O’Connell Street, Dublin, Ireland

Updated On: June 20, 2018

Anyone who has visited Dublin, Ireland, will have walked O’Connell Street – its the main street in the city and has been for many years – claiming its own place in history. Full of locals and tourists – O’Connell Street is often a bus stop for any sightseeing or people looking for a hotel for a weekend in Dublin.

Should we refer to O’Connell street as one of the main places that define the trip to Dublin? Actually, whether you are going out for a walk, jumping on the hop-on hop-off bus tour, or else trying to spot out the most famous magnificent places which you should visit in this city, you will end up stumbling upon O’Connell street for being an old famous one where one could enjoy shopping, go for a walk, or even enjoy some of the old statues for the famous figures which are placed there.

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