Egypt is a transcontinental country that is located in both Africa and Asia. It’s famous for one of the longest histories and many significant civilizations. It is the cradle of the greatest ancient (pharaonic) Egyptian civilization and a home to many others like the Roman, the Mamluke, the Fatimid, the Coptic, the Islamic and others. It has more than one-third of the world’s monuments and rich of different cultures that are a part of its identity.

Aquarium Grotto Garden, Cairo, Egypt

Aquarium Grotto Gardenvideo
The aquarium grotto garden in Cairo is found on El Zamalek island, the district with the most green areas in Cairo. The location of this aquarium garden is Gabalaya street in Zamalek and it is one of the most famous places that the old...

The Pharaonic Village, Cairo, Egypt

The Pharaonic Villagevideo
Among the different things that you should put on the list of things to visit in Cairo, Egypt, the Pharaonic Village should be written down. The Pharaonic Village ( is a living museum of the Egyptian history, where there are different actors who perform...

El Andalus Park, Cairo, Egypt

El Andalus Park, Cairo, Egypt - is a green space found on El Zamalek Island that welcomes the visitors to have a walk by the Nile, sitting on the bench to watch the Nile, or have a walk through the green surroundings.

Mosques in El Moez Street, Cairo, Egypt

El Moez Streetvideo Have you ever heard of El Moez Street? This video features some of the best amazing landmarks that sit in that vintage street in Cairo. Even the music has that tremendous tone that says a lot about the Egyptian culture. Apparently, there are so...

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Egypt

National Museum of Egyptian Civilizationvideo
There are different things to do in Egypt and different Cairo attractions to head to and one of them is the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo which is considered the latest addition to the Egyptian treasure and which have succeeded in attracting...

Egypt’s Hidden Gems – Beat El Shemy, Cario

Beat El Sehemyvideo
There are different hidden gems in Cairo, Egypt, which a lot of people know nothing about and Beat El Sehemy is among the list since not all those who visit Egypt know about it. Beat El Sehemy is found in El Moez street, so...

Muhammed Ali Mosque, Cairo, Egypt

Muhammed Ali Mosquevideo
Cairo, Egypt’s capital, is a tapestry rich in a trove of antiquities and historical sites, with a mesh of the past and the present coming to life. Its history starts three centuries before the Fatimids had founded the town of al-Qahira, with the Arab...

The Egyptian Museum, Cario, Egypt

Egyptian Museumvideo
When you usually hear the word "Egypt" the great ancient Egyptian civilization is probably the first thing that pops in your mind. Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is lucky enough to have a fair share of the ancient Egyptian monuments and remnants. Surprisingly enough,...

North Coast Egypt – Egypt Travel Attractions

North Coast Egyptvideo
North Coast Egypt - Egypt travel places we will help you know more about and get all the fun in the world!North Coast is the summer destination place for all the Egyptian people, which is famously known as "Al Sahel" or "the coast" and...

Qaitbay Citadel, Alexandria, Egypt

Qaitbay Citadelvideo
The history of Qaitbay Citadel is long since different characters helped in its existence; starting from building the citadel and ending with the renovations that were done to the whole place until the 20th century to become what we are seeing at this very...