City National Grove: Amazing Events & 6 Nearby Attractions

Updated On: September 15, 2023

City National Grove

The City National Grove of Anaheim, a renowned entertainment venue in the heart of Anaheim, California, stands as a testament to the city’s vibrant cultural landscape. With its rich history, captivating performances, and dedication to community engagement, the Grove has solidified its position as a premier destination for a wide array of events.

City National Grove
The Grove is a great entertainment venue.

From thrilling concerts to captivating theatrical productions and everything in between, the City National Grove offers visitors a dynamic and immersive experience. To help you get the most out of your visit, we’ve explored the Grove’s history, events, and more.

City National Grove
The Grove is located in the heart of Anaheim.

What is the City National Grove of Anaheim?

The City National Grove of Anaheim, often referred to as simply “The Grove,” is a renowned entertainment and event venue located in Anaheim, California. With a rich history and a reputation for hosting a diverse array of performances, it has become a prominent landmark within the city.

The venue offers a unique and intimate setting for various events, including concerts, comedy shows, theatrical performances, corporate functions, and private gatherings. It has gained recognition for its exceptional acoustics, comfortable seating, and excellent sightlines, ensuring an immersive experience for attendees.


Situated in the heart of Anaheim, the City National Grove holds a significant position within the city’s cultural and entertainment landscape. Its prime location near popular attractions like Disneyland Resort and the Anaheim Convention Center contributes to its appeal and accessibility for local residents and tourists.

City National Grove
The Grove is close to many main roadways.

The venue’s close proximity to major highways and public transportation hubs makes it easily reachable for visitors from across the region. As one of the largest indoor concert venues in Orange County, the City National Grove has played a pivotal role in attracting world-class artists, fostering community engagement, and drawing crowds.

The History of the City National Grove of Anaheim


The origins of the City National Grove of Anaheim can be traced back to the early 1900s when it was initially established as the Anaheim Ice Rink. The venue began as a local ice-skating rink and gradually evolved to accommodate a wider range of events.

In the 1970s, renovations transformed it into a multipurpose facility capable of hosting concerts and live performances. The venue has undergone many name changes throughout its history, including the Celebrity Theatre, Sun Theatre, and The Grove of Anaheim, before adopting its current name, the City National Grove of Anaheim, in 2008.

City National Grove
The Grove got its namesake in 2002.

Significant Milestones

Over the years, the City National Grove has witnessed numerous milestones and developments that have solidified its reputation as a premier entertainment destination.

In 1999, Nederlander Concerts, a renowned promoter and live entertainment producer based in Los Angeles, took over the venue’s management. This partnership brought higher professionalism and expertise to the Grove.

Another significant milestone occurred in 2002 when the City National Bank acquired the naming rights, leading to the venue being known as the City National Grove of Anaheim. This partnership provided financial support and enhanced the venue’s visibility and recognition within the community and the entertainment industry.

In subsequent years, the Grove continued to attract high-profile acts, including popular musicians, comedians, and theatrical productions. Its reputation as a world-class venue was further solidified when it became a frequent host for televised award shows and live recordings.

Recently, the City National Grove has focused on upgrading its facilities to enhance the visitor experience. These ongoing efforts have allowed the venue to maintain its status as a premier entertainment destination, attracting both emerging talent and established performers from around the world.

City National Grove
The Grove opened in 1998.

Architectural Features and Design

Architectural Style

The architectural style of the City National Grove of Anaheim can be described as contemporary and functional. The venue’s modern design blends seamlessly with its surrounding urban environment.

Clean lines, sleek surfaces, and a blend of glass and metal elements characterise its exterior. The architectural style prioritises functionality and versatility, ensuring the venue can accommodate various events and performances.

Unique Features

One of the unique features of the City National Grove is its adaptable seating configuration. The venue offers a flexible seating arrangement that can be adjusted to accommodate different types of events.

The main auditorium has a capacity of around 1,700 seats, which can be configured to provide an intimate setting for smaller shows or expanded to accommodate larger crowds. This versatility allows for an immersive experience regardless of the event size.

