What to Pack for the Weather in Ireland in June + 10 Tips

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Contemplating an Irish escapade this June, but a bit nervous about what the weather may entail? This is a concern that many of us fearfully ponder over, particularly given Ireland’s infamous reputation for unpredictable weather patterns.

However, there’s no need to be overwhelmed—armed with insights from meteorological data and local knowledge, we’re going to decipher the capricious nature of the weather in Ireland in June together.

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This blog post will provide key information regarding average temperatures and practical tips on suitable attire and activities during June in Ireland. Ready to get started? Let’s delve into all you need to know about embracing summer in the glorious Emerald Isle!

Weather in Ireland in June

If you’re planning a trip to Ireland in June, you’ve chosen an intriguing month to experience this beautiful country. June marks a fascinating transition in Ireland’s weather, blending spring’s freshness with summer’s anticipation. Let’s explore what you can expect in terms of temperatures, daylight, and historical weather patterns across different regions.

Seasonal Overview: June in Ireland is a Transitional Month

June in Ireland is a delightful in-between period where the landscape is lush green from the recent spring rains, and the days are stretching out towards the peak of summer. It’s a time of blossoming flowers, vibrant foliage, and an overall sense of renewal in nature. The weather in Ireland can be quite changeable, adding an element of unpredictability to your adventures.

Average Temperatures and Daylight Hours in June

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Weather in Ireland in June

In terms of temperatures, June brings mild, sunny, and pleasant weather to most parts of Ireland. Average daytime highs range from 15°C to 20°C (59°F to 68°F), making it ideal for outdoor activities without feeling too hot or too cold. The evenings can be slightly cooler, with average lows of 11°C/52°F, which is generally comfortable for exploring the charming towns and coastal vistas. Don’t forget to bring a light jacket or sweater for those cooler evenings.

One of the best things about June in Ireland is the extended daylight hours. During this month, the sun sets late, providing ample time for sightseeing or enjoying a leisurely evening stroll along the coastline. You’ll have nearly 17 hours of daylight to soak up the stunning scenery and make the most of your Irish adventure.

Historical Weather Data for June in Various Regions of Ireland

When it comes to weather in different parts of Ireland, there are some intriguing variations due to the country’s diverse geography. Along the western coasts, including places like Galway and Donegal, June tends to be slightly cooler with more frequent rainfall. The Atlantic influence brings a refreshing breeze and occasional drizzles that create those iconic misty landscapes.

On the eastern side, around Dublin and Wicklow, June can be a tad warmer and drier compared to the west. This region often experiences more sunshine and milder sea temperatures, making it popular for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Inland regions such as the midlands and counties like Kilkenny and Tipperary might see slightly higher temperatures and less rainfall, offering a different perspective of Ireland’s countryside with rolling green hills and serene lakes.

Weather Patterns in June

Now that we’ve set the stage with a seasonal overview let’s dive into the weather patterns specifically tailored for June in Ireland.

Rainfall Statistics and Patterns

Ah, rain—the unofficial soundtrack of Ireland. June, fortunately, tends to be one of the drier months, but that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter a shower or two (or maybe a bit more, depending on your location). On average, rainfall varies across the country, with western regions like Connemara and Kerry experiencing more frequent showers due to their proximity to the Atlantic. Expect around 60 to 80 mm of rainfall spread throughout the month, often in short, refreshing bursts contributing to Ireland’s lush green landscapes.

Frequency and Duration of Sunshine

Sunshine in Ireland is like a precious gem—cherished when it appears. June offers a decent amount of sunshine, with daylight hours stretching long into the evening. On average, you can anticipate around 5 to 6 hours of sunshine per day, with more sunny spells in the eastern and southeastern parts of the country. When the sun does make an appearance, be sure to seize the moment and bask in its golden glow against the backdrop of rolling hills and shimmering lakes.

