King The Land: A Tour Through The Marvellous City of Bangkok

Updated On: September 16, 2023

King The Land

Lately, Netflix has been killing the Kdrama game! The streaming service has noticed the increasing popularity of Kdrama around the world and wanted a piece of the cake. For the past year (maybe more), Netflix has been releasing exclusive Kdramas to its platform, and their latest hit was King The Land.

The Kdrama starring Girls Generation’s Im Yoon-ah and 2PM’s Lee Jun-ho have received positive feedback from audiences worldwide and made it to the top 10 list in multiple countries! The cute romance and the intriguing plot are not the only things that kept audiences on the edge of their seats. King The Land made a point of using an entire episode to take viewers on a trip around the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand.

So the minute you finish watching King The Land, you won’t just want to get a job at a hotel and find your prince charming; you will also itch to book a trip to Bangkok and experience the magic of the city just like you saw in King The Land. But before you do that, let us tell you more about all the sites and attractions that Gu Won and Sa-rang visited with their friends, so you’re ready to go!

King The Land’s Bangkok Tour

In episode 10 of King The Land, Gu Won treats Sa-rang and her friends to a trip to the beautiful city of Bangkok. Since Gu Won could not reveal himself as the one who made this trip happen, he let his assistant, Sang-Shik, plan the entire trip and their programs while in the city.

It turns out Sang-shik is a master planner, and he comes up with a full schedule for the whole group to visit almost every single popular tourist attraction in Bangkok! From famous noodle restaurants to shopping areas to street food stalls and temples, the gang takes a complete tour through the city. We had our mouths open in awe throughout the entire episode, and we know you did, too! That’s why we will break down each site the cast visited and why you should also go there!

Sao Ching Cha (The Giant Swing)

King The Land
King The Land: A Tour Through The Marvellous City of Bangkok 8

When the gang first arrives in Bangkok, there is a lengthy showreel of many attractions in Bangkok. Many of them deserve a whole article, but one that caught our eye immediately is the giant red swing known as Sao Ching Cha.

The original Sao Ching Cha was built in 1784 and was used in an annual royal Hindu ceremony called The Triyampawai Ceremony. However, the swing was damaged by lightning, and the ceremony stopped for many years. It underwent various reconstructions throughout the years, and in 1920, it was moved from its original location to its current one.

The Giant Swing is one of Bangkok’s most popular attractions. Tourists visit the spot to take pictures under the swing. It also helps that the area around the Sao Ching Cha is full of other tourist attractions, such as the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall and Democracy Monument.

The Sao Ching Cha is located in the Bang Khun Phrom area in Bangkok, and you can get there using the MRT —the city’s train. 

Khun Daeng Vietnamese Restaurant & Ong Ang Market

King The Land
King The Land: A Tour Through The Marvellous City of Bangkok 9

You cannot start a tour on an empty stomach! The King The Land gang knows that all too well, and that’s why they started their day by visiting the popular Khun Daeng restaurant

Khun Daeng is a Vietnamese restaurant on Phra Athit Road. It specialises in Pho noodles that are swimming in pork broth. The place is a trendy spot and is super busy during lunch hour! The noodles are very delicious, and if you can find a spot, then you should definitely give it a try.

After trying the delicious Vietnamese noodles, the gang moves to Ong Ang Street market. The market is located in Bangkok’s Chinatown on the side of a water canal and is known for its bustling shops and various street food carts. You can sample many popular Thai dishes around the market and eat on plastic tables by the canal. The market is vibrant at night and is a great place to do some shopping and buy souvenirs for friends.

Wat Arun Temple

King The Land
King The Land: A Tour Through The Marvellous City of Bangkok 10

Starting their history tour, the gang go to Wat Arun Temple. Wat Arun Temple, also known as The Temple of the Dawn, is one of the significant temples of Thailand. It is located in Thonburi on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River.

From the very first scene, we can see the temple in all its grandeur and beauty. The most beautiful feature of the temple is its central tower (prang), which features intricate designs and colourful porcelain plates. At night, the temple is lit with golden lights that make it look like it’s shining from within! It becomes a personification of its name, The Temple of the Dawn.

You can get to the Wat Arun Temple using the MRT train or a ferry across the Chao Phraya River. Tickets can also be purchased at the entrance. The place is a must-visit for any tourist who goes to Bangkok―its beauty will really take your breath away!


King The Land
King The Land: A Tour Through The Marvellous City of Bangkok 11

One of the best scenes in this episode is when Gu Won and Sa-rang dance and hug by the giant glowing fountain. Even though the whole scene takes place by the fountain, we can tell they are at the ICONSIAM Mall by the Chao Phraya River.

