70 Things to Do in Austria — Places, Attractions, Great Advice Before Traveling

Updated On: November 08, 2023

Things to Do in Austria

*This article is updated regularly to ensure accurate information and tips.

If you have gathered travellers from all around the world to ask them about their dreamy destinations, their answers will range from ItalySpain, and maybe the Netherlands. Although they are really great countries, we need something new, underrated, with hidden treasures offering a sensory experience. Austria has it all.

A jewel-crowned Europe, Austria has enough things that can go among your expectations even in your wildest dreams. Sun-drenched country all year round, Austria is a place to be whenever you have planned to travel.

Among its unique glory, join us in this completed guide in which you will catch a glimpse of all things to do in Austria, places to visit, things you should avoid, and everything in between.

First of all, we need to address something most travellers never stop wondering about, “Is Austria worth visiting?” To be honest, I don’t argue about it. I’ll just list some of the reasons you should go to Austria this year and leave it up to you to decide how you want to respond to them.

Austria has a sweet taste that will enhance the feeling of the need to return over and over again. And… Okay, without further odds, let’s see what I have prepared for you.

Things to Do in Austria
Beautiful summer Alpine town and Alpine lake view in Austria

Why Should You Visit Austria At Least Once in Your Life?

In order to help those who need to feel more confident about their decisions to travel to Austria, as well as those who have already expressed an interest in visiting this majestic country but have struggled to find the right words to justify their desires, the following are some excellent and persuasive reasons for why Austria is worth visiting. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you can quickly return to it when you’re trying to convince your spouse or a friend to join you on your next expedition.

The Beauty of its Capital: Vienna

In this busy world, it’s hard to find a capital city that is clean and neat. It’s usually crowded, buzzing, somewhat polluted, and has a sense of a commercial centre. In Austria, this concept doesn’t make any sense. Because Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with streets adorned with trees; every square is an attraction in itself, many parks dotted between a number of lovely buildings, and don’t get me started on reviewing posh stores, what I try to say is Vienna should be one of your reasons to visit Austria.

Additionally, Vienna is a city of arts and inspiration. Most famous European artists aspiring to live here, and the rest of them had already headed to this charming city many times to be able to conjure up their creative scenes. Imagine visiting a destination rated as the “Best for Quality of Life”! Oh! Vennie has been designated “A city with the finest quality of life” eight times, so it’s a big deal. You can use this notion firsthand in real life for the first time.

It’s Home to Alpine Peaks

You should absolutely head before saying something like, “Hiking is not for everyone!” it’s so wrong, and you don’t have to stick to this ridiculous talk. Even though some so steep trails require a set of professional skills to stay amused and safe, most hiking opportunities worldwide are for everyone. And things you can learn from this incredible journey are priceless. Nothing can offer what you will get through a trip; you are willing not to beat the backbreaking route; you are eager to beat every negative thought about yourself.

Things to Do in Austria
A scenic view of Alpine Peaks– Mountains

Moreover, an excursion amid the peaks of Austria’s Alpine range is a way to spiritual healing. Luckily, this kind of hiking path is convenient, and you may complete it even if this is your first time climbing a mountain summit route.

Its Music is Genuine

Austria, the beating heart of European music, is the birthplace of some of the world’s most gifted performers and composers. And you will readily sense this when travelling across the country; gorgeous and serene music resonates throughout the atmosphere. And it has reflected in the entire setting in Austria; you can feel peaceful and comfy once you arrive here. People intend to be calm and smooth. Smiles are tracing you wherever you go, and a good scent -you don’t even know what the source of it is. And Salzburg is a terrific example of all of these. Here, you feel that people are breathing in the melodies of Mozart.

That’s why Austria is introduced as one of the best places to live. It will protect your mentality from being stressed or anxious. All things around have been placed to keep you relieved and amazed.

Rural Communities Just Like a Natural Reserve

Villages are not created equal, and not all countries can get their visitors access to a lovely rustic small town. But Austria has competed to be one of these countries offering inspiring settings. And I bet it always wins this competition like a piece of cake. It’s enough to know that Austria hosts a place like Hallstatt, one of the world’s largest and most stunning bucolic spots with its green meadows and pure ponds and a range of glaciers and high soaring mountains. It’s a place you need to go right now after a heretic year. There is no wonder to find this marvellous village on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Consequently, Austria is an exotic combination of blended nature with simplicity, beauty with authenticity, and rugged high hills with pleasant plantations.

Things to Do in Austria
Road in a beautiful forest in the morning, Austria nature

Winter sports are Just Fascinating

On the contrary, to many European countries, the chilly weather of Austria is another advantage, increasing the value of Austria as a hotspot tourist destination. The under-zero temperature makes spotting various hilarious winter sports exceptionally high. So if you have limited time to spend a great vacation abroad, the only chance for you is to travel during the Christmas holiday. Or you need to beat crowds and avoid herds of folks who are steaming to Europe. Then it’s time to go to Austria, where you shouldn’t be too concerned about the temperature since the country has plenty to offer no matter what the weather conditions are like. In summer and spring, everything is sparkling, and the sunlight will kiss you gently, leaving you warm and sound. In the fall, parks turn out to be orange heaven for walking tours to no end. And in winter most parts of the country will be washed in winter, which becomes more than beautiful, and it’s the perfect time to do some winter sports like skiing through snowshoes or tobogganing.

Its Untouched Natural Beauty

As we know, the great desire of countries to become popular tourist destinations may have negative consequences on the natural environment. In other words, if you attempt to hold everyone’s attention, you will come off as phoney or, at the very least, endanger your own serenity. Austria has achieved the status of a masterpiece without putting in a lot of effort. That’s because the primary goal of everyone in this nation is to make their country a healthy place to live while also maintaining a balanced ecology. Thus, numerous endangered species may be sighted when walking through its parks and wildlife reserves.

All of these factors have contributed to making up a truly authentic beauty. It will feel like everywhere, from the capital to each town.

Things to Do in Austria
Colourful lonely tree in the field in Autumn, A guide to Explore Austria

Thoroughly if I were a psychologist, I would advise every patient to come to Austria, where they would be more than satisfied.

It’s Always About Culture

The most beneficial thing about travelling and exploring more cities around the world is to be acknowledged by more cultures and identify how other people live, love, and interact. Of course, seeing attractions and having fun at a theme park or spending a night at a luxurious hotel is so compelling. But it’s also about living with people who have entirely different backgrounds, trying to spell out their language, sampling food with ingredients I haven’t heard before, and getting in touch with locals attempting to find a shared ground between us. It’s about humanity, and we all share the same planet, and we need to find a way to contact each other.

But Austria is all about it. Don’t even define your experience here because your experience will be like never before.

Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Austria in Covid-19

As we promise, Austria is an absolute must-see for all types of travellers. However, if you want to make the most of your visit and have a fun free-troubles vacation, there are a handful of things you should know before packing your suitcase and boarding your plane. And in the Covid-19 situation, sometimes there are more complications.

Many thoughts are conflicting right now in your head. You are asking yourself, “Is it a good idea to travel while the coronavirus is still in our life?”

Things to Do in Austria
Night view Hofburg Palace. Vienna, Austria

Below, you will find some information you never knew about. We created this guide according to our experience, other travellers’ advice, and everything in between. Let’s see what we have for you.

Masks are a must, and Vaccination Verification is Mandatory

No matter where you are coming from, it seems that we are a long way from the end of this nightmare situation, coronavirus. And if you put off all your plans and travelling schedule, you might wait forever.
“Then, what?”

