Culture Night in Belfast

Culture Night - Donegall Square

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A Night Not to Miss: Culture Night Belfast

One of the best times to visit Belfast is around September when culture night takes over. Easily one of the best nights of the year here. It’s a place for those who love food, music, art, and to experience lots of culture and fun.

Culture night is considered Belfast’s largest, most exciting and inclusive culture celebration that might be taking place in the city. This year, it was the ninth time for this celebration to be held. Bringing people together through over 300 free events across 150 locations in Belfast City Centre. You could just walk through them all and get the chance to see everything. Culture night brings people from far and wide to Belfast with this years attracting over 85,000 people to the event.

An Event for Everyone

It’s an event for all from young to old there will be something to catch your eye and enjoy with your friends or family. Throughout the daytime, much of the events are aimed at families and children. You’ll see a variety of musicians, artists on the street doing what they love best.

What we found out was that the theme for last year’s event was called “cultural biodiversity” Some activities which we came across were Outdoor Twister, Street Countdown, The Big Belfast Choir, Pro Wrestling Ulster Live, American Football, and Roller Derby as well as so much more. At night there are more exciting things also from street performers, fire breathers and the bars are all packed with people have a great time.

Culture night is one of the best events in Belfast that brings the whole city together, so if you ever get the chance to experience it you must!

Have you ever been to Culture night? Do you have a favourite event? We would love to hear your experiences 🙂

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