Variability and Unpredictability of Weather Systems

One of the charms (or challenges, depending on your perspective) of Irish weather is its variability. June is no exception. You might wake up to clear blue skies, only to witness a sudden sprinkle of rain by midday, followed by a magical rainbow arching across the horizon. The weather can change rapidly, so it’s wise to pack layers and be prepared for a bit of everything—sunshine, clouds, wind, and rain—all within the span of a day.

The unpredictability, however, adds an element of excitement to your adventures. Embrace the ever-changing weather as part of the Irish experience, and don’t let a few raindrops dampen your spirits. After all, there’s something poetic about walking through misty landscapes and cosying up in a snug pub with a warm cuppa.

What to Pack for June in Ireland

As you prepare for your journey, let’s chat about some handy tips to navigate the weather and pack like a savvy explorer.

1. Embrace Layering

Irish weather is famously changeable, so layering is your best friend. Start with a light base layer, add a cosy sweater or fleece, and top it off with a waterproof jacket. This way, you’re ready for sunny spells, a quick drizzle, or a cool breeze—all in one day!

2. Pack a Waterproof Everything

Ireland + June = rain. While June tends to be drier compared to other months, it’s still wise to pack a reliable waterproof jacket, waterproof shoes or boots, and maybe even a travel-sized umbrella. Stay dry and keep exploring!

3. Sun Protection Essentials

Don’t underestimate the sun, especially when it peeks through those fluffy clouds. Pack sunscreen with a high SPF (yes, even for Ireland), sunglasses, and a hat to shield yourself during sunny intervals. The sun may surprise you, so be prepared to soak up those UV rays responsibly.

Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen throughout the day, especially if you’re spending time outdoors. It’s also recommended to seek shade during the hottest part of the day and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

4. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Ireland’s stunning landscapes are begging to be explored on foot. With so much to explore, you’ll want footwear that can keep up. Whether you’re wandering through ancient ruins, strolling along coastal cliffs, or navigating cobblestone streets, comfortable and waterproof walking shoes are a must. Your feet will thank you as you explore the Emerald Isle!

5. Electronics

Don’t forget your smartphone for navigation and staying connected. A portable charger can also come in handy to keep your devices powered up throughout the day. If you enjoy photography, bring along your camera to capture the beautiful landscapes of Ireland.

And if you’re planning on spending time at the beach or exploring nature trails, a waterproof case for your phone or camera is a good idea. Remember to pack any necessary charging cables and adapters as well.

6. Formal Wear

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weather in Ireland in June

For formal occasions in June in Ireland, it’s always a good idea to pack some appropriate clothing. Whether you’re attending a special event or dining at a fancy restaurant, having the right attire is important.

This could include a nice dress or a suit for men. It’s always better to be prepared and ensure you have suitable clothing for any occasion that may arise during your trip to Ireland in June.

Tips for Visiting Ireland in June

Check out these tips for a trip to Ireland in June:

1. Be Flexible with Itinerary

With unpredictable weather, flexibility is key. Embrace the spontaneous changes in plans—maybe a rainy day calls for a visit to a cosy café or a lively pub, while sunshine invites a scenic hike or a picnic by the sea. Let the weather guide your adventures!

2. Enjoy Indoor Attractions

Ireland boasts incredible indoor attractions, too. Plan visits to museums, historic sites, and galleries for those days when the weather isn’t playing along. Dive into Ireland’s rich culture and history, rain or shine.

3. Make the Most of the Long Days

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Weather in Ireland in June

June in Ireland brings long daylight hours, giving you plenty of time to explore and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. You can make the most of these long days by planning outdoor activities like hiking or visiting historical sites.

Take advantage of the extended daylight to witness stunning sunsets over picturesque scenery. Capture breathtaking moments during golden hour photography sessions. The extended daylight also allows for more time to savour delicious local cuisine at outdoor cafes or enjoy picnics in scenic spots. With so many hours of sunlight at your disposal, there are endless possibilities for making unforgettable memories during your trip to Ireland in June.

4. Engage with Locals

Irish hospitality shines brightest in conversation. Strike up a chat with locals for insider tips on weatherproof activities, hidden gems, and the best spots for a hearty meal. You’ll discover the true warmth of Ireland through its people.

