Where was An Irish Goodbye filmed? Check out these 3 amazing counties throughout Northern Ireland 

Updated On: May 12, 2023

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An Irish Goodbye was filmed primarily in Northern Ireland. It follows the story of two brothers as they cope with the loss of their mother and begin to repair their estranged relationship with one another.

The film was funded by NI Screen and was a low-budget production. It has been a great success, winning an Oscar for Best Short Film and a BAFTA Award for Best British Short Film. Despite only having four characters in its entirety, it’s a heartwarming story that touches the hearts of the audience.

The filmography of An Irish Goodbye perfectly encapsulates countryside living in modern Ireland. It touches on the realities of maintaining a farm and the hard labour that it so requires. The film also covers the cultural expectations of Ireland and the character’s journey in navigating them.

The setting of An Irish Goodbye also does a great job of portraying the sense of isolation that sometimes comes with rural living and the difficulties associated with that type of lifestyle. In the context of the film, it also resembles the fact that the two brothers are stuck with one another until they reach a compromise. 

Where was An Irish Goodbye filmed? 

Check out the filming locations of An Irish Goodbye below, which showcase the rural beauty and countryside that Ireland is best known for. If you happen to visit these filming locations, we’ve also provided some information on things you can do whilst there.

County Derry 

County Derry was one of the main filming locations for An Irish Goodbye. It is a city full of rich history and local NI culture, in 2013, it was even named the U.K.’s City of Culture.

County Derry has many interesting tourist destinations that are well worth the visit. If you happen to be in the city, be sure to check out the following:

Derry City Walls

These defensive walls date back to the plantation of James I and were built in 1613. Years of brutal history are contained within these bricks and they remain today as one of the best-preserved fortifications in all of Europe. 

An Irish Goodbye filming locations

Museum of Free Derry

The Museum of Free Derry tells the story of Derry’s turbulent past and what the city has to go through in order to become what it is today. Visitors will hear about the tragedies of the civil rights struggle, including key moments in its history such as Blood Sunday. 

An Irish Goodbye filming locations

If you’re in the city, don’t forget to check out this blog for the best food in Derry that’s being served in the local bars and restaurants. If you’re stopping by for more than one night, why not check out these hotels in Derry. 

County Down

County Down is another filming location used for the set of An Irish Goodbye. It borders the Irish Coast and is best known for its scenic coastal views and of course, the breathtaking  Mourne Mountains. If you’re in County Down anytime soon, be sure to check out the following hidden spots and tourist attractions:


Saintfield is a town located in County Down, it was used as one of the main filming locations in An Irish Goodbye. The town is a religious civil parish village that maintains much of the traditional Irish charm such as stone-built houses and cobbled paths. 

If you’re ever visiting the quaint town, be sure to check out Rowallane Gardens, an amazing well maintained garden that’s full of mature trees, green banks and mystical woodlands. 

An Irish Goodbye filming locations

Mourne Mountains

We have to recommend a trip to the Mounre Mountains if you’re in County Down, and although they are the highest mountain ranges in all of Northern Ireland, you don’t need to be an advanced hiker in order to appreciate its beauty, as there is a lot to admire at the foot of the mountain.

An Irish Goodbye filming locations

Mount Stewart

Mount Stewart is an impressively stately home that was owned by the 7th Marchioness Edith, Lady Londonderry. It features a range of magnificent gardens on its premises and offers splendid views that overlookStangford Lough. Mount Stewart was even voted as one of the Top Ten Gardens in the World.  

An Irish Goodbye filming locations

County Antrim 

County Antrim was another filming location in An Irish Goodbye. The County is home to some of the most amazing sights in Ireland, offering up scenic views of breathtaking landscapes and coastal viewpoints. 

If you’re visiting County Antrim anytime soon, be sure to add the following tourist spots to your list, you won’t be disappointed:

Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge

This swaying Carrick-A-Rede bridge connects two coastal rocks near the town of Ballintoy. It stands at 30 metres high and overlooks the crashing waves below. This is a truly terrifying yet thrilling experience and not something you will quickly forget!

Giants Causeway 

The Giants Causeway is shrouded in mythical legends of Irish Giants such as Finn MacCool,  who apparently built the Giants Causeway as a path to meet his Scottish Giant rival across the water. It is now deemed as a world heritage site and a scientific marvel that was created when molten lava cooled on the site, forming the rocks we know today. 

An Irish Goodbye filming locations

Glens of Antrim

There is a total of none Glens of Antrim, each with their own unique story, mythical legend and historial past. These Glens are sure to impress you with scenic views of rolling green hills and stunning coastal paths. 

An Irish Goodbye filming locations

Visiting Ireland

Ireland is a land full of culture, history and jaw-dropping nature. It’s clear to see why it’s such a popular option for filmmakers, with recent Hollywood films such as Dungeons and Dragons and Dischanted choosing it as their main filming set. 
Check out this blog if you would like to hear about the film An Irish Goodbye or if you’d like to find out what exactly is meant by the term phrase “An Irish Goodbye”.

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