ICONSIAM Mall is a vast shopping mall in Bangkok. Its vibrant and lively nature makes it a perfect spot to hang out with friends and spend a fun night. Several local and international stores sell everything you might need. You can also find many excellent restaurants and bars for a fancy date or a quick bite with friends.

The fountain in front of the mall is one of the place’s best features. The water is lit with glowing, colourful lights, and they dance around in beautiful choreography. Even if you do not plan to shop at the mall, just visiting the place to see the dancing fountain is worth it!

Muang Boran (The Ancient City)

King The Land
King The Land: A Tour Through The Marvellous City of Bangkok 12

Group trips are great, but sometimes you just need some alone time, especially if you’re a new couple! The next day, Gu Won and Sa-rang escape from the group to go on a solo tour, and the first place they visit is The Ancient City.

The Ancient City is the largest outdoor museum in the world! It features a number of life-size replicas of ancient temples and buildings that were long ago demolished for various reasons. The structures of the Ancient City also showcase beautiful architectural styles from all over the different areas of Thailand.

In more modern words, the Ancient City is Instagram heaven! If you want to take a number of gorgeous pictures that will make anyone jealous, then the Ancient City is the place to go. From the historic building to the lakes and the greenery, the site is like a visual paradise.

Loha Prasat (Wat Ratchanatdaram)

King The Land
King The Land: A Tour Through The Marvellous City of Bangkok 13

After their tour of The Ancient City, Gu Won and Sa-rang visit a local park where they stand and gaze at a huge shining temple. The scene is very striking, with the full moon visible behind the building. This building is Loha Prasat, which is translated into The Iron Palace in English. King Rama II built the palace for his granddaughter, Princess Somanass Waddhanawathy.

It is called The Iron Palace because its 37 spires were coated with a metal sheet that gives the entire building a metallic look. The 37 spires represent the 37 virtues one must attain for enlightenment. The palace is awe-striking at night when it is illuminated, and looking at it from afar is very awe-inspiring. You can also visit the palace itself to see it from the inside.

Vertigo Bar

As their romantic night comes to an end, Gu Won takes Sa-rang to a beautiful rooftop bar to share a meal ―and a kiss! Even though it’s pretty pricey to rent out the entire bar for your bae, you can still go there for a scenic dinner at the fancy Vertigo Bar.

The bar is located atop the Banyan Tree Hotel and offers its clients a 360-degree view of the Bangkok skyline. The food is astounding; from tender seafood to premium steak, every dish will make your mouth water! However, the real gem of Vertigo Bar is the view. While dining, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the glittering Bangkok skyline.

Standing there overlooking the entirety of Bangkok is the perfect way to end your trip to this magical city. Gu Won really knew how to romance his girl!

Siri Sala Private Villa

We cannot, in all truth, forget the beautiful villa our characters stayed in! The King The Land gang got to stay at Siri Sala, a private villa along the Bangkok Noi Canal.

The private villa is built in the traditional Thai style with three separate houses. It can take up to eight people so that you can go with your family or friends. The villa comes with a private in-house chef who will cook for you the most delicious Thai food.

Let’s not forget the pool! The saltwater pool that Gu Won and Sa-rang used for some privacy is 20 metres long and overlooks the peaceful canal. It’s suitable for casual swimming or to make a few laps. Once you dip your toes in the water, you will not want to get out!

Obviously, renting out Siri Sala can be pretty pricey. But if you’re in the mood to splurge a little, then this villa is what your Thai dreams are made of!

Visiting Bangkok through King The Land

King The Land
King The Land: A Tour Through The Marvellous City of Bangkok 14

Kdramas are known for seamless advertisement. As you watch any Kdrama, ads for various products and restaurants are always carefully sewn into the plot of the show. Without noticing, you find yourself wondering what restaurants the characters went to or what jewellery store from which the male lead bought the gorgeous ring he gave his girlfriend.

In King The Land, they did not just advertise a necklace or a Subway sandwich; they advertised an entire country! The entirety of episode 10 is used to take the audience on a trip around the capital of Thailand, seamlessly showing you all that Bangkok can offer. Whether you are the kind of traveller that likes history, the type that travels for shopping, or the kind that wants to try new food everywhere they go, Bangkok is the place for you!

We genuinely respect a country that knows how to attract tourists. King The Land made us fall in love with Thailand and especially Bangkok! The variety of activities that can be done around the city makes it an excellent destination for young people, families, and couples. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and head to Bangkok!

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