Of course, it could be a risk when travelling around while the virus is roaming anywhere. But you know, the funniest trip ideas are going out from adventure and gambling. And another premium piece of advice: we can glaze at the half-full glass, and in this case, you can see that most attractions might be less crowded, and prices of hotels and flights are more likely to be lower cost. That means you have a golden chance to discover Austria with less budget and you can do more things you couldn’t do on normal days.

We are, nevertheless, very concerned with making your journey as memorable and safe as possible. As a result, maintain the mask on your face at all times. It’s no joke. You will not be permitted to enter any attractions or use any kind of public transportation unless you have a mask on. Verification of vaccination records is required. With no vaccination… no reservations… no restaurants… no bars… no nightclubs… in short, there isn’t thing to do.

Other Measures You Need to Know

Many European countries require other strict precautions, and thankfully Austria is not one of them. For example, you are not required to stay self-isolated for a couple of days when entering Austria. It’s enough to show your vaccination certificate and your history of infection, and, of course, a negative coronavirus test.

Things to Do in Austria
Night view Hofburg Palace. Vienna, Austria

However, some regulations are based on your home country; please double-check them before making any reservations and keep posted about any updates regarding the virus situation and other conditions. You know, we are in a time of uncertainty.

Till this moment, don’t roam around without holding your proof that you are vaccinated. At cinemas, theatres, museums, parks, restaurants, and any other place that gathers folks in one place, you are being asked to take an entry test that will prove you are coronavirus-free.

And, of course, another guy will ask you about showing off your vacation verification. Don’t be frustrated, but rather remain committed.

“What if I got ill a few days after my travelling time?” Another excellent and common question. Most hotels and airlines offer free cancellation even before a few days of your departure.

But you have to know it’s not a national law or something obligated to all establishments. It is up to each facility to make its own decision. Thus, it would help if you were confident that this establishment provides what you are searching for.

“What if Austria had declared a new state of emergency after the surge of covid-19 cases?” Then you have the option to cancel your reservation and get a full refund of all of your money.

Try to Visit All the Museums in Vienna… But Wait

Being the best gateway for art lovers, Vienna has an incredible collection of museums, and each museum has its allure offering something different. Most museums are prestigious buildings housing an extensive array of groups.

Even at smaller museums, there is always something interesting to discover, and a distinct feeling might tell you that you are “unquestionably in the most beautiful city on the planet!”

Fun day trip ideas close to me should include museum tours, especially in Europe.

Things to Do in Austria
Interior of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Vienna, Austria

Don’t miss even one while exploring the city, but — at the same time, it will not be an excellent idea to make it a one-day trip or even two days.

This spectacular experience will turn out to be overwhelming or even cumbersome. And if you have kids, it could be worse.

Plan your time and make your day trip vary between museums, parks, and just walking around worthwhile districts. Art galleries should be included in your itinerary as well.

Aside from that, pleasant streets like Neubau and Mariahilf are a must-see since they are home to several nice cafés with beautiful interior designs to choose from. It seems like wherever you go. There’s something you can stop for and another thing you may want to snap a picture of with it.

Last but not least, while visiting Vienna, you should be aware that Sunday is not the most fantastic day to visit museums or go shopping.

Most places are closed, and people have set aside the day for family gatherings or just relaxing at home. As a result, if you’re only going to remain in Vienna for three days, it’s not a good idea to include Sunday in your itinerary. A lot of your time will be wasted.

Austria is not Germany

Many visitors can be mistaken by this, thinking Austria is just a typical country of Germany or making comparisons between the two nations.

Don’t do that at all.

They are totally different countries with totally different cultures. And here, I will share with you some of these differences.

Austrians are more laid-back than Germans, who place a higher value on their careers and work than on their social lives. On the contrary, Austrians don’t dedicate their life to work.

They are successful, wealthy, and diligent, but Austrians enjoy them to the fullest when it comes to holidays. And during working hours, an hour for a coffee break is a sacred moment. 

You can see that the Austrian community is more conservative and religious in general, and people don’t think of the future too much. You could notice Germans are more agitated and have a fast-paced attitude. They are more prone to accept things as they are, even if it means accepting the past as it has happened. And it’s for this reason.

Things to Do in Austria
People crossing a street in Austria, A country of art

Let’s make a quick example to illustrate my point. If a group of people in Austria has decided to go on a picnic, the meeting time is 10:00 am.

They will be on time, but before departing, they will contact those who cannot attend to see if they can come. At 10:09 am, the bus might be on its way.

Even if there is no one on board in Germany, the bus will leave at 10:00 am.

Yes, there are some parallels, such as the fact that both speak German and have an excellent quality of life. It is important to remember that while visiting Austria and attempting to break the ice and begin the conversion, never compare them to Germans or, even worse, refer to them as Germans. A dispute is set to erupt right away.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Communication

As we said before, German is the official language in all parts. But English is also widely spoken. So, don’t be concerned about communicating with locals if you are interested in understanding their culture or ask someone to refer you to the best restaurant to eat any local dish.

Or you need to find out the best way to explore the city and the best transportation mode you can count on. All your questions will find answers.

Speaking of travelling across the country, renting a car during your vacation would be a fantastic option if you plan on seeing as much as possible.

Austrians are kind and courteous, even while driving, and you will have no problem getting about. Even though a police officer punished you for speeding, you may be able to negotiate about it. In Austria, there is always a way to communicate.

Things to Do in Austria
Visit Austria at Christmas, Vienna

For the sake of living like an Austrian guy, you will need to be authentic and revive the old traditions. Austrians don’t find anything wrong with still being stuck with their classic heritage, like dressing up before going to a theatre.

And don’t be surprised when seeing a gentleman with a jersey jacket dating back to 1950 and smoking a cigar.

It’s Austria, the country of classy and chic taste.

Anyway, people are pretty friendly here and are eager to learn more about you and your background if you approach them directly and ask them a question about anything. You can sense how proud they are of their own identity.

Meanwhile, Austria doesn’t have much international influence, but they don’t care about it.

Music is the Second Language in Austria

What makes this nation so enticing is the musical setting in each section of it. Not only Mozart or Von Trapp but every Austrian also aimed to have his own taste, and they strived to show off their skills, thumbing up various sorts of instruments.

You can spot buskers everywhere, enhancing this classical ambience and letting you remember every single moment that you are in one of the best countries in the world, Austria.

And if you want to have even more fun while taking in the incomparable atmosphere, plan to attend the Salzburg Festival, which is considered one of the top musical events on the planet.

Things to Do in Austria
Colourful Austria Festivals, Salzburg

It is not only a musical event in which the best composers will perform their notes in an unforgettable atmosphere. Yet, it is also a cultural event dedicated to everyone interested in learning more about the latest musical trends and watching many performances.

It will be inaugurated in the last week of July and will last for five weeks. No matter your type of music, you will find something for yourself.

Music, theatre, opera, art exhibitions, and everything in between will be available to you throughout this festival’s run. In contrast to anything you have seen before, you will find a plethora of parties going place at the same time, leaving you perplexed as to where to begin.

Imagine sitting at a concert where an emotional symphony plays that will help you spell out hidden feelings and tears start streaming down your cheeks. Or you can participate in a jazz party, singing and dancing in the wee hours of the morning.

Undoubtedly, this festival will provide you with what you’ve been searching for on each journey you’ve taken and failed to obtain.

