11 Unforgettable Things to Do in Belize — Important Tips & Places to Stay


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A slice of paradise, an idyllic gateway, and fascinating natural spaces ranging from wild forests and manicured grounds, Belize is a must-explore destination famous for its endless adventures and experiences. I think if you want to describe this wonderful country, it would be Marilyn Monroe; daring, gripping, sexy, and unpredictable. Each bend around the country has its charms in the wintertime, too, since you will enjoy the sunshine year-round even when the weather turns to be freezing with cold winds. 

Until then, prepare your favourite tropical drink, put on some reggae music, and read this article slowly and carefully because I’m willing to bet you’ll already be planning your trip to Belize before you’ve finished it all. But don’t give up! There are a lot of great suggestions and valuable insights near the conclusion of the article.

“I am in hurry and don’t have time for it all!” that’s why there is a pin option for this anxious world. Read it later, and just check the bottom line section for the most important things you need to know before you go to Belize. But please do not forget to come back to know things to do, places to visit, insider tips to stay safe, and everything in between. 

Fasten your belt and join us on a life-changing adventure.

Why You Should Visit Belize

11 Unforgettable Things to Do in Belize — Important Tips & Places to Stay

“Oh, it’s overrated dude, forget about it!” “I have been shocked really, it doesn’t deserve all this buzz!” “It was the worst idea I have ever heard, no way man, don’t do that!” These comments we are reading along the way make us so intimated and hesitant when thinking about a new destination to visit as maybe the most famous touristic attraction is just a nightmare.

That’s why it’s so important to know why you should visit Belize before making any other step, and I know my limbs and fingers would be aching as if I’d run a hard race when honing the reasons for visiting this paradise. But rest in peace; you will be rewarded. 

  • You can communicate Easily With Your English

When you are considering places to visit, there are many barriers you should manage like visa, budget, and so on. But most importantly, you need to know more about the mother tongue of the locals. You can hardly find someone to communicate within less-touristy countries, and it’s real trouble.

Let’s imagine this scenario! You are lost with no phone signal and don’t know how to back to your hotel. No one can get you a reasonable answer because you don’t have any idea of what they are talking about, and a Google-translate app doesn’t work as well due to poor network.

Now, you are lying face down on a floor clutching your phone and muttering to yourself, “Oh, what should I do?”

Thankfully, you can forget about all these awful thoughts in your head.

English is the primary and official language in Belize. That doesn’t mean that Belize is a separate nation aside from its neighbourhoods. Many people are native to multiple languages, including Spanish and other local dictates. On the other hand, Belize is a great place to get your feet wet in terms of learning about various cultures and languages since you can get by with your English, and everyone is happy to help you out. 

  • Fascinating History Oozing From Each Corner

Maya ruins in Belize are something you can die for. Archaeological sites that were once beloved and somewhat belonged to the royal family or former colonies are now open to the public, allowing you to explore and discover their riches at your own pace. There are many Maya ruins around Central America and Lattin countries, but these in Belize are so unique, lovely, giant, and diverse, manifesting the grand of this human civilization.

These historical sites are scratted around the country, and each one has its own flavour with tons of artwork, intricate details, and perfectly crafted statues. Dense forests often accompany these spots to enjoy the entire experience making it special outdoor and on-site holiday activities, including hiking, history tours, and adventure among tropical jungles. You may also shout cheers and raise your glass of Latin champagne when you’re feeling low on energy.

Additionally, many captivating traditional parities are happening in these sites to help tourists indulge in this appealing culture. It’s a beautiful idea to dress up in costume, join in on the festivities, and sing some corals with them.

Also, you can choose between non-guided or guided tours but always remember things could be loaded with much fun when we are engaged with people. 

  • Adventures Like Nothing Before

Travelling is about daring adventure or nothing at all. And Belize will provide you with this kind of adventure all the time. I bet you will turn out to be a storyteller after this journey. When weighing their travelling options, some people are conjuring up photos of fireplaces, luxury resorts, chilling out on a hot spa bath, cosy nooks, or even stunning Christmas decorations. But, on the other hand, our world embraces another group of people seeking waves of thrills and experiences. They need to open their eyes widely to view the world from a previously unaware perspective. 

Undoubtedly, Belize is a goes-without-saying destination for both types, and if you have a third-travelling mood, I bet Belize would surprise you with its offerings. We are talking about swimming with whales and sharks, taking a ride boat through such narrow caverns, and beating a high summit to admire majestic stretches of natural landscapes in terms of unparalleled adventures. 

Speaking of natural caves, Belize is home to one of the largest systems of caves in the world packed with exotic creatures and twining mountains, creating unspoiled miracles, making it an undeniable ideal spot for spelunking. 

In the afternoon, you can take your tea at a local cafe accompanied by a local choir while navigating local markets in which smiles greeting you from each corner. 

  • Incomparable Weather

We all have dreamed of spending our holiday on a sun-drenched beach screening picturesque sceneries with many a multi-course feast. But it couldn’t happen without fantastic weather that would not ruin our plans. Belize is a typical tropical paradise with an array of outdoor experiences that will exceed your wildest dreams. Its temperature would do a great job of accommodating your needs.

One of the pretty things about Belize is that you can come here at any time of the year once your boss accepts your vacation request; you can browse the internet searching for a flight to go at the end of this week.

Even during the Christmas season, you will be treated to sun kisses cities’ holiday lights, explore historical sites if you want to add a day of culture to the itinerary and after the sunset, go shopping.

The average temperature ranges from 20°C to 30°C, more than excellent.

However, there are hottest days that will hit 40°C but fret not, since a broad collection of watersports will keep you cool all day.

In a nutshell, the best time to visit Belize is through dry months, November and May. You can expect gentle breezes and warm sunlight without high humidity. Otherwise, we can enjoy your travel while it rains, which is a welcome change of scenery.

  • Gastronomic Treats and Food Feasts

In all societies, food plays a significant role. It’s more about the plants people have than anything else; it’s about their history, their social ills, and how they manage their needs. You will see lobster, shrimps, or even kinds of seafood for the first time; that’s what you should expect when diving into the Belizan kitchen. All seasoned chefs came together to prepare the best dishes ever.

Along your way, you can find food-making workshops for foodies who aim to learn how to use raw natural herbs to prepare mouthwatering platters. And don’t forget to take a ride around small towns in which you will find out small vendors serving lip-smacking multiple cuisines.

