22 Amazing Things to Do in Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt

Updated On: November 22, 2023

Things to do in KAfr El-Sheikh, Egypt

Do you know Big Ramy, Mamdouh Elssbiay? He is the Egyptian IFBB professional bodybuilder who has recently been crowned Mr Olympia for winning the international championship Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend for the second straight year. Big Ramy is one of the Egyptian celebrities who was born in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.

Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate has a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a rich culture, natural destinations, historic areas, and wonderful tourist attractions. Ready for new adventures? Let’s explore the top things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate of Egypt.

Celebrities Born in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate

Besides Big Ramy, Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate is the birthplace of many other Egyptian celebrities. Playing as a midfielder for the Premier League club Aston Villa and the Egyptian national team, the Egyptian professional footballer Mahmoud Trézéguet was born in Kafr El-Sheikh.

Another Egyptian celebrity who was born in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate is Saad Zaghloul. Zaghloul was a former Prime Minister of Egypt, a statesman, and the legendary leader of the Egyptian Revolution of 1919.

Where is Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, Egypt?

In the north of Egypt, Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, also known as Kafr El-Shaikh, is situated along the western branch of the Nile River in the Nile Delta region of lower Egypt. It is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Rossetta or Rasheed Nile branch to the west, El-Gharbeya Governorate to the south, and El-Dakahlia Governorate to the east.

Weather in Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt

Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate has an arid climate with winds from the Mediterranean Sea moderating the temperature. Summers are hot and humid; however, winters are mild and slightly wet. Although Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate has little rainfall, January and February have the most rainfall.

The hottest month in Kafr El-Sheikh is August with an average temperature of 97°F (36°C). Nevertheless, the coldest months are January and February with an average temperature fluctuating between 50°F (10°C) and 71°F (22°C). The best time to visit Kafr El-sheikh Governorate is in February, March, June, and September.

What to Wear in Kafr El-Sheikh

If you travel to Kafr El-Sheikh in winter, take pullovers, long-sleeved t-shirts, jeans, heavy pants, a coat, a light jacket, an umbrella, sunglasses, boots, and sports footwear with you.

If you travel in summer, pack cotton t-shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, sandals, light footwear, a beach towel, beachwear, sunscreen lotion, and sunglasses.

What are the Best Things to Do in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate?

Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate has many municipal divisions: Burullus, El-Hamool, El-Reyad, Biyala, Desouq, Fuwwah, Sakha, Metoubes, Qallin, Sisi Salem, and Kafr El-Sheikh. There are a lot of things you can do in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, like swimming, fishing, shopping, delving into its history, and exploring its rich culture.

Enjoy the majestic natural beauty of Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate and its imposing historic places. Keep reading, and we will provide you with the top things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.

1. Burullus City

In Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, start your journey from the historic city of Burullus. It contains Baltim town, Baltim resort, and Burj Al-Burullus. Take a tour of the city of Burj Al-Burullus and watch the gleaming graffiti on its local houses. Do not forget to also visit the shipbuilding area in the city.

On the west side of Burullus City, explore the ancient original Burullus lighthouse built by Khedive Ismail. Using paraffin (Kerosine), the light illuminates a distance of up to 118 miles in the sea.

2. Burullus Lake

Things to Do in Kafr El-Sheikh
Things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh -Sailboat Reflection in Burullus Lake

Burullus City has the second-largest natural lake in Egypt, Burullus Lake. It is one of the most important fishing areas in Egypt. Furthermore, the lake is home to around 135 plant species, in addition to different species of fish, mammals, reptiles, and birds.

In Winter, observe the migratory wild birds in Burullus Lake. If you are into fowling, the lake is a wonderful spot for amateur wild bird hunters. Another activity you can do on the shore is fishing.

On the coasts of this nature reserve, relax and enjoy the high sand dunes. You can also take a boat to the village of Al-Maqsaba, a fishermen’s village on the shore of the lake.

