Egypt History

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Nile River

The Implication of the Coursing Nile River through Egypt

Watching coursing rivers is exhilarating. You excitedly watch the constantly changing water, and you know that the interminable drops aren’t...

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Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower: A Fascinating Way to See Egypt From A Different View – 5 Facts and More

Egypt is one of the countries around the world that is full of so many tourist attractions. Whenever someone thinks...

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King Tutankhamun: Behold the Treasures of the Most Well-known Egyptian King

Tutankhamun is by far one of the most well-known kings of the ancient world. He ruled ancient Egypt from 332...

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Al Azhar Park

Al Azhar Park, A Gigantic Gem in the Heart of Old Cairo

For its important location being Egypt’s capital and the largest of all the provinces in addition to its historical status,...

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Downtown Cairo

Downtown Cairo’s History Lies in its Splendid Streets

You can get familiar with the history of a place by visiting the museums and other touristic sites; this has...

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grand egyptian museum

The Upcoming Inauguration of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM)

“The Grand Egyptian Museum is the most important cultural project in the world in the twenty-first century. It will be...

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Best Egyptian Destinations To Visit This Year

The New Year is upon us and Egypt has been on every list of the best destinations to visit. The...

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24 Hours in Cairo: One of the World’s Oldest Cities

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and is one of the oldest cities in the world, so it might be...

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