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From stunning Alpine hikes in Switzerland to navigating the cobblestone streets of Paris, Western Europe promises a truly unique and adventurous travel experience, thanks to its varied cultural richness and incredible architectural heritage. 

With delicious cuisine ranging from delicate French pastry to fancy dishes covered with mouth-watering Swiss cheese, outdoor activities like kayaking and mountain climbing, and centuries-old ruins to explore – Western Europe has something to offer everyone. 

Don’t wait any longer – gather your bags, plan your itinerary, and be on your way to the ultimate adventure both indoors and outdoors; you definitely won’t regret the time spent in Western Europe!

When is the best time to go on a tour through Western Europe? 

With its range of attractions and activities, Western Europe provides quite a unique experience regardless of when you visit. Between the bustling nightlife in Amsterdam, snow-capped mountain peaks in Switzerland, and fancy shorelines along the Mediterranean in Monaco, there’s something to be enjoyed every season in Western Europe. 

Suppose you prefer to travel during the summer months to let loose and go wild. Western Europe offers a wealth of outdoor adventures just waiting to be explored – take your pick between kayaking through its majestic waterways, hiking up stunning mountains, or exploring the beautiful wildlife with some nature watching. Have fun swimming in crystal clear waters and challenge yourself by tackling exciting climbs as you soak in what this remarkable region has to offer!

During the colder months, you can take advantage of discounted accommodations while experiencing holiday treats like hot cocoa and mulled wine and festivals lit up by string lights. That is in addition to winter outdoor activities such as skiing, which is especially fascinating in Switzerland. Regardless of when you choose to go, a tour through Western Europe is sure to be quite a memorable experience.

The Culture of Western Europe

Home to some of history’s most influential people, Western Europe is a subregion brimming with culture and tradition. These range from spectacular pieces of architecture enjoyed by tourists worldwide – such as The Louvre in Paris or Rijksmuseum Amsterdam – to celebrated works created by iconic artists like Van Gogh, Monet, and Rembrandt. Not only have these incredible creatives impacted our present-day lives through their paintings, but so too has music – Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and Brahms’ Hungarian Dances are some of the many masterpieces that originated from this special place on earth. 

Western Europe has long been seen as a cultural powerhouse; however, its contributions extend far beyond this legacy. This fruitful land is also just as well known for producing trendsetting fashion labels like Christian Dior and Chanel. In addition to renowned contemporary artists such as Pierre Huyghe or Luc Tuymans. Western European culture remains one of the world’s defining forces on artistry in all forms, even still!

Uncovering the rich heritage of Western Europe continues to inspire generations to this very day, as its culture truly remains one of the world’s most defining forces on artistry in all forms. 

Western European Countries 

Western Europe is a kaleidoscope of culture and wonder, made up of nine diverse countries where you can experience everything from the awe-inspiring architecture in Austria to Luxembourg’s lush landscapes. From France’s spectacular cuisine and museums to Belgium’s cutting-edge design scene – there is something for everyone!

Explore each nation independently or take an unforgettable journey across them all – no matter what your preference will be, it won’t disappoint. Discover Western Europe today: prepare yourself for that amazing adventure ahead!


Discover Austria, a country of breathtaking scenery and timeless charm. Explore Vienna‘s fairytale palaces and picture-perfect streetscapes, or venture further to uncover the hidden jewels of this Alpine wonderland. Take in rolling hills, lush valleys, and majestic mountain peaks dotted with alpine lodges – all set against crystal-clear lakes that mirror the natural beauty around them! Austria will captivate you at every turn with its idyllic landscapes and cultural treasures waiting to be explored.

Take a cultural journey to Germany right in Austria and explore its many facets – from immersing yourself in the historic atmosphere of rustic architecture to indulging your culinary desires with local cuisine treats. Delight in stunning artwork found throughout art galleries, museums, and sculptures that will leave you feeling both inspired and humbled. 

For those who prefer a more cosy environment – seek refuge within an enchanting old-style hotel by warming up near the fireplaces and experiencing old Austria up close. Discover why people flock here for unique experiences ranging from small restaurants to world-renowned Michelin-star houses!

For centuries, Austria has been steeped in the vibrancy of music. From high-energy ball dances to soulful opera performances featuring timeless Viennese Waltz melodies, this country’s culture is infused with musical passion. 