3. Al-Shakhloba Island

Things to Do in Kafr El-Sheikh
Things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh – Al-Shakhloba Island in Burullus Lake

Situated in the middle of Burullus Lake, Al-Shakhloba Island is one of the astonishing places you must see in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate. Take a boat to Al-Shakhloba Island and enjoy the magnificent views. On its shore, relax and have a delicious lunch. If it is a tidal day, the lunch will be on the boat.

On Al-Shakhlouba Island, take a tour and learn about fish auctions and other lake islands. You will also learn about the places where the locals make nets and boats for fishing.

4. Baltim Resort

Overlooking Burullus Lake, Baltim is a wonderful summer resort on the Mediterranean coast. It is where Big Ramy was born. This resort has seven beaches where you can relax on the sand, swim in the sea, or stroll along the beach.

Baltim is known for the farms of figs, watermelons, and black grapes. Experience a special taste of these fruits because they are irrigated by rainfall. In this astonishing resort, appreciate the impressive views of the daffodil hills along with palm trees.

Baltim is also famous for its fresh, diverse species of fish. So enjoy eating your favourite species at an affordable price. Additionally, explore the remains of the Ptolemaic period and the remains of the Ahmed Orabi and the Egyptian troops’ battles.

5. Baltim Aquarium and Museum

If you want to find out more about marine life, head to Baltim Aquarium and Museum. It has four main halls: the museum, the aquarium, the lecture hall, and the laboratory of plankton. In the museum, you can see fossils of a whale, a crocodile, and other sea creatures.

In the aquarium, explore a number of endangered sea creatures, along with unique creatures that live in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Among the diverse collection of sea creatures that you will see are the fantail fish, the eel, the swordtail fish, and the catfish.

6. Sana’a Gardens

Located in Kafr El-Sheikh administrative region, going to Sana’a Gardens for recreational activities is one of the most entertaining things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate with your family. It is covered in lush vegetation. Relax and enjoy the views of the greenery along with the fountain and the waterfalls.

Sana’a Gardens have a 3D cinema for all ages, a cinema for kids with video games, and a modern theatre. Your kids will have fun in the amusement park there. Swimming in its pool is one of the exciting activities you can do there. If you feel hungry, order your meal from one of its unique restaurants.

The gardens host the annual international book fair. They also contain Kafr El-Sheikh Zoo where you will enjoy watching a wide range of animals with your kids, including wild animals, pets, endangered birds, and beautiful gazelles. Near the gardens, there is a museum that houses several monuments and antiquities.

7. Kafr El-Sheikh Museum

Also located in Sana’a Gardens on the Nile Delta, among the best things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate is to visit Kafr El-Sheikh Museum. Since Buto, currently known as Tel El-Faraeen, and Sakha were once the Capital city of ancient Egypt, the museum focuses on the cultural heritage of Kafr El-Sheikh and the nearby governorates.

In Kafr El-Sheikh Museum, you will see three main exhibition halls displaying antiquities, artefacts, and excavations discovered in Lower Egypt, especially in Tel El-Faraeen. Also, you can explore the history of science, including medicine, pharmacy, and veterinary, in ancient Egypt.

The museum contains monuments and artefacts dating back to the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Coptic, and Islamic eras. It has a unique woven fabric that embodies the journey of the Holy Family to Egypt. It also includes statues of some Pharaonic dynasties, a wooden coffin, and a collection of funerary masks that illustrates the ancient Egyptian’s funeral rites until the Roman era.

8. King Fouad Palace

Additionally, visiting King Fouad Palace is among the best things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh. King Fouad I built a palace in El Geish Street in Kafr El-Sheikh and named it Al-Fouadiya after his name. It is one of the archaeological places in Egypt with its wonderful red and beige facade. This two-storey palace has a European architectural style, especially Italian and French.

9. Qanater Edfina

Connecting Kafr El-Sheikh and El-Beheira Governorates, Qanater Edfina was built across the Rasheed Nile branch. On its left side, there are five wonderful parks. On the other side, there are two botanical gardens with endangered plants and flowers, green spaces, fountains, and fruit trees.

