Work to Grow In: The Booming Irish Hospitality Sector

Irish Hospitality Sector

Updated On: November 08, 2023 by   Ciaran ConnollyCiaran Connolly

Irish Hospitality Sector

The Irish hospitality sector is a thriving industry. Donagh Davern recounts in Eolas Magazine that, in 2017 alone, the Irish tourism sector welcomed 10.65 million visitors from around the world.

This contributed an incredible €5.78 billion to the Irish economy, ensuring the demand for over 225,000 jobs.

There is room for growth in the Irish hospitality sector, despite all this. Current projections have the tourism rapidly expanding to 13.7 million visitors by 2025.

A challenge considering an extra 80,000 workers will be required. Forecasts from the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs (EGSFN) predict that these shortages will particularly affect chef positions and specialist roles.

The Irish hospitality sector needs 5000 chefs annually, and currently training colleges are only producing 1800 graduates to meet this demand. This leaves plenty of potentials to find work in the Tourism market within Ireland. The tourism industry in Ireland is attempting to make employment with them more attractive.

Irish Hospitality Sector

For example, Ashford Castle, one of Ireland’s best hotels, has invested €1.5 million in a new staff accommodation facility and offers a number of bus transfers to Galway each week for staff – easing the stress of commuting.

One of County Kerry’s five-star hotels, the Europe Hotel, in Killarney is investing €3 million in their accommodation facilities for staff. Some hotels are making it more attractive to enter their employ by also providing benefits like further education opportunities, childcare, and pensions for their employees.

Businesses in the Irish hospitality sector are finding multiple ways to attract potential employees as well as retain their own staff. 

With these remarkable initiatives being put in place for those who are interested in a career in the hospitality and tourism sector in Ireland. Through natural attrition alone, the hospitality industry requires over 3000 extra staff in the Republic of Ireland.

Those seeking employment should be jovial at the prospect of entering a challenging and diverse industry.