Tour these 10 Fascinating Spots in Las Palmas: A Deluxe Journey Along the Shores of the Canary Islands

Updated On: August 03, 2023

Las palmas

Spain is home to many beautiful cities that offer amazing spots for the world to see. Las Palmas is one of the most underrated Spanish cities. It is the official capital city of Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands that lie along the Atlantic Ocean.

The city is popular for its magnificent playas thanks to the Atlantic Ocean. Duty-free shopping is also one thing that you wouldn’t want to miss while in Las Palmas. This city should be your next pick if you are looking for spending a serene vacation by the nature.

It is deemed the best beach city around all of Europe. Probably any hotel you decide to book in will overlook the splendid waters. While the city is famous with the abundance of beautiful beaches, there is much more to it. Check out this list of all the perfect places you can visit in Las Palmas.

1. Las Canteras Beaches

Playa de Las Canteras is the most popular beach in Las Palmas, given its length and strategic location. You can access this beach easily since its close to the city center, and stretches over twi kilometers. 

Moreover, the sand beach has this golden shade that greatly appeals to the eyes. There are also several sport zones and playgrounds that make your stay an enjoyable one. You will definitely have fun whether you decide to enjoy the calm waters or engage in some activity. 

The beach has a parking lot that makes it easy for the visitors to park nearby. Interestingly, the promenade encompasses several cafés, restaurants, and bars that you can enjoy. They stay active all day through the night.

Since Las Canteras beaches stretch over long miles, the locals treat each section as a separate beach. There are three different sections of Las Canteras beaches. They also have different names, with each of them offering different services and activities.

Peña de la Vieja

The section of Peña de la Vieja lies at the southern part of Las Canteras beaches. This name was taken from that of a small rock that lies in the middle of the reef. Peña de la Vieja is the perfect spot for snorkeling lovers, given the beautiful reefs and marine life it provides.

Fishing is another activity that you can take besides snorkeling and walking on the magnificent sands. There are many restaurants that serve gourmet meals and lie along the sands of Peña de la Vieja beach.

Playa Grande (Big Beach)

At the northern end of Las Canteras beaches lies the Big Beach, or Playa Grande. This section is where offshore lava reefs lie, preventing waves from reaching to the shores. Thus, it is the calmest and most tranquil beach along the Atlantic Ocean.

There are also some coconut palm trees that beautifully decorate the shore, accentuating the wonderful beach. Like most of the beach sections, restaurants and bars fill the promenade. All visitors will happily satisfy their cravings and indulge in many delicacies while enjoying a great time.

Playa Chica

Playa Chica is the beach lying in the center of the Canteras beaches. It may not have any sun beds at all, but it offers multiple activities that you can enjoy. 

The restaurants serve their guests in outdoor tables that overlook the beautiful sand. Given the abundance of colorful reefs and marine life in this section, snorkeling is a main activity in Playa Chica,

La Cicer

The last beach of Las Canteras is La Cicer, and it lies in the southernmost end of the beach. This section is the one with the most activities. It is a popular spot for the locals to gather and play different sports. 

Beach tennis and football are the most popular among this beach’s visitors. The absence of offshore reefs allows for constantly high waves where people make use of by surfing. It is a great activity to engage in and enjoy your time.

La Cicer could be labeled as the most beautiful beach around all of Las Palmas, thanks to its sands. The tides and weather have an effect on the color of the sands of this part along the shore. They can alternate between golden to black. There are times when it seems like there is no sand at all.

2. Plaza de Santa Ana

In the heart of the beautiful Las Palmas lies the square of Plaza de Santa Ana where history took place. Everything about this square is purely historic. Not only will you enjoy wandering aimlessly around this square, you’ll also enjoy the architecture around this area. 

The buildings around this square are of a Canarian-Spanish style, creating an outstanding ambiance. One of the most prominent buildings around this square is the beautiful church of Catedral de Santa Ana. 

It’s a Roman Catholic Church that date back to the 16th century. Many parts of this church is accessible to tourists. Also, the Sacred Art Museum lies in the south wing of the church, featuring rare artifacts and artworks.

3. Las Palmas’ Old Town

Las Palmas may be famous for its tremendous beaches, but it’s also home to many architectural masterpieces. The Las Palmas Old Town takes you on a historic journey with dazzling details that will leave you curious for more.