Drink Water from Tap and Other Eating Habits You Should Know

Unlike most European countries, Austria has a perfect system of water filtration. It has ranked among the best five countries globally with superior water quality. So, there is no need to spend money on mineral water; if you are thirsty, just go straight to any bathroom and refill your bottle.

And in terms of some food habits in Austria, you can start your meal with a dessert. Forget about what mummy told you about eating your main dish first and let sweets in the end. Desert in Austria is something that even locals have screwed to keep themselves away from.

They already know that it’s not the best way to diet, but trust me, Apfelstrudel and Kaiserschmarren can beat your desire to be healthy and keep your weight under control.

Things to Do in Austria
Shrimp balls covered with bread are fried on a white wooden background- A typical Austrian breakfast.

Or you can take your share and be prepared to run for a while to burn these extra calories. Thus, don’t be embarrassed if you want to order Palatschinken or Germknödel before your dinner.

The good news here, and what we love most about restaurants in Austria, is that prices on the menu are what you will pay, with no hidden fees or charges. Taxes are included in the prices shown in the menu, stores, and ads.

Want to try Austrian alcohol, but you are still 16? No worries at all; it’s legal to drink beer and wine even if you are younger than the legal age in most countries worldwide. Additionally, drinking in public is legal.

Beyond Anything You Imagine: Visit Vienna 

Vienna is a stunning society blinded by history, art, and a slew of opulent hotels and restaurants. With the objective of propagating, Vienna explicitly explains why you should spend at least four nights here to appreciate everything that it has to offer fully. It’s more than enough for me to know that Beethoven lived in Vienna throughout his lifetime.

We recommend this tour not only because you will get the opportunity to come up close to the artist and learn about his life but also because you will be in the location that inspired his masterpieces. And it’s not difficult to see how his upbringing left a lasting impression on his soul and helped develop his abilities.

I bet everyone who has the chance to grow in such an environment will quickly become an artist. Consider the following scenario: in the morning, you are greeted by the tweets of birds perched on the sapling behind your window, and on your approach to kindergarten, your eyes are drawn to the beauty of well-designed modest buildings nestled within a canopy of lush trees.

Things to Do in Austria
Explore Vienna’s beauty at night, stores and restaurants

Then you’d come across a flower shop with a rainbow of hues on display, and you could even hear a fantastic tune emanating from somewhere in the distance.

After dressing up in a complete suite for the evening, you would accompany your parents to an opera performance. Everything at this place nourishes your spirit with art first and then food.

Start Your Tour Perfectly: Head to Hofburg Palace

Location: 1010 Vienna 
How to reach: By bus or subway, both are available and be ready to get out at Karlsplatz station, just a 5 minutes walk from the palace.
Price: Around $16

Thanks to its location, Vienna houses a diverse range of majestic attractions, museums, and palaces at the heart of Europe. But if you want me to recommend a place to start immersing yourself in this fantastic city, Hofburg Palace can’t be missed.

Why Should You Visit Hofburg Palace?

Located in the bustling part of the city, Hofburg Palace is one of the striking landmarks of Vienna. This palace used to be the royal family’s residence, but it has since been converted into a commercial hub. Hofburg has undergone several renovations, and practically every monarch has shown a desire to incorporate their unique touch to make Austrians remember him forever.

Things to Do in Austria
Cart pushing by a house in the presence of Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria

With superlative design spanning each corner, the palace will show you what the royal families’ life was like. Just remember to check out 2,600 rooms and roam around 19 courtyards. Instead of trying to make them all on one trip — which could be overwhelming and somewhat challenging, pick one part of the palace to focus on and get immersed in it.

For example, ask about the Imperial Silver Collection, which is one of the most precious dining collections in the world where classy feasts used to take place.

For a taste of classic India, head to the surrounding garden to take your breath after a long tour inside the palace.

Things to Do:

  • Plan to join a guided tour to learn about the history of this incredible place and help you explore all its treasures.
  •  Stroll around the palace and admire its breathtaking structure, and don’t forget to take photos of this famous sight to constantly remind yourself, “One day, I will go to Vienna!”
  •  Make your time to discover the Sisi Museum, which touches on the life of Austria’s emperors. An incredible array is waiting for you to let you know the insights into this stunning city.
  •  Many visitors have ranked the Imperial Apartments – 19 royal rooms depicting the opulence of this influential empire- as one of the best spots inside the palace; you don’t need to miss them out.
  •  Take a look at the balcony from where Adolf Hitler delivered his speech in 1939, introducing Austria as part of Nazi Germany.
Things to Do in Austria
A night view over Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria

Things Not to Do:

  • Don’t go on a trip around town without some coins in your pocket. They are valuable in Austria, and you will need a large number of them to tip street artists as you travel across the city.
  •  Don’t simply order your dish and walk away. In Austria, It doesn’t work like this. Tipping is much of a deal, and you need to leave some charge in restaurants. Generally speaking, it may be as much as 10 per cent of your entire check; however, don’t bother worrying about it anymore. Leave just what you are comfortable with.
  •  Don’t take waiters’ attitude personally. For no reason, or maybe there is a reason somewhere, but we haven’t found it yet — waiters in Austria are grumpy, and you will most likely not be greeted with a smile. Simply eat and enjoy your dinner while attempting to win them over to your side with a few tips.

Pro tip: don’t miss spending time in the library of Hofburg. You can explore unique manuscripts and the largest papyrus collection globally, along with other brilliant documents that will tell you more about this part of the world.

Explore the Vibrant City Center: Pay a Visit to Schönbrunn Palace

Location: Schlosstrasse 47, Vienna 1130 

How to reach: Within 7 minutes walk away from Schönbrunn station.

Price: Free access to a number of courtyards of the palace. Alternatively, for a more intense experience, you can purchase a Vienna pass for $98 for most attractions here.

You can head to Vienna’s northern and southern regions, but you will find nothing like Schönbrunn Palace. Standing for more than 800 years and counting, this palace is one of Austria’s fascinating relics and royal sites.  

Why Should You Visit Schönbrunn Palace?

Another seat of power to Austria’s monarchy, Hofburg Palace, is a great shade in summer after a daunting tour across the city. With white marble statues and perfectly carved edifices, the details of this structure will blow your mind. First, take a stroll around the 40 rooms that will astound and pleasure you, and then enjoy the abundance of royal collections and golden things on display. You will realize that Vienna’s glamour is not just a myth. It is a proven reality, and you can see it all around you. Your list of things you see in this gregarious palace will go on and on.

Things to Do in Austria
Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria at night

You will have a high chance to experience the royal lifestyle and what it looks like to live in a fully-decorated spacious room with class-world antiques and a window to a no-end garden. While you’re visiting, make sure to check out the Great Gallery with its spectacular paintings. 

Things to Do:

  • Stay mindful while exploring Vienna’s palaces, and make time to discover as many Royal apartments as you can. Every corner will offer you something different and let you find out other gems.
  •  Appreciate the beauty of Schönbrunn Palace from the outside and take unbelievable photos, especially before the sunset.
  •  Spend some time exploring Million Room. This comfortable space will inspire you to come here again and again, to glaze at its intricately adorned ceiling and walls.
  •  If there were something to avoid while visiting this palace, it would be leaving without heading to Maria Theresa’s salon. Oh my god! Another splendid space for losing yourself in this mansion.
  •  Another must-see tourist attraction is the Hall of Mirrors, a grand hall filled with mirrors and a massive chandelier that adds to the palace’s grandeur. This plaza was used to host receptions for members of the aristocracy and significant personalities.
Things to Do in Austria
An overlooking view of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria

Things Not to Do:

  • Even if you have booked one of the most luxurious accommodations in Vienna, don’t be holed up in your hotel and be ready to explore more than you might think.
  •  Photos are not allowed inside the palace. However, you can snap away in the parks.
  •  Don’t assume that you can find a large collection of paintings and sculptures. It’s not what Schönbrunn Palace is about. When it comes to Vienna’s palaces, they are not museums. Instead, you will get insight into royal life and how they spend their days. 

