The Best Office Based Hospitality Roles

Updated On: February 17, 2022

Best office based Hospitality Roles

Hospitality roles or jobs are very active, however that’s not to say that there aren’t office based jobs within the industry. There are plenty of back of house office based roles that operate on a 9-5 schedule, which may be more suitable for people who like to have a consistent work routine.

Some of the roles in the business are office based, especially management roles. That’s not to say that you’ll never leave your desk in these roles; many of these jobs require a hands on approach. But for the most part, you will always have a desk to call your own.

The Best Office-based Hospitality Roles are:


Management roles are generally always office based. Managers may be outside the office checking on their staff, dealing with customer complaints or handling problems, but the bulk of a manager’s responsibilities take place in the office. 

Depending on the type of management role these tasks will vary, but typically every manager will take care of staff management, strategic planning, recruitment, budget management and setting up of processes/procedures, all of which can be done from the manager’s office.


The marketing department in any business is always office based; it is very rare to have a marketing manager or executive who doesn’t have a desk. Marketing roles involve planning, budget management, idea generation, research, content creation, design and project management. 

Many of these responsibilities require working at a computer for a large portion of the day, especially in companies that are heavily involved in digital marketing. As such, this role is one which rarely needs you to leave your office.


Administration is a core part of an office environment. Administrative staff deal with the nitty gritty of the office, helping to free up the time of managers and senior team members by taking care of the large amount of admin that goes into running a hospitality business.

Responsibilities typically include file storage and management, document writing and editing, planning meetings, spreadsheet management, budget admin, answering phones, and sending correspondence.

Travel Agent

A travel agent is entirely office based, generally working from a computer or file system to find the best deals for their customers. Their office is also their sales floor, which is not unusual in a service environment. They typically spend their time either consulting with customers on their needs and budget, or researching and planning trips based on their consultation.

Typically a travel agent will spend a lot of time on the phone dealing with customer enquiries or updating existing customers on their trip information. This requires access to a computer and a phone, meaning it is very rare that a travel agent would be away from their desk.

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