Egypt is a transcontinental country that is located in both Africa and Asia. It’s famous for one of the longest histories and many significant civilizations. It is the cradle of the greatest ancient (pharaonic) Egyptian civilization and a home to many others like the Roman, the Mamluke, the Fatimid, the Coptic, the Islamic and others. It has more than one-third of the world’s monuments and rich of different cultures that are a part of its identity.

Behold the Beauty of Nature in Cairo’s Orman Garden

Behold the Beauty of Nature in Cairos Orman Garden
Being Egypt’s capital, Cairo embraces a lot of tourist attractions and historical sites that are worth visiting. You can look up any list online, stating the best destinations to stop at in Cairo.However, it is not guaranteed that these lists will not miss any...

Muhammed Ali’s Palace in Shubra

Muhammed Alis Palace in Shubra
Egypt is an amazing destination for those who are fond of unravelling the secrets of the past.  It embraces more than a few historical landmarks that most of the passionate travellers sought after.Muhammed Ali’s Palace is one of Egypt’s most significant sites that...

The Splendor of the History of Alexandria

History Of Alexandria
Beyond doubt, Egypt is one of the most beautiful countries around the world; it holds a mount of the world’s acclaimed attractions. To the whole world, Egypt’s history revolves around its embracement of the Great Pyramids of Giza; on the other hand, there are...