What Does “Hospitality Jobs” Mean?

Hospitality jobs

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What is “Hospitality Jobs”?

The hospitality industry is filled with many roles across many different segments of the industry such as the hotel industry, catering and restaurant industry and the event industry. 

There are many jobs at restaurants
There are many jobs at restaurants

Many of these industries cross paths as they are very similar. Some of the most common job roles within the hospitality industry include front of house jobs, chefs, managers, waiters, porters and housekeepers.

Almost anyone can gain experience within the industry, with many entry level roles as well as high ranking, managerial roles.

Most Common Entry Level Roles

There are many entry level roles within the hospitality industry. These are roles ideal for young and inexperienced people. Commonly, you will find a lot of students within these roles.

Entry level roles include servers, porters, front-of-house staff, sous chefs and cleaning staff. These roles have little or no influence on the running of the business such as the processes and finances but are vital to the everyday activities. Without staff in these roles, the business would struggle to progress in the tough industry.

Chef preparing food as one of the hospitality jobs
Chef preparing food as one of the hospitality jobs

A trend that is commonly seen within these roles is a high turnover of staff. This is due to a lot of staff within these positions moving further in their education, into higher ranking jobs or moving locations.

Many of these jobs will be the lowest paid within the industry itself, with many within these positions being on minimum wage depending on which country, state or county they live in.

Mid-Ranking Hospitality Jobs

Further up in the pecking order within more mid-tier hospitality jobs. These jobs have more responsibility within the business. With the higher responsibility, people within these roles are typically paid well for their role.

Roles within this tier would include the likes of supervisors, assistants, specialist roles, sales and leaders. These roles can help businesses run more smoothly. They help managers and assistant managers with their daily activities. A prime example would be a Chef de Partie in a restaurant; they are a key part of the kitchen team, but they are not in charge of the entire kitchen’s operations.

High-Ranking Hospitality Jobs

The highest-ranking roles within the hospitality industry would be the likes of managers, directors, assistant managers as well as the owners of the business.

The highest ranking hospitality jobs in the hospitality industry are managers, directors and assistant managers
The highest ranking hospitality jobs in the hospitality industry are managers, directors and assistant managers

These roles will be the highest earners within the business but will also have the most responsibility. These roles should have a complete control of the business including the overseeing of all the finances, staff and customers.

Furthering Your Career in Hospitality

People can further their career within the hospitality industry progressing through the lower paid jobs to the higher paid jobs.

The industry in known for having young managers, supervisors and assistant managers.

Other than climbing the hospitality job ladder, people can pursue their hospitality career through education, with many colleges and universities offering courses in business and hospitality management.

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