Pro tip: You are welcome to visit even if you have no interest in learning more about what lies behind this magnificent building. Schönbrunn Palace is set between expansive gardens and parks, and it is open to the public for free admission. That’s why we suggest this palace as a free family activity for anyone looking for an ample open space where they may move about peacefully and safely.

Vienna Hidden Gems: A Journey to the Spanish Riding School

Location: Michaelerplatz 1, 1010 Wien 

How to reach: Within 2 minutes walk away from Michaelerplatz bus station. Or, if you prefer to catch the subway, you can get out at Herrengasse, Wien, 6 minutes away.

Price: Different types of tickets are available. Putting aside that you don’t come here to learn horse riding, you can buy an architectural or guided tour for around $22. If you are more excited to see more, you can attend horse performances. Just make sure that there are scheduled shows before coming, and it’s better to book in advance.

In our travel guides, you always care about all places you might regret if you don’t explore them before your departure flight. Therefore, we are mindful of listing this fantastic attraction in the post telling you things to do in Austria. The Spanish Riding School belonging to Emperor Maximilian II is a top of them.

Things to Do in Austria
A scenic view at Christmas, Vienna, Austria

Once you know it goes back to 1562, I am sure you will include it on your itinerary throughout this beautiful country.

Why Should You Visit the Spanish Riding School?

Avoid asking these questions when it comes to Vienna since there are plenty of reasons that there is no room to mention them all. We have even tried so hard to narrow down these reasons.

For me, there are many classical events where you need to be part of them in which you can get close to the aristocratic class in Europe and don’t fret- there is no dress code to be there. Just put on what makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Things to Do:

  • Pay a visit to the magnificent hall in which you will find information about some champions and lovely historic photos.
  •  You can enrol in an educational class in the morning if you are interested and I am sure it would be a wonderful experience. Close your eyes and conjure up this scene “You are riding a horse at one of the most prestigious arenas in the world!” Just a dream come true.
  •  If you are not willing to pay for a ticket, just keep your eyes on this innovative architecture. Bring some snacks from food carts and roam around this remarkable building.
  •  Pay a visit to the small museum inside the school that will let you know more about the history of this place and other medals and gifts.
  •  To get souvenirs from this historical site, you can visit a gift shop to bring something reminiscent of this memory.
Things to Do in Austria
Vienna, Austria- fantastic offerings

Things Not to Do:

  • Don’t go there without printing your ticket. Your e-ticket or any email confirmation is not accepted. So, please stay away from this hassle of searching for printing anywhere. Alternatively, try to make it before leaving your hotel.
  •  If you don’t feel comfortable with horses’ dancing or you consider it abuse, skip the idea of attending the Spanish Riding School’s shows.
  •  Don’t get trapped with your tour group while carrying a camera and donning a chapeau, resting in a 5-star hotel, or eating only peeled fruits and vegetables. Austria is just like this in more ways than one. You must go about the nation as if you were a local. Talk to people, and listen to their advice on the best way to soak up all of the charms that this country offers.

Pro tip: A Vienna pass is an excellent way to save money since if you use it to get into the school, it will also get you free admission to Schönbrunn Palace, the Giant Ferris Wheel, the Vienna Zoo, and the Albertina Museum, in addition to the Spanish Riding School, of course! Furthermore, there is no need to stand in line. Simply present your card and go directly into the plaza.

No Shortage of Museums and Art Galleries: Plan a tour of MuseumsQuartier

Location: Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien 

How to reach: Within 2 minutes walk away from Michaelerplatz bus station. Or, if you prefer to catch the subway, you can get out at Herrengasse, Wien, 6 minutes away.

Price: Many kinds of MuseumsQuartier prices are offered depending on what you are willing to explore. It ranges from $26.

Located in the Imperial Palace, MuseumsQuartier is one of Vienna’s most glamorous art complexes. Perhaps Austria’s most recognizable building, this complex is a place you should not go anyway without checking out for a while.

Why Should You Visit MuseumsQuartier?

MuseumsQuartier is also the world’s most famous testimony to the power of art. Many things are offered right here. First, if you want a place to rest and sip something, there are many cosy cafes, restaurants, and bars. Then, if you need a space to relish, head to a theme park offering a mini-golf court.

Another spot you can find inside this lovely attraction is the Leopold Museum — which is home to more than 50 paintings from a number of prominent European artists like Gustav Klimt and Oskar Kokoschka.

It may take you an entire day to complete your trip here, and you will get a distinct impression that there is much more to see and do here.

Things to Do in Austria
Sisi Museum Hofburg Wien, Michaelerplatz, Vienna, Austria

“Well, I am not interested in arts and this kind of adventure. Is that still worth visiting MuseumsQuartier?”

Absolutely yes. You can just come closer to local and pick boiled or fried snacks and, of course, an ideal spot for your Instagram.

Things to Do:

  • Stroll around the MuseumsQuartier Avenue, offering a romantic setting and a perfect retreat to discover the core concept of this magical city, Vienna.
  •  Explore the beautiful art style of Schiele and other pioneer artists in various museums inside this exciting complex, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Leopold Museum.
  •  Bring you something to eat or drink from one of your favourite elegant cafes.
  •  If you have kids, Zoom Children’s Museum is a place filled with many thrilling activities ranging from painting, playing, and other scream-enticing games.
  •  If you are lucky, you can attend one of the open exhibitions and galleries in spring and summer to catch a glimpse of many moods of European style.
Things to Do in Austria
Natural History Museum, Vienna, Austria with tons of visitors

Things Not to Do:

  • Don’t even think of skipping the waiting line and taking someone’s turn to order your food or any queues in Austria, or skipping any other lineups in Europe, for that matter. Your hunger is not an excuse, and many others will look at you with a resentful expressions. Maintain compliance with their rules and remain in your turn.
  •  If you aren’t a big fan of this kind of art, don’t explore MuseumsQuartier on your own. You will almost certainly want the assistance of a guide or maybe an audio guide to be aware of how the artist used aspects with designs and the philosophy behind them.
  •  Don’t binge ​on money shopping unless you have set up a specific budget for it. Austria is one of the most costly nations in Europe.

Pro tip: The best time to visit Austria is between June to September, during which you will enjoy a lovely atmosphere, other musical events, and gorgeous vibrant trees adorning streets everywhere.