And don’t forget to uncover outdoor markets to pick fresh food and other exotic nuts and spices and bring them home. That’s why food in Belize is a major draw for tourists who come to this tiny but intriguing nation.

And it’s not just about local recipes. Since this country is welcoming to different cultures and has already contained people from all over the world to settle down here, you can see many international cuisines with a Caribean flavor. It seems that nothing can pass through Belize freely without being affected by this unquestionably legacy and unique history.

There is no surprise that Belize is one of the enormous fruit exporters thanks to its vast forests packed with different colors and tastes.

So, drinking fresh juices along your way is a must.

  • Natural Heaven for All

Imagine checking in at a posh suite looking over an open greenery space that comes to no end in which you will wake up listening to birds’ tweeting, then have your breakfast in the heart of a jungle; then you will weave into dense woods on a rowing gondola. Finally, in the afternoon, you enjoy your coffee while admiring this unbelievable wonder. It doesn’t like any journey. It’s a healing one.

Belize hoasts a bunch of wild forests inhabiting various species of wildlife. And what makes most of these natural reserves well-preserved is that the population of Belize is considerably low, with less than 350,000 living in 22,965 km².

People in this area are not employed in industrial sectors, and the entire country is committed to maintaining this notion despite the absence of significant economic progress. Therefore, they are content with their modest way of life and are not interested in expanding their business activities.

You may claim that the region is impoverished and lacks adequate infrastructure. However, on the other side, it has a good influence. The majority of the woods remain untamed, and the scarcity of industrial centres means that there are more natural places.

Belize, therefore, is a dreamy destination where you can relish in a quaint biodiversity environment with mid-temps even in December. Most importantly, all attractions are less than a few minutes from your lodging. 

That leads to mention that Belize is packed fill with trekking pathways oozing with exciting yet inspiring adventures. So lace your shoes and take a deep breath to ignite your energy for this lifetime experience. 

  • Diving Scab Spots Will Blow Your Mind

If you are looking for a world-class property to stay in; visit museums and indoor activities— I recommend you go to London. Belize is not for you. But if you are looking for world-class thrills, don’t look further than Belize. It will have you feeling like you are in a wonderland in a way you never can in your entire life. And it’s not just a Great Blue Hole, which is the most popular diving place in the world. Most scuba divers can not be missed these spots at all costs, and so you should do. Colourful, diverse, and refreshing! 

You will be loaded with priceless beaches for snorkelling, surfing, paddling, kayaking, and many other things. It’s a backdrop of all watersports and thrilling activities while warm winds spin around.

And chilling on a sandy drenched-sun beach is a given for relaxing and winding down. 

Plus, Belize hosts one of the most extensive beaches in the world. And the good news is that most of these picturesque beaches are nearby to towns and less crowded with atmospheric summertime.

Just bear in mind that Belize is more about outdoor walking and exploring. 

And for a more exciting experience, it would be a great idea to spend some time in a thatch hut against the beach so you can take in the scenic beauty of small villages all the time. 

Transportation in Belize: How to Get Around Belize?

11 Unforgettable Things to Do in Belize — Important Tips & Places to Stay

Fortunately, going around Belize is straightforward and doesn’t require much effort. You just need to be acquainted with all your options and pick the best one for you. And we know that if it’s your first time in Belize, you are already overwhelmed to explore all villages, landmarks, and epic attractions.

Indeed, Knowing how to get around Belize is much more important than you might think; it would guarantee you will have a free-hassle yet enjoyable journey, saving money and revealing hidden treasures of this magnificent country. 

Now, there is always a justified question, “Is there Uber in Belize?” No, Uber doesn’t exist in Belize, and if you are willing to use a private ride, the only way is to take a taxi. Within a city, the typical fare will cost roughly $3 to $7, but here is the thing: Don’t get in a taxi until you’ve agreed on a price! You’ll feel terrible if you’re compelled to pay an exorbitant rate by a driver who takes advantage of holidaymakers. So, in this case, a bargain is king.

Besides taxis, what other alternatives do I have that could be less expensive?

Okay, to make your journey easier, here is the list of other transportation modes you can use in Belize:

  • Water Taxi:  

A water taxi is the best way to get around Belize, yet more accessible and convenient, especially if you want to head to distant islands. You can catch a water taxi from Belize City, Ambergris Caye, and Caye Caulker, which might take you to tiny cayes dotted the ocean and Caribbean. Many taxi providers are in Belize, such as the San Pedro Belize Express, the most famous shuttle company. It will cost you between $15 and $20, based on the season and the distance.

Consider it a vacation in and of itself, even if it’s a little more expensive.

  • Shared and private Shuttle

One of the safest ways to get around Belize, the shuttle in Belize is the top among other transportation. You can choose from the public or private services. Once you arrive at Belize airport, the best way to get to your hotel is to request a shuttle. And even if you want to go further than your accommodation, a private tour by shuttle is super affordable compared with a rental car.

Make sure to book your ride ahead of time to ensure that you will not get stuck in the airport from belizing.com; just filter your search to select shared or private. The typical cost of travelling across the nation will be between $15 and $35 per person, and if you are unable to discover any shared tours, phone the agency, and they will attempt to place you with other passengers.

  • Public Bus Service

Less expensive ways are always available around. And buses in Belize are running daily. Whether regular or express, the bus network is covered many parts of the country. But keep in mind that express is much more expensive and doesn’t stop until reaching the final destination.

For example, Autotransportes De Oriente (ADO) will take you to Belize City. Call Westline Bus Co. Ltd. asking about scheduled trips to your desired location for more information. 

And, of course, the fare varies based on the distance travelled and the bus companies used.

  • Flights

On the other hand, Belize is a tiny nation, and there are domestic flights available throughout the country. Local carriers also arrange for hopper aircraft or puddle jumper planes to transport you to out-of-the-way nooks and tiny atolls. Tropic Air operates most flights into and out of Belize City Municipal Airport (TZA) and Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (PGIA). Check for any specials or discounts before purchasing your ticket to ensure you receive the best deal.

Because of low demand throughout the summer months, airline prices are %40 cheaper than at any other time of year. So if you are going to visit after May, you should take advantage of this deal.

Is Belize Safe?

