This Narnia Trail – which is found in Kilbroney Park brings to life the story of Narnia as well as others in this area of the Mournes. The Narnia legends are interpreted along a short family loop trail which starts with the entrance through a wardrobe – just as if one is getting into a magical world – and then leads the visitor to different other stations and themes that include the Beaver’s House, the Citadels, the Tree People, the Chairs, the lantern. As well as other things which we managed to lay our hands on before leaving this magical place and getting back out to the real world.

The Chronicles of Narnia was a book series written by the British novelist Clive Staples Lewis who was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. CS Lewis has been famously known for several books he has written from which The Chronicles of Narnia is considered one of the top when it comes to fiction and has been popularised on stage, TV, radio, and cinema.

Have you ever been to the Narnia Trail? What did you like about it?


Following Narnia Trail while being on a trip after watching the movie - Narnia Trail is found in Kilbroney Park, Rostrevor (, where the kids kept following up with what they have seen in order to reach all the things and spots which might be related to the movie in this park - and they succeeded at getting to their destinations.


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