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Royal Courts of Justics

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Let’s go through one of the beautiful places and buildings in London that travelers should have in mind and should visit while in the City. The building which we are referring to is the Royal Courts of Justice.

London is not just about those famous places and attractions that are usually placed on top of the list, like Big Ben for example but it’s also about some other places which are not as well known or thought of as a place to visit.

History of The Royal Courts of Justice

The Royal Courts of Justice in London is also known as the Law Courts. Which is a large, grey stone edifice in a Victorian Gothic style. Built back in the 1870’s. It was officially opened by Queen Victoria in 1882. This building was actually designed by George Edmund Street who died before it’s completion.

The Royal Courts of Justice in London is a court building that houses the High Court and Courts of Appeal of England and Wales. It’s one of the largest courts in all of Europe. The Law Courts are located on Strand within the City of Westminster, near the border of the City of London. The Royal Courts of Justice is surrounded by other buildings that might be known such as the four Inns of Court, St. Clement Danes church, King’s College and the London School of Economics.

Royal Courts of Justice
Royal Courts of Justice

Why You Should Visit This Beautiful Building

Some visitors going to London might ask one question about visiting the Royal Courts of Justice. Why would they go there?  Well, It’s actually a great place for people to check out for its beautiful architecture. It is also deeply rooted in history that is worth exploring. You could also attend some of the cases in the court if you find that interesting. Many cases are open to the public.

There are some extensions to this building, such as the West Green building which was created to include extra divorce courts. It was the first to have air conditioning and tape recording in its original design. There were also other extensions, such as the Queen’s building, which provided 12 other courts to use. Then the 11-storey Thomas Moore building was added. Which was built to house the bankruptcy and companies courts with associated offices. There is actually a long history Surrounding the Courts of Justice that visitors to London might feel excited to see and hear about its stories.

Royal Court of Justice
Royal Court of Justice

Building Design

This beautiful building was designed by George Edmund Street after some kind of a competition which he eventually won. Due to the circumstances that the country was passing through during these days, he actually died before completing the building. At this point, much of the preparatory legal work was completed by Edwin Wilkins Field. Including the promotion of the Courts of Justice Building Act of 1865 and the Courts of Justice Concentration Act of 1865.

Royal Court of Justice
Royal Courts of Justice Layout

Other London Attractions

London is an old city and we all know the treasures that one could come across while walking down its streets. There are lots of old buildings built in the English style that would attract people. To just take photos next to them and later on see this beauty in the pictures.

In addition to these buildings, there are some other touristic attractions in London that people always visit because they define what London is. Such as the London Eye that will give you a perfect view of the city. Buckingham Palace which is the place that the Royal Family spend time. At Buckingham Palace, you might even witness the change of the Guards. There are also places like Tower Bridge and the Tower of London that stands back from the old history of this beautiful city.

There are lots of places to be seen when it comes to London and its different attractions and history. But there are also other destinations which might be considered a little bit newer and might not be related much to history. There are different parks in the city, for example, Hyde Park.

Here you could free the mind away from the chaos of the city. There is Chinatown for those who want to experience the Chinese culture. There is also the Camden Town Market which is a popular spot great for shopping. Another place worth visiting is Shrek’s Adventure Shop.

London is a city that offers its visitors so much from history and architecture to modern fun and exciting attractions. So no matter what you’re interested in you will be sure to have a good time in London.

Have you ever visited the Royal Courts of Justice in London? Or are you planning a trip? We would love to hear all about it 🙂

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