There are infinite possibilities for discovery as you plan your dream road trip through majestic Austrian landscapes. One thing for sure is that an unforgettable experience that reveals something undeniably charming awaits you at every turn!


Belgium is the ideal destination for travellers seeking an authentic Western European experience. This beautiful country is sure to draw the attention of any adventurer with its rich culture, magnificent landscape, and captivating fairytale villages. From ancient castles and relevant cathedrals to bustling markets and lively cities, tourists of all types are guaranteed to have the time of their lives in Belgium. 

Famous for its picturesque architecture, visiting the fairytale village of Flanders is bound to bring a sense of Old World admiration to any passport holder. Likewise, adventurers strolling through the green hills and fields have awe-inspiring panoramic views owed to Belgium’s expansive countryside and northern coastlines that serve as breathtaking backdrops.

Immerse yourself in the great culture and scenery when visiting Belgium! Experience top-notch cuisine, savour exquisite drinks, and attend colourful festivals with locals that are always more than willing to lend a hand. A trip here is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience like no other and is sure to surpass your expectations at every turn. So make sure this majestic destination makes it onto your bucket list for the perfect getaway!


Western Europe

From the urban buzz of Paris to its stunning architectural panoramas, France is a whimsical and awe-inspiring haven for travellers from near and far. Visit “The City of Lights” to explore centuries-old cobblestone pathways dripping with cultural energy or set sail westward towards the Louvre Museum for some of the most magnificent cultural and historic masterpieces in Europe and the world. Seeking something even more iconic? Step inside Notre Dame Cathedral – an exquisite testament to 8th-century Gothic architecture that will capture your heart and inspire wonderment at every turn!

Cruise down the winding rivers of Europe and discover hidden gems, such as quaint bistros and lively local dance hubs that have been kept alive for generations. Enjoy engaging conversations with locals while taking in breathtaking views on a bike ride through towns bursting with colour. All of this culminates in reaching one-of-a-kind destinations like The French Riviera, where you can experience a centuries-old journey full of delightful moments waiting to be explored!

France is the perfect destination for travellers searching for an idyllic seaside getaway. With stunning beaches like those around St Tropez and sparkling waters ideal for swimming or snorkelling, France’s Mediterranean coast offers something to suit every taste! Step away from sunbathing to explore a captivating landscape full of fascinating sites and landmarks, then take pleasure in its glamorous nightlife scene with clubs that are sure to keep you spellbound. Come experience this diverse nation – it will make all your vacation dreams come true! No matter what one experiences in this beautiful country, there’s no denying that it certainly lives up to its name as La Belle France!


Western Europe

Germany welcomes adventurers of all kinds to explore its stunning and diverse landscapes. Boasting the fourth largest European expanse, visitors can discover hidden gems beyond bustling cities like Berlin – from breathtaking mountainscapes to quaint coastal towns. A truly unforgettable experience awaits those that venture within Germany’s borders!

Germany has been a beloved nation for centuries, treasured by countless visitors from around the world. Immersing oneself in its vibrant culture is an unforgettable experience. That’s why it is no surprise that so many choose to take time away from their daily grind to make a place for this country on their bucket list destinations!

For those looking to explore Germany’s unique atmosphere and culture, the country offers an array of diverse experiences. Journey through Bavaria or Saxony for a taste of medieval grandeur; stroll down quaint streets filled with bustling bars in Munich city centre, or enjoy captivating winter activities that fill your soul! Whatever you choose, one thing is certain: it will be pure German magic.


Located between Austria and Switzerland in Western Europe, Liechtenstein is an impressive yet intimate destination that effortlessly combines spectacular scenery with cultural attractions. Make way for hundreds of unforgettable experiences and discover the remarkable charm found only within this tiny principality.

Snowcapped mountain expansions make up its picturesque landscape, which contains quaint medieval villages, glistening river sides, and resplendent castles. Getting ready to embark on your European journey? Be sure to make time to explore the hidden beauties of Liechtenstein. 

No matter the season you choose to go, you will, for sure, have the time of your life in this small yet awesome land. During winter months, you can relish skiing down majestic mountainsides. And in the summer, you can catch some warm sunny rays lounging lakeside while overlooking a truly breathtaking view! There truly is something here to pique anyone’s interest!


