The Tutor: Filming Locations of the Tragic and Obsessive Thriller Film

Updated On: September 23, 2023

the tutor

How often does life smile upon us with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? And how often do these opportunities flip our lives upside down? When The Tutor was offered a blissful chance to tutor the son of one of the wealthiest people in the country, how could he resist? Unfortunately, the student didn’t want a mere student-teacher relationship with his tutor; he wanted to unlock the private secrets that his tutor was hiding and became obsessed with him.

This recently released psychological and disturbing thriller promised to put audiences at the edge of their seats in anticipation, and it did not disappoint. Stealthily, we trace the filming locations of this thriller film in the USA and suggest various things for you to do there.

What Is The Tutor About?

Excess of everything brings adverse results.

Arabic Proverb.

One day, Ethan, a teacher, receives a special request to tutor a billionaire’s son, Jackson. Ethan’s excitement for the new job is explainable; the pay is good. As he attempts to get to know Jackson, the latter exhibits a twisted interest in Ethan’s life. Surprised, Ethan tries to keep matters professional with Jackson, whose persistence turns into obsession and even shows up out of nowhere to Ethan’s and his partner’s dinner. Sadly, Ethan finds himself trapped when Jackson threatens to expose his darkest secrets to everyone.

Who Are the Stars of The Tutor?

We couldn’t not grit our teeth watching The Tutor; the performance of its stars put us in the middle of the events. It felt as if we were inside the story with them, which says a lot about the film’s cast.

Noah Schnapp

Noah Schnapp The Tutor
Noah Schnapp The Tutor

Although Noah Schnapp’s artistic career began in 2015, alongside Tom Hanks in the historical drama Bridge of Spies, it was his role in the fantasy-horror series Stranger Things that put him on the world map. Noah is credited with more than ten works of art to this day and is one of the most anticipated actors in the entertainment business. His role in The Tutor showed us an unexpected side of his method of acting; we loved/ loathed his creepy obsession.

Garrett Hedlund

Garrett Hedlund The Tutor
Garrett Hedlund The Tutor

If you look closely at the 2004 epic film Troy, you might spot young Garrett Hedlund as Patroclus. This was Hedlund’s first step into the film industry, which he followed by numerous notable roles, such as Jack in Four Brothers, Sam Flynn in TRON: Legacy and Tom in Mojave. Garrett’s repertoire includes more than 30 works of art as he’s building a name for himself in the film and television industry. His role as Ethan, The Tutor, in our film shows the versatility of his acting talents.

Joining Noah and Garrett is a collection of talented actors and actresses. We see Victoria Justice, from the comedy show The Real Bros of Simi Valley, as pregnant Annie. Kabby Borders, known for her role in the recent rom-com The Wedding Wish, plays Jenny. Famous for his roles in the Divergent franchise and Taken 3, Jonny Weston plays Gavin in this film. While Mathew Rimmer, from 10 Steps to Murder, portrays a police officer, Ekaterina Baker from The Card Counter plays Teddi and Jenna D’Angelo, from Out and About, plays Miriam.

Where was The Tutor filmed?

The filming crew of The Tutor headed to the State of Alabama to shoot the entire film. Here, we must say that the events of the film take place in New York City, but they were completely filmed across the country in Birmingham and Bessemer, Alabama. The producers chose several locations in Alabama to give the feel of the East Coast to the film.

The southern charm of Alabama makes it one of the top destinations for cultural, entertaining and historic activities. The Cotton State, or Heart of Dixie, is the ideal state to exhibit the spirit of the South, from its natural beauty to its vibrant metropolitan cities. We will list the locations the filming cast chose around Alabama to film The Tutor.


Birmingham The Tutor Filming Locations
Birmingham The Tutor Filming Locations

Taking after its British counterpart, the metropolitan city of Birmingham in Alabama once bore the name the Magic City, which changed later due to the rapid boom of the steel industry to become Pittsburgh of the South. This city’s history goes back to the last quarter of the 19th century, from the initial merger of three smaller towns and later expanding to include more towns. Throughout history, Birmingham was an industrial city, with industries such as railroading, iron, telecommunications, banking and medical care pushing the city to one of the best in the country.

