Trademarket Belfast: Belfast’s Exciting New Outdoor Market

Trademarket Belfast

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The Trademarket Belfast

Belfast is filled with fantastic bars and restaurants as well as amazing market spaces. These open air market bars are gaining popularity throughout Belfast with The Trademarket joining the ranks of Haymarket and Common Market. These versatile dog and family friendly venues allow people in Belfast to enjoy a drink outside without infringing on the ban on public drinking. They also give small businesses and restaurants a chance to thrive and find new audiences.

The Trademarket Belfast is unique in that it is situated in a series of storage containers. Read on to find out what awaits you at Belfast’s newest outdoor market.

Where is the Trademarket Belfast?

Taking up the space where the Movie House Dublin Road once sat, the Trademarket brings new life to the bustling Dublin Road.

Location: 14-16 Dublin Rd, Belfast BT2 7HB

Opening Hours:


Trademarket Belfast Shops

American Madness

Trademarket Belfast
American Madness on Instagram

A great shop on any vintage shopping spree through Belfast, why not find something old, borrowed, or blue while perusing the market? Also a great place to buy a jacket if the weather turns a bit cold while you are enjoying your pint in the market.

Opening Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 12pm – 7pm

Barkley & Waggins

Trademarket Belfast
Barkley & Waggins on Instagram

Trademarket Belfast is dog-friendly and not only that, they have a cute dog boutique so you can treat your best friend while visiting the market together.

Bethany Fruit Market

Trademarket Belfast
Bethany Fruit Market on Instagram

A great place to get some fresh local produce perfect to take home for dinner or to have as a snack while enjoying the sun at the market (or huddling for warmth under the canopy).

Outside In

Trademarket Belfast
Outside In on Instagram

This fantastic business provide streetwear which is not only fashionable but also helps give back to those experiencing homelessness. If you buy a Wear One Share One hat from them, a homeless person will get one too. They do a lot of very important work beyond just making beautiful and long lasting clothing items for you to buy.

Another great place to buy a jacket or a hat if the weather turns a bit cold while you are enjoying your pint or food in the market.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday Closed
Wednesday11 am – 6 pm
Thursday11 am – 8 pm
Friday11 am – 8 pm
Saturday11 am – 6 pm
Sunday12 pm – 6 pm

Urban Market

Featuring works from lots of independant businesses around Northern Ireland, Urban Market is a great place to go gift shopping or to treat yourself.

Trademarket Belfast: Belfast’s Exciting New Outdoor Market

Trademarket Belfast Drinks

The Trademarket’s two in-house bars offer up gins, poitin, and whiskey serves such as the ‘High On Lemon Pie’ – which pairs Boatyard Gin with Peach, Montenegro, Pastry Orgeat, and Lemon Zest Cordial. As well as interesting cocktails such as the ‘Quick Maths’ a mix of Union Spirit Lemon & Leaf, Regal Rogue Rose, Aperol, Herb Ends Tincture, Prosecco and Soda. They also have classic cocktails such as the Long Island Ice Tea, Bramble, and Pornstar Martini. More of a beer drinker? You aren’t left out. Their taps offer beers such as Red Stripe, Harp, Estrella, as well as guest taps featuring local craft beers like ‘Umbongo’ from Boundary Brewing Company.

Learn more about local beer breweries and craft beer bars in Belfast in our other articles.

Trademarket Belfast Food


Trademarket Belfast
Baps on Instagram

Looking for a beef burger packed with flavour and possibly some chips? Baps is the new addition to Trademarket Belfast but is well worth a visit.

Menu Highlights

Disco Burger – Salvador Slaw, American cheese, white onion, lettuce, pickles, disco sauce.

Speakeasy – Smashed Chickpea Pattie, onion bhaji, lettuce, korma mayo, pickled onion, & mango chutney.  

Bodega Bagels

Trademarket Belfast
Bodega Bagels on Instagram

New York style bagels at your fingertips here in Belfast, offered by Bodega Bagels with loads of fillings and smears to choose from including specials which are not to be missed.

