The Best Hospitality Jobs That Involve Travel

Top travel jobs in Hospitality

Updated On: February 19, 2024 by   Ciaran ConnollyCiaran Connolly

Hospitality and tourism is the perfect career path to pursue if you have a love of travel. Many roles in hospitality businesses include corporate travel as an integral part of the job. If you are a travel lover, here are some of the best career options available.

The Top Hospitality Travel Jobs include:

Event Coordinator

The events sector is a worldwide and far reaching in hospitality, especially for companies that run festivals and trade shows. These roles often involve wide ranging travel for the run up to the event, including visiting potential venues for recon, meeting with investors and suppliers.

An event coordinator
An event coordinator (event setting with plates, glasses and silverware)

Large scale events typically take place in cities that are easily accessible to the widest range of people; this could mean travelling to capital cities across the world to find the right place for your event to take place. While there is a lot of work involved in these trips there is often plenty of time left over to explore the destinations you visit in your down time.

Tour Guide

Many luxury tour operators specialise in providing all encompassing, highly personalised tours to VIP guests. This could mean travelling between multiple cities or countries with your tour group, showing them the best sights and attractions while enjoying them yourself.

A tour guide
A tour guide (hand holding a compass)

Sounds like a dream job in hospitality for any travel buff!

Cruise Ship Staff

Cruise ship work is one of the best places to satisfy your travel craving, although it does require a big commitment of time. You need to be happy to live on a boat for a period of weeks or months at a time, but in return the salary is highly competitive and you get to visit many wonderful destinations as a part of your job. 

Cruise ship staff
Cruise ship staff (cruise ship cutting through the sea)

Jobs on a cruise ship can range from a kitchen porter or waiter right through to a tour manager or a senior manager, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for people from all walks of life to take advantage of this opportunity to travel on the job.

Flight Crew

If you can handle the altitude changes, then working as part of a flight crew may be a great career to pursue. Flight attendant roles are great as they are entirely service focused, and it is rare that you will need a degree to get this job. 

Flight crew
Flight crew (flight attendant handing a passenger a glass of water)

As well as the travel you get to take advantage of for free while doing your job, you can also benefit from discounted air travel for yourself and your family. This is an excellent perk that makes this role highly worthwhile for travel enthusiasts.


If you speak a second language fluently, then you could pursue a career as a translator for a wide variety of clients. This could include tour groups, government officials and business executives to name a few. This role would involve you travelling with your client or clients to any meeting or events to translate any conversations to and from your client’s language for them.

Another option for translators is to work as a concierge or tour guide at a foreign hotel, helping tourists to find the information that they need and advise them on places to visit, eat and drink during their stay.

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