Best 10 Things To Do In The City Of Westminster

Updated On: April 25, 2022

Things to do in the city of Westminster

Best Attractions in The City of Westminster

There is an abundance of things to do in the City of Westminster, which is located in the popular inner London borough and offers a variety of attractions, history and things to do to keep you busy.  It’s home to some famous British landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street and the House of Parliament all surrounding Westminster Pier. The City of Westminster has so much to offer so keep reading to find out what attractions you should visit…

Take a Walk Around Hyde Park

We highly recommend visiting one of the most popular parks found in the City of Westminster that is known as Hyde Park. Throughout the year hyde park holds many great events and concerts, so check out their website to find out more about them. It’s also a great place to chill out with the beautiful greenery on offer. You can also visit the different attractions located in the park. Such as the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, or admire the beautiful views of the lake. Hyde Park is also one of the eight royal parks located in London and covers an impressive 350 acres.

City Of Westminster
Hyde Park located in the City of Westminster

Explore Parliament Square

One of the things to do in the city of  Westminster, if you’re into history, is take a trip to Parliament Square that is one of London main tourist attractions. Parliament square features a large open area where you can unwind or explore the many statues located around the square. Including those of Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and more.

City Of Westminster
Parliament Square in the City of Westminster

Admire the Greenery at Kensington Gardens

Another one of the royal parks of London is the beautiful Kensington Gardens that offers a mix of old and new pastimes and open green space. You can check out some amazing contemporary art and architecture at the Serpentine Galleries that is located here. Visit the Prince Albert Memorial or the Diana Playground which children will enjoy that was inspired by the fictional character Peter Pan. You can also pick u some tips about growing your own fruit and vegetables at the parks allotment that’s home to many chickens.

City Of Westminster
Kensington Gardens in the City of Westminster

Take a Walk Across The Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge which only opened to the public in 2000 has become an iconic part of the City of Westminster and London. It’s a great place to take a walk and take in some impressive views of popular London locations. Also, the bridge is the perfect spot to take some great photos of the river.

City Of Westminster
Millennium Bridge in the City of Westminster

Take a Selfie at 10 Downing Street

Another historical place to visit while in the City of Westminster is the famous 10 Downing Street. It’s one of the most photographed doors in Britain with people coming from all over to take a photo of them standing at the door. Probably because it has been the home to all the Prime Minister of Britain from 1735. It’s worth visiting for the history that it carries and maybe you’ll see some famous political faces.

City Of Westminster
Downing Street in The City of Westminster

Check Out The Art Displays at The Tate Modern

The Tate Modern is one of my favourite art museums in London that I can’t recommend visiting enough. At this Museum you can view an amazing collection of international and modern contemporary art. It is one of the world most visited museums where you can view a collection of British art dating back to 1900. The best thing about this museum is that it’s completely free to visit. So make sure it’s on the top of your list of places to visit in the City of Westminster.

City Of Westminster
Tate Modern in the City of Westminster

Explore the Supreme Court

Next, on our list is the impressive Supreme Court where you can visit to explore its fascinating history and architecture. You can go on of the guided tours around the courtrooms and visit the amazing justices’ Library, that isn’t usually open to the public. You can also check out the exhibition area that gives you insight into the history of the Supreme Court. Or you can even take a trip to the cafe located here and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

City Of Westminster
Supreme Courts in the City of Westminster

Take a Ride on The London Eye

Located in the heart of London you’ll find one of the most popular attractions known as The London Eye. It’s the world’s largest observation wheel that takes you above the River Thames, overlooking some spectacular views across London that is unmissable. Rides usually last around 30 mins where you can take in all the famous London landmarks. You can also try the 4D London Eye experiences where you can see London from different perspectives and cool multi-sensory effects.

City Of Westminster
The London Eye in the City of Westminster

Visiting Buckingham Palace

No trip to London is complete without visiting the famous Buckingham Palace that is home to members of the royal family. The palace is often used for state occasions and royal hospitality. During certain parts of the year, Buckingham Palace is opened to the public through a guided tour of the Palace. Inside the Palace, you can check out the grand staircase or visit the impressive state rooms. You’ll find many tourists outside Buckingham Palace, taking photos and watching for the change of Guards. It’s one of the most visited places in London and you must check it out.

City Of Westminster
Buckingham Palace in the City of Westminster

Have you visited any of these attractions in the City of Westminster? We would love to hear your experiences 🙂 Or any places you recommend visiting, be sure to let us know:)

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