You usually go in company with a guide who takes you for an interesting tour. You will wander the impressive streets in an energetic walking tour. Booking is needed beforehand to make sure there is an available spot for you. Also, it’s also near public transportation, so travelers can have easy access to the area.

4. Casa de Colón (Columbus House)

One of the most prevalent attractions in Las Palmas is Casa de Colón, or Columbus House. This mansion has a colonial style; it lies in the northern part of Gran Canaria. Inside this mansion, there are three rooms where the Canary Islands’ history is featured in every detail. 

It exhibits the relationship of the dazzling Canary Islands with America. Not only that, but it also features the story of the prominent explorer, Columbus, along with other explorers. It tells stories about the discoveries that made during their exceptional journeys across the ocean.

Moreover, this mansion is the place in which Columbus himself stayed when he stopped by the Canary Islands, hence the name. It was right before he embarked on his journey through the oceans to discover the great Americas.

5. Poema del Mar Aquarium

Las Palmas has many superb beaches with a glorious variety of marine life. So, it makes sense that the locals of Las Palmas make use of this fact for tourism purposes. Conducting a huge aquarium is a great way to exhibit the the marine life that Las Palmas has within its beautiful ocean. 

While snorkeling is an option for many people, some prefer watching this aqua life from afar. The Poema del Mar Aquarium is a huge aquarium that displays a wide array of fish from different types and sizes. There are also different kinds of sea animals that reside in this beautiful aquarium. 

Besides the glaring aqua display, many events take place for the entertainment of the visitors. There is also a restaurant that serves delicious seafood for the guests. It is also a prefect destination for families with children.

6. Las Palmas Botanical Gardens 

Rather known as Jardín Botánico Canario Viera y Clavijo, these botanical garden is home to exotic flora and plants. It is located in the northeast of Gran Canaria in Tafira Alta, stretching over 27 acres. 

It displays around 500 different species of plants, including flowers, cactus, and more. The garden has several sections in which different kinds of plants are grouped together. Thus, there is the Cacti and Euphorbias section where all forms of cactus life are in sight. There is also the Garden where flora lives are displayed.

The most interesting part is the existence of the Pine Forest. It features lush trees, expanding over a vast area of greenery that amuses the eyes of the beholder. There is also a beautiful waterfall where many people take Instagram-worth photos by it.

7. The Bandama Natural Monument (Caldera de Bandama)

The Bandama Natural Monument lies on the Canary Islands where Las Palmas is. It is part of the Protected Landscape of Tafira. They have been of a great interest to tourists thanks to the Caldera de Bandama.

This natural wonder has been a great attractions to tourists. The very bottom part of this caldera encloses different colors of volcanic ash. Interestingly, some botanic species that originated in the Canary Islands remain alive in this spot.

 8. Atlantic Center of Modern Art (CAAM)

Las Palmas also has its fair share of museums that feature contemporary art. The Atlantic Center of Modern Art gained a great popularity among many tourists and travelers. It was designed by the famous architect Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza,

The museum features a valuable collections of Canarian arts; ones that can rarely be found elsewhere. That was its main purpose; housing valuable collections. However, it has been open to public since 1989, attracting visitors from all around the world.

9. El Confital Beach

El Confital beach is among the popular beaches of Las Palmas. It is also one of the best spots for surfing in Europe, thanks to its consistent waves. What makes this beach a little different is the fact that it lacks sand. The shore is mostly made up of pebbles and smooth rocks, so you won’t feel any discomfort walking over it.

During the summer, you can observe a few patches of golden sands, but they never entirely cover the shore. El Confital’s also the best among the Las Palmas beaches for the strength of the sun in this particular spot. It provides great views of sunsets and sunrises.

10. La Laja Beach

We have already warned you about the endless beaches that Las Palmas has. La Laja is one of the beaches that has great popularity around the city. It is home to several seagulls that add a touch of splendor to the already beautiful beach. 

Right at the entrance of this beach, you will find a giant bronze sculpture of Triton. It stands tall next to the main parking lot to welcome its visitors. The waters on this beach may not be the safest to swim. However, this beach offers its visitors a profoundly great views over the city of Las Palmas. 

There is so much beauty that resides within the borders of the beautiful city of Las Palmas. Don’t deny yourself the perfection that many Spanish cities offer by only settling for the capital city of Madrid. 

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