You’re asking this question because you already have heard some terrible stories about how the safety of Belize is. But, to be honest, it’s not dedicated to just Belize. In general, Central and South America are portrayed as having drug issues, people trafficking, and other minor crimes such as thefts. There are numerous television programs dedicated to these areas. Just open Netflix, and you will be surprised. And I am not going to tell you, no, it’s people talk, and nothing of that gossiping is true. Of course not; Belize has a significant security issue. According to gov.UK, Belize is one of the top ten countries globally, with the highest murder rates caused by drug dealers, armed gangs, and human traffickers.  

Sadly, due to the low socioeconomic position of the population, the number of violent accidents, such as break-ins and homicides, is on the rise.

But hold for a second, don’t shut this page or abandon your plans to visit Belize just yet. It is well worth your time to visit. (Remember to look above and read the part on why you should visit Belize earlier!)

Despite these facts, we highly wish everyone to visit Belize unless you are a heroin addict or a Belizean citizen engaged in illegal trafficking. No one, however, can guarantee that you will be in a safe zone.

No, seriously, Belize is a somewhat safe destination for visitors, and I will not lie to you and tell you that Belize is an utterly risk-free destination! 

The Bottom Line to answering the question of “Is Belize safe?” could be a controversial matter, and you will probably hear different answers. First, however, you need to know that you, as a tourist, are not a target. Yes, it has the highest per capita crime rates, but if you follow the safety guide, we promise that you will have a fantastic time in Belize and will return home wondering, “Is Belize safe! really… of course, it is!”

To help you remain secure when visiting Belize, we’ve created a list of practical and insightful ways of keeping you safe while you’re there.

Don’ts when visiting Belize – Safe Tips to Ensure a Free-Trouble Journey

Travelling across the world will require you to be smart. According to most visitors of Belize, your journey is most likely to be smooth, and you will enjoy yourself a lot. However, the most important thing to avoid crimes while exploring the world is to catch a glimpse of the country’s culture, respect people, and read our insider tips. So let’s get it right too!

  • Keep yourself away from the North of Belize City: Here is the thing: places in Belize are not created equal in terms of safety considerations. Some areas have been designated as “crime-ridden” by the police, which means that if you are roaming around these areas, you are given the authority the right to stop, inspect, or even catch you. It applies to everyone who has done something suspicious (even if it appears as to be normal to you) without giving you any prior notice. In general, avoid visiting these places in the old capital of Belize: George Street and Kraal Road.

*To know the safest areas to visit in Belize, check things to do in the Belize section; we will also offer you a complete reference to the finest and safest places to stay in Belize.