5. Keep a Positive Attitude

Lastly, keep a positive mindset. Weather quirks are part of the Irish experience—embrace them with a sense of adventure and humour. Remember, some of the most magical moments happen under moody skies or amidst a light Irish mist.

6. Be Prepared for Peak Season

June is peak season in Ireland, so it’s important to be prepared for the higher number of tourists and crowded attractions. So, it’s good to plan ahead and book accommodations and activities in advance.

This will help ensure that you can enjoy your time without worrying about availability. Additionally, consider exploring lesser-known areas or taking part in off-the-beaten-path experiences to avoid the crowds.

7. Attend Festivals and Events

June in Ireland is a fantastic time to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and experience Ireland’s lively spirit firsthand by attending festivals and events. There’s always an event something for everyone, from music festivals like Live at the Marquee in Cork to traditional celebrations like Bloomsday in Dublin.

Foodies can indulge at the Taste of Dublin festival, while history buffs can explore medieval fairs and reenactments. Nature lovers will be captivated by outdoor concerts nestled amidst stunning landscapes.

8. Consider a Road Trip

We highly recommend considering a road trip when visiting Ireland in June. It’s a fantastic way to explore beautiful landscapes and charming towns at your own pace. You can drive along the stunning coastline, visit historic castles, and enjoy picturesque countryside views.

Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. Make sure to pack comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for changeable weather, as well as your camera to capture all the scenic moments along the way.

A road trip in Ireland is an unforgettable experience that allows you to truly immerse yourself in the country’s natural beauty and rich history. So, grab a map, hop in the car, and get ready for an adventure!

9. Explore Beaches and Hiking Trails

Ireland in June offers the perfect opportunity to explore its breathtaking beaches and scenic hiking trails. With the mild and sunny weather in June, you can soak up the sun on stunning coastal beaches like Inchydoney Beach in Cork or Fanore Beach in County Clare.

If you’re more of an adventurer, lace up your comfortable shoes and discover Ireland’s enchanting hiking trails, such as the Cliffs of Moher Coastal Walk or the Wicklow Way. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty while enjoying panoramic views of cliffs, mountains, and lush green landscapes. Don’t forget your camera to capture these memorable moments!

10. Enjoy Dining with a View

In June, Ireland offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy dining with a view. You can find cosy cafes overlooking rolling green hills or seaside bars with breathtaking coastal views. Sip on your favourite drink while enjoying the stunning scenery and immersing yourself in the local culture. Don’t forget to capture those Instagram-worthy moments as you relax and unwind against the backdrop of Ireland’s natural beauty.

Overall, June is undeniably a delightful time to visit Ireland, with its transitional weather providing a unique blend of spring freshness and summer vibes. As you plan your journey to Ireland in June, keep these weather patterns in mind, but also keep an open heart to embrace whatever Mother Nature brings your way, from the rhythmic patter of raindrops on cobblestone streets to the breathtaking vistas illuminated by fleeting sunshine.

So, pack your raincoat and sunglasses, a sense of curiosity, and a sprinkle of Irish luck. Rain or shine, Ireland awaits with open arms and endless discoveries. Safe travels, and may your Irish escapade be filled with laughter, wonder, and unforgettable memories!


What is the weather in Ireland like in June?

In June, the weather in Ireland is warm, and it’s one of the hottest months, especially in places like Dublin and Belfast. Yet, chilly nights can occur.

How hot does it get during the day?

The temperature range for June can vary, but there have been record-breaking temperatures, making it the hottest June ever in parts of Ireland.

Will there be a lot of rain or cloudy days?

Ireland’s climate can be unpredictable, with overcast or mostly cloudy days, but rainfall is usually less compared to other months.

Any key tips when travelling to Dublin or any part of Ireland during this time?

The best travel tip would be to keep up-to-date on daily weather conditions, as Irish summer may switch rapidly between sunny and rainy weather, which alters what you might want to wear each day.

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