Wicklow Town: The Heart of County Wicklow, Ireland

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County Wicklow is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ireland but what’s even more special is Wicklow town. A small but friendly Irish town filled with colourful streets, stunning old churches and monasteries and not forgetting its lively harbour where boats come and go. 

Wicklow Town is one of the top places to visit when exploring the County of Wicklow where the famous black castle overlooks the harbour. A place that is very much popular with nature lovers and walkers with the many lovely views are on offer all around you.

Things to see and do in Wicklow Town

Wicklow Gaol

One of the top attractions in Wicklow Town is the once historic Wicklow Gaol that has now being transformed into a visitors museum. It is considered one of Ireland’s best interactive gaol museum experiences. While you are here you’ll uncover the fascinating history surrounding this jail as you are given a unique look at how prison life once was for Irish citizens.

The Wicklow Gaol in Wicklow Town
The Wicklow Gaol in Wicklow Town

Guided Tours are led by experienced and lively actors, who help bring aspects of the history of the gaol to life, in a fun way that you’ll not quickly forget.

Opening Times and Prices of Wicklow Gaol

  • Monday to Sunday – 10:30am – 4:30pm (February to November)
  • Monday to Sunday – 11am – 3:30pm (December to January)

* Timings and opening dates may change. Check out the Wicklow Gaol for more Information.


  • Adult: €9.50
  • Child: €6.50
  • Family: €26
  • Student/Senior Citizen: €8

There are also free audio guides in the following languages: French, Spanish, Italian, German and English.

Wicklow Head

Just on the outskirts of Wicklow Town, you’ll come across the alluring Wicklow Head and standing tall you’ll see the Wicklow Head Lighthouse that dramatically overlooks Wicklows stunning coastline.

It is one of around 70 Irish lighthouses looked after by the Commissioners of Irish Lights, it has played an important role in keeping the Wicklow’s coastline safe since 1781.

What’s even more to love about this Irish lighthouse is that you can even choose to stay overnight, home to six beautiful octagonal rooms that give you mesmerising views of the Irish coastline and the surrounding Wicklow countryside. This is one of those unique experiences that you can’t pass up. 

Black Castle

While in Wicklow Town, take a visit to the Black Castle ruins, standing on a rocky area overlooking the sea. The castle has a colourful past, often changing ownership and under constant attack from the local Irish clans back in the 1200s and 1300s. Sadly the castle was burnt three times that have left it in its current ruins as you’ll see on your visit

But there is still full access to the black castle ruins, although very little remains, the views on offer are the true gem. The area around the ruins has been redesigned with some ancient cannons added. It’s an important part of Wicklow Towns history which makes it worth visiting.

The Haplin Trail

One of Wicklow Towns most famous faces is Robert Charles Haplin, consider as magnificent 19th-century Mariner. Along the Haplin Trail which was created in his honour, it will take you through his life work and travels. Walk in the footsteps of one of the Wicklows most treasured people and taken in the beauty the town has to offer.

Along the Haplin Trail, you will see attractions that include the Bridge Tavern, Tinakilly House, Halpins Memorial at Fitzwilliam Square and more.

Fitzpatrick Pub 

Every small Irish town has a local pub that’s a favourite spot with the locals, well this is Fitzpatrick’s Pub. A traditional cosy Irish pub in the heart of Wicklow Town, where the bar staff are friendly and will make you feel right at home. Relax here, get to know the locals, have a drink, as every Irish bar has its own unique atmosphere that makes it worth visiting.

Mount Usher Gardens

Wicklow is renown as the ‘Garden of Ireland’ meaning you can’t pass up an opportunity to see some of its gorgeous gardens on display.  Mount Ushers Gardens is a true gem to enjoy, one of only three gardens given a top rating by renown UK’s ‘The Good Garden Guide.’

Mount Usher is one of the most spectacular gardens, not just in Wicklow but in all of Ireland that will truly leave you in awe. The Wicklow gardens offer some of the finest ‘Robinsonian’ styled gardens with a unique collection of trees and shrubs. Everywhere you turn in Mount Usher Garden there is an explosion of colour and beauty to capture your attention.

Once you’ve finished exploring the gardens, stop off at the lovely Avoca Garden Cafe, where food is served daily, seven days a week in a beautiful setting.

The Gem of Wicklow

Wicklow Town may be small but it’s full of life, things to see and appreciate that will make your Irish trip even more special. Make sure to add Wicklow Town on your list of places to visit in Ireland, you’ll definitely not be disappointed.

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