Other Attractions You Should Not Miss in Vienna

  • Have you ever asked yourself, “Well, Vienna is home to many poets and artists- where did they use to congregate when they got together?” Just right here, at Café Central. Although it may seem to be only a coffee shop, it is much more than that in Austrian culture. You can see that this café served as the source of inspiration for many of Austria’s artists who resided in this city. Unfortunately, you will find a long line whenever you come. Please don’t make this discourage your excitement, and wait your turn because it’s worth your time. Feel aristocratic while sipping your coffee at this upscale establishment.
  •  Belvedere Palace is another enchanting palace you need to check out before leaving Vienna. With its green domes and extensive gardens inlaid around the entrance with a grand fountain, Belvedere Palace is primarily constructed to impress everyone and decorated with delicate patterns and precious items. It has become a museum holding a great collection of artworks and galleries. It’s a perfect cultural hub for everyone to soak up this unparalleled art.
  •  Roam around the historic centre of Vienna, a pearl in a glittering crown. This zone is the source of everything. You can find a bunch of attractions, glorious architecture, and prominent museums. Tons of restaurants and chic cafes are dotted around this unforgettable setting. The best time to visit this destination is at night when many buskers and street bands come together when these delightful vibes brilliantly alter the atmosphere.
  •  Visit one of the most famous theatres in Europe, the National Theatre. This show will give you a view of this stunning stage. You can visit the museum inside the building or attend an upscale show if it’s possible.
Things to Do in Austria
One of the things to do in Austria is visit museums in Vienna

Where to Stay in Vienna?

Best Hotels for Families:

Boutique Hotel am Stephansplatz (around $146 a night)

Austria Trend Parkhotel Schonbrunn (around $101 a night)

Best Hotels for Couples:

Grand Hotel Wien (around $302 a night)

Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth (around $93 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Vienna Hostel Ruthensteiner (around $28 a night)

Wombat’s The City Hostel Vienna Naschmarkt (around $20 a night)

Make it Memorable: Salzburg Built on the Bank of Music

Some places are not recommended for everyone; maybe the adventure it offers could not be interesting. It depends on your interests and experience of travelling.

Other places are created to be captivating destinations for everyone since they appeal to all preferences. Salzburg belongs to the second group.

Things to Do in Austria
A beautiful shot of the historic city of Salzburg reflecting in the river during nighttime

On the far bank of the Salzach River, Salzburg is a magical city combining all the compelling aspects that will leave you amazed and relaxed all the time. Green plains punctuated with extraordinary buildings and castles, this Austrian city is the birthplace of Mozart, and it’s still so proud of it. And Salzburg people have a valid argument. I think if Salzburg had accomplished nothing else other than bringing Mozart to the world, it would have been enough.

You are invited to explore this magnificent city, peppered with attractions back to long-vanished medieval empires, white-washed mountains, and much more. Most attractions and vibrant sights are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites to offer you an overwhelming experience. In summer, the whole city turns out to be an endless festival ranging from parties, musical events, performances held in the most famous theatres in Salzburg, and lively shows sweeping the streets. However, Salzburg is much more than Mozart and such musical concerts; the city packs with activities and things to do for romantic, thrilling, and relaxing seekers. It’s a perfect getaway. Life among Salzburg’s lush green hills and valleys will bring a different adventure you need to taste. 

Stroll Down the Old Town: Salzburg Altstadt

Location: in the heart of Salzburg

How to reach: You can make it a one-day trip. It’s 3 hours away from Vienna. Just board the train from Wien Westbahnhof; maybe you need to take a bus from Salzburg Hbf to Stadtbrücke, Hallein. The whole journey will cost you $30 – $40. 

Price: Free access

In general, Austria seems slower and less crowded. If you are a timid traveller, you will have a great time across the country since this European country is always a quaint and adorable place. And what we love most about Austria is that you don’t need to join an escorted tour. Just let yourself loose in these pleasant streets.

Things to Do in Austria
Dusk view down the river with reflections of street lights and a castle in the background, Salzburg, Austria

Why Should You Visit Salzburg Altstadt?

Historically, Altstadt has always been an essential part of the city, dating back to the first days of Christianity in Europe. Not only is it the throbbing heart of Salzburg these days, but it has always been so. The only advice for you is to go directly to this district, no matter what. You will find many things worth visiting. 

First and foremost, the Benedictine Abbey of St. Peter is one of the most important cathedrals in the middle ages in which the Archbishops lived, discussed, and issued decrees. It’s absolutely a great stop to explore more about this controversial era.

In Altstadt, try to cover too much ground because every corner will have something for you, and if you don’t prefer to make it on your own — in case you are a solo traveller, you can join a group which means travelling on the main roads in a coach.

Things to Do:

  • Wander around the historical district and spot all the beautiful sights around. It’s a must-do tour that will let you uncover the allure of Salzburg.
  •  Stay in modern hotels or prominent forts with Western-style facilities. Salzburg will give you exclusive access to many accommodations to enhance your experience and leave you chilled and pleased.
  •  Visit all museums available in the main square and have a look at the strange Crafts emporium that will give you insight into Austria’s culture and legacy.
  •  Make no mistake; you can go for a walk around the Mirabell Garden, which is a perfect retreat to get away from the buzzing centre. It will definitely give you a more intimate experience.
  •  Take in the splendour of the Hohensalzburg castle. You may take a walk around it or purchase a ticket to go inside and see all it has to offer.
Things to Do in Austria
Salzburg is a gem of Europe, Austria

Things Not to Do:

  • Don’t go around without holding cash in your pocket. Some places still depend on money as the primary method of payment.
  •  Don’t break traffic rules unless you don’t mind paying fines while enjoying your time. Trust me, if you haven’t experienced this before, it’s awful, especially when you are out of your country. So, don’t cross the streets when the light is green, even if there are no cars. Instead, please wait until it alters to red.
  •  Don’t plan to stay in Austria for just three days or four or whatever. Most attractions here are not located nearby, and if you want to navigate all of them, you have to stay here for at least two weeks. And be prepared to consume many hours travelling through the country.

Pro tip: Some travellers have warned of pickpockets, especially in crowded places. However, it didn’t happen to us, but it would be perfect to be cautious while browsing Salzburg.

Hiking is Always Perfect: Head up to Eisriesenwelt

Location: 5450 Werfen

How to reach: You can find many trips to Eisriesenwelt from Salzburg. But if you prefer to explore it alone, you can take the train from Salzburg Parsch and get out at Tenneck and be ready to walk for 40 minutes until reaching the Eisriesenwelt summit. Your entire journey will take around 1 hour for $10. 

Price: Around $27; alternatively, you can hike up the mountain and skip the cable car journey to save money. Both are lovely and will provide you with an exhilarating experience.

One of the characteristic features of Austria is that it combines almost all the ingredients to make a memorable journey. If you want to negotiate narrow roads, explore the historical districts of Vienna and Salzburg.

Things to Do in Austria
A breathtaking shot of a beautiful mountain landscape in Ahornboden area, Austria

Suppose you strive for a sense of luxury and reserve a night at one upscale hotel. If you like small towns and village experiences, there are plenty of them scattered around.

Eventually, if you are a daredevil and don’t feel any excitement unless you take risks and embark on unbelievable adventures, no place can offer what you will witness in Eisriesenwelt.

Why Should You Visit the Eisriesenwelt?

Itineraries often include guided walks, meals in local restaurants, exploring museums, or strolling around famous squares. Most of us are more likely to overlook distant places located on the outskirts of big cities, that we don’t recommend you do at all. Sometimes what you can see when you go away from the popular distinctions are worth visiting more than any other, especially when it looks like Eisriesenwelt. Spanning more than 42 kilometres, Eisriesenwelt is an ice cave packed with archaeological findings and trekking trails.

With a height of 1656 meters above sea level, the view from the peak of Eisriesenwelt will take your breath away.

