Explore Guadeloupe: 13 Exciting Things to do and See 

Updated On: June 04, 2022


Guadeloupe is one of the islands in the Lesser Lace Islands, which extends in an arc from the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The island belongs to the state of France and is estimated to have an area of about 600 square miles, and the capital of Guadeloupe is Bay Terry.

The island of Guadeloupe was discovered by the famous traveler Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to America in the year 1493 and was named after the Spanish royal monastery. Guadeloupe is an archipelago consisting of seven islands, including Bas-Terre, Grand-Terre, Marie-Galante, La Desderai, Iles des Saints and Iles de la Petite Terre.

The name Butterfly Island was given to Guadeloupe, as the shape of its two main islands resembles the wings of a butterfly. The official currency on the island is the euro, and the official language is French. 

The island is considered one of the most famous vacation destinations in the world, due to the beauty of its sandy beaches. It consists of 5 islands named Karukira, which means the place of beautiful waters and UNESCO considers it one of the 25 biological reserves in the world.

One of the most important things on the island is its economy, which depends on fishing and the cultivation of various crops such as bananas, sugar cane, cocoa, coffee, and many other things. It also depends on industry such as food products, including sugar, and the manufacture of clothes and wooden furniture.

Weather in Guadeloupe

The climate on the island of Guadeloupe is tropical, humid, and rainy, and there are two seasons that we can talk about, the first of which is hot and humid and extends from June to December, with an average minimum temperature of 22 and maximum of 30.

The second season extends from January to May, and the average minimum temperature is 20 and the maximum is 29, but the humidity is less than the first season. The best time to visit the island is between May and December.

Things to do on the island of Guadeloupe

The island of Guadeloupe is one of the famous islands in the Caribbean Sea, it is a popular holiday destination for all lovers of sunshine, beaches, and nature. It is also the least crowded and expensive because it is not known among people even during the peak tourist season.

Also in Guadeloupe, you will be able to do many activities such as hiking, photography, and water sports like swimming, diving, and snorkeling. No doubt that you will love visiting this island and spending a great time on it and now we will get to know the famous attractions in Guadeloupe and things to do there, so get ready for our new journey in a new country, enjoy!.

La Grande Soufriere

La Grande Soufriere is a unique place with an active volcano. It is the 7th largest national park in France, and is one of the most accessible highlands. This active volcano has erupted 8 times since 1660 and the last eruption was in 1977, it is the highest park in the Lesser Antilles.

The volcano is located on the island of Bas Terre and is surrounded by a group of hot springs. Visitors can climb it through the Chemin des Dams and take two hours to reach the highest point, which offers an enchanting panoramic view on one of the largest mountain lakes formed in volcanic craters and the Chotes de Carpet waterfall, which falls from a height of 115 meters.

Memorial ACTe in Grand-Terre

The Memorial ACTe is one of the top attractions that you will love to visit in Guadeloupe, it is the perfect place for history lovers and for knowing more about the history of Guadeloupe, and also the history of slavery and colonialism around the world.

The design of the building is great ravel of crisscrossed metal on a black granite base and that design sits on the waterfront in Pointe-a-Pitre, and if you visit the museum at night you will see that the building is lit, and the color of the light is reflected on the water.

When you enter the museum you will get to know everything about the history of slavery from the beginning until the post-abolitionist era. Some exhibitions show the perspective of the Caribbean artist about slavery through paintings, films, and more.

Guadeloupe National Park in Basse-Terre

Guadeloupe National Park is a lovely place for nature lovers, it was declared as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and it is full of many great attractions that you can visit. These attractions are located on 300 km of hiking trails like La Soufriere Volcano at 1,467 meters, Col de la Mateliane at 1,298 meters, and besides that many kinds of plants and animals.

While you are there you can have a tour of the park, and see beautiful places through the Route de la Traversee, where you will see tropical forests, picnic areas, and there is a small waterfall spilling into a pond and in that place you can stop for a swim.

Grand Anse Beach in Basse-Terre

Grand Anse Beach is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe, it is on the northeast coast of Basse-Terre and it is well-known for its golden sands, clear water, and shady trees, and the beach extends for 1 km.

It is a great place for swimming but sometimes it could be rough on windy days, you can also rent a kayak to paddle around the mangrove lagoon behind the beach. Also, there are restaurants and cafes to taste a meal and have a great relaxation.

