The Ultimate Guide to Egypt’s Crown Jewel: Dahab


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Planning a trip? Or not planning a trip but growing more and more tiresome everyday of the pressures and responsibilities of your everyday life? Either way, you need the right kind of getaway to relax, unwind, and most importantly, recharge, and that is precisely where Dahab comes in. 

Why is Dahab the perfect destination for your next trip? 

The reasons vary, and although just one article wouldn’t fully transpire why your soul needs a trip to Dahab, our following preview might just do the trick. 

Aside from the several one-of-a-kind attractions and truly once-in-a-life-time experiences Dahab offers (which we will be going over in detail), almost everyone who has ever set a foot in this town-despite the different experiences- would probably agree on one thing and it is that being there in Dahab, surrounding your mind and soul with its immense and untouched beauty had inexplicable powers over one’s mental state and inner peace. Placing yourself in an environment that is so stripped from the big city’s fast-paced vibes helps you slow down, appreciate the simple joys in life, and most importantly, calm down and unwind. 

Of course, you are not going to spend your entire vacation relaxing, so let’s find out more about the attractions and activities this Egyptian gem has to offer! 


Must-visit places & attractions of Dahab

There are countless places and spots to see and visit during your trip to Dahab, but to eliminate the overwhelming confusion of your trip planning, here are our top 5 must-visit Dahab attractions:

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is one of Egypt’s and probably the world’s most relaxed beach spots. The quite literally crystal-clear water of the lagoon is perfect for enjoying a warm dip under the sun, and the white luscious sandy beach is great for a relaxing sunbath. 

Aside from kitesurfing, swimming and tanning, you can enjoy a truly unique experience at the Blue Lagoon, as there are several tents and bedouin themed housings by the lagoon’s water open for visitors to stay in without cell phone connection, wi-fi, or even modern bathrooms, providing a truly therapeutic experience. 

Blue Hole 


If you are after a giant adrenaline rush, then put the Blue Hole on the very top of your to-go places in Dahab. The Blue Hole is a 300-meter-deep meteor-made hole where you can go scuba diving or free diving and witness firsthand the breathtaking wonders of the red sea life. Imagine colorful coral reefs, rare fish, and exotic sea creatures just swimming around you, odds are you are going to need to bring your camera along because you will most definitely want to document this incredible experience. 

Ras Abu Galum  

Snorkeling or diving in Ras Abu Galum is a truly soul-cleansing experience. Swimming just a couple of feet away from some of the ocean’s rarest and even fatal creatures while looking up sky-high rock mountains can be really humbling and centering, and this is exactly what the National Park of Ras Abu Galum offers its visitors. Just make sure to stick to your diving coach if this is your first time snorkeling or diving because as humbling as the experience can be, it can also be quite overwhelming.  

Mount Sinai and St. Catherine Monastery 


Although not located in Dahab, visiting Dahab gives you the chance to experience one of the most stunning sunrises you can ever witness from the top of Mount Sinai, also known as Mount Moses. All you need to do is just take a road trip through the night from Dahab to St. Catherine Town where you can climb up Mount Sinai or Mount Moses and stand in the same place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. After coming down, you can enjoy an unforgettable tour around St. Catherine’s Church which is the oldest monastery still in use, and a Unesco World Heritage Site. 

Lighthouse Dive Site

If you are not exactly an experienced diver, or you can’t even swim, you can still enjoy the underwater wonders of the red sea in Dahab through dive sites like Lighthouse. At Lighthouse, you can see some beautiful coral reefs and sea creatures without diving too deep as the coral is near to the shore. Also, if you are looking to learn diving, Lighthouse is great for your first try because it is easy to access, offers various depth ranges, and also provides a confined water training area thanks to its large sandy slopes.

Must-do Activities and excursions in Dahab


You might now think that Dahab is mostly for diving-related activities, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy during your stay in Dahab which don’t involve going underwater at all, here are some of them: 

  • Water Skiing 
  • Kite Surfing 
  • Rock Climbing 
  • Safari trips. 
  • Yoga practice & meditation. 
  • Enjoying some live music in one of Dahab’s beachside cafes. 
  • Shopping for some unique souvenirs from Dahab’s famous bazaars area and walkway.
  • Doing absolutely nothing but breathing in Dahab’s unpolluted air and untouched beauty.

Best time to travel to Dahab

Now that you are convinced to ship off to Dahab for your next adventure, it is time to start planning, starting with when exactly you should take this step. The weather in Dahab is dry and sunny basically all year long with a very minimal chance of rain. However, the best time to visit Dahab is between January and April as the weather is warm and pleasant during day time, cool and breezy during the night. 

How to get there? 

Now that you have covered when you should go, you are probably wondering how you are getting there. There are two ways to get to Dahab; you can either take a plane or take the bus. 

If you are settled on flying, you will need to fly to Sharm El Sheikh Airport, and from there you can either take a taxi up to Dahab or take a taxi to the Sharm El Sheikh bus station and take a bus from there to Dahab which would take about 1 hour to get there.

If you are traveling from Cairo, and decide that you are in the mood for a long road trip, then you can take the bus from Cairo to Dahab, this bus ride would take around 9 hours.

How to get around?

Despite having all these amazing sights and attractions, Dahab is actually quite small, and most of the hotels, restaurants, and cafes are located along the shore. Therefore, it is fairly easy to go everywhere on foot. However, if you don’t feel like walking, you can take a minibus, a taxi, or even rent a bike or a scooter. 

Where to stay there?

Though it is one of the best places that you can ever visit, Dahab is actually quite a budget-friendly travel destination, it offers several accommodation options that suit all sorts of budgets. There are options such as hostels, camps, dorms, as well as private housings, hotels, luxurious resorts, and seaside villas. 

You can pick the housing option that suits your needs best online through any of the following websites: Airbnb, Booking, TripAdvisor, and Agoda.

Now that you are basically done planning, don’t forget to add the most important item to your traveling checklist, which is to enjoy every moment and completely immerse yourself in the beauty and enchantment of Sinai’s jewel; Dahab.

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