable and you get to check more landmarks we’ve mentioned in our other articles.

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