  • Don’t go around at night: Many attractions and endless recommendations are included on your bucket list when planning your Belize trip. You have written down popular destinations and must-do activities. You don’t even know how to make your time to hit all these spots! “Okay, I will visit this at night!” no, no.. don’t do that. It’s worse than spending a vacation in the high 50s is worse than a summer vacation in the high 50s. Unless the entry is limited, no area in Belize will make you feel secure at night. If you are willing to stay for a night at one of its beautiful cayes, don’t stay outside your accommodation until the sun falls, especially if you are a solo traveler. Alternatively, you may indulge in vibrant nightlife with a group including trusted locals who will accompany you through the safest roads to the closest bar.
  • After reading our warnings about how crime is encroaching on the Belizean community, don’t panic. Yes, it seems that crime rates are high. But you are here to enjoy the sunlight, go kayaking, and savor delicious seafood. And if you follow our instructions on how to stay safe here, there is nothing you should worry about, and you will feel pretty safe while exploring the country. *This country is an excellent place for a vacation, but it’s also a great place to get drunk. Everyone knows. But remember, you’ll be an easy target for everyone who comes across you.
  • Don’t forget to lock your stuff up before leaving your hotel. And it makes no sense to come to a jungle land with jewelry or a bunch of money. Dude, there is no place to spend all this fountain. Be rational and be travel, not tourist. Belize has as many fun things as you could need to make a memorable vacation.   
  • Even in major cities, don’t visit far districts: After a long day of marveling at excellent scuba diving spots and dipping in gregarious turquoise water, you are enchanted by the allure of the city culture. You are most likely to add some secluded places to discover to spot gift shops or come closer to locals. No, it’s a worse idea than the later one. Empty streets raise the possibility of being attacked by criminals since empty streets equal no witnesses. Okay, “How do I know is that not preferable district? Maybe I just navigate around and, surprisingly, find myself in a suspected place!” Yes, it is possible, but if you are committed to staying near your hotel, this is less than nil. Most renowned hotels are situated in a somewhat secure area, and it’s always best not to go out at night unless absolutely necessary.
  • So, what if you get attacked by someone? Should I fight for my valuables or yell out HElP! Or what? No, not. It’s an unforgivable blunder, and the consequences of this assault might be much worse than thievery. You may be hurt by a weapon or whatever. Don’t put yourself in danger and just give up your possessions without a fuss. These individuals are most certainly armed, and they will go to any length to avoid being apprehended. Your safety is much more important than your belongings. 
  • Stay with a group when visiting Ambergris Caye: This island is a paradise gateway for everyone and one of the largest isles in Belize. Everything around is so tempting to uncover with its marvels. That’s why it’s one of the most-visited destinations in Central America. However, it is preferable not to explore it alone or go too far away from your excursion group. And don’t get us wrong: we love you! Visiting locals and enjoying Carbiand food in an intimate restaurant are encouraged, but you are not compelled to go with everyone who claims to have something special for you. Remember our mums’ advice to trust nobody and follow every stranger we meet, especially when pushing you to do something. It rings true in Belize. Engage with others, but do so with tact and attention to detail.
  • Don’t talk so much about what you have or your occupation. Some visitors tend to show up with barging about their lifestyle. They try to keep the ice by conversing about where they live and how many countries they have been to. After being robbed by muggers, they felt remorseful and realized how huge mistakes they had made. Even if you are chatting to your friends or someone you are familiar with, you have no way of knowing who is listening in and preparing to attack you at the most inconvenient time. There is a significant disparity between the affluent and the poor in Belize, and you must treat everyone with dignity. Please keep this conversation out of here and just be yourself.
  • Don’t pack classic attire… No room for it: A journey to a Central American country is not about indoor venues like museums, palazzi, or legendary boutiques. It’ll be very uncommon if you’re lucky enough to stumble onto a few masterpieces. Instead, your time will be split between sunny escapes and natural shelters. So, the most critical items in your backpack are swimming suits, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Be causal and be comfortable. Additionally, you will want cotton sweatpants at night or if you feel it is too risky to trek with bare legs during the day. Otherwise, don’t pack so much and be overloaded with needless luggage, particularly if you will continue your journey around Central America after your stop in Belize. And don’t forget sturdy hiking boots and insect repellent.
  • Speaking of sunscreen, bring plenty of it before boarding your plane, even if you intend to visit Belize in winter. Don’t say something like, “Come on! We are in winter. Why sunscreen!” Sun here is fierce, and you can get the brunt once you get out without wearing sunscreen. And again, don’t say something like, “I’ll buy from Belize. I don’t have any!” Boom! If you don’t want to pay twice the price in Belize, don’t bring it with you, especially in tourist spots.
  • Don’t count on schedules in Belize: Don’t put your trust in Belizan time, and don’t expect that buses or plans will take off at the scheduled time. Life here runs slowly more than anyplace else in the world. Furthermore, most planned times will most likely be delayed by a couple of minutes or more. And the brighter side is that you can calm down for a while in Belize and keep yourself away from hectic life. The idea that life is a piece of cake permeates everything around. Keep in mind that the purpose isn’t where you’re going. The journey is what matters. Listen to this famous saying; “We don’t hurry, and we don’t worry!” Oh, I like it, do you? Okay, what matters now is to chill out and enjoy every single moment. It’s a kind of a mental attitude here. 
  • Don’t expect to find big-name hotel brands or a night that never sleeps. Those searching for this kind of leisure go to Miami or Cancun. Belize is about relaxation or maybe meditation. Wake up to witness the blue waters, go hiking, check out unimaginable historical sites, enjoy your drink at one of the nearby bars at night, and sleep quietly. It’s your way to see the other side of the world and know a meaningful life of how to enjoy yourself without luxury stuff. If this way of amusement wouldn’t be enough to delight you, then Belize is not for you. 
  • Don’t go to jungles without your backpack. Belize is about rainy forests sheltered by many kinds of bugs, and the sun could be scoffing at some days. You will need a list of essentials. *check the 5th point in this list and be ready for what you are going to find here. Also, ask about any vaccinations before leaving your home that may be available to prevent any illness or allergy that may occur as a result of the change in climate and the presence of certain insects. The bugs could cause some disease or fever that will utterly ruin your vacation; rather than having fun on the beach, you will most likely be at a modest hospital recovering.
  • Book everything before you go to make sure that there is a capacity in many places you will visit. And I am here not just talking about hotels and flights. I allude to other attractions to visit. It’s important to get in touch with a trusted local guide who will reduce the possibility of any risks you may encounter. Your guide will pick the best time to visit historic sightseeings without a sea of heads in from you and would be your expert in each place you hit to make the most of your time. And most importantly, the local guide will be aware of any recent unrest around the area that could erupt from nowhere. “Belize is not an easy country to discover; seasoned nomads will need to guide you!” That is what savvy travellers always say.
  • Before you go, be updated with recent news or events. Bad things could happen in a minute, and you come here searching for a place to unwind. It seems impossible to make that done in countries with severe issues. So, if you see any violence happening in any part of Belize, call off your trip or even postpone it until everything is okay.
  • Even though Belize is most beautiful in the winter, don’t anticipate solely bright skies. Bright days will be interspersed with days marked by wind or overcast. So, before booking your trip, check the weather forecast to be sure your vacation will be exceptional. And don’t assume that it would be a winter wonderland. Even if there is no ice and no winter sports, it is still possible to enjoy bright days, even in January. If you are not comfortable with this, you might consider scheduling your vacation at another time.
  • Please don’t count on your gut when it comes to the spicy sauce. You need to keep your wits about you when using spices in Belize, especially if you find something with the Marie Sharp label on it. When dipping it into your dish, proceed with extreme caution. Remember Taz, who is always enraged, with flames erupting from his lips and eyes? Following your experience with Marie Sharp, you will most likely be similar to him. If you are ready to give it a go, just dip some drizzles in it. If you are not a fan of spicy food, you may get milder species variants.
  • Don’t expect to find any fast-food chains in Belize. And don’t expect to pick snacks on your way. Make sure to carry all of your requirements, such as water and some ready-to-eat meals. Or take fresh fruits if you’re going on a long trip through the woods with children unless you’re okay with their shouting due to hungry tummies.
  • Be careful when diving or snorkelling to spot colourful. Coral reefs require a sense of delicate when dealing with them, watching them but don’t touch or standing on them. Apart from this invaluable natural resource — I could write thousands of words on the value of these magical creatures; thus, preserving them well-preserved is a human obligation — you will get hurt badly or bitten if you do anything absurd.
  • For your hygiene, don’t just put a water bottle or any drink directly in your mouth. Instead, use a napkin to wipe off the crown cap to be in the safe zone and enjoy the local beer. *a bounce don’ts: Don’t go behind the wheel when intoxicated, even if you’re on the beach. It’s against the law, and you might be fined right away if you do it.

Side Tip for only SAVVY travellers: Investing in travel insurance might prove to be a very wise decision in the future. Here’s the deal: receiving treatment in another country would be prohibitively expensive, yet accidents are certain to occur while overseas. Make contact with such organizations. It will literally save your life.

To rest in peace, and for those who are asking “Is Belize is Safe to Visit?” Here are the safest cities to go to in Belize: 

Where to Stay in Belize?

11 Unforgettable Things to Do in Belize — Important Tips & Places to Stay

So many travel hecks are around, and you are confused about where you can stay in Belize to enjoy this laid-back experience without losing your excitement or being disappointed. You will unquestionably need to research, ask seasoned voyagers, and watch tons of videos. You just need to read on. Here you can have a look at the best places and cities to stay in Belize based on travel advisors and founders of many local agencies.

*Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a luxurious retreat, or a family holiday, our selections will fit the bill. We assembled it intending to make it the best possible solution for anyone.

  • Caye Caulker

A ting yet an incredible island, Caye Caulker is one of the most popular destinations for backpacking travellers or everyone searching for a quaint atmosphere to escape from routine and the bustling of capital cities.

My oh my… where do we start?! No words can describe what you will discover here. You just need to know that this small island has adopted the “Go Slow” slogan. That refers to how Caye Caulker is proud of its turquoise water and the Belizean spirit. So just slow down while roaming around the island and take your time to uncover its natural gems.