Things to Do:

  • Use the cable car to reach the highest point of Eisriesenwelt. This ride seems to be a journey to heaven and through heaven. Forget about any gondola lift you have made before. Eisriesenwelt is the best ever.
  •  Hiking enthusiasts call this spot home. Even amateurs can join a private journey to explore this mountain at a slow pace.
  •  Try to weave in visits to smaller towns, many of which have equally fascinating natural landscapes and meadows.
  •  Don’t forget to check out the ice palace. Just stroll down the mountain or join a group to make sure you have taken the proper steps.
  •  For a perfect reflection of the Eisriesenwelt, go inside the ice caves and take many interesting photos of this scenic landmark. We suggest you come here as early as possible to avoid the babel of tour groups.
Things to Do in Austria
A pier at a lake in Hallstatt, Austria

Things Not to Do:

  • Use the cable car to reach the highest point of Eisriesenwelt. Forget about any gondola lift you have made before. This ride seems to be a journey to heaven and through heaven.
  •  Don’t go around at night alone, especially in secluded places. It could not be very safe.
  •  There are some similarities between German and Austrian gastronomy. But don’t even try to make comparisons between them. If there is a dish defined as an Austrian recipe, just take it and don’t try to look savvy and say something, “I guess it’s German cuisine!” No, don’t do that.

Pro tip: In our travel guide, we help you explore the city like a native, immerse yourself in the entire experience, and show you all the best things to do in Austria and other countries worldwide. That’s why we encourage you to hire a bike and browse the streets to explore all the hidden gems.

Other Attractions You Should Not Miss in Salzburg, Austria

  • It doesn’t make any sense to be in Salzburg and don’t make time to visit the house of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which turned out to be a museum, Mozart’s Birthplace. It’s one of Salzburg’s highlights, in which you can get closer to his instruments, clothing, and other valuables belonging to the decent artist. If it’s not enough for you and you are willing to know more about Mozart, head to Mozart’s Residence, filled with the best of Mozart’s belongings.
  •  Pay a visit to Salzburg Museum houses many prestigious artworks and a lot of information about the history of this charming city.
  •  Spending Christmas in Salzburg will be like a dream come true; sprawling markets, beautiful decorations, and other thrilling activities with the background of snow-capped mountains. Bring your favourite coffee to warm your hand, and let this dazzling atmosphere warm your heart. It will definitely exceed your expectations. 
  •  To be honest, though, planning your trip to Salzburg could be somewhat daunting since you will find lovely destinations you don’t want to miss. But if I were you, I wouldn’t skip the Palace of Schloss Leopoldskron, a hotspot location that will let you notice why this city is on everyone’s bucket list while venturing into Europe.
Things to Do in Austria
Coated with snow during Christmas, Things to do in Austria is to visit Salzburg

Where to Stay in Salzburg?

Best Hotels for Families:

Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron (around $138 a night)

B&B Villa Verde (around $77 a night)

Best Hotels for Couples:

art hotel Blaue Gans (around $147 a night)

Sheraton Grand Salzburg (around $235 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

YoHo Youth Hostel (around $23 a night)

Stadtalm (around $29 a night)

A City Made With Love: Come to Innsbruck

It’s not a huge city, but it’s one of the smallest towns in Austria. However, it deserves your attention (a fact I didn’t until I explored the beauty behind each nook and cranny.)

Travelling to a country of all these sights and wonders takes serious planning, as there are literally hundreds of amazing things to do in Austria. If you are lucky enough, we invite you to spend over a month travelling to Austria, which will give you plenty of time to explore and navigate each city without panic or a strict itinerary and, as such, find some unique treasures.

But we know most visitors, possibly like myself, won’t have this option. (Oh god! A month’s vacation, How I could even tell my boss! — Hi boss! I need a month’s vacation! After a few minutes, an email notification, WHAT! Rejected!)

Things to Do in Austria
Innsbruck, Austria, is a must-visit with a laid-back atmosphere

Okay, no problem; I know it’s impossible. Otherwise, who could write these valuable guides to tell you beautiful stuff about the world! Wait, I know the answer, no one! (kidding! Our lovely team always does.)

Back to your trip to Austria, you will need to plan before you arrive, and as many other visitors do not look further than Vienna. Today is the time to try out a new adventure and travel to Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol.

This metropolis is an idyllic spot to go, especially in winter, during which it becomes more common for winter sports. Dotted with eye-catching structures with a mountain backdrop, Innsbruck is a good shade after visiting museums and taking in all the baroque architecture of Austria. Now, it’s time for relaxing and relishing among breathtaking landscapes.

To make the task of exploring Innsbruck a little easier, we want to share with you the best things to do here. Let’s take a closer look at this enchantment.

History is more than Just Stories: Discover Hofburg and Hofkirch

Location: Rennweg and Universitätsstraße, right next to the Hofburg Palace

How to reach: There are different ways to get to Innsbruck from Vienna, but the best-recommended option is to book a train ticket to Innsbruck Hbf. It will cost you around $70 – $140, taking 4 hours. Once you arrive in the city, take a cab to the complex of Hofburg and Hofkirch. 

Price: Around $11

So we’ve come up with one of the top spots and outstanding attractions in Innsbruck, Austria. These splendid buildings, which once belonged to Emperor Maximilian I, will provide you with a glimpse into the history of Austria-Hungary. Brimming with the perfectly carved status along with priceless artefacts and other lovely items, this museum merits a long stop in its entirety.

Things to Do in Austria
Innsbruck, Austria, colorful houses on the banks of a tranquil river

Why Should You Visit Hofburg and Hofkirch?

It’s a perfect spot for history buffs, and you do not consider yourself one of them. You will find something fascinating. Just include this in your list of must-visit attractions to see and do in Austria, and it never disappoints you.

Hofburg and Hofkirch are a complex packed with many attractions in addition to an opulent palace back to Austria’s empire. Everything is placed to appeal to you or — to be precise— to satisfy the earlier rulers of Austria. Your trip through this spot must include the posh royal apartments with their unique design and golden frames inland on the walls. And don’t forget to admire the grandeur of the ceiling with substantial shimmering chandlers.

Things to Do:

  • Innsbruck is one of the few destinations on the planet that will offer you a luxury experience along with pristine nature. Start your tour with a luxurious sense and wander around the palace, especially Giant Hall.
  •  Don’t forget to head to Court Church with its spectacular design and an extensive collection of sculptures. A guided tour would be a great idea to explore its mystery.
  •  Have a look at the sarcophagus of the empire centred in the hall; it’s another masterpiece.
  •  Take advantage of being here and check out the Tyrolean Museum of Folk Art, a worthy place for everyone interested in the legacy of ancient Europe.

 Getting enough of historical attractions! — which I bet because of this kind of art, you will always be excited to explore more. Well, head straight to Hofgarten Park, a well-deserved respite where you may take pleasure in the dream-like green spaces.

Things to Do in Austria
A wonderland place to visit is Innsbruck, Austria

Things Not to Do:

  • Don’t get high denominations of euros from ATMs. You will need lower notes in many places. (Remember to always tip and I am sure you don’t want to leave 50 euros to the waiter!)
  •  Don’t get carried away with the need to take images everywhere. I know Austria will make you more than satisfied and luckily, the same can be said for its attractions. Taking photographs in the middle of the roadway or amongst people who are trying to go to their destination, on the other hand, is not a smart idea. Look around before snapping, and show consideration for others unless you want to see people’s irritation on their faces and hear some mumbling you don’t understand. But you absolutely know it’s far from kind words.
  •  Don’t wait until the last minute to book your ticket or accommodation, particularly if you want to visit Austria during the high seasons. As a general rule, the sooner you make your bookings for your next vacation, the greater the savings you will get.