City National Grove
Many great artists and comedians have performed at the Grove.

The City National Grove also boasts exceptional acoustics, thanks to its state-of-the-art sound system and carefully designed interior. The venue has implemented sound engineering techniques to ensure optimal sound quality throughout the space.

Furthermore, the venue incorporates comfortable seating and excellent sightlines, providing an enhanced viewing experience for attendees. The seats are arranged to ensure clear sightlines from every angle, allowing everyone in the audience to have a clear view of the stage.

The City National Grove offers modern amenities, including concession stands, restrooms, and comfortable lounges for visitors to relax before and during events. The venue also provides premium and VIP services, including exclusive seating areas, private suites, and dedicated entrances.

Entertainment and Events

The City National Grove of Anaheim has gained recognition for its wide range of performances hosted throughout the year. From live music concerts to comedy shows, theatrical productions, and corporate events, the venue offers a diverse array of entertainment options to cater to various tastes and interests.

Visitors can enjoy performances by renowned musicians, emerging artists, world-class comedians, and theatrical productions ranging from Broadway shows to intimate plays. The venue’s programming provides a well-rounded selection that appeals to everyone.

City National Grove
The Grove is an intimate concert venue.

Notable Events

Over the years, the City National Grove has been home to numerous notable concerts, shows, and events. It has hosted performances by internationally acclaimed musicians, including rock bands, pop stars, jazz ensembles, and country artists.

The venue has welcomed iconic names such as Santana, John Legend, Paramore, and Earth, Wind & Fire. These performances have garnered praise from critics and fans alike, cementing the City National Grove’s reputation as a destination for top-notch live music experiences.

In addition to musical acts, the venue has also been a platform for exceptional comedic performances. Renowned stand-up comedians such as Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, and Gabriel Iglesias have graced the stage, bringing laughter and entertainment to the audience.

The City National Grove has also hosted a variety of other events, including dance performances, magic shows, and theatrical productions. Notably, it has featured touring Broadway productions, bringing well-known musicals and plays to the local community.

Amenities and Facilities

Layout of the Venue

The City National Grove of Anaheim offers a well-designed seating layout that ensures optimal viewing experiences for attendees. The venue has a seating capacity of approximately 1,700 seats, providing an intimate and immersive environment for performances.

City National Grove
The Grove can hold 1,700 fans.

The seating arrangement is thoughtfully designed to offer excellent sightlines from every angle, ensuring that all audience members have clear views of the stage. The seats are comfortable and arranged in a tiered configuration, allowing for unobstructed views and enhanced acoustics throughout the venue.

This layout contributes to a more enjoyable and engaging experience for all attendees, regardless of their seating location.

VIP Services

For those seeking an elevated experience, the City National Grove provides VIP and premium services. These services offer additional perks and privileges to enhance the overall event experience. VIP ticket holders may enjoy exclusive access to designated seating areas, separate entrances, and private lounges.

Premium services include personalised assistance, dedicated parking, and access to exclusive pre-show or post-show events. These VIP and premium offerings cater to individuals who desire a more luxurious and customised experience during their visit to the City National Grove.

In addition to VIP services, the venue also offers private suites for special occasions or corporate events. These suites provide a more intimate and exclusive setting for groups, offering privacy and personalised service. The suites often feature premium seating, private viewing areas, and catering options, creating a unique and upscale experience.

City National Grove
The VIP areas bring a luxurious element to the Grove.

Community Engagement and Outreach

Involvement in the Local Community

The City National Grove of Anaheim is deeply committed to engaging with the local community and actively contributes to its development and enrichment. The venue recognises the importance of fostering strong relationships with the community and strives to be a cultural hub that brings people together

It collaborates with local organisations, schools, and community groups to provide opportunities for involvement and participation. The City National Grove hosts events and performances celebrating local talent, showcasing Anaheim’s vibrant arts and culture scene and surrounding areas.