However, suppose you are interested in hiking without breaking the cash. In this case, we advise you to strongly consider Caye Caulker, which offers a handful of trails to lose yourself in a tropical heaven..

On the banks of the Caribbean Sea with no more than 5 miles, Caye Caulker is a jewel crowned the country. So many thrilling adventures await, ranging from snorkelling, kayaking, scuba diving, or surfing. It’s an excellent option for a beach vacation at a reasonable price. Just plan to go before the holiday season and beat the crowds.

How to get Caye Caulker: From San Pedro, take a water taxi. Otherwise, you can take the Ocean Ferry Belize and the Belize Water Taxi from Belize City. Depending on the season and the taxi provider, it will cost you roughly $40-$200. 

How much it costs to explore Caye Caulker: It would set you back by around $250, including a night’s accommodation at a mid-budget lodging and some water activities. 

Best Places to Stay in Caye Caulker

Best Hotels for families:

Yocamatsu (around $104 a night)

Colinda Cabanas (around $80 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Barefoot Caye Caulker Hotel (around $139 a night)

La Isla Resort (around $164 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Dream Cabanas (around $52 a night)

Bella’s Backpackers (around $44 a night)

Belize City

While you can find many comments asking travellers to avoid visiting, even its governor previously talked about the higher crime rates according to statistics. You will notice the caseload has since abated, and there is a high possibility to check-in in Belize City without problems, especially if you avoid going to the north *it’s somewhat repeated. But it’s worth it to be repeated again over again. 

Nested on the shore of the Caribbean sea, Belize City lies on a small peninsula overlooking crystal clear waters and the perks of paradise. This capital city is the largest one here, housing a wide variety of sightseeing and points of interest. However, we think staying for weeks couldn’t be enough to treat yourself to culinary delights, and cultural, historical, and architectural wonders.

Moreover, it’s a place to enjoy the buzzing nightlife in Belize. Finally, nothing can beat this city for impeccable landscapes, blessed with stretches of natural reserves brimming with wildlife animals and a punch of hiking adventures. 

With countless ideas to do and a plethora of attractions to visit, Belize City is another great option for relaxed ways to explore the core spirit of this beautiful Central American country, with great weather, and slightly cheap deals. 

In addition, if you’d rather stay in more luxurious hotels or cosy up at posh restaurants and pubs, this cosmopolitan city has plenty to make you smile.

How to get to Belize City: Fly a direct ticket to Belize in which your plane will land at Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport. And the best way to roam around the city is by shuttle. *Check the Transportation in Belize above for more information.

How much it costs to explore Belize City: It would cost you around $235, which would include a night’s accommodations at a mid-range hotel and entry tickets to several sites.

Best Places to Stay in Belize City

Best Hotels for families:

River Bend Resort Belize Air BNB (around $99 a night)

Seaside Chateau (around $92 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Villa Boscardi (around $102 a night)

Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza (around $124 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Nature Resort (around $43 a night)

Nature Resort (around $35 a night)

Ambergris Caye

Meanwhile, some places worldwide can give you specific experiences; a few can provide you with the fullest experience. Thankfully, Belize lies in between, especially Ambergris Caye. 

With so much variety concerning accommodations, Ambergris Caye, located in San Pedro, offers incomparable activities and amenities. The largest and most diverse island in Belize will welcome everyone with its hype vibes.

Spanning 40 kilometres long and more than two kilometres wide, Ambergris Caye has about millions of entertainment ideas to fill your holiday with incredible things to do in such an ideal haven.

Plus, it gives visitors easy access to almost every attraction. So, how about heading to Barrier Reef to spot gorgeous colorful marine life? Or head to one of the world’s best diving locations, the Blue Hole? Or take a bike ride through majestic landscapes at Hol Chain Marine Reserve? Or even experience an island-hopping adventure, the Wow, right!

No wonder it’s one of the most stunning destinations for tourists in Central America. Or actually, it’s the main settlement for anyone who wants a space to clear his mind. So plan to stay here for at least 3 days to absorb all its blesses.  

How to get to Ambergris Caye: Fly from Belize City to Ambergris Caye on either Maya Island Air or Tropic Air; a number of domestic flights are operating daily, taking just 15 minutes for $60. For a journey like nothing before and marvel at Belize’s pure-blue sea, catch a helicopter arranged by Astrum Helicopters.

It would cost you approximately $140, but it’s highly recommended for splendid views. More affordable alternatives are always available; take a water taxi to your destination that will take your time to a new level. This excursion will carry you around the Caribbean Sea in 45 minutes and cost you $10-$15 per person.

How much it costs to explore Ambergris Caye: It would set you back by around $230 per day, excluding transporting and including accommodation at a cosy lodging.

Best Places to Stay in Ambergris Caye

Best Hotels for families:

Lina Point Belize Overwater Resort (around $107 a night)

Ambergris Sunset Hotel (around $72 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Blue Tang Inn (around $173 a night)

Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club, Curio Collection by Hilton (around $177 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Sandbar Beachfront Hostel & Restaurant (around $15 a night)

Drift Inn (around $20 a night) 

San Ignacio

A holiday destination for families, San Ignacio is a nature-oriented relaxation retreat. One of the most significant historic spots in Belize, this small city will give insights into Mayan culture to discover many secrets about this unrivalled country since it’s situated in the Cayo region shares its borders with Guatemalan.

Just bear in mind that locals call it the Belize mainland, and that’s precisely what archaeologists thought, and an abundance of treasures are still hidden underneath dunes. 

Make Cayo district your focal point during your visit since your tour will be between specious natural spaces, a wealth of local cuisines, and a shopping expedition at bright vendors manifesting a Mayan legacy.

Side tip: Exploring cultural attractions will be safer with a group or a local private guide. That would be a life-saver. 

Located off the coast of the Macal River, San Ignacio is for any traveller type who is fond of coastal explorations. Without any doubt, it’s an unforgettable indulgent break offering the best friendly neighbourhood with no shortage of things to do.

How to get to San Ignacio: Take the public bus from Belize city station and pay $3 – $7 to get to your station, taking roughly 2h 15m—looking for more comfortable alternatives! Well, various daily flights are taking off from Belize City airport that cost you $110 – $300, taking 40 minutes.

How much it costs to explore San Ignacio: To spend a day and a night at a comfortable hotel, with transportation from Belize City and food, would cost roughly $441.

