What Does “Hospitality” Mean?

A blue table setting with silverware - Hospitality

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The word ‘Hospitality’ is a general term used for a single industry that is growing year on year. This industry is commonly known to have four separate segments within it that are all very similar in many ways and the fact they all link to tourism.

Red table setting with silverware and glasses
Red table setting with silverware and glasses

These segments include the food and drinks industry, the travel and tourism industry, the hotel and hostel industry and the recreation industry. The industry itself is built on the leisure of others, including the needs and wants of others. 

The Definition

Many different people have their own definition of the word ‘hospitality’. The overall general definition of the word is the ability to welcome or host others in a friendly and generous reception.

That could mean hosting people at a restaurant, an amusement park, a hotel and even public transport.

A ticket-selling booth at the fun fair - Hospitality jobs
A ticket-selling booth at the fun fair

What is Good Hospitality?

Following on from the definition, good hospitality is always the goal of every business and individual who works in the industry. 

The likes of unfriendliness and hostile environment are frowned upon in the industry, due to the implications it can cause. Bad hospitality can lead to bad reviews, bad recommendations and a low volume of returning customers.

A blurred image of people at a street fair
A blurred image of people at a street fair

Therefore, in this particular industry, staff and owners who offer products, or a service should know the difference between good and bad hospitality because it can lead to job losses and businesses failing.

If staff aren’t hospitable, it’s probably in the best interest of the business to sack that staff member. By doing so feelings within the workplace may get better and hospitality rates may get better.

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