Lovers Retreat Omagh | Omagh | Northern Ireland 

Updated On: November 27, 2023

Lovers Retreat Omagh | Omagh | Northern Ireland, waterfalls within frosts

With natural-themed amusement and entertainment options, Lovers Retreat Omagh is a breathtaking open jungle for walking, relaxing, or meditation. Visit Omagh, Northern Ireland, to take in this inspiring experience.

Nestled in the heart of Northern Ireland, Lovers Retreat Omagh is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by nature enthusiasts and romantic souls alike. This enchanting destination offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing visitors to reconnect with nature and their loved ones. In this article, we will explore Lovers Retreat Omagh’s captivating beauty and attractions, taking you on a virtual journey through its lush landscapes, pristine waters, and serene ambience.

Location and Accessibility of Lovers Retreat Omagh

Lovers Retreat Omagh is located in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, approximately 10 miles southwest of Omagh. The region is easily accessible by car, making it a convenient destination for locals and tourists. The journey to Lovers Retreat is an adventure as you drive through picturesque countryside roads surrounded by rolling hills and green pastures.

Choosing the Perfect Time: When to Visit Lovers Retreat Omagh

The best time to visit Lovers Retreat Omagh largely depends on your preferences and the kind of experience you seek. However, many travellers find that the spring and summer months, from May to August, offer the ideal weather conditions for outdoor activities and exploring the lush natural beauty of the region. During this period, you can expect milder temperatures, longer daylight hours, and blooming flora, which enhance the charm of the retreat’s surroundings.

It’s an excellent time for hiking, water sports, and picnics by the lake. If you prefer a quieter and more secluded experience, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of late spring or early autumn, when the retreat is less crowded, and you can relish the serenity of nature in tranquillity. However, remember that Northern Ireland’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s advisable to check the local weather forecast and make appropriate preparations regardless of the season.

The Enchanted Beauty of Lovers Retreat Omagh

The first thing that strikes you as you arrive at Lovers Retreat Omagh is the breathtaking natural beauty that envelops the area. The retreat is amidst lush woodlands and verdant meadows, creating a serene and idyllic atmosphere perfect for relaxation and romance.

The centrepiece of the retreat is the picturesque Loughmacrory Lake, a tranquil and pristine body of water that reflects the surrounding landscape like a mirror. Visitors can enjoy strolls along the lake’s shore, take in the fresh air, and marvel at the reflections of the towering trees and clear blue skies on its surface. The lake is also a popular spot for fishing, attracting anglers searching for a peaceful day by the water.

Accommodation Options

Lovers Retreat Omagh offers a range of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a cosy cabin for a romantic getaway or a spacious cottage for a family retreat, you’ll find the perfect lodging choice at this retreat.

  1. Cosy Cabins: The retreat features charming cabins perfect for couples seeking a private and romantic escape. These cabins have all the necessary amenities, including a well-appointed kitchen, comfortable furnishings, and a private deck overlooking the lake.
  2. Family-Friendly Cottages: Lovers Retreat offers spacious cottages with multiple bedrooms and ample living space for families or larger groups. These cottages are ideal for those who want to enjoy the tranquillity of nature while still having all the comforts of home.
  3. Glamping Experience: If you’re looking for a unique and adventurous experience, you can also opt for glamping at Lovers Retreat. Stay in a luxurious tent with a comfortable bed, electricity, and private outdoor seating.

Activities and Recreation

Lovers Retreat Omagh is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and those looking to connect with nature. The Retreat offers many activities and recreational opportunities to make your stay unforgettable.

  1. Walking and Hiking: Explore the surrounding woodlands and take in the beauty of the countryside with a leisurely walk or a more challenging hike. The Retreat has well-marked trails catering to all fitness levels, ensuring everyone can enjoy the great outdoors.
  2. Water Sports: Loughmacrory Lake provides the perfect backdrop for water-based activities. Visitors can enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding, or even swimming in the lake’s crystal-clear waters. The Retreat also offers boat rentals for those who prefer to explore the lake at their own pace.
  3. Fishing: Fishing enthusiasts will find Loughmacrory Lake teeming with trout and perch. Grab your fishing gear and spend a peaceful day by the water, waiting for that perfect catch.
  4. Wildlife Watching: The natural surroundings of Lovers Retreat are home to various wildlife, including birds, deer, and squirrels. Birdwatchers will be delighted by the numerous species that inhabit the area, making it an excellent spot for birdwatching.
  5. Picnicking: Pack a picnic basket and enjoy a meal in one designated picnic area scattered around the Retreat. There’s no better way to savour the tranquillity and beauty of Lovers Retreat than by having dinner in the great outdoors.