Best Places to Stay in San Ignacio

Best Hotels for families:

Rumors Resort Hotel (around $68 a night)

Cahal Pech Village Resort (around $76 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Ka’ana Resort (around $252 a night)

Mahogany Hall Boutique Resort (around $169 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

The Old House Hostel (around $14 a night)

Hidden Haven (around $20 a night) 


One of the safest places ever to stay in Belize, Placencia is a small village with a sense of summer thrills and the best choice for a resort vacation. 

Indeed, Placencia might be the funniest part of your tour through Belize, especially for those who fancy swanky accommodations with upscale utilities. And thank God! This sophisticated setting hasn’t affected the natural ambience of the village. You will see the allure of the biodiversity-ecosystem community along with trendy-style hotels.

This emerging town is ideal for visiting any time, and don’t concern yourself with winter weather in this charming corner of Belize. Even in January, the lowest degree recorded was 26°C. The sun will warm you to no end.

Curious to know more! The funniest thing about Placencia is that the only transporting mode here is the golf car, making it a free-carbon space to relish in an extended vacation and live. 

Additionally, this city is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and fishing, kayaking, and diving, especially during the whale shark season. Consider the possibility that you will be swimming behind sharks! Oh, my God, that’s insane! However, it is absolutely worthwhile.

What can you eat in Placencia, Belize? Oh, nothing but fish food. It’s glorious, rich, and authentic. 

There is only one way to enjoy your holiday in Placencia: bask in the sun, stay at a luxurious resort, and engage in night parties with the most fantastic people.

How to get to Placencia: You have a bunch of ways to reach Placencia from Belize City. The most expensive, comfortable, and highly recommended is to catch a plane from Belize City Goldson Intl Apt to Placencia, taking 50m for $95 – $210. Or take a public bus from Belize City station, taking 4h 30m for $7. Or book a ticket on a ferry which will take you to Dangriga, then take a bus to your final destination, for roughly $6 and the whole journey would last for 4h 27m.

How much it cost to explore Placencia: To spend a day and a night at a comfortable hotel, with transportation from Belize City and food, would cost roughly $317

Best Places to Stay in Placencia

Best Hotels for families:

Miramar Suites Ltd (around $202 a night)

Michelo Suites (around $121 a night)  

Best Hotels for couples:

Laru Beya Resort & Villas (around $240 a night)

Mariposa Belize Beach Resort (around $269 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Anda Di Hows Hostel (around $18 a night)

Singing Sands Inn (around $122 a night)

It seems you have already packed your luggage and are ready to trek through its dense forests! But wait before taking any further steps; how many days will you take to spend a vacation in Belize?

Vacation in Belize: How to Prepare an Unmistakable Plan to Hit All Hidden Gems of Belize

Planning a vacation in Belize could be notoriously difficult as there are multiple islands, and you don’t need to leave anything behind at the same time. It would help if you avoided peak crowds to make the most of your trip. 

First of all, vacation in Belize means spending at least a week to relish in all the outdoor activities, energetic villages, and vibrant culture. 

Here we have arranged some ideas for getting the whole Belize experience. It’s not a literal trial; It’s just one among millions. Feel free to unfollow this plan as long as you have another one but don’t forget to share with us in the comments. 

A week in Belize: How to Spend a Finest Vacation in Belize Ever

For flocks who booked a hotel in Belize City:

Day 1:

  • Arrive at Belize City Goldson Intl Apt, check-in your hotel, leave your luggage— only a backpack and get ready for the adventure.
  •  Take a tour around the downtown, chat with locals, take photos of impressive architecture, and bring a snack from any local restaurant. *If your pick a hotel is not located in the capital city, then take an appropriate transportation mode and dedicate the first day to exploring the surrounding.

Day 2:

Ambergris Caye is always incredible for everyone who enjoys diving, snorkelling, and other water activities. Whether you plan to stay for a few days or just for a day, Ambergris Caye is a must-see. You may hire a boat, go fishing, and then prepare a meal with the fish you have caught.

If you still have some energy left, you may go out and have a good time at one of the club nights in the area. If not, retire to your bed to prepare for the third day.

Day 3:

After waves of thrills in Ambergris Caye, you will need some relaxation, so head to Caye Caulker, one of the best holiday destinations packed full of pleasant vibes. And you won’t have to worry about your budget. Many free activities can be there. Just lay on the beach, appreciating the natural backdrop and snapping pictures to no end.

Side tip: if you don’t have time to visit Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, pick Caye Caulker. Some parts of Ambergris look more tourist-friendly with better facilities.

Day 4:

Your next station should be San Pedro, a small sea village coming close to Ambergris Caye. It’s a superb spot with beautiful views and some modest marine life galleries and fantastic gift stores— you can pay a visit to them in the afternoon. In addition, you will have the opportunity to swim with small sharks and experience hiking at some national parks like Marco Gonzalez Maya Site.

Day 5: 

Our advice is not to get stuck in a specific place but give yourself the freedom to explore beyond popular destinations. So, visit Placencia with tons of diving spots, and it’s the closest point to the Great Blue Hole. In addition, there are several events and festivals held throughout the year in this seaside town, making it a perfect place for individuals who want to immerse themselves in Latin culture.

Day 6:

If you depart the next day, you might make this time dedicated to exploring nearby popular markets for souvenirs or other great domestic items, or you can head to San Ignacio to discover Maya archeological sites. Finally, stay here for your last night to be able to explore all of Caracol’s marvels.

Side tip: When packing your stuff before coming to Belize, be smart and pack just essential things because you will have to move a lot. If you don’t follow this step, your luggage will get you crazy! Belize is an adventure, not a night-theatre outing.

Day 7:

Get some great photographs with the locals and build great memories with your friends while laughing and drinking. Then bag your belongings and say goodbye to Belize.

*Visiting a cave or the nearby jungles would be a terrific option if you are there for more than a week. You may also spend more time in the various cities to take in all the sights and sounds.

11 Unforgettable Things to Do in Belize — Important Tips & Places to Stay

Top 11 Things to Do in Belize

There is more in Belize than just beaches or purest-water rafting. For people who are still wondering what top things to do in Belize, we have compiled some off-beaten pathways that will lead to discovering the best of Belize, and you may dream of coming back in the near future. So let’s get right into it.