Nestled in Western Europe, Luxembourg is an absolute marvel of natural beauty. Its lush forests sing in harmony with the expansive Moselle valley, while jaw-droppingly grand gorges offer a tantalizing experience around every corner! Moreover, it’s sure to titillate both intrepid seekers and holidaymakers alike with its road trails fit for savvy sightseers and tireless biking tracks that take you through some of nature’s most gorgeous wonders. 

Nowhere is this more apparent than in its nearly limitless catalogue of vistas. Peering out over its rocky enchantments, humming streams, phenomenal landscapes, and ethereal horizons give you a kaleidoscopic outlook into nature— one indisputably tailored to stir the hearts of any traveller! No matter what adventure you seek, Luxembourg provides poetic treats with plenty of stories to relish for lifetimes to come.


Western Europe

Monaco is a luxurious destination on the Mediterranean Sea – famously known as “The Serene Republic”. This small principality might be the second smallest nation in the world, but it attracts visitors from all over looking for opulence and luxury. Fancy cars roaming along its streets, extravagant shopping malls with exclusive designer boutiques, glamorous yacht-filled harbours dotting its coastline, and of course, Monaco’s jewel – The Casino de Monte Carlo; are among some of the most exquisite sights one can witness while visiting this incredible crowning glory.

Monte Carlo also has an array of architectural wonders, such as the Prince’s Palace and the opera house. That is in addition to several beautiful nature reserves extremely rich in biodiversity located around Monaco that allows visitors to dive deep into some of nature’s most exquisite wonders! 


Western Europe

The Netherlands, located in northwestern Europe, is an extremely fascinating and unique land where biking is the favourite mode of transport. From the creative genius of Rembrandt, to Van Gogh and Vermeer’s timeless masterpieces; the Dutch culture is renowned for its impressive artistry. And it doesn’t end there; flowing canals and unique gable roofs are just some features of Amsterdam that make this city truly captivating. It comes as no surprise why visitors flock here from all across Europe!

Popular activities that can and should be tried and enjoyed in the Netherlands include eating ‘stroopwafels’ and exploring the country’s iconic idyllic canals and gorgeous tulip fields. This small country is packed with historical sites, natural parks, and miles of bicycle paths unparalleled anywhere else in Europe. So, to say it deserves a place at the top of your Europe itinerary is an understatement. 


Blessed with truly gorgeous nature, Switzerland‘s beautiful lakes, rolling hills, and incredible alps make this small western European country feel massive and magnificent. 

Home to mountain villages and hillside dwellings, the country is split into three main geographic regions: the Jura, the Central Plateau, and the Swiss Alps (which occupies about 60% of Switzerland). 

Thanks to its impressive nature and biodiversity, it’s no surprise that activity seekers flock to Switzerland for skiing holidays and other sports such as hiking and mountaineering. Switzerland is a stunning winter paradise, offering adrenaline-filled ski trips and breathtaking views of the majestic Alps. With its handful of highly acclaimed resorts, it’s no wonder why this European country has become an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere! With strikingly beautiful snowfall from December to April and a breathtaking panorama of mountainside views, an adventure on these awe-inspiring slopes will take your breath away!

Moreover, for more adventurous spirits, there are plenty of hiking trails crisscrossing the landscape that provide stunning views of Lake Geneva, the Mischabel range, and the Jungfrau region. 

However, if you are looking to treat your appetite, not just your soul, then Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese surely deserve a spot on their own in your Switzerland itinerary – they are worth every bit of the hype.

Switzerland is a land of breathtaking landscapes, remarkable culture, and delectable cuisine that will leave an imprint on your heart. Once you have experienced Switzerland’s hospitality and beauty firsthand, it is sure to never be forgotten. 

Western Europe is truly a sight to behold; its picturesque landscapes, extraordinary history and culture make it a truly intriguing place to visit. Whether you explore busy cities or peaceful countryside, the locals are sure to keep your experience memorable with their polite demeanour and lovely fashion sense. When visiting this remarkable part of Europe, don’t forget to savour the flavours that come along with typical Western European cuisine; you may just discover some lifelong beloved dishes in the process.  

While visiting Western Europe is undoubtedly a great adventure, one can find equal excitement further east. So if you’re feeling adventurous after exploring all that Western Europe has to offer, then our helpful travel guide on Eastern Europe will be just what you need!

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