10. Fuwwah

Visiting Fuwwah is one of the best things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate. It is the third heritage city in Egypt after Cairo and Rasheed. UNESCO declared Fuwwah as a World Heritage Site as it is full of historic commercial buildings and archaeological sites. Known for its rich Islamic heritage, Fuwwah is called the “City of Mosques” worldwide as it has 365 archaeological mosques and 26 Islamic monuments.

11. Fez Factory

In Fuwwah, find the remnants of the Fez Factory. You will learn there about the stages of manufacturing Tarboush or Effendi’s crowns during the Mohammed Ali Pasha era.

12. Kleem Factories and Handmade Carpets Workshops

There are also several Kleem factories in Fuwwah. Kleem is an Egyptian Joplin that varies in its manufacture on usual Noels. Explore the stages of Kleem manufacturing and how handmade carpets have been made for more than 80 years. Before you leave, do not forget to purchase souvenir handmade carpets to take home with you.

13. Corniche Fuwwah

On the east bank of the Rasheed Nile branch, Fuwwah is also known for its wonderful corniche. Stroll along the corniche and enjoy the wonderful views of the Nile’s blue water combined with the lined green trees. Also, take a boat tour on the Nile and do not miss taking photos of these breathtaking views.

14. Robaa Al-Khatayba

East of Fuwwah, Robaa Al-Khatayba is located near the Rasheed Nile branch. With the impressive facades, exploring this three-floor iconic building is one of the best things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate. Built with wood and bricks, it was an ancient archaeological hotel for the merchants coming to Fuwwah in the 19th century. Its ground floor was used as a stable.

15. Wekalet Hassan Magor

Behind Robaa Al-Khatayba is Wekalet Hassan Magor, the second wekala left in the Delta region. The first wekala is Wekalet Sultan Al-Fwry in El-Mahalla El-Kubra. Wekalet Hassan Magor was a place for commercial transactions in the past in Kafr El-Sheikh.

When you go there, you will see the old shopping district in Fuwwah, Kafr El-Sheikh. Additionally, you will see ancient factories and workshops for weaving and manufacturing handmade carpets.

16. El-Qena’y Mosque

Built on the Nile bank, El-Qena’y Mosque is the biggest mosque in Fuwwah. It has the tallest minaret in the central Nile Delta region. Having an Islamic style of architecture, this hanging mosque has pillars with Pharaonic and Roman decorations and ornaments.

17. Abu El-Makarem Mosque

Another famous mosque in Fuwwah that was built on the Nile bank is Abu El-Makarem Mosque. With its Islamic architectural style, this mosque was built during the era of the Bahri Mamluk sultanate, Al-Nasir Muhammad bin Qalawun. The mosque was renovated in the Ottoman period.

18. Sakha

Sakha is a historic city where the Holy Family passed through to reach Samanoud. Its houses are archaeological with a unique style. They are surrounded by palm trees and green spaces. You can also explore Tel Sakha or Sakha Hills which has wondrous Pharanoic Granite statues.

19. The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

In Sakha, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary or Sakha Church is one of the most ancient churches in Egypt. With its amazing architectural design, the church has a number of 19th-century artefacts, remnants of archaeological pillars, and some important manuscripts. When he was a child, Jesus Christ’s footprint was marked on a rock, which is now displayed in the Church.

20. The Holy Family Route

Leading to the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, there is a street called the Holy Family Route. Enjoy walking through this embellished street. Between the University of Kafr El-Sheikh and the station, this street is illuminated and its sidewalks are paved. Additionally, palm trees are planted along its sidewalks.

21. Hill of the Pharaohs (Tel El-Faraeen)

Hill of the Pharaohs or Tel El-Faraeen, previously known as Buto, is one of the most important cities in Kafr El-Sheikh. Visit the Temple of Pharaohs and explore the Greco-Roman artefacts and monuments.

22. Family and Children Park

Heading to the Family and Children Park on the Rasheed Nile Bank in Desouq is one of the best things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh with kids. There is a zoo in the park with 20 species of animals and birds, including peacocks, pelicans, owls, flamingos, deer, Sudanese turtles, and different species of monkeys.