The venue aims to create a sense of ownership and pride among residents by actively involving the community in its programming and operations.

Partnerships & Charitable Initiatives

The City National Grove has established partnerships, sponsorships, and charitable initiatives to further support and uplift the local community. It collaborates with corporate sponsors, local businesses, and organisations to bring diverse programming to the venue.

City National Grove
Charity concerts & events are often held at the Grove.

These partnerships often result in unique collaborations, special events, and exclusive performances that enhance the cultural offerings for both residents and visitors. The venue also supports charitable initiatives by hosting fundraising events, benefit concerts, and awareness campaigns for various causes.

These initiatives not only raise funds but also bring attention to important issues and provide a platform for community members to come together in support of meaningful causes.

Additionally, the City National Grove actively participates in educational outreach programs. It offers opportunities for local schools and students to engage with the arts through workshops, masterclasses, and special performances.

By providing these educational initiatives, the venue strives to inspire and nurture the next generation of artists, performers, and art enthusiasts. These efforts contribute to the growth and development of the local arts community and ensure that the venue serves as a resource for artistic education and enrichment.

Other Nearby Tourist Attractions

The City National Grove of Anaheim is located near several popular tourist attractions in Anaheim, California. Visitors to the Grove can easily explore these nearby attractions, making their visit to the area even more memorable.

City National Grove
Disneyland is another great destination in Anaheim.

Amusement Parks

One iconic attraction in close proximity to the City National Grove is the Disneyland Resort. As one of the most famous theme parks in the world, Disneyland offers a magical experience for visitors of all ages.

Disneyland provides endless entertainment and joy with its thrilling rides and enchanting performances. Visitors can explore Sleeping Beauty Castle, meet Mickey Mouse, or enjoy a spectacular fireworks display. Disneyland is a must-visit destination for families and Disney enthusiasts.

Adjacent to Disneyland is Disney California Adventure Park, another prominent attraction near the City National Grove. This theme park uniquely blends Disney magic and California with experiences such as “Soarin’ Around the World” and “World of Color.”

Just 15 minutes from the City National Grove is Adventure City. Adventure City is a family-friendly amusement park located in Anaheim, California. Spanning over two acres, the park offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages. The park is known for its charming and nostalgic atmosphere, providing a more intimate and relaxed experience.

Convention Centres

Another popular attraction nearby is the Anaheim Convention Center, one of the largest convention centres on the West Coast. The convention centre hosts a variety of events, including trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions.

City National Grove
The Anaheim Convention Center is the largest exhibition centre on the West Coast.

The Anaheim Convention Center has a reputation for hosting a diverse array of notable events. It has been a preferred venue for major conventions and industry conferences in various sectors, including technology, entertainment, healthcare, and more.

The centre attracts both national and international events, drawing attendees and exhibitors from around the world.

Sports Stadiums

Sports enthusiasts will also find excitement near the City National Grove at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Home to the Los Angeles Angels Major League Baseball team, the stadium offers the opportunity to catch an exhilarating game and also hosts other events, such as monster truck rallies.

For hockey fans, the Honda Center is less than a mile away from the Grove. The Honda Center is a premier sports and entertainment venue. It is the home arena for the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League.

The Honda Center is known for its electric atmosphere. Hockey fans can witness the excitement of the sport, cheer for their favourite team, and enjoy the fast-paced action on the ice. The venue also hosts other sporting events, including basketball games, exhibition matches, and Olympic events.

City National Grove
The Grove showcases a diverse selection of events and talents.

The City National Grove of Anaheim is a Great Entertainment Venue

the City National Grove of Anaheim is a prominent and dynamic entertainment venue that has captivated audiences and enriched the city’s cultural landscape. From its humble beginnings as an ice skating rink to its transformation into a multipurpose facility, the Grove has evolved into a sought-after destination for performances and events. 

With its outstanding facilities, commitment to community partnerships, and diverse programming, the Grove continues to create memorable experiences for audiences and leaves an indelible mark on the vibrant city of Anaheim.

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