Guadeloupe Zoo in Basse-Terre

Guadeloupe Zoo is located just beside the Guadeloupe National Park, it is located on the banks of the Herb River and it is a famous hilltop garden and reserve. The zoo contains 85 species of animals, including rare and endangered species. 

In the zoo, you will find many animals like monkeys, tortoises, raccoons, snakes, and much more. The lovely things there are the hiking trails and the hanging bridges and you will be surrounded by plants, trees, and lush palms.

Terre-de-Haut Island in Les Saintes


Terre-de-Haut Island is located in the eastern part of Les Saintes, it has a European character that you would love, and you will like the colored houses and painted fishing boats, and have the opportunity to take many nice pictures. To go there, you can take a ferry for exactly 30 minutes from Point-a-Pitre or Trois-Riviere and after you arrive at the island you can rent a golf car or a scooter to explore the place.

After you arrive, you can visit the main village on the island, and see the volcanic hill there that overlooks a curved blue bay. As we said, the houses are European style with red roofs, white walls and colorful gardens with beautiful flowers. 

You can visit one of the island’s attractions which is the 17th century Fort Napoleon which is located on a hill overlooking the bay and also you can go to the highest place on the island which is Morne du Chameau and have a great view from there.

Marie-Galant Island

Marie-Galant Island is known as the Big Pancake island for being round and flat, and it is famous for having many wonderful beaches, and also well-known for its sugar farming and you will see that in the ruins of windmills spread on the island.

While you are touring the island, you will find Chateau Murat which was built in 1839 and was the biggest sugar plantation in Guadeloupe. There is also a restored colonial mansion, ruins of a sugar factory, windmill tower, and a medicinal garden.

La Pointe des Chateaux in Grand-Terre


La Pointe des Chateaux is a fantastic place to take some great pictures, this attraction is located in the eastern part of Grand-Terre and there you will see a castle consisting of rock formations out of the sea. There is a path that takes you from the village to a place where there are back rocks and you will be able to see the islands of La Desirade, Marie-Galante, and Petite-Terre.

Botanical Garden of Deshaies in Basse-Terre

The Botanical Garden of Deshaies is a beautiful place to spend the day with your family, it is located in the northwest of Basse-Terre and it includes many wonderful flowers and colorful birds.

There are paths located through the botanical garden, where you will be able to tour through cascades and lily ponds. Also, children can feed the fish, and you can have a wonderful meal at the restaurant located on a hilltop where you can see a magnificent view of the garden and the sea.

Terre-de-Bas Island in Les Saintes

The island Terre-de-Bas island is much bigger than Terre-de-Bas and it is on the western side of Les Saintes. The island contains small villages, beaches, and hiking trails, and it is considered one of the most natural islands in Guadeloupe.

When you are on the island you can visit Grande Anse which includes a 17th-century church and a beach that is suitable for swimming and snorkeling. Also, you can go to Gros-Cap which is considered the main village in Terre-de-Bas which includes restaurants, hiking trails, places to stay in, and a ferry landing.

Jacques Cousteau’s Underwater Reserve


Jacques Cousteau’s Underwater Reserve is located at the coast of Basse-Terre near Bouillante where you will find the waters surrounding the Pigeon Island. It is one of the best places for diving and snorkeling where you can discover all the marine life and coral reefs or you can try the glass boat if you are not able to swim and dive.

Also, you can see colorful coral and many turtles, parrotfish, barracuda that swim through the coral gardens and you can try to kayak to the reserve from the island of Basse-Terre.

Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin Natural Reserve Boat Tour

The place is located between the north shore of Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre and it is a nice place to see the wild part of Guadeloupe. The reserve is located on a 15,000 hectare of coral reefs, tiny islets, mangrove forests, and turquoise lagoons.

The Grand-Cul-de-Sac Marine Natural Reserve is listed by UNESCO as Guadeloupe Archipelago Biosphere Reserve along with Guadeloupe National Park on Basse-Terre. You can see many birds there like frigate birds, herons, pelicans, and more. The tour in the reserve will let you discover the Moustique River, snorkel to see the coral reefs, and see also the turtles, giant sponges, and many other kinds of fish.

Plage du Souffleur in Grande-Terre

It is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Grande-Terre, it is located on the coast of Port-Louis and it is a small fishing village on the northwest coast. With the white sands and clear, crystal water you will be able to have a great relaxation time.