Introducing Victor, Northern Ireland’s Skateboarding Dog

Updated On: June 19, 2018

Lo and behold, a skateboard dog! A break from the usual! Who does not love seeking a skateboarding dog?! When we saw a dog on a skateboard, we knew it was something special.

Training dogs is not too easy; depending on the owner’s skill, patience, and the dog breed. It can be fun to try and teach or train your dog to do some easy or fun tricks…so they and you can have fun together!

We were filming in Belfast and came across Victor — a bulldog on a skateboard — in fairness we saw Victor on our friend’s channel (Tom McClean) a few days before, so we were not shocked when we saw a bulldog skateboarding around the city.

One-year-old Victor visits the popular spot with his mum Maggie almost every day in order to get in a bit of practice. Unlike Maggie, Victor has shown a lot of promise in doing exciting and fearless activities outdoors.

Victor’s owner, Klara Kozubikova, originally from the Czech Republic, explained that Victor is completely self-taught in riding the skateboard, adding: “My Mum got the skateboard and he just picked it up by himself. He his very happy and this is just for fun.”

Enjoy the dog on his skateboard, good luck with the dog training and your journey to find things to train the man’s bestfriend.

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