Best 8 Things to Do in the Solomon Islands

Solomon islands

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The Caribbean Islands may be famous for their crystal blue waters. But, have you seen the waters of the islands in the South Pacific, like the Solomon Islands, with their bluish hues that can make your eyes pop? If you answered no, then let us tell you that you are really missing out on a lot. 

Oceania seems to be the most neglected and the least popular continent on this planet, but it is home to splendid islands that are nowhere else to be found. Today, we’re shedding the spotlight on the Solomon Islands.

If you are already planning your summer vacation, look no further than the South Pacific. The Solomon Islands is one of the world’s best summer spots. It lies between Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea and is only a three-hour flight away from Australia

The location of which the Solomon Islands are situated makes them a perfect biodiverse spot. There are many options to choose from in order to enjoy your stay. Whether you like to spend your time in the sea or on land, the varieties are countless and we’ve got you covered. Check our fascinating list of all the best adventures you can experience in the Solomon Islands.

1. Discover History in the Capital City of Honiara

Best 8 Things to Do in the Solomon Islands

When we say islands, we tend to picture scenic views of blue waters, sandy lands, and the sounds of waves, that’s it. While this is exactly what almost every island is about, it doesn’t just end there in the Solomon Islands. There are piled-up layers of history that trace back to the Second World War. All you got to do is head to Honiara, the capital and largest city of the Solomon Islands.

Honiara is a terrific place to learn about history. It possesses several war sites and antiques as well as artifacts from World War II. Not only does this area walk you through significant historical events, but it also reveals a land where turning points in the history of the world war took place. Honiara is where a prominent battlefield took place and destruction settled in, yet it is all engulfed behind layers of serene beaches and paradise-like places. 

2. Explore the Marovo Lagoon

Best 8 Things to Do in the Solomon Islands

The Marovo Lagoon is a hot tourist attraction in the Solomon Islands. It sits a little too far from the capital city of Honiara, around 200 kilometers, but is definitely worth a visit. You can take a 40-minute flight to get there in the fastest method possible. The tropical weather of the islands makes it quite a stay all year round, especially in Summer.

There are many ways in which you can access the Marovo Lagoon, yet taking a kayaking tour seems to be the most popular among tourists. Besides, snorkeling and diving are preeminent activities around this spot. It may as well be the best diving spot in the whole world, given its clear waters and rich coral reefs

Interestingly, you will come across sunken planes and ships from World War II while diving. It serves as an aquatic graveyard, being sturdy evidence of the destruction that once took place on what is now a pristine island.

3. Dive in Tulagi Island

The best thing about the Solomon Islands is not only the splendid beaches and azure waters but the fact that it encompasses several other islands. One of the most famous islands in the Solomon Islands is Tulagi. Not only that, but it is also the most popular diving spot, given the fascinating sights it offers. 

This destination is an ideal one for adventure lovers who would love to take in some historical information as well. It sits across the capital city of the Solomon Islands, Honiara, and is take only one hour to reach by boat. Interestingly, this area is suitable to visit at any time throughout the year. The temperature of the water makes it suitable for swimming most of the time.

The abundance of corals and reefs makes Tulagi a magnificent spot for diving. It features a wide array of colorful corals of different forms and shapes. The reeds are also another beautiful addition to the aquatic world of this area. If you are into history, there is a spot where you can dive to observe the wrecked planes and ships that go back to World War II.

4. Escape to Papatura Island

If you are looking for a top-notch holiday destination in the Solomon Islands, look no further than Papatura Island. It is another spot where picturesque sceneries of tranquil water and sandy shores exist. All of that raw beauty is paired with the exotic marine life that you can observe right before your serene bungalow. 

Papatura is a one-hour flight from Honiara. This retreat is the largest tourism project on Santa Isabel, attracting tourists from every corner of the globe to enjoy their time on this piece of heaven. The activities that Papatura Island makes it the most ideal spot in all of the Solomon Islands. No matter what you are looking for, you will probably find it right here. 

It is most famous for snorkeling and diving, thanks to the extravagant reefs and marine life this island embraces. Fishing and surfing are more water activities to engage in during your paradisal vacation. You can also venture into the tropical rainforest, wander about and observe the fascinating plant life and wildlife that reside in this spot of the world. 

5. Shop at the Honiara Central Market

Solomon islands

The Solomon Islands are more about crystal clear waters and sandy shores where you can escape your worries for a while. However, that is not everything about those beautiful islands. There is a whole different culture that you can learn about. One of the best places to connect with the locals is the Central Market of Honiara. 

This spot is the main shopping area in the city of Honiara. It is also the largest marketplace in all of the Solomon Islands. You can access this market that buzzes with life in downtown Honiara, where people from different parts of the world roam to explore the area. 

The market offers a wide selection of all goods, including fresh produce, clothing, flowers, fish, and more. You can take your time to browse the huge array of goods that are offered while getting to absorb the culture of this pretty island. 

6. Visit the Spine-Chilling Skull Island

Skull Island is a land where it is Halloween every day. We urge you to visit this bizarre destination and get those shivering goosebumps. This island showcases a creepy practice that used to take place at some point in history, headhunting. It used to take place in the Solomon Islands as it was part of ancient Melanesia. 

In the old times, when an enemy was captured and killed, their heads were preserved. Skull Island is actually what its name suggests, a land where human skulls hang down from everywhere. You can behold a creepy display of skulls hanged up as trophy collections.

Visitors are allowed to access only a small part of this island with a relatively small entrance fee. The skulls are then uncovered for the visitors to see. However, most of the time, they are covered in respect to the deceased people and to not be displayed all the time. 

7. Watch the Fascinating Bird Communities in Makira Island

Solomon islands

The Solomon Islands are home to vast landscapes of nature as well as unique animal life. Makira Island is the largest one in the Province of Makira-Ulawa in the Solomon Islands. Besides, it is the third most populated one in the country. It is deemed a little isolated, for it sits on the eastern side of Guadalcanal, but it is not so hard to access. 

Makira Island is mostly known for being home to a myriad selection of birdlife. It encompasses some of the rarest species around the world. Also, it is home to the national birds of the Solomon Islands known as the avifauna of Makira.

8. Book a Tour on Taro Island

Located in the province of Choiseul, Taro Island is deemed one of the small lands in the Solomon Islands. This piece of land used to serve as a vast coconut plantation. However, things went south when World War II took place. Nonetheless, Taro Island is a beautiful destination to explore and discover its gems. 

There are many activities to do while exploring this beautiful island. Besides hiking through its lush forests, you can pump up your adrenaline by going on sailboats, canoeing, biking, or parachuting. However, you will need to book a tour around this island beforehand, so you can easily access it with a guide.

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Flying to the Solomon Islands is worth every second and every penny. Not only will you get to enjoy its natural beauty and vast lands, but you will also get to learn about a whole new culture that we don’t see or hear about every day in our lives.

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