  • Discover the most popular diving spots around the world: the Great Blue Hole

Make Caye Caulker your starting point to witness one of Belize’s wonders. Then rent a boat to the Great Blue Hole. Alternatively, head to Placencia, then book a group trip to the diving spot. Any words never describe a diving-in experience in this magical spot. 

We encourage you to join a group and board a shared boat to get to the Great Blue Hole. This voyage would cost you around $38; however, please keep in mind that the actual cost may vary based on how many diving sites you wish to visit, the season, and the swimming equipment you need.

What to expect?

It’s a priceless ecological treasure going beyond your expectations. “Oh, what…!” Your amazement will be such that you will most likely freeze in your position, I am sure of it. This adventure will be your central highlight point throughout your life.

Your journey under Caribbean waves will be between caves, walls, caverns, tunnels, colourful coral formations, and among many other endless sea life species.

  • One of the Gold Stars on Your Belize Journey: Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave 

One of the terrific spots for cave excursion, Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (ATM), is a place to wind down after a long day of touring across Belize. It is home to multiple extraordinary treasures. Located in Seven Miles El Progresso, Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave is the best way to uncover the mainland of this Central American country. 

The best way to describe Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave is to say that it’s the face of life that will permanently alter yours.

Get the cave from Belize City by taking a bus to Belmopan, then take a taxi or book a shuttle in advance that will take you to Teakettle Village. This village will be your only gate to get into the ATM cave. The cost will range from $5-$10 taking 1h 45m.

Another option is available; fly to San Ignacio from Belize City, then catch a taxi to Teakettle Village. This way will cost you roughly $110 – US$300, taking 50m.

What to expect?

It’s ideal to go caving in Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave in the dead of winter when everyone is off skiing or snuggled up in a warm duvet. The place is brimming with historical and natural sightseeings along with stalactites and stalagmites, offering a chance to spot landmarks you are most probably to explore for the first time in your life.

When you enter the cave, pay close attention to all gifts, notably the well-preserved pottery from the ancient Maya civilization.

The most convenient approach to discovering the cave is to contact a local agent who can organize a human guide tour, refreshments to eat during the day, transportation through the town, and admission costs, which start at $100.

  • Lose the Sight of the Shore & Explore the Underneath Wonderland: Snorkeling 

Many only snorkelling sites are scattered throughout the Belize sea. I am not exaggerating when saying that Belize has a handful of the best snorkelling experiences, not even in Central America, in the world, distilling uniqueness spelling blowing-mind splendours. The second-largest barrier reef, Belize, will give you access to tons of spots to witness many rich geological locations. But for the incomparable adventures, head to Hol Chan Marine Reserve, located in San Pedro, and South Water Caye Marine Reserve– located next to Ambergris Caye. Both come with a myriad of coral and tropical delights to discover, rippling throughout Belize’s coastline. *Please take time to thoroughly review the guidelines for visiting these protected areas in order to avoid disturbing the pristine habitat of these rare and beautiful fish since any dumb activities such as fishing have a negative impact on millions.

What to expect?

You will observe sea turtles coming in and out with a swathe of harmless sharks, cheerful stingrays, and other little colourful fish.

Belize is a mecca for every snorkelling enthusiast because its turquoise waters look like glass to see through all roaming species.

And don’t forget to include Shark Ray Alley on your itinerary, boasting thousands of nurse sharks, in which you will take loads of instagrammable photos.

Hedge against any unexpected scenarios and don’t rent a boat on your own. Instead, have fun with a group. It could be costly but trust me; it deserves a penny, roughly $133 including food and swimming suits. 

  • Book a Cruise Around Caye Caulker

Do you want what you need right now? Book the very first flight of the morning to Caye Caulker and stay in the heart of Caribbean waves until the sunset. Unquestionably, this trip will be one of the best things to do in Belize this vacation. It’s another way just to chill out, not caring about anything but soaking up this unforgettable moment. You don’t need to stay all day in this position; it might be a cruise to have your dinner in these incredible vibes at the end of the day.

Enjoy barbeque parties, create unrivalled Instagram reels, try fishing, or close your eyes and let the sunlight seep underneath your skin. I literally could go on, and on, and on, and on… to count on things you can do in Caye Caulker, Belize. Just be ready to spend approximately $90; it might include one meal. Just keep searching for the best deal offered by local providers.

What to expect?

Think of a sunset cruise in Caye Caulker; you’ll likely conjure up images of palm trees lining the city’s shore, sandy beaches, and a boat drifting through the ocean. Yes, you killed it. But, actually, it’s the best way to enjoy a vacation in Belize to see vibrant places, tropical beaches from another perspective.

However, this trip will take you to the western edge of the island to have the best vision of sunset blazing the sky with speechless golden hues glittering in all its glory.

  • Visiting Maya Temples Should be on Your Bucket List

Belize is home to one of the best Maya archaeological sights globally, Xunantunich, surrounded by dense jungles offering unbeatable views. The entire site oozing with intricate details will entice your curiosity to go deeper to discover all it has to offer.

Xunantunich lies in San Jose Succotz, and you have 2 ways to get to the Maya location from Belize City. First, fly to San Ignacio, then catch a cab to the historical site, taking 50m, costing $110 – $300.

Secondly, take a bus to Benque Viejo del Carmen, where you may then arrange a private shuttle that will transport you to Xunantunich. The whole travel would take 3 hours and 21 minutes and cost around $15.

With a sense of grandeur, make your way to head up to the highest point of this eleven thousand-year structure to take in the mystique of this unique country.

What to expect?

Fret not— if you come across iguanas along your way. They are super friendly and to be honest, they should be frightened of you. You are the person who invaded their quaint space. So when you climb this pyramid building, just be silent to marvel at the 360-degree view of unspoiled beauty.

  • Try Belizien Cuisines: Food is Another Nations’ Language  

You can explore the world in different ways. Some people take a non-stop journey by boot. Backpacking avid guys have already agreed that the best way is on foot along stretches of trails or scenic bike rides. My path to learning more about the world is to savour local cuisines. And when it comes to lobster, no place can offer you what you are about to taste. It’s the birthplace of lobster, or as I think— lobster is everywhere—No wonder about that since Belizians take their boats daily with one aim in their mind, lobster.

And to get the authentic experience of seafood, try out bbq lobster. But why do I list these top things to do in Belize? Obviously, it’s delicious, and fresh, and you will never find it anywhere else at this price. 