Pro tip: If you intend to stay in Innsbruck for a while, the Innsbruck Card is super and will allow you to access several attractions for free. Get your card once you arrive here and save money.

Wander Around Streets And Take in its Beauty: Old Town Innsbruck

Location: Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 15, 6020

How to reach: The city of Innsbruck is small, and you can get about by taxi without spending a fortune on transportation. From the railway station, take a cab to your destination. It would take less than two minutes. Alternatively, you may take a stroll around the historic district. The streets are a unique experience in and of themselves.

Price: Free access

Whether you’ve been in Innsbruck for one day, one month, or one year, you will find enough to keep you busy for one lifetime, no matter what you like or dislike.

On a budget? Don’t worry; you’re set. You may enjoy several outdoor activities in Innsbruck for very little or no money.

“Not at all! I’ve set aside a substantial amount of money for myself to have a wonderful time!”

Then, it seems you are looking for luxury!

Things to Do in Austria
Explore Innsbruck, Austria, especially the old district- antique houses

Oh, you’ll find it, all right. A variety of posh hotels and classy restaurants are dotted along the way. 

But I want to introduce you to one of the best energetic and lively spots here, Old Town.

Why Should You Visit Old Town Innsbruck?

Old Town Innsbruck boasts a plethora of unique buildings that keep your eyes on to discover its marvels. History buffs, outdoors people, adrenaline junkies, shopaholics, hiking lovers, and everyone in between will bask in the Old Town Innsbruck sights to see. But I bet you the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl) will get your attention once you step inside the area.

Depicting the notability of Austria’s past, this golden window is part of a royal palace in Hapsburg kings called it home. The golden roof served as a royal box for the marriage of Roman Emperor Maximilian I. The couple enjoyed the golden hour of the day on this balcony, taking in the splendour of this little city and its surroundings.

Things to Do:

  • Old Town Innsbruck is a sheer land area and a cornucopia of activities. Still, you can always start by taking photos of the Golden Roof and joining an escorted tour to listen to the city’s legacy.
  •  Visit the Golden Roof Museum, learn more about this empire’s history, and check out some precious belongings, medals, and royal gifts.
  •  Have a peek at Innsbruck City Tower, which served as an observatory building to keep an eye out for any unusually aggressive or approaching tribes. From the observation deck, you may ascend to the top and enjoy a 360-degree view of the city, with the majestic mountains in the backdrop.
  •  Get lost in the small alleyways and uncover the city’s authentic culture. With its vibrant homes flanked by exquisite local pubs, the old town provides everything you need to feel calm and satisfied.
  •  Don’t pass up the chance to pay a visit to the Imperial Palace. On exhibit is a magnificent collection of imperial memorabilia and beautiful artworks.
Things to Do in Austria
Austria, Innsbruck, explore the beauty of the pristine nature

Things Not to Do:

  • Don’t forget to bring a converter for a plugin on your mobile charge or laptop, or you can buy it from the airport to not be shocked when trying to recharge your mobile, and you find no plug to match a straight socket.
  •  Don’t bring up The Sound of Music. It is not something that Austrians are particularly fond of. They said it was a slap in the face to their heritage. Don’t overstate your enthusiasm for Austrian history; set it aside and be yourself, regardless of whether you like the movie or not.
  •  Don’t pay too much for souvenirs since you will be charged a 20 per cent VAT surcharge on each item you purchase. It’s just absurd! Shop wisely and bring as little as possible for your friends to avoid wasting money.

Pro tip: Things to do and see in Innsbruck, Austria, can sometimes be their own Achilles’ Heel. It’s only a matter of knowing when the optimal time is to visit. As usual, Christmas is a joyful time to travel, and Innsbruck will provide you with full access to the advantages of getting so many experiences at your fingertips, including exciting winter activities and stunning holiday decorations.

Other Attractions You Should Not Miss in Innsbruck, Austria

  • It can be overwhelming to decide which restaurant you should go to and which cuisines you choose. Let yourself indulge in this unparalleled experience. It would be perfect for trying out local cuisines like groestl, peckknoedel, and kaesespaetzle.
  •  Make your time to travel through Tyrol. Many worthy villages and towns — like Markthalle, are dotted around Innsbruck and packed with culture and stunning attractions, and you can beat crowds as you will discover lesser-known spots.
  •  Christmas markets are usually a pleasant way to spend your time over the holidays. Innsbruck’s Christmas markets are exactly what you want to do if you’re looking for a laid-back gateway to the festive season during your visit.
  •  If you still wonder, “So what are the best things to do in Innsbruck?” I’d suggest going on a hiking excursion through Alpine villages, which is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Walk, meditate, sit back, relax, and hug your hot coffee cup to stay warm. Lovely!
Things to Do in Austria
A house in the heart of nature, white-washed mountains

Where to Stay in Innsbruck?

Best Hotels for Families:

Hotel Innsbruck (around $116 a night)

Rufi’s Hotel & Serviced Apartments Innsbruck (around $82 a night)

Best Hotels for Couples:

The Penz (around $178 a night)

Hotel Grauer Bar (around $118 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Hostel Marmota (around $34 a night)

Montagu Hostel (around $36 a night)

Find Grace Amongst Austria’s Wonders: Pay Attribute at Salzkammergut

Location: north-central Austria

How to reach: You have more than one option to advance Salzkammergut from Vienna. We hear about the best way and the cheapest way.

  • Take a bus from Vienna Central Bus Station VIB and get out at Salzburg Lastenstrasse. Then, from Salzburg, Hauptbahnhof, catch another bus that will take you to St.Wolfgang in Salzkammergut. And congratulations! You have finally arrived. The whole trip will take around 6 hours and cost approximately $25. 
  •  The best option -that we recommend- catch the train from Wien Hbf in Vienna and get out at Bad Ischl station from Bad Ischl Bf. Bus stop, book a seat at a bus heading to St.Wolfgang in Salzkammergut. The whole trip will take around 3 hours and cost approximately $55. 

Insider guide: Remember to schedule your bus or rail travel in advance and be at the transfer station at least 10 minutes before the next bus departure to avoid missing your trip.

Price: Free access to almost all attractions.

Fun things to do in Austria should include visiting Salzkammergut, near Salzburg, with the core spirit of ethereal natural wonders in Europe. Salzkammergut is a place you aspire to revisit again and again due to its magic and peace. 

Fun things to do in Austria should include visiting Salzkammergut, near Salzburg, with the core spirit of ethereal natural wonders in Europe. Salzkammergut is a place you aspire to revisit again and again due to its magic and peace. 

Things to Do in Austria
A city in white, Salzkammergut, Austria in winter

Why Should You Visit Salzkammergut?

With its 76 lakes dispersed around the city, Salzkammergut is a beautiful treat after a long road from the Austrian capital. Once you set foot on the ground, you will completely forget about everything that transpired along the journey. With a range of Alpine mountains within your sight, ample green open spaces everywhere you turn, and a pure blue sky embracing marvellous rustic houses, you will be rewarded for every single moment spent in this paradise.