Your children will also enjoy playing in the kids’ area and the amusement park. An activity you can do there with your kids is taking a boat on the Nile and enjoying this wonderful trip. In the family area, relax, grab a sandwich, and drink a cup of coffee with your family.

The Most Famous Food in Kafr El-Sheikh

Called the Home of Agriculture, Kafr El-Sheikh has fertile land that produces many goods in large amounts, especially rice. It also produces over 40 % of the seafood in Egypt. That is why Kafr El-Sheikh’s popular food is seafood and rice.

Things to Do in Kafr El-Sheikh
Things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh – Seafood and Rice

Must-Try Restaurants in Kafr El-Sheikh

To relax and watch the magnificent sunset, the Rove Sky Lounge restaurant in the Engineers Syndicate Building is your perfect choice. With stunning panoramic views of Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, enjoy a Sky Lounge coffee with your family or friends. Then, dine with glamorous stars above your head.

Try several Mediterranean’s best seafood in El Hamady restaurant on Mahmoud El-Maghraby Street. Also, experience the seafood pasta in La Dolce Vita restaurant in front of Kafr El-Sheikh University.

Things to Do in Kafr El-Sheikh
Things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh – Seafood Pasta

In El-Masnaa Street, there are also lots of restaurants and cafés where you can experience the local cuisine. Head to Napoli café and experience their tasty meals and desserts.

Trying Bellissimo Coffee is one of the best things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh, too. Like Napoli café, it is another café in El-Masnaa Street. Drink one of their fantastic cups of coffee and eat a delicious piece of dessert of your choice. You will soak up their coffee and forget about all your troubles!

If you want to eat Chinese food, go to the Chinatown restaurant on the same street.

How to Reach Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate in Egypt

To reach Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, take a plane to the Cairo International Airport. Then, you can travel from Cairo to Kafr El-Sheikh by train, air-conditioned bus, car, or taxi in around two hours and 30 minutes. The distance from Cairo to Kafr El-Sheikh is approximately 134 km. If you come from Tanta, it takes around 53 minutes to reach Kafr El-Sheikh by bus, mini-bus, car, taxi, or train.

Hotels in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate

Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate does not have many hotels. However, here are the best hotels you can stay in during your vacation in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.

1. Marina Hotel

In the heart of the bustling city of Kafr El-Sheikh, Marina Hotel is located near the Kafr El-Sheikh museum in Sana’a Gardens. Overlooking a pool, it has air-conditioned single and double rooms at affordable prices.

Your kids can have fun in their kids’ area. There is also a restaurant in the hotel. If you need anything at any time, the hotel offers 24/7 room service.

2. Cleopatra Hotel

ِAnother hotel in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate is Cleopatra Hotel. It is located in Al-Corniche, Burj Al-Burullus in Burullus City. If you want to spend a wonderful vacation in Baltim, Cleopatra Hotel is one of the best hotels there.

3. Dahab Hotel

ِAnother hotel in Burullus City is Dahab Hotel. It is located in Al-Corniche, Al Bananin.

4. El-Narges Hotel

El-Narges Hotel is the cheapest hotel in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate. It is located Downtown in the street that leads to El-Mahalla El-Kubra. The hotel has amazing views, spacious rooms, and a restaurant. It offers free parking, breakfast in bed, and 24/7 room service. The hotel staff is friendly.

5. Shaikh Hotel

Among the hotels in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate is Shaikh Hotel. It is also known as Al-Funduqia or Kafr El-Sheikh Hotel. The hotel is located in El-Shaikh Abdu Allah Street in Kafr El-Sheikh.

There are many things to do in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate. It is an amazing place with lots of attractions where you can spend a wonderful vacation. Now, tell us which destination in Kafr El-Sheikh you would visit first.

Enjoy your stay in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate! While considering Egypt, why not consider checking out some of these other articles on the country: Things to do in Egypt | Egyptian Monuments | Popular Egyptian Destinations | Siwa Oasis – Egyptian Desert | Dahab – Egypt

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