Asking about the best restaurants in Belize! There is a heap of seaside eateries, pubs, and cafes, but Corozo Blue’s should win the best of all. Check the menu before you go and if it suits you, make a stop there for a perfect treat.

What to expect?

Most local restaurants serve lobster feats all day with Latin intense flavors that will push you to order the same dish every day. (Kidding! Let yourself relish in rich Belize culinary.) An abundance of yummy platers is waiting for you.

  • A Trip to Barton Creek Cave is a Must

Each cave in Belize will lead to unforgettable experiences. Geological relics and natural reservoirs are everywhere as your sightseeing adventures take you around passages through mysterious holes covered with speleothems.

Located in Cayo District, Barton Creek Cave will allow you to trace nature’s footprints throughout earlier decades. Otherwise, you have two ways to reach this tourist attraction from Belize City; a flight to San Ignacio and then book a car or shuttle in advance with any local providers. With the cost of $110 – $300, the entire journey will take about Fly 1h 3m. And be ready to pay an extra $95 for a professional tour guide, clothing, and entry fees.

And don’t go far from the guided tour to join an educational time of how these fascinating formations built up and what we have to do to keep them healthy.

The features of Barton Creek Cave qualify it to be one of the hotspots in Belize for daredevils. 

What to expect?

The trip through Barton Creek Cave will take you to the mouth of the cave exploring fabled corners of legendary natural heritage. If you don’t mind swimming in these natural ponds and moors, please do to get all remote stretches and make most of your time here.

  • Really Offbeaten Destinations: Let’s Go to Magincient Cayes (Tabacco Caye)

Every country has its own flavor and characteristics. The baseline of Belize’s character is its cays with rare magnificent sceneries, secluded beaches, and wild, romantic mountains. Most visitors mark Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye as a high priority and overlook a must-go island Tabacco Caye. Camping on a beach or attempting to spend the night in a colourful humble cabin are just some of the unusual experiences you’ll have. Finally, you will go off to sleep while listening to the peaceful sounds of pounding waves and awakened by the tweets of majestic birds. 

During the night, you will be able to see millions of stars strewn over the most clear sky you have ever seen.

Tobacco Caye is situated on the northern side of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, an idyllic gateway teeming with plenty of activities. And the only way to reach the island is by ferry for $20, taking 30-40m. *Please note that the ferry service is not run regularly, and you will need to book it ahead of time.

What to expect?

Indeed, it’s impossible to get bored while exploring this small island. So split your time between kayaking, snorkelling, surfing, paddleboarding, etc. And invest in guided tours to know more about the complex ecosystem of coral barries and exceptional wildlife.

  • It’s Time for Hiking: Laughing Bird Caye National Park

When creating a guide to the best things to do in Belize, Laughing Bird Caye National Park should definitely be part of it. Indeed, one of the treats of Belize and another of its great attraction is its solitude covering all locations you hit. This calm spirit emits from its vibrant forests filled with memorable things to see and do. 

This park comes among Placencia tourist destinations. However, it’s not a typical park with just wildlife, flora, and fauna. Also, it has a gorgeous beach with a tropical sense. That’s why it has gained unprecedented international importance. Wherever you turn, your eyes will catch unparalleled vistas of the island from its many vantage points.

However, the only way to get to the park is by a 30-minute boat tour of Placencia shore. And the entire journey might set you back with an average of $120.  

What to expect?

Whether you choose to stretch on a beach or hit historical spots around the island or explore remote landscapes, you’ll find they all have continuous activities. But before the sun goes down, grab a drink of your choice and savour the moment.

This park gives you several exclusive access to uncover its rich natural and cultural heritage due to its exceptional range of naturalistic habitats.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, please leave it in pristine condition.

  • Immerse Yourself in Belize’s Culture: San Pedro

With its profound sense of authentic culture and sparkling ocean waters, San Pedro is accessible by a domestic flight, a ferry from the capital, or take a cheap scenic flight from Dan Rica. This flight is a journey in itself that you will treat your eyes with turquoise sheets of waves crashing ashore, embracing colourful houses and other dare activities.

There is an abundance of things you can do in San Pedro, Belize. But, to help you plan your stay, we encourage you to have a stroll through the city, hit popular markets, and organize a barbeque feast on the beach. And, of course, it’s home to all kinds of watersports. And be concerned about what you can eat here. Wherever you go, you can pick fresh fruits and vegetables to bite along your way. In addition, a handful of restaurants and local bars have lined the shore if you yearn for a big meal.

What to expect?

A typical tropical atmosphere is what you can expert from San Pedro. This island is situated within the Caribbean sea and offers walks, solace, wildlife, geology treasure, and plenty of luxury and mid-budget lodgings. At first glance, you can see it’s a modest destination to spend a vacation, but once you wave into its long trails coming with all the must-see attractions, you will see that the island boasts a number of upscale resorts with decent private beaches. And it can set you back with a bunch of dollars.

  • Pay a Visit to Best National Parks: Chiquibul Forest Reserve

One of the battlefields where the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) forces fought against wildlife trafficking, Chiquibul Forest Reserve, is a must-visit natural refuge. And if there is one reason for these illegal actions against nature, it would be how rich Chiquibul is.

*This spot is highly-protected nowadays, but it’s always better to come here with a companion or a local guide.

Chiquibul Forest Reserve is the largest natural reserve in Belize, stretching to 1,073 km2, as part of the Mayan mountains— located in the Cayo District.

Dating from thousands of years ago, this park houses spots and geological designations, and limestone formations could be the oldest across the globe. However, it has turned to be public national park during the 90s. 

There is no direct way to get to Chiquibul Forest Reserve. It’s better to book a private shuttle to take you to the park. Or, for less pricy options, take a public bus from Belize City to Benque Viejo del Carmen, then take a private ride to your destination.

What to expect?

Chiquibul Forest Reserve is made up of Hills, spacious green spaces, and splendid views. Your adventure would start since you pass through the Guacamallo bridge to get to the reserve, one of the most remote spaces in Belize brimming with unbelievable natural miracles. Then, follow literary trails blazed by Mountain Pine Ridge and vast valleys where extinct creatures and birds may be seen roaming peacefully in the surrounding environment. Bird watchers can not miss it since exotic species can only be found here.

Do you want to know more about the best places to visit in Central America? Then, you’re at the right place! We have prepared a guide to explore this pleasant corner of the world with the best things to do all the time. Also, don’t forget to share your photos and memories from your last journey around the world.  

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