Attractions Around Lovers Retreat Omagh

Lovers Retreat Omagh is situated in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, and while it offers a serene and secluded escape, there are several nearby famous attractions and points of interest that you can explore during your visit. Here are some notable attractions in the vicinity:

  1. Ulster American Folk Park: Located just a short drive from Lovers Retreat Omagh, this outdoor museum offers a fascinating journey through Irish emigration to America in the 18th and 19th centuries. Visitors can explore historic buildings, interactive exhibits, and picturesque landscapes that depict the immigrant experience.
  2. Gortin Glen Forest Park: This nearby forest park is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. It offers a variety of walking and hiking trails, picnic areas, and scenic viewpoints. It’s an excellent place to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Northern Ireland.
  3. Omagh Town: The charming town of Omagh is a hub of culture, history, and local attractions. You can explore local shops, enjoy a meal at cosy restaurants, and visit cultural sites like the Strule Arts Centre. The town provides a glimpse into the region’s heritage and contemporary life.
  4. Beaghmore Stone Circles: Located about a 30-minute drive from Lovers Retreat, Beaghmore Stone Circles is an ancient archaeological site. It features a series of stone circles and cairns dating back to the Bronze Age. It’s a unique and mysterious historical site to explore.
  5. Sperrin Mountains: The Sperrin Mountains, which stretch across County Tyrone, offer stunning natural beauty and excellent hiking opportunities. If you’re a fan of outdoor adventures, you can explore the rugged terrain, scenic vistas, and abundant wildlife in this mountain range.
  6. Castle Caldwell and Belleek Pottery: Slightly farther afield but worth the trip, you can visit Castle Caldwell Forest and enjoy scenic walks around Lower Lough Erne. Nearby, the Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre showcases the craftsmanship of Belleek pottery, which has been produced in the area for over 160 years.
  7. The Giant’s Causeway: While it’s a bit of a drive from Omagh, the Giant’s Causeway is one of Northern Ireland’s most iconic natural wonders. This UNESCO World Heritage Site features unique hexagonal basalt columns formed by volcanic activity. It’s a stunning geological site with a rich folklore of giants.
  8. Derry/Londonderry: The historic city of Derry, also known as Londonderry, is about an hour and a half’s drive from Omagh. It boasts well-preserved city walls, historic architecture, and cultural attractions such as the Tower Museum and the Guildhall.
  9. The Dark Hedges: This picturesque avenue of beech trees is located near Ballymoney in County Antrim. It gained fame as a filming location for “Game of Thrones” and has become a popular attraction for its enchanting appearance.
  10. Enniskillen Castle: Located in County Fermanagh, Enniskillen Castle is home to the Fermanagh County Museum and is a great place to learn about the history and heritage of the area. The castle is situated on the banks of the River Erne.

These attractions provide a mix of cultural, historical, and natural experiences, allowing you to complement your peaceful retreat at Lovers Retreat Omagh with a diverse range of activities and exploration in the surrounding region. It’s advisable to check these attractions’ opening hours and availability before planning your visit.


Lovers Retreat Omagh is a true haven for nature lovers and romantic souls. Its serene beauty, tranquil ambience, and wide range of activities make it a perfect destination for a relaxing getaway or a romantic escape. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a break from the daily grind, Lovers Retreat Omagh has something to offer everyone. Come and experience the magic of this hidden gem in the heart of Northern Ireland, and let its beauty and tranquillity leave an indelible mark on your soul.


Do I need to make reservations in advance? 

  • It is advisable to make reservations in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons or if you have specific accommodation preferences. Contact Lovers Retreat Omagh directly or visit their official website to check availability and make reservations.

How can I get to Lovers Retreat Omagh? 

  • Lovers Retreat Omagh is accessible by car and is located approximately 10 miles southwest of the town of Omagh. You can use GPS coordinates or follow signs to reach this peaceful retreat.

Is Lovers Retreat suitable for weddings or special events? 

  • Lovers Retreat Omagh’s serene and scenic setting makes it an attractive location for weddings and special events. Contact the retreat to discuss arrangements and availability if you want to host an event.

Can I book activities and excursions through Lovers Retreat? 

  • Some accommodations may offer the option to book activities or excursions through the retreat. If you’re interested in specific activities, inquire about booking options during your stay.