Knockagh Monument is a large war memorial in County Antrim which is located on the top of Knockagh Hill and offers amazing views of the landscape below. Visitors can see out to Carrickfergus, Jordanstown, Monkstown, Whiteabbey – lots of Monkstown and into Belfast. You can also see in the distance the shores of Holywood and further. Its a great spot for watching the ships come in and out of Belfast Harbour.

The site of Knockagh monument is 390 meters above sea level and it is considered the largest war memorial in Northern Ireland. So definitely a reason why this should always be on the list of places to visit in Antrim. This monument is 110-foot high basalt obelisk and is a replica of the Wellington Monument in Phoenix Park  Dublin. Although it’s almost half the height.

Knockagh Monument County Antrim - 360 Degree Video - Sunrise Over Belfast on Top of Knockagh Hill
Knockagh Monument County Antrim - 360 Degree Video - Sunrise Over Belfast on Top of Knockagh Hill

One of the other things we love about Knockagh monument in addition to the scenery that one will get the chance to have while being up there on top of the hill is the fact that it was made to show some respect for those who were fighting for their country - we really do appreciate these kinds of people.Well worth a trip to see the views alone - it can be popular at peak times and often see people running and cycling up here at the weekends.This place is all about the monument, which means that it might not take a lot of time from your visit since you will check the monument, take a couple of pictures, and then leave yourself to the amazing view of Carrickfergus and Belfast which you will be faced with - that was exactly the reason why this trip might have taken more time than expected from us, but we still love it there and loved the view it offers - the location chosen for it is actually the best thing about the whole trip.


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