The Lyric Theatre

The filming crew of The Tutor headed to Birmingham’s The Lyric Theatre for several scenes. This historic theatre, built in 1914, has recently regained its former glory after an intensive restoration process. The theatre’s history testifies to wondrous talents such as the Marx Brothers and Sophie Tucker. The theatre’s intricate decorations and regal feel provide the perfect backdrop for a psychological thriller such as The Tutor.

Alabama Vulcan Statue The Tutor Filming Locations
Alabama Vulcan Statue The Tutor Filming Locations

Birmingham will lure you in with its charm and rich history. You can visit the city’s Museum of Art, a collective art museum that brings you all the beautiful art pieces from different genres from all the world’s continents. Birmingham’s Vulcan Statue pays homage to the city’s history of steel and iron manufacture and depicts the Roman god, Vulcan, in the world’s tallest iron statue. You can also visit the Alabama Theatre in the heart of Birmingham, where something exciting is always on the show.


The second location the filming crew of The Tutor headed to in Birmingham is Bessemer. This suburb in southwestern Birmingham has a history a matching history of steel-making. Once named The Marvel City, Bessemer came to life after the American Civil War during the last quarter of the 19th century. The city is a great venue for outdoor activities and parks, such as the Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure Waterpark and DeBardeleben Park. If you want to get more acquainted with the suburb’s history, you can visit its Hall of History Museum, which retells the story of the city from its establishment to this day.

Moody Mansion

While in Bessemer, the filming cast of The Tutor visits Moody Mansion. This late-19th century radiates a majestic vibe and seems like the type of mansion that would hide dark secrets. The filming crew of The Tutor utilised the mansion’s decorations to give the film the best New York City mansion impression. You can visit Moody Mansion for various occasions today; it is a popular events venue, with an annual Christmas Gala in which tickets sell out rather quickly.

Mountain Brook

Although the storyline is captivating, The Tutor brought us some of nature’s wondrous beauty in Mountain Brook. This once-small community is one of the most densely forested in the country, with more than 92% of the city under forests. Mountain Brook was established in the first quarter of the past century and boasts beautiful scenic homes connected with mysterious-looking bridle paths. This small city has small bridges that remind us of some scary scenes from The Vampire Diaries, which makes it ideal for this new thriller film.

Lake Martin

Alabama lake martin The Tutor Filming Locations
The Tutor: Filming Locations of the Tragic and Obsessive Thriller Film 7

When you head to Lake Martin, Alabama, like the cast of The Tutor, you wouldn’t believe it’s a man-made one. The lake once bore the title of the largest man-made lake in the world; it borders three counties in Alabama: Tallapoosa, Elmore and Coosa. The construction of Martin Dam enlarged the original reservoir in the first quarter of the past century. Since then, the lake has become a buzzing tourist attraction and a regional hub for recreational activities.

Visitors love to head to two of the most famous rock formations on the lake, the Acapulco Rock and Chimney Rock. They love to venture up the rocks and attempt jumping into the water, which can be risky at times if you’re not careful. The Chimney Rock derived its name from its unique shape, a chimney and looks very surreal. We see in The Tutor several scenes with Lake Martin as the backdrop, where we can see the lake’s unmatched beauty.

Lake Martin is a vibrant tourist destination throughout the year. There are numerous festivals that take place on the shores of the lake, such as the Alexander City Jazz Festival and the annual fishing tournament. Apart from its unusual rock formations, Lake Martin presents an inside look into other creatures’ lives, such as bird and eagle nests. The lake’s beaches are a great destination for spending some time in the sand and sunbathing.

Alabama Appalachian Mountains The Tutor Filming Locations
Alabama Appalachian Mountains The Tutor Filming Locations

The Tutor showed us around Alabama’s diverse scene, but the state boasts more landmarks than we can count. Some of our recommendations include the U.S. Rocket and Space Center, which is an incredibly fun and interactive centre for children to learn more about space and the outer universe. You can head to the Appalachian Mountains for a multitude of recreational and mountain-climbing activities.

We hope you enjoyed this brief trip with us around The Tutor’s filming locations in Alabama, USA.

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