Things to Do:

  • Attend one of the many local events, particularly during the Christmas season, while thumping your heart out at one of the many rhythm-driven festivals to completely melt in this outstanding atmosphere.
  •  Make your time to explore quiet, idyllic colonial towns around. Go to Hallstatt, which comprises some of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.
  •  Don’t miss out on exploring the subterranean salt lake Salzwelten, one of the world’s natural marvels that offer an experience unlike any other, complete with beautiful lights for a romantic scene.
  •  Take a solo day trip or a week-long group excursion to check out Ice Cave on Dachstein Mountain, one of the great things to do in Salzkammergut, Austria.
  •  Plan to visit Bad Ischl, with its colourful houses lined with a crystal clear lake and unspoiled slopes of mountains. The best thing about your adventure here is that you’ll easily be able to find something compatible with your pace and budget.
Things to Do in Austria
No-end stretches of landscapes, Salzkammergut, Austria

Things Not to Do:

  • Don’t assume that everyone in distant places can speak English. Be prepared with your online dictionary and challenge yourself to communicate in German.
  •  Don’t be arrogant when you are interacting with Austrians. Austrians, particularly those who live in small areas, are humble and willing to engage in conversation.
  •  Don’t insult their traditional costumes as lederhosen-clad. It doesn’t matter how weird it looks to you; it’s part of their inherent culture. Show respect and be open to accepting differences.

Pro tip: When using the metro or taking the train in Austria, allow those who wish to leave first to get out and then get on it.

Other Attractions You Should Not Miss in Salzkammergut, Austria

  • Head to St Wolfgang, another charming village with lovely sightseeing and picturesque views. If you’ve got a lust for life, there’s no chance you’ll be disappointed by these must-see places in Salzkammergut. 
  •  Explore some off-beaten tracks in Salzkammergut, like Wolfgangsee. It’s a place to relax and get a break from a bustling city. Best of all, you can roam around the small town and breathe in its glittering allure.
  •  Wherever you are in Austria, the soft sound of music drifts from bars and squares, but in Salzkammergut, you will listen to the sound of flowing lakes and the signing of birds, especially if you go on a stroll around Salzwelten, one of the largest lakes here.
  •  The view from 5fingers is something you will only get to see once in your life, so take advantage of it while you can. It will be arduous when you start going up since it will be 400 meters upward, but you will realize that it is well worth it once you reach the summit.
Things to Do in Austria
Unbeatable atmosphere, Salzkammergut, Austria- a dropback city of mountains

Where to Stay in Salzkammergut, Austria?

Best Hotels for Families:

Seehotel im Weyer (around $97 a night)

Hotel Post Abtenau (around $72 a night)

Best Hotels for Couples:

Idyllische Designer-Apartments am Bio-Bauernhof (around $157 a night)

EurothermenResort Bad Ischl – Hotel Royal 4-Sterne Superior (around $255 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Hostel Bad Goisern (around $33 a night)

Hostel-Badgoisern1 (around $35 a night)

A Happy End of Your Journey: Admire the Magic of Krimml Waterfalls

Location: Near the village of Krimml

How to reach: Expect to spend between $260 and $350 to go to Krimml Waterfalls from Vienna, and the whole journey will take about 5h 27m. The train will transport you from Wien Hbf to Hopfgarten Im Brixental Berglift. Then you may take a taxi to your final destination. You may get off the train at Zell Am See station if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option. Take a bus to Krimml Wasserfälle from Zell am See Bahnhof, and you’ll be there in 1 hour. The whole trip will cost you between $70 and $100 and will take around 6h 40m

Price: Around $12

Things to Do in Austria
Krimml Waterfalls, Austria, is unbelievable

After eating an Austrian cuisine catering platter of perfectly roasted meats, you will need something more thrilling, something that helps you erupt sweating from your forehead, or something that entices your curiosity to venture more. The legendary Krimml Waterfalls will give you this cheerful feeling.

Why Should You Visit Krimml Waterfalls?

Set against the dramatic backdrop of rugged mountains, Krimml Waterfalls is an ecology treasure outstretched to welcome extinct species of flora and fauna. Lice up your walking shoes and be ready to embark on a 15-minute tour till reaching this shining Krimml waterfall. 

We have loved water as its only way to survive throughout human history. Thus, there is no wonder that you will find some exquisite archaeological sites dating back thousands of years.

Things to Do:

  • Go hiking around Krimml Waterfalls to explore the power of nature and how it’s so healthy to stay close to green landscapes.
  •  Join a full-day sightseeing tour that will tick off all of the location’s highlights, ranging from high-soaring mountains to the best position to take in all the glory of this sprawling area.
  •  From a higher viewpoint, take in the sunset view as a beautiful rainbow weaves its way across the sky, creating a dazzling vista.
  •  Continue your adventure and head to Krimmler Achental Valley, which reveals its rich heft on a panoramic tour.
  •  Stop for a while to check out Hohe Tauern National Park, with its myriad natural phenomena. You can engage with a tour group that will help you experience it all.
Things to Do in Austria
Krimml Waterfalls, Austria with scenic views and landscapes

Things Not to Do:

  • Don’t expect to find restaurants empty at 5:00 pm. People here start having their dinner earlier than in some places in Europe. You can make a reservation before you go to be sure that you find a table to enjoy your meal with your family without much hassle.
  •  Never, ever consider boarding the U-Bahn without first purchasing a ticket. Every station has its own inspectors who, if they catch you, will find you promptly and severely.
  •  Don’t order tap water in any restaurant in Austria. Everything is shown on the menu, and you may even be able to find out how much tap water costs. However, we have said before that you could drink from the tap, but Austrians consider it rude in restaurants. (It’s absurd, we know, but who cares? Just follow Austrians’ customs!) Anyway, ordering mineral water is the best way to avoid this trouble.

Pro tip: Always use a train to travel through the country. An excellent choice for those looking for a low-cost and easy alternative to anywhere.

Other Attractions You Should Not Miss Near Krimml Waterfalls, Austria

  • Großvenediger is a typical trail you should include in your itinerary. A snow-covered peak, Großvenediger is not for everyone, but if you are thriving on a high-intensity adrenaline rush, then pack your backpack and be ready to be charmed by this skiing trip.
  •  Nature buffs will be obsessed with Krimml Waterfalls. Yet, it’s just the beginning. Winter sports enthusiasts can find much to do at Wildkogel, dotted with various mountains. Enjoy the spectacular vista of the Salzach Valley.
  •  Discover surrounding metropolises like Neukirchen and Bramberg, both of which have rich cultural legacies and exciting attractions. However, you’ll want to go through it as a group so that you can focus on the most exciting aspects of each bend.
  •  Stop to breathe in the beauty of Speicher Durlaßboden and enjoy its thundering roar. If you still have energy climb up Königsleiten Peak for a perfect sight of the location and take unbeatable photos.
Things to Do in Austria
Hallstatt, Austria, amazing lodgings and vibrant houses

Where to Stay Near Krimml Waterfalls, Austria?

Best Hotels for Families:

Jugend- und Familienhotel Venedigerhof (around $58 a night)

Aparthotel Garni Schranz (around $83 a night)

Best Hotels for Couples:

Hotel Krimml (around $154 a night)

Hölzl Bed & Breakfast (around $51 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Appartments-Hutter (around $48 a night)

Sandhoff (around $46 a night)

Things to Do in Austria
Lose yourself in the streets of Vienna, Austria

Your trip to Austria will be full of experiences, activities, and cultural tours around museums and art galleries. We hope you enjoy going through this vibrant country as we do. And please feel free to contact us if you need any help planning your next trip to this colourful country. We’re always happy to lend a hand.

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