Egypt is a transcontinental country that is located in both Africa and Asia. It’s famous for one of the longest histories and many significant civilizations. It is the cradle of the greatest ancient (pharaonic) Egyptian civilization and a home to many others like the Roman, the Mamluke, the Fatimid, the Coptic, the Islamic and others. It has more than one-third of the world’s monuments and rich of different cultures that are a part of its identity.

Places to Visit in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Egyptvideo
 Cairo, Egypt - The history, civilization, and the amount of treasure that this country carries always attract the tourists to it. Egypt is filled with lots of sightseeing tours that one should experience and there are different museums, temples, gardens, mosques, and other landmarks...

World’s Greatest Open Air Museum, Luxor, Egypt

Luxor, Egypt - The city on the east bank of the Nile River that is rich with lots of historical tombs, museums, monuments, and temples that made it the world's greatest open air museum. Luxor is the place where the kings and queens of...

The Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Pyramids of Gizavideo
The three pyramids of Giza come as the first item on your to-do list in Cairo, Egypt - we can see that right there - and this goes back to the history hidden inside this place along with those huge buildings built by the...

Alexandria Beach, Egypt Travel Attractions

Alexandria Beachvideo
Alexandria Beach, Alexandria, Egypt - Spending some time sitting by the sea while also being at one of the most famous historical attractions in this city, Qaitbay citadelAlexandria beach is different; with the breeze that comes with the waves, people always enjoy the idea...

Religious Community, Cairo, Egypt

Religious Communityvideo
Religious Community, Cairo, Egypt - The old city of Cairo is the place where the three different religions are found through the historical sites and buildings; Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.For the Egyptians, those who are always driving through the streets of this city, there...

King Tutankhamun’s, Cairo, Egypt

King Tutankhamunvideo
King Tutankhamun's tomb is a sight that you should never miss when it comes to the Pharaonic village. This tomb will tell the visitors more about King Tut through the treasures, the mummy itself, the shrines, and the different pictures that show much more...

Cairo Citadel in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Citadelvideo
Cairo is the city where you can behold numerous signs of beauty and arts. In fact, Egypt is full of interesting places to visit. This makes it one of the top destinations to head to in order to learn about history and culture. Citadels...

Aquarium Grotto Garden, Cairo, Egypt

Aquarium Grotto Gardenvideo
The aquarium grotto garden in Cairo is found on El Zamalek island, the district with the most green areas in Cairo. The location of this aquarium garden is Gabalaya street in Zamalek and it is one of the most famous places that the old...

The Pharaonic Village, Cairo, Egypt

The Pharaonic Villagevideo
Among the different things that you should put on the list of things to visit in Cairo, Egypt, the Pharaonic Village should be written down. The Pharaonic Village ( is a living museum of the Egyptian history, where there are different actors who perform...

El Andalus Park, Cairo, Egypt

El Andalus Park, Cairo, Egypt - is a green space found on El Zamalek Island that welcomes the visitors to have a walk by the Nile, sitting on the bench to watch the Nile, or have a walk through the green surroundings.