Menu Highlights

Shroom Melt – Oyster mushrooms marinated in soy and ginger, kimchi, vegan cheese and rocket.

Ace – Avocado, American Cheese, Bodega-style Egg, Sriracha or Ballymaloe Relish

Opening Hours : Wed – Sun 12-4

Brew & Yaki  

Trademarket Belfast
Brew & Yaki on Instagram

Offering up Taiwanese deserts and excellent boba tea, this place is the perfect place for a sweet treat and a great alternative for a delicious drink that is non-alcoholic. If you head to Brew & Yaki and fall in love with bubble tea, which is understandable, you should check out our article on Bubble Tea in Belfast to find out where you can get some of the best.

Menu Highlights

Apple fruit tea & strawberry boba

Obanyaki Wheel Cake with Vanilla custard filling

Hey Chick!

Trademarket Belfast
Hey Chick! on Instagram

If you are looking for a great fried chicken burger, you have to try out Hey Chick! Pair your pint with criss-cross fries and spicy korean fried chicken for a tasty treat.

Menu Highlights

Buffalo Fried Chicken Burger

Korean Vegan Junk Fries

Wed-Sun //12-10pm

Katsu Kitchen

Check out this menu for asian fusion delights and food that will suit anyone from Katsu curry to topped chips.

Menu Highlights

Katsu Chicken Bao Buns

Thai Green Veggie Spring Rolls served with Ponzu


Trademarket Belfast
Kubo on Instagram

Kubo brings an amazing slection of filipino food to the trademarket belfast, including filipino bbq dishes.

Menu Highlights

Filipino Pork BBQ – Pineapple Banana Ketchup w/ homemade spicy vinegar & atchara pickles

Biko w/ coconut caramel – Glutinous rice cakes cooked with coconut milk and brown sugar.

Moon Gelato Co.

Trademarket Belfast
Moon Gelato Co. on Instagram

Looking for a sweet treat to cool down? Moon Gelato Co. offer a large range of flavours including sorbets to suit any dietary requirements.

Menu Highlights

Waffle Cone with Milk Chocolate Moon gelato

Strawberry and Banana Sorbet Slushie

Pi Guy

Trademarket Belfast
PiGuy on Instragram

One of the best stonebaked pizzas you can get in Belfast finds its home at Trademarket.

Menu Highlights

The Uncle June (VG) – Artichoke, kalamata olives, capers, lemon, basil, EVOO….(No cheese!)

The BB King – Local blue cheese, apple, pistachio, confit garlic, mozzarella.

Pie Queen

Trademarket Belfast
Pie Queen on Instagram

Grab a pie on the go or order one for a special occasion, Pie Queen is a great place to treat yourself to some delicious pastry goods.

Menu Highlights

Blueberry & Meringue Pie

Apple & Butterscotch Pie


A super filling burrito sound good? Pipian is the place to be.

Menu Highlights

Build your own burritos with fillings such as Citrus Chipotle Chicken & Fire Roasted Arbol Squash (Vegan options available).

Rebel & Ruse

Trademarket Belfast
Rebel & Ruse on Instagram

Slow cooked bbq food with braised beef, and mushroom alternative available.

Menu Highlights

Oyster Po’ Boy – Deep Fried Mushroom, Charred Sweetcorn Salsa , Dragon claw whiskey Hot Sauce & Leaves

Osso Buco – Smoked & Braised Beef shin, Beef Fat Onions, Peppers, Provolone, Balsamic Crispy Onions and Different Gravy

Other Belfast Markets

Belfast is full of great markets, such as St. Georges Market. The only remaining Victorian covered market space still used for a market.

Trademarket Belfast
St George’s Market in Belfast.

Belfast also has seasonal markets such as the Continental Market in Spring and Christmas.

Trademarket Belfast
Belfast Christmas Market

Want to learn more about Belfast markets you can visit? Check out our article on St. George’s Market, the Spring Continental Market, or the Belfast Christmas Market.

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